Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 58

Ou Shaowen had very little time to spare from the moment he opened his eyes in the morning to the late hours of the night and his calls to Ou Renjin were never without interruption.

A few days ago, before He Yixin left China, Ou Renjin thought they could get together again. But that time he couldn’t get through to Ou Shaowen, so he must have been busy. Ou Renjin had an entertainment company in his hands and it wasn’t like he didn’t understand the nature of this line of work. Watching Ou Shaowen happy all day long, he never complained and also never thought to intervene to do something.

But now, it seemed that he had to intervene.

He sent a message to Xiao Liu, asking him to discuss swapping resources with Dingyi Entertainment. It was called a swap, but the idol department of Qimeng had just been established. Except for Song Yijiu, who was somewhat well-known, the others were all freshly signed trainees. Given the volume of the two companies’ channels and the quality of their resources, it was a great bargain for Dingyi Entertainment to trade the song and dance resources for the film and TV advertising resources.

At the same time, the condition of Qimeng was that in order to ensure the status of its artist Ou Shaowen and his group in the entertainment industry, Dingyi was required to refuse to endorse products that did not conform to his image and reduce the number of commercial performances.

After hearing his request, Xiao Liu shook his head and smacked his lips on the other end of the phone, and very theatrically howled in his head: whose love do you think you are enjoying, it’s the love of an overbearing CEO!

Meanwhile, he replied, “Yes, I understand, President Ou, I will contact them immediately.”

After quickly finishing acting on President Ou’s instructions, Xiao Liu turned his head and sold him on his private account.

There’s no gossip I don’t know about Qimeng: Big Boss’s love is all-encompassing and eccentric, love one person and love his whole team, so generous! Fans can just sit and wait, there are guaranteed resources to trample all the rest of the groups in the country.

There were always some powerful fans in the entertainment circle. Xiao Liu had long revealed his identity of being an internal employee of Qimeng. Recently, he sighed a lot about the sweet love of the big boss on Weibo, the code that had long been deciphered by others secretly eating sugar.

“Damn, is that what I think it means?”

“So it really took eight lifetimes of luck to participate in this show and make a successful debut. All of them are able to follow along with the glory (dog head)”

“I just hope that fans of other families will not eat meat from their bowls and curse the cook when they put down their chopsticks.” 

“Sweet, so damn sweet.”

Two days later, Ou Shaowen and his team were informed that a group interview was cancelled and the advertising endorsement that had been under negotiation because of the price was also rejected outright. According to the manager, it was quietly revealed that it was because a first-tier men’s clothing brand was waiting for them to officially debut as a group to announce the cooperation with them. Meanwhile, the previous brand was not famous and was stingy with money, so there was no need to waste any more time on it.

So now, the whole team was just concentrating on preparing for their debut performance in half a month, trying to boost to the maximum the popularity they had built up over the past two months with various screen appearances.

Ou Renjin smiled slightly, hiding his meritorious deeds.

Although there was no need to run to various jobs, everyone was preparing for the concert day and night. Ou Shaowen was conscientious. Although he had mastered the program quickly, as long as his teammates were still practising, he couldn’t sneak out on a date by himself.

So it was still just a long-distance relationship with Ou Renjin by phone and WeChat, counting down each day with him and being more careful with his words every day.

“There’s less than a week to go, and the manager said we can take a vacation after the concert.”

“Three days to go.”

“Two days.”

“I’ll see you soon, I know you miss me, can you wait a little longer?”

“I miss you too, I dreamt about you yesterday.”

“I’m sorry, I originally said I would sneak out to meet you once before the concert, but they suddenly had to add another make-up rehearsal, if not for that, I would have time, I really didn’t mean to miss the appointment.”

Ou Shaowen apologised to Ou Renjin, his own sadness already overwhelming even before Ou Renjin replied. He really hated this forced disruption of plans and broken agreements, and he could have sworn that this kind of impromptu change had become the most annoying thing since his debut, more annoying than practising dance day and night and not being able to meet with Ou Renjin for over a month.

Ou Renjin smiled and said to him “It’s okay”, and then teased him, “It seems you’re completely going to pass your two-month punishment period like this. I wanted to teach you a lesson and since the purpose of the lesson is not achieved… let’s postpone the statute of limitations.”

“No, no, no, don’t postpone it! I’ve learned my lesson. I remember your words clearly and firmly. During this time I practised dancing, I didn’t even sprain my waist once.” Ou Shaowen was anxious when he heard it, and the loss, anger and grievances just now were instantly forgotten.

He had counted the two months on his fingers for a long time, and counting today, less than four days were left. He originally planned that when he went to meet with Ou Renjin today, if Ou Renjin was in a good mood, he would beg for mercy and make a surprise attack to see if he could skip the last few days. If it was postponed, he would go crazy.

“Then I’ll see you after the concert. I’ll see how you do at the concert. If you’re handsome enough to make my heart throb, the last few days will be waived for you as a reward.” Ou Renjin had been so busy with work these days to free up a short break, and although he did think of Ou Shaowen in between countless hours of work, it wouldn’t break his heart not to see him one day earlier.

“I’ll hang up and go do the final rehearsals then.” Ou Shaowen finished warmly and softly, asking with a rare touch of arrogance and willfulness, “I’ll definitely be the most handsome one at the concert, you… don’t get too affected, okay?”

Ou Renjin smiled, digesting his cuteness for a while before answering “Okay”.

The next day, at the debut concert, various fans arranged support and warm-up outside the venue from early in the morning, and some of the local tycoons directly chartered the largest commercial street screen to congratulate FT9 on its debut, not to mention various entertainment forums being flooded. 

Ou Renjin chose not to attend.

His match report had just come out, and it was a very rare successful match with the vegetative patient who was approaching his death due to complications. So recently Ou Renjin had been adjusting his work time while taking care of his body in anticipation of being in the best possible shape for the heart transplant, even though he didn’t know if it would go smoothly or not.

Perhaps because he had experienced so many disappointments before, he didn’t even have any expectations that he would ever be completely free of this shadow. He had long been accustomed to using the calmest state of mind and waiting for the worst when facing a healthy heart that had not yet been put into his chest.

Before he was put onto the operating table, there was always the possibility that things could go wrong.

So he didn’t tell Ou Shaowen the news. Ou Shaowen really was a little too concerned about it, and Ou Renjin was afraid that if things didn’t go well, Ou Shaowen would be too upset. He was also afraid that his mental state would be affected by it. The kid insisted that he could grow a new one, so he had to accept his heart?

It would be fine to tell him when the surgery arrangements were really well set.

The concert wasn’t broadcast live, and Ou Shaowen was a bit sad that he couldn’t let Ou Renjin see how handsome he was in the first place. He was indeed thrillingly handsome today. His seemingly messy and casual hair was blow-dried by the stylist for two whole hours. His face was fully made up, his eyes looking sharp and seductive. His high brow bones, deep eye sockets and luscious lips combined with his extremely white complexion reflected a vampire-like charm. But when he opened his eyes and looked over, he looked like an elf who strayed into the mortal world.

It was a little disappointing that his best looks could not be seen by the person he cared about most.

But he was still very excited today. The entire 10,000-person arena was glowing with the same colour, and everyone cheered their names together. Everyone’s blood was boiling because of them. The light on the stage made it impossible for Ou Shaowen to see any face in the audience clearly, but he felt as if he was shining because of these people.

In fact, before today, he was still worried about whether the venue could be filled. Would there really be so many people who wanted to see them? Now he was convinced. There had been no moment when he was more confident than right now. Listening to these people shouting their names in unison over and over again, each of them believed that they were indeed loved by thousands of fans.

The concert lasted for a total of two and a half hours. They sang eight group songs plus one solo, a total of nine songs, in reference to the nine people of FT9. At the end of the concert, the nine young men held their hands and bowed to the fans. Ou Shaowen stood in the middle of the stage, his eyes gleaming, and restrained himself from crying.

He had never cried in front of anyone other than Ou Renjin before.

Until the celebration party was over and he got in the car to go back to the villa, Ou Shaowen was still immersed in that kind of emotion and excitement. He deliberately didn’t remove his makeup, eager to go back and let Ou Renjin feel the mood.

But what he didn’t know was that Ou Renjin had already been at home for two whole hours, swiping through the concert materials. Photos, videos, candid shots, different angles, different compositions, every outfit, every look, he unabashedly liked every post he looked at.

Not reposting them straight away and then typing a long string of “ah ah ah ah” was already the result of his efforts to maintain his persona.

After all, he disliked the idea of being called something like an “idiot”, which stemmed from his inexplicable pride and a strong desire to show that he was not the one who loved the other person more in a relationship.

The exact opposite of Ou Shaowen.

It was a certain kind of hypocrisy that belonged exclusively to scumbags.

“Ou Renjin!” As soon as Ou Shaowen entered the villa, the first thing he saw was the man sitting on the sofa waiting for him. He called for him, then rushed up and pounced on his back just as he had half turned around.

“Hmm.” Ou Renjin steadied himself after being pounced on and reached out to rub Ou Shaowen’s head with some amusement, catching a handful of hairspray and fluorescent powder, “Are you getting more and more disobedient? I haven’t agreed that you can touch me yet.”

Ou Shaowen raised his eyes in surprise, walked around the sofa and sat down beside him, cupping Ou Renjin’s face in his hands so he was looking straight at him, “Look at me, look at this face of mine, isn’t it exciting enough?”

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