Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 56

“A new complete organ?” Dr. Chen repeated in surprise, and then replied seriously after a while, “According to normal human physiology, such a thing cannot happen. Why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.” Ou Renjin picked up the donation consent form on the table, stood up and prepared to leave, “The kid is recovering from his wounds a little faster, thinks he’s a Superman and is whimsical at home.”

Dr. Chen smiled at his words, “Maybe it’s because he cares too much about your condition.”

Out of his professionalism, he added, “But if you want a more detailed answer, I can check the relevant literature for you, to see if there are any related cases.”

“Don’t bother, I’m just asking casually.” At this moment, in Ou Renjin’s heart, he already believed in his own dark and creepy guess.

When Ou Renjin left, Dr. Chen sat in the same place for a while, recalling the question he had just been asked, and as a result, he felt funny again and chuckled to himself a few times, until Guan Qijun called to discuss the matter of the heart source with him.

After he left Qimeng, Guan Qijun went to a new company, and also quickly made it to the position of the secretary of the president. On the surface, he no longer had any involvement with Ou Renjin, but after all, he had been with Ou Renjin since he was a child, and had seen him struggle to reach this point along the way, but because of his heart condition, Ou Renjin had never made any plans for the future, as if he had acquiesced to the fact that he had no future.

It became a sort of obsession for Guan Qijun.

And all those previous constant searches for the organ source still entered his dreams every now and then, and every time he repeated his mistakes and missed them. It was simply the most terrifying nightmare for him.

“My friend told me that there is a vegetative patient who has been lying in the hospice for several years and may not be able to last long. His family has already signed the consent form for organ donation. I’ve applied there first to see if it can be a match with Ou Renjin. I’ve sent you the contact details of the hospital over there on WeChat, you can contact them, I won’t show up.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to President Ou right away and get back in touch with them.” Having good news always makes people happy. Dr. Chen smiled, “It’s a coincidence that you are calling now. President Ou came over for a routine check-up today and just left.

“By the way, he came over specifically to find me and took away the organ donation consent form Ou Shaowen signed earlier.”

Guan Qijun was silent for a moment, and then whispered “I expected that”. He asked, “What are the results of the check-up? Is he okay?”

“He’s fine, no tendency to get worse.”

“He also asked me a particularly interesting question.” Dr. Chen found it funny and cute when he thought about it, and shared lightly, “You know Ou Shaowen’s physique is special and his wounds heal extra fast, right? He was therefore whimsical at home and told President Ou that he thought he could grow a new complete heart again after it was taken out.”

As he said this, he was amused again, “Maybe he is really worried about President Ou. I think he was sincere when signing this organ donation consent form. Quite crazy.”

Guan Qijun also let out a face-saving chuckle. Then, he suddenly stopped. There was an unexplainable feeling that slowly rose up from the bottom of his heart.

“Ou Renjin asked you specifically?”

“Well, he asked me if this kind of thing was possible.”

“Then… is it possible?”

Dr. Chen smiled and scolded: “What do you say, have you also gone crazy?”

“Ou Renjin has asked you this kind of unbelievable thing, so I’ll just follow suit and ask.” Guan Qijun said jokingly, but his eyes were a bit weird, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now.”

After hanging up, he held the phone, wondering if he was really going crazy.

Guan Qijun stared at the dark mobile phone screen blankly for a while, and found Ou Shaowen’s phone in his contact page.

This number was the one he had helped him to apply for before, but he didn’t know if Ou Shaowen had gotten a new one since he had gotten an ID card. He stared at the number for a while, smiling to himself.

If Ou Renjin found out again, he wouldn’t let him go so easily this time, would he?


Ou Shaowen’s group’s long-awaited show that had been filmed for a long time finally went live. It was originally a low-budget, homemade show, but it quickly rose to the top on the exclusive video sites thanks to the popularity of the nine boys.

Ou Renjin went to the hospital for a match today and took a day off to rest at home. Finally, he had the time to indulge himself and swipe Weibo, and saw the manifesto of “Ou Shaowen’s evil cult cp” fans.

The ID obtained was particularly provocative.

Has Brother Shaowen broken up with President Ou today? The man I love is not my lover, every inch of his heart belongs to another. Brother Shaowen, look at Houyue, he is the one who loves you the most.

There was also a link to a cp video clip.

Ou Renjin was not very angry, but instead let out a “tsk” twice and clicked on it curiously.

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