Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 81

When the interview was released, there was an instant outcry. The lack of understanding from family members was more hurtful than the slander of outsiders. Especially at a time when the whole country had already passed the same-sex marriage law, it was a bit too extreme to live as if one was an old-fashioned member of a feudal family.

As a result, the other members of the Ou family were quickly unearthed, and Ou Renjin took advantage of the situation to make people fish in troubled waters. The truth about his parents’ death in the past was published as a plausible conspiracy theory.

It was not necessary for people to believe it 100%, it was enough for them to have doubts and to think that this “speculation” was indeed possible.

Taking advantage of the damage to Ou Yiyun’s company’s reputation, Ou Renjin sold short his company’s stock, causing the stock to fall for five consecutive days. Finally, the market was rescued a little bit, but rumours spread that the company was reported for tax evasion. Disasters followed one after another, the company’s capital chain was completely broken, and there was no money to pay for raw materials. Ou Renjin’s fake big order bounced, but they were no longer able to fulfil the real contracts. With the high liquidated damages and the huge costs incurred by the production line control, they really hit the rock bottom this time and it was determined that there was basically no way to make a comeback.

On the day Ou Yiyun came out to announce the company’s bankruptcy, Ou Shaowen glanced at Ou Renjin’s face and secretly whispered in his ear, “Actually, there is something I didn’t dare to tell you.”

Ou Renjin’s gaze moved from the computer screen to him, “What’s the matter?”

“Some time ago… it was the time when you went to the United States. After I heard what happened to you when you were a child, I was so angry that I couldn’t hold back and secretly went to beat up your uncle.” He put his hands obediently on his lap, as if he sincerely confessed his mistake.

After Ou Renjin was stunned for two seconds, he couldn’t help laughing, “Hahaha, where did God find such a cute little baby for me?”

“Won’t you be angry?” Ou Shaowen looked at him quietly.

“I wondered why he suddenly got hospitalised!” Ou Renjin planted a kiss on his forehead as a reward, “You did a great job. But you were not harmed, right? You must first protect yourself when doing this kind of thing.”

His fears were soothed, and Ou Shaowen sat up straight, waved at him excitedly, and said, “No way I could get harmed. Let me tell you, I made every preparation before I started…”

Ou Renjin looked at him quietly like this, feeling that his heart was beating right along with the frequency of his speech.

There is such a person who stands by your side no matter what, thinks about you and supports you. This feeling of being protected was really pretty good.

Later on, Ou Shaowen and Ou Renjin’s wedding was on Weibo’s hot search for a whole week. Netizens were amazed at how pompous it was and discussed it with great interest for a long time.

It was a grand affair, with showbiz stars, tycoons and bigwigs from all walks of life in attendance, champagne flowing, roses, and private custom-made tuxedos and rings. What was most grand was the casual way in which Ou Renjin gave Ou Shaowen the shares of Qimeng and other companies under his name as a wedding gift.

It was the kind of gift that would make people feel sour.

Now everyone finally stopped discussing whether Ou Shaowen’s marriage did more harm than good or more good than harm. He had become a shareholder of Qimeng, did he still need to care about whether the fans would resent him and whether his career would be affected?

Although it was later proved that Ou Shaowen got married and attracted more fans than he lost.

After all, the appearance of two long-legged handsome guys standing together in tuxedos was so seductive.

After the wedding, it seemed that nothing had changed, and it seemed that everything had changed. Ou Shaowen did not fade out of the entertainment industry as many people expected. As usual, he performed on stage, participated in variety shows, came up with better songs and danced more difficult dances.

It was just that he would show his love for Ou Renjin more boldly, and his expression was full of confidence.

Finally one day.

Ou Shaowen’s mysterious background was still being dug up by netizens, and the public realised that the reason why they hadn’t been able to find any information about Ou Shaowen for so long and the reason why there had been no graduation records of Ou Shaowen, was because he didn’t have any school registration. In other words, he hadn’t even graduated from primary school.

This was very inconsistent with his image of a genius who was proficient in English and French and could quickly master various skills.

When Ou Shaowen was interviewed, he nodded calmly and admitted, even a little puzzled by the fuss, “Deception? I never said that I graduated from a prestigious school. But it is a fact that I am very smart, and it is also a fact that I have a good memory. I have also learned a lot in other ways, and I don’t feel that it is a pity that I haven’t been to school.

“Yes, I am an orphan. I didn’t go to school. When I met Ou Renjin, I didn’t even have an identity or a name. He helped me with the name Ou Shaowen. He said it was originally intended for his son but since I needed it, he would give it to me.”

He thought of the picture at the time and found it a little funny, so he curved his eyes very happily, “So you asked me before how we met, didn’t I answer you? It’s because of his kindness.”

If Ou Renjin hadn’t taken him to the hospital at the time, if he hadn’t brought him home at the time, Ou Shaowen couldn’t imagine what kind of self he would be now.

“Remembering it all over like that, I seem to like Ou Renjin even more.” It could be said that confessing his feelings to Ou Renjin on this occasion was rather untimely, as if he couldn’t wait till he saw his lover, so he waved to the reporters very energetically and jumped down four steps in one leap, his back full of excitement and youth.

“I’m going home!” His voice that sounded from afar was more like the one of a seventeen or eighteen year old boy from a young girl’s fantasy.

As soon as he opened the car door and sat in, Ou Shaowen immediately raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Didn’t you say that you had a meeting? Why did you come to pick me up at the airport?”

“I wanted to help you with the reporters, but unfortunately I couldn’t use my skills.” Ou Renjin felt quite regretful. If Ou Shaowen stayed there for another two minutes, he would walk up to him.

Ou Shaowen smiled and pulled him into a bear hug. “Today I like you a little more than yesterday.”

“Silly.” Ou Renjin rubbed his hair, started the car and drove in the direction of home in the afterglow of the setting sun.


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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 80

When Ou Renjin and Ou Shaowen finally arrived at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it was just getting light, but there was already a line of couples, all with smiles of anticipation and excitement on their faces, chatting back and forth, as if unfamiliar people had become friends at this moment.

Who knows when they came here, but some people even carried backpacks and blankets, so they must have come and waited since the very early hours of the morning.

Ou Renjin glanced at Ou Shaowen beside him, “What should we do? It seems we’re still too late.”

Ou Shaowen tilted his head, looked at the exaggerated image in front of him, and slowly smiled, “It’s okay, it’s nothing if we’re not the first couple. Look at them, you can feel that everyone is very happy.”

Later, the two of them went in alone with the help of Ou Renjin’s acquaintance, not crowding with everyone else, not for any other reason but because they were both well-known people, so it was better not to cause a disturbance and add to the trouble of the staff here.

After getting the marriage certificate, Ou Shaowen looked at it and touched it again and again as if he was looking at something rare and precious, tinkering with it for a long time.

“Are you sure you want to make it public now?” Some of his fans would be devastated.

“Can’t it be made public now? Do you want to… marry me secretly?” Ou Shaowen raised his head, and a bit of the joy just now was gone.

This innocent and sorrowful look made Ou Renjin suspect that he had done something that would make people angry.

He smiled and wanted to tease Ou Shaowen but felt that it was better to express his position seriously on this kind of matter, “Of course I can immediately post on Weibo to announce our marriage, but, under normal circumstances, as an idol, you have no right to fall in love.”

“But from the first day they met me, we were already in love.” Ou Shaowen expressed doubts.

He was indeed very special in this aspect, first appearing on everyone’s radar as Ou Renjin’s current boyfriend and becoming an idol after that.

“They reluctantly accepted that you were in a relationship, which does not mean that they can accept your marriage. After the announcement, it will inevitably affect your career.”

“But, didn’t they all say that I must not forget my original goal?” Ou Shaowen smiled, looking sincere and serious, “My original goal is you. I entered the entertainment industry for you. The first dance I danced on the stage was to give it to you. I became more and more attractive because I wanted to make your heart throb for me more and more. All my good changes are because of you. This is my original goal. Now that I am married to my original goal, there will be fans who will bless us.”

Oops, this was the sound of the heart being hit accurately.

After being silent for a long time, Ou Renjin didn’t know how to respond to such a hot and sincere confession. In the end, he just shook his head and smiled, “When it comes to the level of love talk, you have already graduated.”

He regretted that he was driving now. At this time, he felt that only by giving Ou Shaowen a kiss could he express his mood.

“But if it affects my career, there will be less money. Alas, it’s really sad to think about it like this.”

Ou Renjin was amused by him instantly and couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. Under Ou Shaowen’s increasingly puzzled gaze, he finally controlled his expression, “If you can go out to work and can earn 100,000 yuan a second, but I want you to use this second to accompany me, would you be reluctant to miss this 100,000 yuan?”

“If I accompany you, will you be happier?”

“Of course, you can accompany me for one more second and make me happier than if you can make 100,000 yuan more for me.”

“Then I can spend a whole day, a whole month, a whole year with you.”

“Then there is no problem, let’s announce the news.”

“Yes!” Ou Shaowen cheered, and before Ou Renjin could say the next words, he sent out the already edited Weibo.

Ou Shaowen: Starting today, I have become Mr. Ou Renjin’s only legal partner.

Below was a photo of the marriage certificate he had just taken.

“I’m done sending it.”

Ou Renjin: “…I’m still driving.”

“Hmm?” Ou Shaowen looked over innocently, meaning “so what?”

“Are you expecting me not to reply to you for a long time and let you sing solo?” Ou Renjin found a place where parking was allowed, pulled over, took a look at Ou Shaowen’s Weibo first, and suddenly frowned, “I originally wanted to post a special text, so suddenly, I don’t know what to write.”

Originally, the text he was considering meant to contrast to each other, full of references and meanings, and could create a designated format for everyone to imitate.

Ou Shaowen leaned over and taught him enthusiastically, “Just write ‘Ah, we are finally married, sprinkle flowers’ or something like that.”

Ou Renjin gave him a look of displeasure. He felt that it was too cliché to post a picture of a marriage certificate or a ring, so he searched through the album for a while and found a picture of Ou Shaowen sleeping, in which he looked like an elf sleeping in a tree hollow.

Ou Renjin: The 80-year-old Ou Renjin quietly tells me that every day that follows we will greet the morning together.

Ou Shaowen wrinkled his nose when he saw his Weibo, and suddenly he was not very happy, “Can I delete and resend mine? What you posted is so beautiful and exciting, and mine is just hard and cold.”

He began to dislike himself for the millionth time for being unable to speak nicely.

Ou Renjin patted him on the head and couldn’t resist teasing him, “You should say something corresponding. The 90-year-old Ou Shaowen secretly tells me that every day that follows we will also greet the dusk together.”

Ou Shaowen let out a coquettish “Ah”, and suddenly felt that the sentence Ou Renjin thought for himself was a thousand times better than what he had just posted, “I want to delete and resend it, can I resend it?”

“Well… I seem to have never seen an official marriage announcement that was deleted and resent before. Who is to blame that you sent it without discussing it with me in a hurry just now? You sent it all, and that’s it.”

In the end, Ou Shaowen still insisted and forwarded Ou Renjin’s Weibo, this time using the sentence Ou Renjin had thought of for him.

As soon as he finished posting and was about to refresh the comments, he found that Weibo had collapsed.

One had to say that Ou Renjin had expected this scene.

He thought they were quite considerate, doing it in the morning of a weekday, so the poor programmers wouldn’t have to rush over to work overtime on their day off.

The Weibo comments they wanted to see could only be seen smoothly after lunch.

At that time, there were already countless big V and small V (Internet celebrities, coming from the letter V on Weibo certified accounts), as well passers-by netizens discussing the fact that their wedding announcement had collapsed Weibo.

This occurrence instantly shifted the controversy that would have been there to other points of concern.

“Is this the power of real traffic?”

“I’ve been wishing for that since I knew the same-sex marriage law was passed but I still didn’t think they’d get a certificate straight away, ah ah ah, thank God, this girl will keep her promise not to eat meat for three months.”

“Woohoohoo, baby, you must be happy, mom can’t bear that you’re really getting married.”

“No way, no way, I can’t believe my eyes, the humble cp fan finally breathes a sigh of relief.”

“Remember to send more wedding sweets to the technical buddies on Weibo.”

“Ah ah ah ah, sisters, it’s a bomb.”

“People who live long enough can see everything, but I really didn’t expect there would be the day when the prodigal son Ou Renjin came home.”

“I’m crying, Ou Renjin, Brother Shaowen really gave too much for you. If you dare to disappoint him, all of us fans will not let you go.”

“I admire it, I beg Ou Shaowen to come up with a manual for taming a scumbag.”

“Mom, I can do it, I believe in love again.”

Ou Shaowen held up the screen of his mobile phone and showed it to Ou Renjin excitedly, “Look, I told you there would be more fans congratulating us!”

Ou Renjin nodded, “Yes, it seems that there are still more people who like us.”

He would not admit that he had asked Qimeng’s public relations department to be responsible for the guidance of public opinion after their official announcement.

Half a month later, the reporters finally caught Ou Renjin downstairs in the company and kept asking him about obtaining the certificate with Ou Shaowen, even though they obviously had already asked Ou Shaowen many times about the many details of it.

Ou Renjin answered very frankly this time.

“I took the initiative. I wanted to marry him. I always felt that if I didn’t tie him up soon, there would be more and more rivals.”

“Why choose that day? What other reason could there be? I was impatient, I couldn’t wait for a day.”

“The wedding is still in preparation, and everyone will be invited at that time.”

“Will it affect Ou Shaowen’s future stage opportunities? Qimeng recently has plans to do a singing show. If he wants, he can come to participate in every episode.”

“Blessings of the family?”

Having said that, Ou Renjin’s originally smooth answers suddenly stopped. His expression stiffened slightly, and he said seriously: “It seems that I haven’t told everyone that I left the Ou family because of my sexuality a long time ago. When I took Ou Shaowen home, my grandfather and uncle told me that I was no longer a member of the Ou family, so I should never step into the Ou family’s house. Well…”

He spread out his hands, his expression unconcerned, “We don’t need their blessings to get married either. As for my parents, they must want me to be happy, and I believe they will bless us in heaven.”

Very well, misery was sold very naturally. The next things, such as the identities of his grandfather and uncle, were handed over to the powerful netizens.

Ou Yiyun’s company was in a precarious situation because of the breakdown of the capital chain and he must have been struggling now. Ou Renjin was happy to add some more trouble to him, preferably to completely crash the company’s stock price.

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 79

Ou Yiyun was hospitalised, and the person who came to the United States to sign the supply contract was someone else. Ou Renjin and He Yixin’s many arrangements were excessive. They just took that person to visit the company building that looked very brilliant. The office building was rented at a high price. The employees were professional actors who were used to this kind of thing. The interior was a temporary model showroom. The person in charge of the negotiation was He Yixin. The professional manager borrowed from a friend was very good at pushing and pulling, and looked high and mighty. After a while, even the calmest person would panic in such an atmosphere. In the end, the contract was signed with a deposit amount lower than they expected.

As soon as the contract was signed, the original high-end office area was dismantled the next day. He Yixin hired a professional manager to be responsible for the follow-up. It was called a follow-up, but in fact, it was stabilising Ou Yiyun and making him put more of his existing productivity into this big order. Then, they would bounce the job and make Ou Yiyun lose money.

The matter was successfully completed. Before returning to China, Ou Renjin flew to Europe and found a well-known designer to customise a pair of men’s rings. According to the customization period, it would take more than a month. Fortunately, this was for the wedding, there was no need to rush it to get the certificate.

When Ou Shaowen received Ou Renjin’s WeChat to say that he had already boarded the plane, he was participating in a live broadcast of the May Day Party on a TV station.

He and FT9 had two songs to sing. In addition, he had a solo song. The choreographer of this solo song couldn’t resist filling every note with movements. The tempo hardly slowed down and there were a few killing parts until the song ended on a high note accompanied by the martial arts kick. The amount of exercise was so large that it would be difficult for most people to just jump around, let alone sing at the same time. Ou Shaowen alone, a miracle of athleticism, could easily manage it.

His solo song was in the second half of the party, and it was impossible to leave in any case.

“I have a performance at the May Day Party tonight, so I can’t pick you up.”

Ou Renjin didn’t reply, probably having already boarded the plane.

After the two group songs were performed, the other team members left. Ou Shaowen finished the styling for the next song and didn’t want to sit in the dressing room and wait, so he went backstage to watch the performance.

Then he met Qi Shuyang in the corridor.

At first Ou Shaowen didn’t notice him. The two of them passed by and had already walked a few steps away when Qi Shuyang suddenly turned his head and stopped him.

“Ou Shaowen.” His call was short and urgent.

When Ou Shaowen turned to look at him suspiciously, he saw Qi Shuyang’s eyes lowered, his expression a little annoyed, as if he regretted his impulse.

It took Ou Shaowen two seconds to recall this face. Qi Shuyang was, as the fans called him, Fourth Aunt, the man who made many people think that the prodigal son Ou Renjin would return home.

Later, Ou Renjin publicly denied it in the interview, saying that Qi Shuyang was too naive and they had no common language.

“What’s the matter?” Speaking of which, Ou Shaowen had already met Ou Renjin’s three exes, except for the one who was said to have retired from the entertainment industry and opened a hot pot restaurant. The entertainment industry was small, as long as you were still in it, such encounters were inevitable.

“Forget it, it’s nothing important.” Qi Shuyang’s eyes were a little dodgy. When he was with Ou Renjin, he got several pretty good scripts. Although they broke up now, his resources and contacts were still related to the past. In other words, he was still under the shadow of Ou Renjin.

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen nodded and was about to leave, not meaning to get to the bottom of it.

“Do you still live in that villa now? It is the villa where every boyfriend of Ou Renjin lives.” When Ou Shaowen was already walking away, Qi Shuyang gritted his teeth and said what he impulsively wanted to say.

Ou Shaowen looked at him calmly and replied, “Yes.”

“Ou Renjin has many properties. Do you know why he is so obsessed with that villa?” After they broke up, he was painfully obsessive and persisted for half a month. It was not until he discovered the secret that he instantly understood the ruthless nature of Ou Renjin. In Ou Renjin’s eyes, he was probably just a joke from start to finish.

Although Qi Shuyang still insisted in front of the media that they had been in love before, he was just holding a fig leaf, unwilling to let it go.

Ou Shaowen didn’t answer, gesturing with his eyes for him to continue.

“Because he has installed surveillance and recording equipment in every corner of this villa, except for the bathroom and toilet. Can you imagine? He can know everything you do and say in this villa clearly. Sometimes you tell trivial little lies. He knows you are lying, but he pretends to know nothing, and even makes a point of bringing something up waiting to hear your lies. You are like a clown performing for him alone to satisfy his voyeuristic appetite.”

When Qi Shuyang talked about it, he still felt like shuddering. He had been silent about this secret and hadn’t told anyone about it. After all, the break-up was a fact, and it was not something he needed to worry about anymore.

It was just that after watching Ou Shaowen and Ou Renjin being together for a year, watching them wear the couple’s rings, watching everyone believe more than they had last time that the two of them would last forever, apart from a little bit of sourness in his heart, he felt a chill for Ou Shaowen.

Why haven’t they moved out of this villa yet?

In his heart, Qi Shuyang, like many netizens, had always believed that this villa had some kind of frivolous and playful connotations, and after he knew that the house was full of surveillance equipment, he was even more convinced.

So he would feel that as long as Ou Shaowen hadn’t moved out of there, no matter how gentle and sincere Ou Renjin was to him on the surface, it was just a different way of playing the game.

Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened slightly, and he looked a little surprised. After a brief reaction for two seconds, he nodded a little to Qi Shuyang and said, “I see, thank you for telling me.”

Qi Shuyang breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had removed some burden that he had carried for a long time. He didn’t expect much feedback from Ou Shaowen. He just wanted him to know about it, just to know was enough, leaving the rest to his own judgement.

Less than an hour later after Ou Shaowen’s solo song, half of the entertainment circle fangirls’ home pages were filled with his performance. They were so excited and thrilled that they were already exaggerating to the point of calling him the light of the entertainment industry.

When Ou Shaowen was on the stage with his group, his every movement would match the movements of his teammates without standing out. Now he danced a tailor-made choreography that could make the audience’s hearts beat violently from start to finish without the slightest chance to catch their breath. It was a burning and enjoyable experience to watch it.

Moreover, he was a genius who had only studied dance for a bit more than a year.

If you were a meaner fan, it was time to shout “Brother Shaowen can only be dragged down by the waste in the group, please let him fly alone beautifully.”

Therefore, sometimes it was good to have a clear gap in popularity. At least Ou Shaowen’s fans were quite polite to his other teammates; they were not on the same level at all, so there was no need to tear them apart.

When Ou Shaowen returned to the villa, Ou Renjin was already waiting in the living room. He had just finished watching the live broadcast and was swiping Weibo with other netizens.

“Back?” When he heard the sound, he turned his head and opened his arms to Ou Shaowen lazily on the sofa.

Ou Shaowen lay down and hugged him.

“You have become the new husband of many people tonight. Oh, it makes me so sour.” Ou Renjin whispered in his ear, sounding a bit coquettish, “There are more and more people who like you, and I’m a little insecure.”

Ou Shaowen opened his mouth and was about to comfort him, when he heard him continue: “What about that, when your one-and-a-half-year limited contract ends, let’s make a debut as a group?”

“Really?” Ou Shaowen raised his head to see Ou Renjin’s expression, trying to confirm whether he was joking.

Ou Renjin puffed out a laugh, “Of course I’m teasing you.”

Ou Shaowen curled his lips, and then fell into his arms again. After lying quietly for a while, he suddenly said, “I met your ex again today.”

Ou Renjin’s expression froze for a moment, but his tone was quite calm, “Who did you meet this time, Qi Shuyang?”

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, “He told me that he found out that you installed monitoring equipment in this villa that would monitor the actions and remarks of the residents every day. Is it true?”

Only then did Ou Renjin’s face flush in panic. He gently pushed Ou Shaowen away and sat up, looking into his eyes. His lips moved, “I…”

“So even when you weren’t at the villa, you had been watching me every day, every day?” Ou Shaowen stared at him with burning eyes, his face full of excitement and eagerness.

“Not… every day.” The original fear of those dark thoughts being exposed was appeased by Ou Shaowen’s gaze, and Ou Renjin wanted to explain but didn’t know how to explain, and it seemed that he didn’t have to explain anymore.

Ou Shaowen was really…

The eternal protagonist of the sweet text genre.

“This is equivalent to a hobby for me. I usually take a look occasionally when I’m busy with work, and I don’t deliberately pay attention to what you are doing all the time.”

In fact, he hadn’t looked at Ou Shaowen through the surveillance camera for a long time, because he was hugging him to sleep every day and could see his face when he woke up.

“Then did you look at me more often than you looked at Qi Shuyang?” This question was very sudden and a bit unlike something Ou Shaowen would ask.

But when Ou Renjin heard it, he was surprisingly a little happy for some reason, “It can’t be compared like that.”

His tone was gentle and ruthless, “I looked at him because I was bored, and I looked at you because I missed you.”

Ou Shaowen smiled, very satisfied.

It was great; he really was Ou Renjin’s unique baby.

On the day when the same-sex marriage law was officially implemented, Ou Shaowen set a very, very early alarm clock. The street lights were still on on the dark road when he urged Ou Renjin to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“I’ve already asked someone to say hello, I’ll make sure we’re the first ones, okay?” When Ou Renjin was dragged by him in the direction of the garage, his expression was a little helpless.

“But if we go too late and still manage to be the first couple, wouldn’t that be unfair to those who waited there early?” This certificate meant a lot to many couples. He wanted to have the special one himself, but didn’t want to deprive others of it.

“Okay, let’s go quickly.” Ou Renjin stepped on the gas and drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau, accompanied by the narrow crescent moon in the sky.

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 78

“I know.” Ou Shaowen nodded obediently, and then asked suspiciously, “But isn’t He Yixin your cousin?”

“Not even if it’s my father.” Ou Renjin shrugged, his attitude very ruthless.

Speaking of this, he really called He Yixin specifically and said that he wanted him to sign a confidentiality agreement.

“You’re calling me after a long time because of this?” He Yixin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “I thought you were calling me because you missed me.”

“When is it going to be convenient for you in the near future? This agreement can only be signed offline, not online.” Ou Renjin didn’t respond to his playfulness at all.

He Yixin had recently received information from an informant working for Ou Yiyun. “Speaking of which, I happened to be about to call you. I heard that Ou Yiyun recently wanted to enter the US market and was working hard to get orders. I was thinking that after all, on my home turf, it’s finally a chance to screw him over.”

He knew that Ou Renjin had been waiting for the opportunity to take revenge but he had many scruples at home and his background was not necessarily deeper than his uncle’s. The case was not destined to be resolved by legal means, and it was impossible to really hire an assassin. The only way he had was to wait and hold back.

But He Yixin’s family moved abroad many years ago, and they had their own connections in every circle. The waters here were deep, there were a lot of shady companies, and you didn’t know in which country a company had business, so it was perfect for taking advantage.

A little sham could make them lose profit and a big one might be able to directly break their capital chain. As long as you were courageous enough, nothing was impossible.

Ou Renjin’s expression became serious, and he was silent for a while, “Is the information true?”

“Of course I checked it before I dared to tell you.”

“I will fly to the United States in two days.”

He was about to leave again after only a few days after returning home. When Ou Shaowen knew that, he was inevitably a little unhappy. He put his arms around Ou Renjin’s waist and pouted, “I’m a bit busy with my schedule during this time. If you are not in a hurry, can you wait for me? I can take a vacation and go with you.”

“It’s something that’s not convenient for you to follow,” Ou Renjin raised an eyebrow, making it impossible to understand if it was the truth or a joke, “I’m going to do something bad secretly, a good boy can’t participate in it.”

“What is it?” When he said this, Ou Shaowen was inevitably curious.

“If it succeeds, I’ll tell you.” Those dark and dirty things from the past, let’s just solve them completely, and from then on, there will only be a future and a tomorrow worth looking forward to.

It was not that Ou Shaowen had to know. The only thing he cared about was that he had to separate from Ou Renjin again, “Can you call me every day even in the United States?”

“It might not be convenient, there’s a time difference. There should be no way to talk on the phone every day.”

Ou Shaowen’s head hung down in an instant, as if he was a large dog that needed to be petted urgently. Ou Renjin smiled and rubbed his head, “I’ll make it up to you when I come back. Didn’t you say you wanted to marry me before?”

Ou Shaowen raised his head in surprise, and the two lights in his eyes lit up in an instant.

Ou Renjin affirmed his expectations, “I also really want to marry you. I have thought about it for a long time. Let’s start preparing for the wedding when I come back this time.”

Ou Shaowen suddenly frowned, and while covering his mouth, he muttered “pooh pooh pooh” (spitting to avoid bad luck) over and over again, “You can’t say this kind of thing casually. In the TV series and movies I have watched before, similar words are a red flag.”

He struggled to think of a way to make up for it, looking at Ou Renjin with shining eyes, “Why don’t you marry me first before you go to America? It’ll be quick, I heard we’re going to pass the same-sex marriage law in June. It’s already April, you can leave after we get the certificate, okay? Then we can be the first couple to get the certificate, and we can set an example for everyone, isn’t it nice?”

Ou Renjin was amused by his eager and nervous look, “Good boy, I will be back soon this time. I promise it will be less than a month, okay?”

“One month.” Ou Shaowen calculated the time. It seemed to be in time to get the certificate and to get married. He nodded reluctantly, “Well, you have to call me as much as possible, okay?”

“Good.” Ou Renjin nodded, “If it’s too late, I’ll send you a voice message and wait for you to wake up the next day to listen to it.”

“Then you must remember to send me a few more.” Ou Shaowen thought this was a fantastic way to get up every morning and be happy to hear his voice. He was easily satisfied.

Ou Renjin moved quickly, and after discussing with Ou Shaowen, he left the next day. Ou Shaowen didn’t feel that the days were difficult. His heart was filled with expectation. He felt that every day was a little step on the road to happiness. When he reached the end of the road, he could hear a beautiful symphony.

That day, he didn’t have any jobs, so he could take a day off. He was dressed in black, and his hat, sunglasses and mask were also black, and he had a cold look on his face. He hid in the shadow of a car and looked quietly ahead, like a lion waiting to hunt.

Not far away, Ou Yiyun had just gotten off work and was walking in his direction.The last time Ou Shgaowen went to the Ou family’s old house, he caught a glimpse and remembered the licence plate number. Later, he specifically asked Ou Renjin and confirmed that this was indeed Ou Yiyun’s car.

Don’t doubt it, he was hiding here sneakily just to beat up Ou Yiyun.

After listening to Ou Renjin’s story, he was brooding and could let this matter pass like this. Every time he remembered it in his heart, he would grit his teeth with hatred. He specifically consulted his teammates how to adjust his mood in this situation.

Their answers were very consistent, “Why do you want to adjust, just beat him up and take it out.”

Very good; he was very satisfied with these answers, so he just did it. He was ready to beat him up.

He was fully prepared. When he was three miles away from here, he began to avoid the surveillance cameras. He also specially filled his clothes with sandbags to change his body shape. He borrowed a pair of Uncle Li’s most common shoes that had been so worn that the sole pattern could not be seen. The insoles were padded to increase his height, gloves were worn so as not to leave fingerprints, and the wig covered his ears. His whole body was tightly covered without revealing a piece of skin. More than that, he also specially recorded a two-hour video of himself. Relying on his understanding of his fans to interact appropriately at the appropriate time, he then put it on the live broadcast to provide his alibi.

Those who didn’t know might have thought he was planning an earth-shattering murder.

Finally, when Ou Yiyun approached, he estimated the angle, put a sack on him first and then punched him in the stomach fiercely.

Before Ou Yiyun had time to scream, Ou Shaowen covered his mouth and punched him again. He was strong and chose tricky angles, hitting him in the places that would not cause a serious injury but were guaranteed to hurt enough.

Ou Yiyun’s face was full of horror and he couldn’t help struggling. He thought very hopelessly, it was over. He was done this time, and he might be kidnapped from the looks of it.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but he was held so tightly that he couldn’t make a sound. He just felt the heavy punches falling on his stomach like raindrops. At the last moment, he received a severe palm slash on the back of his neck and lost consciousness in a flash.

Ou Shaowen put him to the ground and kicked him hard. After the kick, he didn’t forget to smudge the footprint, then observed the surroundings, avoided the surveillance and left the same way.


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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 77

He guessed it.

As Ou Shaowen revealed more and more information, in fact, Ou Renjin had already pieced together the puzzle in his mind.

But even though he had guessed, he could not control his burning anger at this moment.

He was sickened by the thought of such a heartless laboratory surviving in this world for a single day.

At this moment, he didn’t think about abiding by the law, he just wanted to tie those researchers to the operating table and do the same thing they had done to Ou Shaowen.

Let them personally feel their bodies being constantly cut and stitched, and life being no better than death.

Ou Shaowen was still telling without emotion, “I was their most successful experiment and they started to sell my organs for profit. My daily life was very monotonous. There is nothing else to say. I had surgeries to transplant organs, and then wait for them to grow again, week after week. Until one day, when I opened my eyes and woke up, I inexplicably travelled through time and space to a whole new world, and was in a ward completely different from the laboratory.”

When he said this, he finally raised his eyes, and his tone was no longer cold, “That day, I met you.”

A small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if from here on in, the ones that followed became sweet memories that could only be recounted with a smile, “Back then I thought you were also a rich man who bought my organs and briefly picked me up trusting your own doctors and equipment more than the lab. So, in fact, I was ready to transplant you my heart from the first day I met you.”

Having said that, he finally got to the point. He began to analyse himself, “It may indeed be true that my past made me too accustomed to being an organ petri dish. I didn’t think there was anything special about these things I was used to doing. And you happened to be the one I liked. You needed my heart and I just happened to be able to save your life. So for me, making such a decision was logical. I didn’t know you would mind so much.

“I know, you care about me and feel sorry for me far more than I care about myself, but this heart is for me a consumable that will regrow in two months, and for you it is your long life in the future. I couldn’t help but save you.” His deep pool-like eyes flickered a little, and he looked at Ou Renjin, his voice was very soft, “So can you also understand me from my point of view and not get angry again, okay?”

Before coming to this appointment, Ou Renjin really didn’t expect to hear him say such things.

He suddenly felt that Ou Shaowen, who he had always thought was ignorant and floating in this world like dust, was not what he thought he was. He had his own set of ideas and logic, but he was used to obeying him and he had never explained to him the reason for doing something calmly and modestly like he was doing now.

He suddenly felt that Ou Shaowen at this moment was particularly attractive, with an indescribable unique charm.

“I’m sorry.” Ou Renjin apologised to him bluntly. His heart felt as if a soft cloud wrapped it layer by layer. The love Ou Shaowen poured into him made him float a little, but not to the sky because of the deeper sorrows and grievances.

He was not someone unable to think differently; in fact he had always known very well that the reason he had resisted Ou Shaowen’s heart donation so fiercely was, on the one hand, because at that time he simply could not believe Ou Shaowen’s words completely, and on the other hand, it was just his selfishness.

He couldn’t bear the pain of his loved ones leaving him again, so he very selfishly pushed this pain onto Ou Shaowen. He was forcing him, using a stimulus therapy that he himself found despicable, using pain that would impress him to remember that once something like this happened in the future, he should never make a similar choice again.

He never liked the melodramatic plot of martyrdom and did not believe that anyone in the world would be unable to live without anyone else, but to some extent, he believed that if Ou Shaowen at that time really died, he might be the one indulging in the mood of going with him. This had nothing to do with how much he loved Ou Shaowen; the deeper reason was in himself.

Ou Renjin sorted out his emotions and smiled, “Your story is finished. By all rights, is it my turn.”

“My story…” He was stuck at the beginning and was silent for a long time before continuing.

“Let’s start at the age of twelve. I just finished primary school that year and did pretty well in the graduation exams. My parents were usually very busy, but that time they wanted to keep their promise and take me out to play for once, and then on the road… we got into a car accident.”

He unconsciously accelerated the speed of his speech, as if he wanted to jump over this description as soon as possible, “When the car was hit, my father subconsciously turned to avoid the side where I was sitting. My mother used her body to protect me, so in the end they were seriously injured and hospitalised, but I was only a little bruised.”

Ou Renjin’s eyebrows furrowed a little bit, “After resuscitation and treatment, their condition stabilised somewhat, and then one night… Perhaps children always look for their mothers when they are alone and helpless. Even lying on the floor of her room I was more at ease than in my own ward. So I was lying behind the sofa in her ward, trying to keep watch over her. Half asleep and half awake, I heard the footsteps of two people…”

He described the tragedy of the death of his parents in a few words. His language was concise, and there was no descriptive or expressive vocabulary, but Ou Shaowen’s tears flowed down uncontrollably. He gritted his teeth and felt that he was countless times more sad at this moment than he had ever been before.

The most painful thing in this world was not to be in pain all the time, but to let you fall from heaven when you were happiest. How painful should Ou Renjin, who originally grew up in the love of his parents, be?

Seeing him crying, Ou Renjin chuckled softly and took out a tissue to wipe his tears, “I didn’t say this to make you cry. I haven’t gotten to the point yet.”

He briefly mentioned his plight at the time, his grandfather’s tiredness of his suspicions, his uncle and aunt’s hidden murderous intent, and the words that were occasionally used to comfort him but made him suffer even more.

People always want to find some beauty in tragedy, so everyone around him, including the media, emphasised to him over and over again how great his parents were and how much they loved him.

At the beginning, people said that they were thinking about protecting him before they died. Later, some people said that if it weren’t for protecting him, they might not have died.

Then, at the height of his emotional breakdown, he was diagnosed with a heart disease and was plunged into deep self-doubt and painful self-blame; was it really worth trading the lives of the two people he loved the most for the fact that as a heart patient he might not live much longer at all?

“During that time, I started to get a bit world-weary. On the one hand, I hated myself, but on the other hand, I felt that I had to live longer. After all, what was exchanged for my parents’ lives would be too worthless if it was just a few years.

“When I first found out that you had given me your heart to transplant, I wasn’t sure you would survive. I didn’t dare to let myself have expectations and subconsciously thought of the worst outcome. I was afraid that I would never see you again, regretted not being good enough to you before, and then began to feel that… it was enough.”

It was a kind of exhaustion that came from the bottom of his heart.

“That process… the process of watching the person I love die for me and constantly convincing myself to live for him really made me tired enough. Intellectually, I know that you all love me very much, and there are very few people in this world who are willing to sacrifice their life for others. You are noble and great, but I am too cowardly and inferior to bear such deep love.

“So, I apologise to you, you did nothing wrong, don’t belittle and doubt yourself. On the contrary, if your contribution was to someone else, he would be full of emotions and pity, and would guard your hospital bed waiting for you to wake up to give you a soothing and loving kiss.”

He lowered his eyes and admitted his meanness, “It’s all my problem. I admit that I used the wrong way. I just hope that if there is such a time again, please cherish yourself and… take mercy on me. Don’t let me suffer this kind of pain again.”

Ou Shaowen’s eyes were red like the eyes of a little rabbit. He bit his lip and nodded, choking: “I’m sorry.”

He didn’t know it was like this. Ou Renjin was overly deified by him in his heart. He always felt that Ou Renjin was omnipotent, capable, popular and wealthy. Everyone loved him, and there was always a steady stream of people who wanted to be with him.

He thought Ou Renjin just had a bad relationship with his family, but he didn’t expect those people to be so vicious and ruthless, like wolves in sheepskin, so you didn’t even know when they would show their fangs to you.

It must be very difficult for Ou Renjin to grow up in such an environment and endure the torment of his illness.

For so many years, Ou Shaowen hadn’t even hated the researchers who operated on him, but at this moment, he began to hate Ou Renjin’s so-called uncle and aunt. Why did they treat him like this? Could it be that people really didn’t care about anything for the sake of wealth? They were relatives, not strangers or enemies. Why could they do such a thing to their family?

His memory was very good, and he immediately recalled the scene of accompanying Ou Renjin to the house of the Ou family back then, which was really disgusting.

“I won’t leave you.” He stood up, walked to Ou Renjin’s side, leaned over and hugged him, “I will always be with you. I am in good health. Even if there is an accident, I will definitely not die. I will definitely live longer than you.”

His tone was sincere, as if he was taking a vow.

Let him become Ou Renjin’s family, let him hold this person in the palm of his hand, kiss him, pamper him and love him.

Ou Renjin wrapped his arms around his waist and patted him gently, “Although this table is in the corner, it still seems that someone can see us. In public, do you want to make it so exciting?”

Ou Shaowen sat on his lap and lowered his head to kiss him. He kissed his chest through the clothes, “Does it still hurt here?”

Ou Renjin pursed his lips, feeling his heart tingle, “Even more exciting. When others accidentally see us, they will think we are doing a live erotic show.”

As if Ou Shaowen hadn’t heard it, he held Ou Renjin’s hand, pulled it to his lips and dropped a kiss full of pity on his palm, “What about here, does it still hurt?”

Ou Renjin finally stopped joking and replied seriously: “It doesn’t hurt.”

At that time, his heart was in too much pain, so he didn’t feel any other pain. In fact, he didn’t cut deeply. People have a self-protection mechanism. If they didn’t really have a death wish, they wouldn’t be able to do much. “But what if I say it doesn’t hurt? You won’t kiss it? Then I’d better be coquettish with you. My lips hurt too, and I want you to kiss them.”

Ou Renjin looked at him with a smile on his face, closed his eyes and invited his kiss happily.

Ou Shaowen felt as if his face was starting to burn. Too… too shy. When Ou Renjin wanted to kiss him before, he always kissed him directly. This was the first time he just stayed put, as if waiting for him to decide on this kiss.

With that in mind, he was a little embarrassed to kiss him like that.

Ou Renjin closed his eyes and couldn’t help but hook the corners of his mouth while waiting.

Seeing him smile, Ou Shaowen felt that he was being laughed at. Those hesitations were instantly left behind. He held Ou Renjin’s face and pulled a little away to accumulate strength before kissing him deeply.

At this moment, he had long forgotten it was a public occasion. His heart was so full of love that he didn’t know how to express it, as if he could only give vent to it with a kiss or two.

This kiss lasted for a long time, their breath blended together as they felt each other’s body temperature and felt each other’s love and heart.

It was only when it seemed that the footsteps of a waiter were approaching from afar that Ou Shaowen snapped out of his ecstasy and let go of Ou Renjin’s lips to look.

The waiters here were professionally trained and would not normally come up to disturb their guests easily, but it was impossible not to disturb their intimacy while their dishes were served.

Ou Shaowen watched the waiter approach from a distance, but still sat motionless on Ou Renjin’s lap.

“The dishes for the two of you are here, please ring the bell if you need anything.” The waiter maintained her professional smile, did not squint, bowed slightly, turned around and left.

Ou Renjin couldn’t help laughing, “It’s time for her to go back and share the news with her friends.”

“Can we continue?” Ou Shaowen turned his head and wanted to continue kissing him but Ou Renjin put his hand on his head and rubbed his hair.

“Let’s eat first, the dishes will be cold later.”

“Then you’ll go back to the villa today and stay there, and we will do the rest when we go back.” It was direct enough and wild enough, but it was really something Ou Shaowen would say.

“Okay, I promise you. It just so happens that I have something I want to do with you that I haven’t done yet.”

Ou Shaowen finally returned to his seat and sat down obediently, and then silently accelerated the speed of eating.

Ou Renjin was amused by his hamster-like eating, teased him a few times and then stopped, following him to finish eating quickly.

As soon as they got home, they went directly to the second floor. Ou Renjin hugged his waist and brought him down on the bed.

He grabbed the hem of his shirt, lifted it up from his waist, and gently kissed the place against his heart, “What about you? Do you hurt?”

Ou Shaowen was dizzy and shook his head subconsciously.

“I’m not asking now, I’m saying, so many times, when you had surgery again and again, did it hurt?

“What about here, has it been cut by a knife too?

“It won’t hurt if I kiss you, okay?” Ou Renjin’s voice was gentle and full of compassion. Ou Shaowen pursed his mouth and his eyes turned red again.

Ou Renjin kisses trailed from his chest to his waist and abdomen, and then returned to his neck. These kisses did not contain the slightest hint of eroticism as if it was another language of his, better than his voice, whispering his feelings.

I regret not being a part of your past. I regret not being able to save you when you were suffering. The past is gone. In the future I hope that when you touch every part of your body, it will be my kisses that you  remember, not those scars.

Ou Shaowen could hear what he wanted to express, so he trembled even more, and his whole body melted into the sea of warmth.

The next day, Ou Shaowen woke up in Ou Renjin’s arms, smiled stupidly at his still sleeping face, and then leaned in to kiss him.

Ou Renjin raised his eyelids drowsily, and saw Ou Shaowen jumping off the bed happily, full of energy and unaffected. On the contrary, he was tired and weak, feeling hollowed out.

Okay, who is to blame if the kid has special abilities?

From this day on, Ou Renjin naturally returned to the villa to live. When Ou Shaowen asked, he said he had already heard the answer he wanted.

“So you have completely forgiven me?”

“What about you? Have you forgiven me too?”

Ou Shaowen came over and hugged him and shook him affectionately, “I never blamed you, but next time don’t disappear for so long, I’ll be very scared.”

“Okay, but speaking of this, I remembered that I still have something to tell you.” During the month Ou Renjin disappeared, he went to the scientific research institute in the United States and signed a supplementary agreement with them. At the same time, he also took the opportunity to look at their research and analysis on Ou Shaowen.

“Although you said that you have travelled through time and space, and you are no longer in the original world, and the people in the laboratory can no longer find you, this doesn’t mean that the people in this world are as sincere, kind and beautiful as you think. You should know how terrifying it would be if the news of your physique was leaked out?”

When he saw the image of Ou Shaowen’s regrowing heart with his own eyes, in addition to surprise and joy, Ou Renjin’s first thought that came to his mind was fear.

If the news of his physique was leaked out, those who wandered in the grey zone, those things in the gutter, would smell it and come looking for him.

He was afraid that he would miss something, that he would not be able to protect Ou Shaowen tightly enough and that he would live in anxiety forever.

“I didn’t think about it that much.” Ou Shaowen was a little dazed. He had never had any concepts about these things. ”And Guan Qijun signed a confidentiality agreement with the doctor at that time, don’t worry.”

“Guan Qijun? Heh.” Ou Renjin’s face suddenly became a little displeased as he sneered.

There was another big reason for his anger at the time, which was that Ou Shaowen believed so easily in the person who wanted to hurt him. He did not reveal in front of Ou Shaowen the fact that Guan Qijun harboured ill intentions from start to finish, because although Ou Renjin reminded him countless times how sinister a human heart could be, he didn’t want to really make him face the hypocrisy and malice of people.

And he thought he would avenge Ou Shaowen enough. Simply suppressing Guan Qijun in the industry was not enough to calm him down. Let’s wait, either he would be lonely for the rest of his life until he got old, or if he had someone he loved, Ou Renjin would let him taste the pain of losing the one he loved.

He liked to stage those dramas the most.

“His agreement was not perfect enough, so I went to sign some additional terms, and he and Dr. Chen also had to sign a confidentiality agreement.” Ou Renjin’s tone was serious. “You don’t have to worry about these things, it’s been solved. Your only task is to be careful. You can’t expose your special physique to anyone in any place. What you did with He Yixin before is not allowed. By the way, he also has to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 76

When Qin Jiale clicked on Ou Shaowen’s Weibo comment again, he found that the comment area had exploded.

“Why does every gao leng (cold and arrogant) brother I follow eventually become a sand sculpture (stupid)?”

“Hahahahahahaha, my god, the kid is so cute.”

“There is no concubine, there is no concubine, Brother Shaowen, you are the only empress.”

“This couple is getting more and more real. Am I not going to have a chance to see the Sixth Aunt?”

When he read the comments for a while and then refreshed the page, Ou Renjin’s comment was instantly pushed to the top as the most liked.

Ou Renjin: Cute, I want to…

“This ellipsis is very spiritual.”

“Reported, driving in the bright day (making a dirty joke).”

“Go ahead, can you take a vlog for us?”

“Then I’m afraid this vlog can only be kept in the cloud file storage.”

So Qin Jiale sourly informed Ou Shaowen, “Look at Weibo, your husband replied to you.”

Ou Shaowen no longer objected to the words “your husband” and accepted them well.

After reading Ou Renjin’s reply, he didn’t know why those fans were so excited. It was just an ellipsis. Ou Renjin often praised him for being cute, and he also accepted it well.

At this time, he finally remembered the business just now, and quickly called Qin Jiale again, casually found an excuse, and said, “I just called you because I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Ou Shaowen usually rarely confided in them, so Qin Jiale was very excited, thinking that he had encountered something that was really unbearable, to complain to him for the first time.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter, tell me quickly, I’m listening.”

“Didn’t I tell you before that I quarrelled with Ou Renjin?”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

“In fact, it was over a very minor matter. Although we are now… reconciled, we still have our own opinions on that issue, so I just wanted to ask your opinion.”

In a sense, Ou Shaowen wasn’t really lying. They still had this contradiction. They seemed to have broken the ice and moved back to a sweet atmosphere, but deep down in Ou Shaowen’s heart, he didn’t really understand and agree with Ou Renjin’s ideas.

Ou Renjin’s overly intense reaction confirmed that Ou Renjin cherished him, felt sorry for his pain, and cared more about him than about himself. This gave him a deep shock, making him frightened and moved. And he deceived Ou Renjin, broke his previous promise, and was afraid that Ou Renjin would be disappointed in him; this was the reason why he blamed himself for so long and apologised so readily.

However, even if he promised a hundred times again and swore never to do such a thing again, if Ou Renjin encountered any life-threatening situation and needed him to transplant a heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, Ou Shaowen would still feel that instead of risking the deterioration of his condition while waiting for another illusory organ source, it would be more convenient to transplant his.

“Tell me, I’ll try not to stand on your side and give a neutral answer.”

“We were talking about the plot of a movie…” Ou Shaowen tried his best to wrap their story in a reasonable cloak. “The heroine has a special ability that allows her organs to regenerate infinitely and heal infinitely. She is controlled by others and her organs are sold for profit. Later, she escapes and meets and falls in love with the male lead. The male lead is very good in every way, loving her and cherishing her, and is the light of her life. He learns of her ability, and his only response is to make her promise never to hurt herself again. She agrees, and then… she discovers that the male lead actually suffers from a heart disease, and if he can’t find a source of the organ, he might die.”

Qin Jiale was originally full of excitement, thinking that he would hear some dog-blood gossip. So from the beginning of “we were talking about the plot of a movie”, he really wanted to hold Ou Shaowen’s shoulders and shake him frantically.

That’s it? That’s it? That’s it?

Was this actually the reason why you had been in the cold war for so long?

He sighed silently in his heart, but played along and guessed: “So the heroine gave him her heart?”

Forget it, everyone said that the three views could be seen in the small things. Maybe they had a fierce collision of the three views because of a little plot; this could barely satisfy his heart that longed for gossip all the time.

“Yes, the operation was done secretly without the knowledge of the male lead…”

Qin Jiale was not very interested in it at first, but as Ou Shaowen described it a little bit later, he began to feel that the movie was quite emotional.

Sincerely recommended.

“…The male lead slashed his chest and said to her, ‘You never have scars left on your body, so let me keep this scar for you’.”

Qin Jiale:  Fuck, it’s getting more exciting!

“The heroine was very scared, crying to him that this was the last time, and she would really never hurt herself again.”

“Hey, the male lead definitely doesn’t believe it.”

Ou Shaowen paused, his tone rising, “How do you know?”

“In the male lead’s mind, her credit has gone bankrupt, and if there is one time, there can be a second time. The heroine has become accustomed to living this way from the bottom of her heart. She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it. This is what the male lead cannot accept.” 

Ou Shaowen was stunned there, “…It was here that Ou Renjin and I quarrelled.”

“Because of what?”

“I don’t think it’s anything special. I can’t understand why the male lead is so angry. For the heroine, this kind of thing is something she is accustomed to, and if she doesn’t do it, the male lead will face death. How can she have such a physique and let her beloved die in front of her? Even if she didn’t have this physique, maybe she would still choose to give him her heart in the end.”

It was only in front of Qin Jiale at this moment that he was able to say what he really thought. In fact it had nothing to do with being great or something. For different people the ease of accepting their own death vs. accepting the death of their beloved was different. In most people’s eyes nothing was more important than their own life, while Ou Shaowen was the one who could not accept the death of his beloved.

Qin Jiale was beginning to find it interesting now, “What about Ou Renjin, what does he think?”

“He said that there is no one in the world who is worth giving your life for. He agrees with the male lead’s approach, thinking that if he was the male lead, it is very likely that his reaction would be even more intense.” Speaking of this, Ou Shaowen was a little frustrated and a little excited, and worked hard to elaborate on his point of view, “But one side is destined to die, and for the other side it is just pain and possible risks. The two are not equivalent, are they?”

“For the male lead, they are not equivalent either,” Qin Jiale scratched his chin, knowing that Ou Shaowen was sometimes naturally stubborn, and tried to answer in a way he could understand, “The more the heroine has that kind of past, the less likely the male lead is to accept her heart transplant. After a person has been in a certain environment for a long time, they will begin to be brainwashed naturally. They think everything is matter-of-fact. The male lead loves her and hopes that she can escape from this past and become a normal person, both mentally and physically.”

Qin Jiale naturally put himself into the role of the male lead. Although he might happily accept the love of his girlfriend if it were him, he could fully understand the thoughts and approach of the male lead.

“In fact, both he and she love each other very much, but they love each other in different ways. They need to communicate well and talk in depth face to face. As for you and Ou Renjin, I can only say that your two views are not wrong from the standpoint of the heroine and the male lead, but…

“Did you really have a cold war for so long because of such a childish issue?”

He had a black question mark on his face, genuinely unable to understand.

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen was still immersed in thinking of Qin Jiale’s words just now.

Qin Jiale suddenly felt that he had a great responsibility and began his sage advice, “The cold war is the most undesirable way for all couples to deal with conflicts. No matter what, conflicts need to be resolved by communication, cold war is too hurtful and can cause anxiety, pain and unease to the other side. I suggest you make it clear to Ou Renjin and make it clear that you don’t like the cold war very much.”

Hearing what he said, Ou Shaowen slowly felt aggrieved in hindsight.

Yes, he really didn’t like it this way. First of all, he didn’t like to watch Ou Renjin punish him by hurting himself, and secondly, he didn’t like Ou Renjin being in the cold war with him and suddenly disappearing from his world.

He clenched his fists and said “Yes” stiffly.

“I need to have a good talk with Ou Renjin.” Anything else was fine, but could he please not ignore him?

“Yeah, go and make it clear to him.”

After making up his mind, Ou Shaowen hurriedly thanked his lovely teammate for his opinion, hung up the phone and dialled Ou Renjin’s number.

Emboldening himself, as soon as the call was answered, he closed his eyes and said to the other end of the line, “Ou Renjin, I think we need a confession board, I want to meet with you.”


When Ou Shaowen walked into the restaurant and actually saw the side of Ou Renjin’s face as he looked out the window seemingly in deep thought, he still hardly could believe it.

He actually met him so easily.

“I thought you would refuse.” He said to Ou Renjin.

Ou Renjin smiled at him as usual, took his hand and pulled him into his arms to kiss briefly, as if they had just kissed and hugged yesterday, “Didn’t I say that we would go out for dinner after you hand in your homework? The homework was completed well this time, and you can score 90 points.”

Perhaps he had been nudged by someone else, but Ou Shaowen who did not not limit himself to obedience and confidently asked him out for dinner was also very cute.

“Then let’s start, your confession.” Ou Renjin let go of his hand, got up and went around to the other side of the table to pour him a cup of tea, then sat opposite him and said frankly, “If I hold you in my arms, I will not be in the mood to listen to anything.”

Ou Shaowen just wanted to stand up a second ago. Hearing Ou Renjin say this, he could only sit up straight pretending to be stern and clear his throat to show his seriousness.

“Let me tell you my story from the beginning to the end.” His tone slowed down, as if he deliberately kept himself free of any emotion, “I was born in the laboratory that none of you have ever heard of, as an experiment that succeeded in the way even the researchers didn’t understand.”

Ou Renjin’s originally gentle face suddenly stiffened, and he squeezed the handle of the cup, as if he had been instantly thrown into a raging storm.

“My number in the laboratory was 036, and they sometimes called me an ‘organ petri dish’, because I am like a natural container for all the organs of the human body to regrow inside me.”

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 75

It was another day of being restrained and unable to move for a long time. 036 looked at the ceiling endlessly and began to empty his mind.

He didn’t really like the darkness. Although he had never seen the real darkness, because the laboratory was lit up day and night all year round, and he only knew that at night, the researchers who chatted next to him would go home. Except for him, there were only two or three people on duty in the entire laboratory, but they had their own place to stay and would not appear here.

In the boundless silence, he could only listen to his heartbeat, count the numbers, or recall every word that those people had said next to him during the day from start to finish. Apart from this, he had nothing else to do.

“11698,11699,11700…” He increased the difficulty a bit this time, starting counting from 10000. Each number said silently was long, most suitable to accompany him through the long night of continuous pain.


“Stop it, you’re drooling on my face.” An inexplicable voice sounded suddenly.

Boom boom… boom boom… boom boom…

The beating of the heart seemed to merge with another of exactly the same frequency.

036, taken aback, raised his head abruptly, trying to see who was talking to him, but he could only catch a glimpse of a small part of the room. No one appeared there, and this was not the voice of anyone in the laboratory he was familiar with.

While he wondered, the voice sounded again, with a little chuckle, a tone he had never heard before and could not describe.

“Still not asleep? It’s already very late.”

036 opened his mouth, but made no sound. This sudden voice seemed to spread from the bottom of his heart to his eardrums, not like coming from anywhere outside.

Who was talking? Was it a new experiment they had come up with? What did they want to test on him again?

“You… who are you?” He asked silently in his heart, waiting for the voice to respond to him, just as he had long ago fantasised over and over again about some unattainable miracle suddenly coming to him.

Sure enough, the voice didn’t answer him, but it didn’t disappear either, continuing to talk gently.

“You need a cuddle to fall asleep? How old are you, still coquettish, why don’t you say you want me to tell you a bedtime story?

“Fine, fine, I’ll tell you, what kids in other families have, my kid also must have. What story do you want to hear? Shall I tell you about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

“Once upon a time, there was a queen sitting by the window in the palace doing needlework for her soon-to-be-born daughter. A lot of snowflakes fell on the windowsill. She accidentally pricked her finger. Blood flowed from under the needle and dripped on the snowflakes on the windowsill. The queen saw this scene and said, “I hope my daughter’s skin will be as white as snow…”

036 listened quietly, immersed in this story he had never heard before. At the end of the story, the prince and princess lived happily together. For some reason, 036’s eyes reddened at such an ending, as if he was moved by the fact they could have the love and happiness he had never known.

Was this a bedtime story? He had heard a researcher complain to a colleague before, saying that his son was always noisy and every time listened to stories he told him for a long time before falling asleep. He was tired of telling those stories over and over again, but his son still wouldn’t get tired of hearing them.

Such a nice story, if it were him, he would also hope to hear it every night.

After that voice finished telling the story, it stopped. Everything was silent again, and it seemed to be more unbearable than the silence he had become accustomed to.

036 was silent for a long time, feeling inexplicably sad. He obviously had a good memory, but at this moment he had forgotten where he stopped counting. He wanted to count again, but all he had in his mind was the forest, the princess whose skin was as white as snow, and the birds, white rabbits and fawns attracted by the princess’s song, and he couldn’t think about anything else at all.

He couldn’t help but murmur in his heart again, “Hello, are you the God they mentioned? Can you tell me another story?”

Before, they always said they would pray to God when they wanted something in particular, so he knew that this word represented a certain deity who might fulfil your wishes.

He used to pray too. At the beginning, he prayed for this life to end and prayed that one day he could see the outside world. Later, he prayed that the rich people who came to replace their organs would not need his heart, and prayed that the gap between the two operations would be longer.

And now, he only prayed that he could listen to another bedtime story.

God, as always, did not respond.

He thought that he should have learnt to be satisfied. Today, he heard a story that he had never heard before, and it was already something worth remembering for a long time.

The next day, in the dead of night again, 036 was listening to his heartbeat. Suddenly, it seemed that another person’s heartbeat also sounded, and then slowly coincided with his heartbeat.

The next second, the gentle male voice sounded from the bottom of his heart.

He didn’t speak, he was just laughing, his laughter was soft, but it seemed to crash into his chest with a bang that made him a little dizzy.

“I’m not laughing at you, I just think you’re cute.” He chuckled softly two more times, “No one in the world is supposed to be omnipotent, it’s normal for you, the game king, to play badly once in a while.”

Who was God talking to? Was this person his most favoured family member, to be able to hear such a nice voice talking to him every day?

“Otherwise, I will accompany you to train again? When you play next time, you can abuse them severely.” He stopped laughing, but there was still a smile in his voice.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you want to train with me?” He was pretending to be upset.

In fact, this was just a joke, but 036 seemed to follow suit in being upset, murmuring in his heart: “Yes, hurry up and train with him, otherwise he will be unhappy.”

“Didn’t I tell you I just thought you were cute?”

He began to wonder again who God was talking to; he really wanted to hear the voice of the other person.

“Maybe a very cute angel? They say that God is always with angels.”

The voice paused suddenly, for a little longer than the normal interval, and then it didn’t sound again for a long time.

Was it the end of today’s share of benefits? It seemed a little earlier than yesterday.

“I thought I could hear another bedtime story.”

As soon as he finished murmuring these words, he heard the voice again.

“Then I’ll hang up, have a good rest, and don’t stay up too late rehearsing. Well, good night.”

God seemed to be saying good night to his family member as he finished the sentence, then he was silent for a short while before suddenly asking, “Was… someone talking just now?”

036 froze, not realising for a moment that the words seemed clearer than when he had heard them before.

“Hello?” The voice was a little louder.

An overwhelming surprise poured down from the heavens, and 036 was in a daze for a moment. After taking several deep breaths, he tried to respond silently in his heart: “He… hello?”

“Who are you?”

“Me?” 036’s whole body began to tremble, “I am 036. Are you God?”

Only God could hear the silent unspoken words in people’s hearts.


This number was unusually familiar. Ou Renjin squeezed his phone tightly, and for a moment thought whether it was a hallucination created by him being too distressed after hearing Ou Shaowen’s story and imagining his past experiences over and over again.

“I’m not God, my name is Ou Renjin.” In the confusion of his brain, he pressed the record button on his phone, as if hoping to record something.

“So God has a name too?” It was clearly Ou Shaowen’s voice, and although there was a slight difference in tone, he couldn’t have been mistaken.

He looked down at the recording interface, but the voice in his head didn’t leave a ripple representing decibels as it spoke.

“Are you… in the lab now?” In an instant, everything Ou Shaowen had told him came to mind. Ou Renjin clenched his fists, only to feel that the anger, pain and pity that had not been appeased before were surging like waves again.

“Yes.” 036 replied briskly, feeling that he had indeed been blessed with God’s mercy, and God knew everything.

Ou Renjin frowned, and his chest felt tight. He touched it and suddenly felt that his heart that hadn’t hurt for a long time began to ache faintly.

“…are you still here?” Not hearing him speak for a long time, 036 tried to ask.

Ou Renjin opened his mouth, and finally managed: “Still here”.

“Are you here to fulfil my wish?”

“Then you…” Ou Renjin’s voice was a little hoarse, “What wish do you want to be fulfilled?”

“I want to hear you tell another bedtime story, just like you told yesterday.”

“Okay.” Ou Renjin agreed to his request, but his mind was blank, and he couldn’t think of anything. “Today I will tell you the story of the Little Mermaid.”

He used his mobile phone to find the story of the Little Mermaid, and read it sentence by sentence.

“At the bottom of the sea, very, very deep, there was a majestic castle. Six mermaid princesses lived in it, all of them very beautiful, especially the youngest, who had long golden hair and loved to listen to her sisters talk about the many new things to do on the surface of the sea, thinking that one day she could go to the surface and see for herself…“

Only after reading the last sentence did he realise that he had finished telling the story.

036 was silent for a little too long. Ou Renjin realised something and suddenly felt that he shouldn’t have chosen such a tragedy.

“That’s great.” 036 sighed, “I also want to see the world outside the laboratory. If only there was a witch who could exchange things with me, I would have also traded my legs.”

Ou Renjin could hardly control his breathing, “You will leave there, I promise.”

“Really?” 036 hadn’t originally intended for God to grant him this wish. One couldn’t be too greedy, one wish granted was enough.

“Really, you’ll leave the lab, you will go to a completely different world, meet someone you’re destined to meet, and live a life that is more exciting than you can imagine at this point.”

Translator’s note: It looks like a little flash-forward chapter, since Ou Renjin will only learn about Ou Shaowen’s past in the next chapters. How could Ou Renjin talk to 036 still in the laboratory? It seems 036 transmigrated through both time and space. The real question is, if it did happen at some point, wouldn’t 036/Ou Shaowen remember God/Ou Renjin’s voice? However, Ou Shaowen doesn’t have any memories about the moment he left the laboratory at all, so it is very possible that some memories right before that could also be lost. Which means he probably transmigrated very soon after talking to Ou Renjin.

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 74

“I know, I just want to make sure if you will really answer my call.” Just after hanging up the phone, Ou Shaowen began to feel uncertain. He was afraid that all this would be his own imagination, so he couldn’t wait to hear Ou Renjin’s voice again.

Ou Renjin smiled, feeling that his bottom line had taken another step back, “Well, tell you what, when do you finish your homework, how about going out for dinner together?”

“Really?” Ou Shaowen seemed to get a sudden pleasant surprise again, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to meet me before I gave you the correct answer?”

“I just said that I wouldn’t go back to the villa, when did I say that I didn’t want to see you anymore?” Ou Renjin had a lot of things to deal with next. On one hand, he hoped that Ou Shaowen would use this time to get to know himself. On the other hand, he probably couldn’t really squeeze in much time.

Ou Shaowen nodded and agreed:  “Got it, I will hand in my homework quickly.”

In fact, deep down, he didn’t really understand the meaning of Ou Renjin’s request. He asked him to learn what a normal view of love was. It was not that he didn’t understand these things. He had also read a lot of books and watched a lot of films and TV series, but what did they have to do with him? He was what he was. He didn’t want to pursue what most people pursued, and he didn’t want to learn to be like them.

What they were looking for was the correct and excellent kind of love, relying on each other and being independent of each other, being tolerant of each other despite the contradictions, with equal love and not one-sided dedication, between the partners of the matching status and with the consistent three views (three views: of the world, life and values).

These things were actually very far away for him. He didn’t want to be independent. If he could, he wanted to be with Ou Renjin every day. He didn’t want to pursue equality, he didn’t want to think about status and wealth, and he couldn’t understand why relationships always had to be so complicated.

When he was lying alone on the bed of the villa at night, he still felt a little distressed. After thinking about it for a long time, he tried to call his teammate Qin Jiale.

Lele was a love expert in their group. He had bragged to them many times that of the thousands of friends he had on his WeChat list, 80% were girls, and that whenever they encountered any relationship problems, they would always turn to him first.

A proper friend of women.

“Lele.” He just opened his mouth, and before he could start elaborating, Qin Jiale laughed happily.

“Haha, Wenwen, your husband is quite cool. His face-slapping is painful enough but now some people really don’t spare their faces for the sake of heat.”

“What?” Ou Shaowen looked confused.

“It seems that recently some marketing accounts always said that you might have broken up. Some people are crazy about being the Sixth Aunt and can’t wait to get to this position.”

“What are you talking about…?”

Only then did Qin Jiale realise that he was calling, probably looking for him for something else; but he couldn’t help but share the latest gossip with him first, “You can just look at your husband’s latest Weibo. Ha, it’s interesting, President Ou’s cursing is really interesting. I have to learn from it.”

“Oh, then I’ll take a look.” At this point, he had forgotten what he wanted to ask when he made this call, so he hung up and went on Weibo.

Ou Renjin finally posted on Weibo after a lapse of more than three months, first clarifying the rumours of the break-up with Ou Shaowen.

Ou Renjin: It’s really funny, when did I need a marketing account to announce my break up with my boyfriend? No, we never planned to break-up. I only left when my little friend was about to be discharged from the hospital. I went on a business trip abroad so I wasn’t in the country, end of answer. I hope that next time, if you don’t see me for half a year, you won’t post an obituary to mourn my untimely death, thank you.

He was quite polite in this one, but there were some strange shady notes. In the next one, he directly forwarded a Weibo of an entertainment marketing account, and took a real shot.

The marketing account posted three photos of Ou Renjin and an 18-tier starlet at the airport. In the first one, they were walking from the airport one after the other. In the second, the starlet seemed to hear that someone was calling him and turned his head to look in Ou Renjin’s direction. In the third, the distance between the two of them was infinitely closer, and the starlet leaned on Ou Renjin’s shoulder with a smile on his face.

Ou Renjin: In my life, I hate people who send themselves to my door the most. I hate people who know that the other party has a boyfriend and still want to send themselves to the door but don’t dare to act honestly and openly and can only secretly engage in little tricks. I’ll give you a tip. Next time this kind of photo is taken, I’ll take it as a personal threat, see if you can exchange it for a few resources. Comment: Stupid and cowardly, not worthy to pay attention to, clearly seeking the heat.

As soon as these two Weibo were posted, Ou Renjin’s fan circle came back to life in an instant after three-month silence.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha, stupid and cowardly, not worthy to pay attention to, clearly seeking the heat. Absolutely, President Ou, really absolutely.”

“Although I don’t understand what happened, it’s so cool to see you curse. Can you curse every two days in the future?”

“No way, can any old fans come over and tell me, is Ou Renjin always so direct?”

“Although President Ou doesn’t have to curse himself.” (meaning that he talked about his death)

“Hahahahahahaha, fuck, it’s so cool to watch, I’m paying attention.”

“The marketing account is too weak, isn’t it? Where’s the sparring I was expecting, what’s up with deleting the previous posts just as it started?”

“Here we go again, here we go again, the little couple is so sweet, demons and ghosts cannot be allowed to force their way in here.”

“Where did this 18-tier star come from? So crazily eager to be popular, touched the porcelain with President Ou and kicked the iron plate instead, haha.”

“It’s so cool, the front page forwarded it to me, fuck, hahahahahaha.”

After reading these two posts, Ou Shaowen went to read the posts of the marketing accounts that previously said that they were suspected of having broken up. Although the original posts had been deleted, the melon-eating masses would always have the most complete screenshots.

He finally knew why Ou Renjin suddenly said those things to him, the ones about loving only him and no one else.

He had already told him so clearly, had already responded so forcefully, could he still misunderstand something?

He pursed his lips and laughed unconsciously.

Ou Shaowen thought for a while and felt that he should also post on Weibo.

He was not as eloquent as Ou Renjin, and after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t know what he should say, so he went back and asked Qin Jiale again.

“I also want to post a Weibo response, what do you think I should post?”

Qin Jiale sent him a gif of Mi Yue waving her sleeve in an overbearing manner, “As long as this empress is not dead, you can only be a concubine.” (from the TV series “Empresses of the Palace”)

Ou Shaowen felt that this sentence was quite domineering and liked it very much. He quickly posted the gif on Weibo.

“President Ou has already replied, you actually don’t need to reply to anything. This kind of person who only dares to touch porcelain is not even a rival. There is no need to care about him. The empress should have the aura of the empress.” Qin Jiale’s second message was sent half a second late, when Ou Shaowen had already posted the gif on Weibo.

Damn, your hands and feet are so fast!

Qin Jiale looked at Ou Shaowen’s latest Weibo, and the more he looked at it, the more amused he felt. He immediately withdrew the previous message and sent another, “Very good, everything you want to say is in this gif, the essence, the essence is especially right!”

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 73

Ou Shaowen wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to what his fans were doing. After he posted a few photos to show that he was indeed fine, he opened the chat history with Ou Renjin again and scrolled it down a little bit.

Their chat history was actually not long. Ou Shaowen was not someone who would send messages to pester Ou Renjin all the time, and Ou Renjin didn’t reply to him often. Many times, when he saw Ou Shaowen’s message, he would call him directly. 

So he didn’t have to scroll for long to reach the end, and Ou Shaowen paused there, slowly feeling shrouded in a stronger and stronger feeling of missing Ou Renjin.

He should have .. turned on the automatic phone recording function.

In this way, at least he would have had countless call recordings to listen to at this time.

He clicked on the settings page, and after setting up this function, he put down his phone in frustration.

Without Ou Renjin’s presence in the villa, it seemed to become empty in an instant. Obviously, at the beginning, Ou Renjin rarely came to stay in the villa, and at that time, Ou Shaowen felt relaxed and satisfied, and was very happy every day.

It was really better to get back to work quickly.

He called his manager and said that he could start working right away.

“But can you try not to schedule anything too long-term? I’m afraid there will be changes on my end.” Ou Shaowen was still thinking that in case Ou Renjin would reply to him soon, he would have to set aside time so that he could stay with him all day.

“Ou Shaowen, you have just taken more than two months off, and you have taken a long break before.” The manager’s tone was not very happy.

Originally, the contract signed by Dingyi Entertainment and Ou Shaowen was a temporary short-term contract for a year and a half, so a delay of three months was a waste of one-sixth of the time.

In this regard, they were already kind and generous enough.

“Okay, I understand.” Ou Shaowen’s tone was flat, and he didn’t mean to continue arguing.

On the contrary, the manager felt a little embarrassed and took a step back: “If something more long-term than a week is scheduled, I will discuss it with you before making a decision.”

“Good, can you send a car to pick me up tomorrow morning?”

“You can still take a day off tomorrow, the arrangements won’t be so urgent.”

Ou Shaowen lowered his eyes, “I want to come to the company. If I don’t have a job, I can practise dancing in the practice room.”

The next day, the first thing Ou Shaowen did when he opened his eyes was to turn on his mobile phone in a daze to see if there were any missed calls or WeChat messages.

There were none.

He was instantly awake, staring at the phone screen blankly. Not knowing why, he suddenly felt a little aggrieved and wanted to cry.

He stayed in bed for a while, letting his mind drift away, then got up and washed up as if nothing had happened.

It was like going back to the days before the surgery, jobs, practices, participating in variety shows, occasionally performing on stage with his teammates as a group, only there would no longer be one phone call a day. It was as if Ou Renjin had disappeared from the world. Weibo, WeChat, phone calls, he couldn’t be found anywhere.

Ou Shaowen at first sent two WeChat messages a day, but then gradually stopped sending them.

Forget it.

Wasn’t this what he had envisioned at the beginning? After the heart replacement, he had completed his mission, and he didn’t have to go back to the lab. He could still enjoy the real world every day, so he was already very happy.

Comforting himself in this way, he still felt more and more numb and desperate day by day.

When his teammates saw him like that, they hesitated for a long time and asked him cautiously, “Did something happen between you and Ou Renjin?”

Some entertainment marketing accounts on the Internet had already begun to speculate about the relationship between the two of them, and they were fully prepared and well-informed. They released the photos of Ou Shaowen coming back alone when he was discharged from the hospital, added screenshots of Ou Renjin not posting a new Weibo for several months, and they had been squatting for many days and found that Ou Renjin had moved out of the villa, and Ou Shaowen was alone all day. 

They came to the conclusion that Ou Renjin and Ou Shaowen were likely to have a change of heart and had already broken up

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded, “He hasn’t contacted me for a long time.”

The teammates glanced at each other, and for a while they didn’t know what to say to comfort him.

As soon as he finished speaking, his phone dinged. Ou Shaowen subconsciously looked at it, and then he saw a red number “1” lit up next to Ou Renjin’s name. He was taken aback. At that moment, he even wondered if he was hallucinating.

For the first time in almost a month, he had received a message from Ou Renjin.

He clicked on the chat.

It was indeed a message from Ou Renjin.

“The answer is incomplete, keep answering, how can you give up so quickly?”

Ou Shaowen curled his mouth, and his eyes turned red in an instant.

He raised his head and said to his teammates, aggrieved, “He has contacted me again just now.”

Zhang Houyue wrapped his arm around his shoulders, trying to take advantage of the situation to glance at the mobile phone screen to eat melons, “I’m scared of these ups and downs. What did he tell you?”

Ou Shaowen quickly pressed the phone to his chest, “You can’t see this.”

“Ouch.” Never mind. “Forget it, the young couple is probably quarrelling, so let’s not disturb people here. Let’s get out of here, it’s a waste of time to worry about nothing.”

Everyone dispersed in a hurry, leaving Ou Shaowen enough space.

Ou Shaowen was actually very grateful to them in his heart. Although they didn’t have many opportunities to get together these days, his phone was always buzzing with activity. There were gags in the group every day, and the chat history couldn’t be scrolled down in half a day. They invited him to eat together, and although he was not in high spirits and would agree one time out of three, these people let him have a sense of belonging to a certain group, not just floating away from this world.

He moved his gaze back to the phone, stared at the line of words for a long time, and tried to make a call to Ou Renjin.

“Beep… beep…”

Ou Shaowen listened to the familiar busy tone and meditated on the numbers in silence. Under normal circumstances, the call would end automatically in about 70 seconds.

He counted slowly, and when he counted to the twenty-third second, the phone was answered, and he heard the voice that he began to find a little unfamiliar.

“Hello.” The background sound on Ou Renjin’s side was a bit noisy, and Ou Shaowen couldn’t help but start guessing where he had been during all this time.

“… I really can’t figure out why the answer is incomplete.” His voice trembled a little, and he tried to suppress it to make himself appear calmer.

“Let’s not mention this for now,” Ou Renjin’s voice became clearer, with a broadcast sound in the background that seemed to belong to a station or an airport, “You insisted on sending me WeChat messages for a few days, why did you stop later?”

The tone was brisk, but it didn’t look like he was still angry.

“I…” Ou Shaowen pursed his lips, “You never replied to me, and I thought if you saw the messages I sent, you would be angry.”

All these days of tossing and turning, doubting and questioning seemed like they couldn’t be expressed in a couple of words.

“I’m just waiting for the correct answer, but I don’t seem to get it.” There were noisy human voices around Ou Renjin and the faint sound of countless small wheels rolling. Ou Shaowen tried to distinguish them and confirm his guess.

He should be at the airport now, did he just come back? Or was he preparing to leave?

“I will never hurt myself again.” He felt that this should be the correct answer Ou Renjin wanted, and he was a little uncertain, “But haven’t I already said this? I will not break my promise again.”

Ou Renjin changed the subject and asked, “Do you know where I am now?”


“At the airport,” Ou Renjin rubbed his forehead wearily, “Just returned from a scientific research institute in the United States. You know that scientific research institute. The surgeon who operated on you, and all the equipment that sustained your life in those two months came from that scientific research institute.”

Ou Shaowen began to panic when he heard the words “surgeon” and “operated”, very afraid that Ou Renjin would start to blame him for his deception and initiative in the next second.

He didn’t know why Ou Renjin was suddenly talking about this, “Yes, what about it?”

“Let’s talk about the details later. There are other things I wanted to tell you when I answered your call,” Ou Renjin recalled the 18th tier artist who got off the plane with him just now and deliberately bumped into him while there was the person who held the camera not far away, “Whether it’s me not replying to your WeChat messages, not picking up your calls, being angry at you or not wanting to see you, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you anymore. I still love you and no one else. No matter what, you need to remember that, okay?”

He didn’t know if things were as he suspected, if he would see himself in the entertainment news afterwards with gossip about his new love or something like that, but he knew that Ou Shaowen had never been someone with confidence about his feelings. He carefully reached out to the world, always giving and giving subconsciously, not expecting to get the same in return.

Ou Renjin was hoping to change his mind, hoping that he would understand that no one in the world was worth giving his life for. He was angry and disappointed with Ou Shaowen, wanting him to feel the despair and anxiety he had felt during those two months.

He had his dark side, but it didn’t mean that he wanted Ou Shaowen to doubt that he was loved, and he didn’t want his hand that he finally stretched out to shrink back again. They had some contradictions that still needed to be resolved, but he couldn’t have any misunderstandings about their feelings.

This was why he finally replied to his WeChat and answered his call.

If not for the suspicion that he might be used for touching porcelain (arranging a scam), he would have extended this period a little longer.

Ou Shaowen’s heart felt warm and astringent. Hearing Ou Renjin’s words, he suddenly felt that he had become so fragile that if someone came and poked him twice, he would cry out in pain.

He was grateful and aggrieved at the same time.

“I thought…”

“Okay, don’t say the next half of the sentence, I’m not happy to repeat it again.” Ou Renjin interrupted him, thinking that he knew what he was going to say in the second half of the sentence.

I thought you didn’t like me anymore, I thought you were going to break up with me, I thought you didn’t want me anymore.

He wasn’t born knowing how to deal with someone like Ou Shaowen, he was also figuring out how to get along with him, and there were many times when it was as much of a headache as teaching a child who couldn’t understand something no matter how much he was taught, but…

“Keep sending me the answer. I won’t go back to the villa until I see the correct answer, got it?”

“What?” Ou Shaowen’s voice dropped to the bottom again, “Weren’t the previous ones correct answers?”

He obviously felt that he had already said everything he should and shouldn’t have said.

“Not as much as I’d like to see.”

Ou Shaowen softened his voice slightly, a bit like being coquettish, “Can’t you give me a hint?”

“If you really can’t think of the answer, you can code our story and ask your acquaintances and friends around you, and learn what a normal view of love looks like, by the way. Hand in the assignment to me after you’re done learning.”

It was time for Ou Shaowen to learn that it was a completely different world, and that none of the ideas he had had before were natural and should be taken for granted.

“Well, I see.” Ou Shaowen said a little bit bitterly.

Ou Renjin had already gotten into the car with Xiao Liu who came to pick him up, and leaned back in the seat, a little tired, “That’s it, I’ll hang up now.”

“Wait a minute…” Ou Shaowen suddenly became anxious, “Will you still call me? Just… can we still call each other before I give you the correct answer?”

Ou Renjin was silent for a while. This was why he had hardly looked at his mobile phone this month; because it seemed that once he heard Ou Shaowen’s voice, once he recalled his presence, his heart would begin to soften.

“You can try to call me again. In the absence of business and other accidents, I should be able to pick up.”

“Okay, then you hang up.” Ou Shaowen’s tone rose, as if he instantly possessed expectation and strength.

So Ou Renjin pressed down the phone.

“Go to the apartment near the company, I have a lot of things to do there,” he instructed Xiao Liu in front of him. “By the way, help me pay attention to whether any media on the Internet posted an intimate photo of me and the little star at the airport. He bumped into my chest, if you pick an angle, it might look a bit like a hug. If so, let me know as soon as possible.”

“Okay, President Ou.” Xiao Liu smiled like a spring breeze, looking very happy.

“Also, the company…”

What he was about to say was interrupted by the sudden ringing of his mobile phone. Ou Renjin glanced down, and Ou Shaowen’s name flashed on the screen again.

He smiled helplessly and answered, “Our last call seems to have just ended less than half a minute ago?”

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Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 72

Ou Shaowen trembled all over, his pupils shrunk subconsciously, and he murmured “No.”

This was what he had been worried about over and over again, and it was the reason why he wanted to hide the truth from Ou Renjin no matter what.

But he still knew.

Boundless horror gripped his heart.

In the next second, Ou Renjin ripped open his collar, revealing half of his chest still wrapped in bandages, “By the time you can see this video, the surgical wounds should have healed.”

As he said this, he avoided the original surgical scar and, holding the handle of the knife, slashed the blade firmly in the middle of his chest.

Ou Shaowen shrunk back in his chair violently, as if trying to escape the image, but his eyes were still staring at the computer screen in self-abuse. He could even see the flesh under the skin bursting open inch by inch as the knife slashed through it, blood quickly staining the bandage on Ou Renjin’s chest and then soaking the fabric of his clothes.

“It’s a good thing my little friend doesn’t have scars left on his body.” Ou Renjin looked at the camera as if he was looking into Ou Shaowen’s eyes and gave a fairly gentle smile, “That’s great, I’ll just keep the scars for you, so that you won’t forget, right?”

As he said that, he glanced at the palm of his hand again, “The scar here has also faded, it needs to be deepened, otherwise it will be almost invisible.”

He carefully aimed at the scar on the palm and drew the knife against it once more. Blood quickly coated his hand and it was impossible to tell where it flowed from.

Ou Renjin lowered his head and wiped the blood from the wound with his fingers, as if carefully distinguishing whether the wound was deep enough to leave a scar. Then he pulled his collar and glanced at his chest.

Ou Shaowen had the illusion that he was hurting in the same places. He clenched his fists and couldn’t breathe.

Finally, Ou Renjin frowned as if he felt pain; and as if he had suddenly lost interest, he put the blood-stained knife on the coffee table in front of him, “Let’s leave it like this for now.”

He raised his eyes, “If you can survive, then let’s leave it like this. If you die, I will dig out the heart you temporarily put in my chest and cremate it with your body.”

Ou Renjin smiled lightly, but his eyes were so cold that they made people shiver, “This is not martyrdom, nor is it because of how much I like you, so you don’t have to be touched. I’m just very reluctant to let your sacrifice produce any results you expect.”

The screen went black, which seemed to mean that the punishment was also over at this moment.

It was only then that Ou Shaowen heaved a breath like a fish that had been drying up for a long time and returned to the water.

“It’s okay,” he kept reassuring himself with red eyes and a lump in his throat.

The moment Ou Renjin held the knife against his chest just now, he really thought he would just plunge the knife in. A wound like this was already the best outcome he could have thought of. 

He comforted himself in this way, but he still felt so distressed that he was about to suffocate.

Ou Shaowen clenched his mobile phone and continued to call Ou Renjin. He knew that Ou Renjin must be very, very angry with him because he did the wrong thing, because he deceived him and did not keep his original promise.

If he cried and apologised to him, would he forgive him? He would tell him that this would be the last time. From now on, he would listen to him obediently. After knowing that Ou Renjin loved him, he already didn’t want to hurt himself, no more than anyone else would.

But… what could he do? He could grow a heart again, but Ou Renjin couldn’t. He had a chance to survive, but Ou Renjin didn’t. For him, in fact, there had been no other choice, he could only do so.

But Ou Renjin looked really angry, and Ou Shaowen was incredibly grateful that he survived. He had never believed in gods and deities but at this moment, he was willing to bow down to the gods and Buddhas for allowing him to survive.

Otherwise… When he thought of such a picture, of Ou Renjin cutting his chest with a knife and digging out his heart expressionlessly… He felt that even if he died, he would not forgive himself.

Ou Renjin’s life could have lasted a little longer, and maybe he could have encountered another surprise opportunity, and he would have ruined all the possibilities.

Fortunately… he survived.

However, Ou Renjin’s phone was never picked up.

Ou Shaowen became more and more panicked. He was afraid that Ou Renjin would not even give him a chance to explain and apologise. He was afraid that Ou Renjin would be completely disappointed in him. If it weren’t for this surgery, they would have celebrated their first anniversary two months ago. Ou Renjin had never been with a boyfriend for so long before, and he was so disobedient again, was Ou Renjin finally tired of him? Was he… ready to stop liking him and want to leave him?

He dialled the number over and over again, but every time the phone rang, no one answered it until the call ended. After dialling for nearly half an hour, he finally gave up, opened WeChat, and typed a long string of words to Ou Renjin.

“Ou Renjin, don’t be angry, okay? I promise you that I will be good and keep my promise from now on and never disobey you again.”

“In fact, I have done this kind of surgery many times, and every time I came back to life without a problem, you see, it’s the same this time. I just had a check-up, and my heart is intact and healthy again.”

“I didn’t mean to break my promise, it was because I wanted to save you so much. You never believed that I could really regrow my organs. I was afraid that if I told you, you would resolutely disagree. I could obviously save you, I couldn’t just watch you leave.”

“Does your wound hurt? Take good care of yourself and bandage the wound, okay?”

“I know I was wrong. I swear I won’t give you the reason to do this kind of thing again. Don’t deliberately leave scars on yourself, okay?”

“Please answer me, okay?”

All these messages were like stones sinking into the sea, without any response.

Ou Shaowen’s fingers paused on the phone screen with a deep sense of frustration and despair. He was wondering if Ou Renjin really didn’t want him anymore this time.

It took him a long time before he finally got up and called Xiao Liu.

“Hey, Brother Shaowen, I heard that you have recovered and been discharged from the hospital? Congratulations, one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.” Xiao Liu didn’t know the truth from the beginning to the end. He just thought that Ou Shaowen had been rescued after a car accident. He was not seriously hurt, it was really fortunate, so he seemed extra excited to receive Ou Shaowen’s call.

“By the way, I just saw you mentioned on Weibo. Your fans found out that you have not had a job for more than three months. Now they organised and started a small-scale bombardment of Dingyi Entertainment, suspecting that they deliberately suppressed you.”

Ou Shaowen knew what Xiao Liu said. When he got the phone, he had already seen countless WeChat messages and a long list of missed calls from his manager.

He knew it was impolite to see the message but not reply, but he was really not in the mood to deal with those now.

They had enough materials and variety shows they had filmed before, and his Weibo account had been handed in a long time ago to repost the posts of the group and individual group members. He didn’t think that more than two months of his disappearance would cause much backlash in the fan base, nor did he think that this was something so urgent that he had to deal with it now.

“Xiao Liu.” Ou Shaowen interrupted him and asked him nervously, “Have you seen Ou Renjin recently?”

“No.” Xiao Liu gave a negative answer, “President Ou’s personal seals have been handed over to the secretariat. During this time, the vice president is in charge of the company’s business. However, he sent me a few messages more than half a month ago to explain business.”

Ou Shaowen seemed to take another breath, “That’s good.”

At least it meant that he was okay, he didn’t secretly plunge the knife in his chest while the camera couldn’t see it.

“Did something happen between you and President Ou?” Xiao Liu asked this question quite cautiously. He originally thought that President Ou must have been with Ou Shaowen in the hospital during the period when he disappeared. He didn’t feel that there was anything special about the workaholic giving up work for this reason. After all, President Ou was the one who could take a long leave just to go out to play with Brother Shaowen.

“You don’t know, President Ou just learned about your car accident a few days after the surgery. We wanted to hide it from him, but he was too smart. I still remember his expression at the time, his face was pale and he seemed lifeless. Fortunately, you are fine now… Are you guys quarrelling?”

“Yes,” Ou Shaowen felt even more uncomfortable. “I did a very serious bad thing and made him angry. He seems to ignore me.”

Xiao Liu wanted to laugh at this pitiful tone, and blurted out: “It’s okay, ignoring you is a small thing. If he was really angry, he would still smile at you one second, and the next second he would announce the news of your break-up on Weibo. As long as he hasn’t officially announced it, it’s not a big deal.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he patted his thigh and felt stupid. How could anyone comfort people like this? It sounded like President Ou was a scumbag who broke up so casually.

But it was amazing that Ou Shaowen really was comforted in this way. He obviously breathed a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone, “Thank you. Then I’ll go and see if he has posted any Weibo.”

“Eh?” Before Xiao Liu could speak, he heard the beep sound coming from the other end of the phone.

After that, as a Double Ou cp fan, he suddenly felt that the sugar was not sweet anymore. What kind of true love was that, Brother Shaowen had been so nervous until now, afraid of being abandoned at any time!

Ou Renjin, a big scumbag who plays with other people’s feelings!

After Ou Shaowen called Xiao Liu, he went to Weibo and scrolled through Ou Renjin’s homepage carefully. His most recent Weibo post was a photo of Ou Shaowen by the sea more than two months ago. The young man stood in front of the waves, half of his face was lit by the sunrise, looking very beautiful.

When he clicked on the comments, there were many of his own fans asking Ou Renjin about his whereabouts.

“You abducted Brother Shaowen for more than half a month before to travel around, it was okay. Now it’s been two months. If he wasted the last two months just to accompany you, you will be accountable for it for the rest of your life. You know that this is the time when Brother Shaowen is on the rise, he is not your toy, can you respect his dreams a little?”

Ou Shaowen frowned. If it hadn’t been for the company and the manager who had instructed him many times before not to reply to fan comments casually, he would definitely refute these accusations directly.

He didn’t have any dreams; even the dream of shining on the stage was given to him by Ou Renjin.

Some people didn’t know anything, yet they always acted like they knew him better than anyone else.

After confirming that Ou Renjin had not posted a break-up post, he finally felt relieved and sent Ou Renjin a few more WeChat messages. Then at last he had the presence of mind to look at his backlog of countless unread messages, and replied them one by one. 

The calls from the manager and his teammates came almost one after another. Ou Shaowen’s uniform story was that he had been in a minor car accident and had been recuperating at the hospital for two months, and after receiving one overflowing message after another, his mood that had hit the rock bottom finally eased a little.

He followed the advice of his manager and posted a Weibo explaining that he had been hospitalised for the past two months. All the fans instantly started to inquire about his health, and after that continued to scold Dingyi Entertainment, accusing them of arranging a schedule for him that was too tight and too intensive.

So contradictory.

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