Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 57

The video started with the encounter in “Under the Lights”. Zhang Houyue sat in the middle of the pyramid and smiled, waving to Ou Shaowen and asking him what his name was.

“Zhang Houyue.” Ou Shaowen was confident and calm, his eyes bright as he looked at him.

Zhang Houyue squinted his eyes and smiled happily as the suggestive lyrics in the background were sung softly and affectionately, as if telling a story that was destined to begin.

As the music became softer and softer, each time they were in the same frame during the show, Zhang Houyue’s gaze grew deeper and deeper as he looked at Ou Shaowen, secretly watching during everyone’s discussions and deliberately lowering his eyes when Ou Shaowen looked back at him. Their casual physical contact increased, one holding the other’s arm, touching the neck, hooking the arm around the shoulders, their fingers gently curled as they patted each other’s chests.

With a little restrained aura, it was as if they were having an affair in full view of everyone. A love affair that, taking into account the fact that one of them had an official boyfriend, was more like a desperate tragedy.

There was something magical about video editing, and if Ou Renjin were just an uninvolved bystander, he would be saying “Ah, this beautiful love” at the moment.

Unfortunately, he was the official boyfriend who caused this desperate tragedy, but that didn’t stop him from admiring the divine editing. So he reposted it, adding a sentence: I’m crying, such a sour and poignant taste. Brother Shaowen, please look at your captain.

Sort of… harbouring malicious intentions?

After playing this trick, he himself felt childish and left it alone, so he didn’t see the reposts and comments that flooded quickly.

“I was in a daze and thought I was following the wrong person.”


“You’ve been robbed, President Ou?”

“Hahahahahahahaha, my god, how can forwarding this video with the original blog ID be so funny together!”

“Zhang Houyue: I feel that I am about to be blocked.”

“Is President Ou jealous, ironic or declaring sovereignty?”

“Or was he using a fake account to eat melons and forgot to switch?”

“Or is he acting coquettish with Shaowen, being a willful little thing, Brother Shaowen, hey hey, quickly look at me?”

“Oh my god, following President Ou is new fun every day, much more enjoyable than chasing stars.”

“What kind of star are you still chasing? Is President Ou not handsome enough, or are the melons he provides not enough and not delicious enough?”

Because of the way Ou Renjin had always acted, it seemed like there were not many die-hard fans who really chased him as an idol, but no matter which fan circle you belonged to, as long as you paid attention to the entertainment industry, you must have eaten Ou Renjin’s melons, so no matter what he posted, the comments were naturally excited and people were enthusiastic to add something.

Unlike other male celebrities, where every Weibo post was dominated by “ah ah ah, Brother’s so handsome, licking the screen”, Ou Renjin’s Weibo comments were funny and extraordinarily exciting.

Thanks to Ou Renjin’s blessing, the Weibo post was reposted more and more, and some entertainment marketing accounts also followed suit and joined the fun. As a result, it finally managed to be seen by the two parties involved.

“Crap!” Zhang Houyue’s entire body stiffened as he took two steps past the sofa to the dining table, where Ou Shaowen was sitting, slowly eating a piece of chocolate cake, raising his eyes to look at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s over, how can I live if President Ou has seen that kind of video? It’s horrible, is my future going to be ruined like this? Go and coax him, and remember to put in a good word for me.”

He then reacted in the middle of the sentence and waved his hands, “Hey, no, no, no, don’t say anything good about me in front of him, just say that you actually hate me and that’s it…. No, that doesn’t seem good either. It is normal for boys to have a little physical contact with each other, right? If he minds, I’ll be sure to pay attention in the future.”

His mind wandered off again and he looked at the ceiling, thinking to himself, “No way, did I ever look at him like that? Do I usually look at people so subtly?”

He rattled like a machine gun and said a long string of words, causing Ou Shaowen to look confused, “Huh?”

Zhang Houyue came back to his senses and let out a long sigh, “Oh, just take a look at President Ou’s Weibo.”

So Ou Shaowen went to look at Ou Renjin’s Weibo. With his current emotional intelligence he wasn’t able to accurately comprehend this different kind of humour. He clicked on the link first and watched the video. While he was watching it, his whole face unconsciously scrunched. He raised his head and looked at Zhang Houyue with a strange expression.

“Don’t look at me with such eyes!” Zhang Houyue jumped back a step in horror and held up three fingers to swear, “I promise I’m straight! Ironclad straight! Straighter than an arrow! There’s absolutely no way I’ll fall in love with you, don’t worry.”

The text was just text, it was impossible to judge Ou Renjin’s tone and expression when he posted this sentence. Ou Shaowen had no way to know if he was angry. He pursed his lips and clicked on the comment to prepare a reply.

Zhang Houyue said from the side, “Remember to ask him if he will block me.”

“Why would he block you?” Ou Shaowen said in confusion, but he didn’t know what to comment with anyway, so he took advantage of the situation and asked.

Ou Shaowen: Zhang Houyue asked me to ask you if you would block him.

When this comment came out, the fans were instantly high.

“Hahahahahahahahaha, what kind of absolute cutie is this? All three of them are too cute, right?”

“President Ou: Will I block him, don’t you guys have a clue? (dog head)”

“President Ou: Am I really green?” (cheated on)

“I wasn’t going to block him, but since you ask me that, should I or shouldn’t I?”

“After not seeing my boyfriend for eternity, I watch him fall in love with someone else on Weibo. It looks like it’s time for Dingyi Entertainment to go bankrupt.”

It took Ou Renjin a long time to see Ou Shaowen’s comment. He replied in a domineering manner, “This depends on your behaviour.”

Incidentally, he also answered a comment from one of his other fans.

“President Ou, are you a Yuewen (Zhang Houyue/Ou Shaowen cp) fan?”

“The cp that can only rely on scissors to live usually doesn’t provide much sugar. So if I have to be a cp fan, I’d be a Wenyi fan. After all, Ou Shaowen himself fed me sugar, saying that when Lin Qiyi shook his arm and was coquettish with him, asking him to call him Yiyi, he was super cute and adorable. His name is also cute, and he is cute on the whole. This is real sugar!”

It was much more attentive than his reply to Ou Shaowen.

Once Ou Renjin posted this reply, somehow, his persona in everyone’s eyes changed instantly.

“What the hell? President Ou, say it again, what cp fan are you?”

“Double Ou fans are waiting for you to feed them all day long, but it turns out that you’re feeding the fans of another cp? You have no conscience.”

“Holy shit, hahahahahahaha, I’m going to die laughing today, it’s Ou Renjin’s fault.”

“Ah ah ah, I told you, our brother Shaowen is the gong, Wenyi szd!!!” (“szd” means “it’s real”)

They managed to raise this post to the top of the popular Weibo list, and watching the hilarious cp battle, everyone was happy.

Ou Shaowen was the only one who called over nervously.

“Yiyi is cute, but I don’t like him.”

“Oh.” Ou Renjin laughed.

“I don’t like Zhang Houyue either.” He emphasised seriously, “I only like you, no one else.”


“Don’t be jealous, I’ve been so busy lately and I haven’t had time to go out with you.” He coaxed Ou Renjin softly.

“Yeah, what should I do? I thought that not letting you touch me for two months was a punishment, but now it seems like we won’t be able to see each other even a few times for two months.” Ou Renjin lowered his voice, showing a bit of both real and fake displeasure.

“Huh?” Ou Shaowen didn’t know what to say for a while. If this was his  work alone, maybe he could put it off without hesitation in order to accompany Ou Renjin, but now the nine of them were a team with common interests, everyone was working hard and there was no way he could hold the others back for selfish reasons.

But he really missed Ou Renjin, very, very much. He sometimes thought regretfully that he should not have come to the show, that he should not have made his debut, otherwise he would be able to hang out with Ou Renjin every day.

But now he really loved the feeling of standing on stage and dancing, and loved the feeling of playing and practising with his teammates. He was afraid that it meant that his liking for Ou Renjin was not pure enough anymore.

“Ou Renjin, I actually kind of like hanging out with everyone.” It was a little difficult for him to say this, “Our schedule has also been arranged, and it has been scheduled for a long, long time. Can you wait a bit longer? The one and a half year contract will be over soon and we’ll be together every day then.”

“A year and a half, ah. That’s still a long time away.” Ou Renjin had a smile in his eyes but pretended to be aggrieved.

“But the promises cannot be broken.” Ou Shaowen comforted him solemnly, “Be a good boy, you must be obedient, okay?”

“Haha, okay, I’ll be good.” Ou Renjin found this kind of words coming out of Ou Shaowen’s mouth particularly amusing. He usually used this kind of tone with Ou Shaowen once in a while. No wonder Ou Shaowen liked to listen to it; he was indeed quite comforted when he was coaxed like this.

The result was that after pretending to be a good boy, he wanted to tease Ou Shaowen again, “Right, didn’t you say last time that you wanted to give He Yixin a gift in return? He’s already back in the US, so it looks like he won’t be getting your gift. See, when you keep promises to your teammates, you can’t guarantee keeping your promise to He Yixin.”

“Ah, he’s already gone back? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’ve actually picked out the gift and was thinking of when to give it to him.” Ou Shaowen was a little anxious. He felt that he was particularly rude and began to worry if Ou Renjin’s cousin would hate him for it.

“I can’t help it, you’re too busy!” Ou Renjin had the sense of measure  and started reassuring him, “I’ll let you know the next time he returns to China.”

“Then you must remember to let me know as soon as possible.” The photographer was rushing them over to shoot the daily materials. Ou Shaowen said goodbye to him in a hurry, hanging up the phone somewhat abruptly.

Ou Renjin frowned, really feeling uncomfortable this time. It seemed that the netizens were quite right, it was getting cold and it was time for Dingyi Entertainment to go bankrupt.

They had only been a group for less than two months, and they had already received three endorsements, performed in four shows, shot two commercials, given at least a dozen of media interviews, and at the same time had been on the stage three or four times, participated in two variety shows, recorded two songs for the group’s show, and were now preparing for their official debut concert.

No matter how you thought about it, their schedule was too busy and they were overstretching their popularity.

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  1. I swear Ou Renjin is hilarious. He’s a will-probably-die-soon rich guy who spends his time creating his own live drama (CCTV at home), attending gossip-inducing interviews, and making these meme-y posts online. I might actually pay attention to celebrity gossip if he exists! Thank you for the translation!!

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