Pain Fetish Chapter 77

After learning that Qi Han was going to go to the hospital behind his back to survive the rut period, Fu Ge didn’t act rashly.

He just secretly hid Chen Xing’s unattractive housewarming gift and finished the meal with the old man as if nothing had happened, and then accompanied Qi Han to act step by step according to the Alpha’s plan.

During this period, a wave of decoration workers came to the house. According to Qi Han’s instructions, three oversized study rooms were set up in the main building. He and Fu Ge had one each, and the remaining one, as big as a small warehouse, was reserved for Qi Ji’s scientific research and manuscript papers.

In Fu Ge’s impression, Mr. Qi had always been an unsmiling and even somewhat old-fashioned scientist. He had devoted his life to scientific research and had not had much time to accompany his child.

It wasn’t until he was helping Qi Han pack up the manuscripts that he found such a sentence in a stack of half-palm-thick experimental data recording paper: “Watermelon peel, remove the green and cut into long strips, add soy sauce and marinate for four hours, bound to make Xiao Han cry.”

“Is this written by your dad?” Fu Ge showed it to Qi Han, and said with a smile: “Recording how to make watermelon pickles under such rigorous experimental data, is it because you loved to eat it when you were a child?”

Qi Han rubbed the scribbled characters, and the corners of his lips slowly curled up. Qi Han’s expression softened when he talked about his father: “He was actually not as serious as reported by the outside world. On the contrary, he was a gourmand who loved to try delicacies of various places. Most of the time when he didn’t do experiments, he was researching how to make those weird and delicious things for me.”

“So cute…” The little Beta hugged his waist from behind, rubbing his warm face against Qi Han’s back, envious and regretful: “It’s going to be summer soon. Maybe he is now discussing with my dad how to make watermelon pickles.”

Qi Han bent over and raised him on his back with a smile, turned him upside down and said in a particularly insensitive manner: “You think too highly of him. Dad had a very poor memory. It was like an automatic recognition system was installed in his head. He never forgot things related to the experiments, but he forgot trifles like this in seven seconds, otherwise he wouldn’t be in a hurry to write the recipe under the data.”

Fu Ge’s eyes lit up, and he said thoughtfully: “Are you saying that your dad usually wrote down all kinds of recipes?”

“Pretty much. He must have written down all the dishes I ate frequently as a child, otherwise he would have forgotten them by the time he made them the second time.”

Qi Han said that, rubbed Fu Ge’s waist, turned him around and put him on the desk. His eyes were full of love, and he kissed Fu Ge’s face with affection and tenderness: “What’s the matter? What are you thinking when your eyes shift like that?”

“Hmm, I was wondering if you were going to kiss me again.”

As soon as the words were said, the tip of his nose was nudged. Qi Han kissed his lips indulgently, and sighed in a muffled voice: “Baby kitten, you have been so good lately.”

The closer his rut was, the more restless the Alpha’s body became. He often began to gulp cold water desperately during a good meal. His dark eyes stared at Fu Ge’s body without blinking, as if he was a wolf aiming at his prey and ready to strike.

As soon as it happened, the little Beta couldn’t sit still, holding the bowl and muttering at a loss: “I haven’t finished my meal yet…”

And Qi Han would prop himself up on the table, his Adam’s apple would slowly roll, he would pat his thigh and order: “Come here and I’ll feed you.”

He didn’t honour his promise, and it wasn’t about eating a meal at all.

Knowing that he was restless and uncomfortable, Fu Ge rarely refused. Right now he also obediently let Qi Han kiss him and tilted his head to let Qi Han kiss his neck and his Adam’s apple.

Fu Ge’s eyes slowly misted; he propped himself up on his arm and said, “Ah Han, I suddenly thought that our follow-up homework for the next class is on the subject of science and technology. Um… I’m at a loss, can you let me find some inspiration in your father’s manuscripts?”

“Of course, but you can’t look at them for nothing.”

He grabbed Fu Ge’s hand, clasped his fingers and lazily lowered his eyes to tease him: “Mr. Fu is going to pay royalties.”

The little Beta snorted in a low voice; his hand slid down to hold onto Qi Han’s waist, his fingers scratching the Alpha’s skin, “No money. You are blatantly killing me, and I still have to pay royalties?”

Qi Han’s quibble was to kiss him directly: “If you don’t have any money, you can exchange it for something else.”

For the next few days, Fu Ge locked himself in Qi Ji’s study room on the grounds of looking for inspiration, and looked through the papers without sleep or food.

Qi Han didn’t go in again for fear of interrupting his thinking, but after seeing Fu Ge’s eyes red and bloodshot for a few days, he couldn’t sit still and felt distressed when he gave him eye drops.

“Baby, are you looking for something? Tell me, I will find it for you.” He rubbed Fu Ge’s dry eyes with the tips of his fingers and his tone took on a bit of force: “Over-using your eyes, keep doing that and I’ll lock the study.”

“Hey, don’t lock it, don’t lock it!” Fu Ge held Qi Han’s hand and begged in a small voice. The drops that had just dripped into his eyes slipped out, and two clear trickles marked his face, making him look as pitiful as if he was crying, “It’s the last day, I promise!”

When he looked like that, Qi Han couldn’t bear to refuse, let go and let him do whatever he wanted, but gave him an ultimatum that it was for the last day.

Fu Ge nodded and said he got it, yawned and walked quickly to the study, squatted on the floor and continued to look, with a dozen stacks of manuscripts half a man’s height at hand.

He didn’t have much hope, because Qi Han said that this was only one third of Qi Ji’s manuscripts, and most of them were kept in the research institute, so what he was looking for might not be here at all.

But there was a little hope that Fu Ge didn’t want to give up.

“Xiao Ge, I’m going to bed.” The door panel was tapped twice, and Qi Han stepped in and called for him with the posture of going in and grabbing him if he didn’t come out.

Fu Ge reluctantly obeyed, helplessly leaving the large pile of paper in his hand as it was, but when he got up, he almost fell because his eyes were blurry. He held onto the table, making it shake, and a thick layer of paper scraps rose in mid-air.

“Ouch.” The scraps brushed across his eyes, instantly forcing two lines of tears out of his sore eyes. He squatted down, shielding his eyes, only to find two lines of small characters on a dirty kraft paper.

Half a minute later, the little Beta who rushed out of the room plunged into Qi Han’s arms, his voice trembling: “I really… I really found it…”

It seemed that he couldn’t believe it himself.

“What did you find? Inspiration?”

“I’ll tell you in a few days.”

A few days passed, and it was the middle of the month, the day when Qi Han was scheduled to go “on a business trip” and when his rut period was going to come.

In case he got out of control in advance, he deliberately reduced his contact with Fu Ge recently. He even slept directly in the Chamber of Commerce last night and didn’t return home.

The little Beta knew it but didn’t expose his secret. He caught him off guard with something he had prepared two hours before Qi Han set off.

At that time, the Alpha was already anxious to the extreme, and because of the messy reports sent by his subordinates, he was so angry that he didn’t even raise his head when the office door was suddenly opened, just shouting coldly: “Get out!”

As a result, when he raised his eyes, he saw the person he was thinking about day and night standing obediently at the door. Qi Han’s frowning brows suddenly stretched out, “Gege?”

The little Beta, who had witnessed his face change, smiled slyly, “Then I should go?”

“I see if you dare.”

Getting up quickly and walking to the door, Qi Han grabbed his hand and rubbed it, “Isn’t there a class today?”

“I asked for leave, I’m here to see you off.”

He was wearing a long khaki trench coat, wrapped in it from his neck to his ankles, with a belt tied in the middle.

“What’s up with your temper? Did someone piss you off?”

“Never mind.” Qi Han sat in a chair, pulled Fu Ge onto his lap and buried his head in the hair on the back of his head, sniffing: “After reading the reports all morning, the more I read, the angrier I become. I have to go on a business trip in the afternoon, and I won’t see you for another three days.”

The little Beta massaged his temples and eyes distressed, and coaxed him like a child, “Don’t be angry, President Qi, gege sympathises with you.”

The Alpha stifled a laugh and said impishly: “How are you going to express your sympathy for me? With yourself?”

“Playing a rascal again.” Fu Ge slapped him on the back lightly and shook the food box in his hand, “A surprise for Mr. Bear Cub.”

The napkin was placed on the table, the food box was placed on it, and as soon as the lid was opened, there was a plate of fried small crispy fish that had just come out of the pan.

This was Qi Han’s favourite dish when he was a child. He didn’t know what special marinating method Qi Ji used but the fish was salty and fragrant with a few hints of fruity sweetness.

Unfortunately, he never tasted it again after his father died.

“Well, I don’t know if I succeeded…” The little Beta looked inexplicably anxious, took a little fish with chopsticks, picked out the bones carefully, and then delivered it to Qi Han’s mouth: “Taste it first, I’ll change it if it’s not tasty.”

Qi Han saw him funny like this, and opened his mouth to eat the fish, “Why are you so nervous, I like whatever you do—”

The last word was stuck in his throat, and his chewing stopped suddenly. His whole being was stunned. It took a long time for him to confirm: “This taste… it’s exactly the same as what my dad made…”

His eyes suddenly turned red, and Fu Ge smiled dumbly: “Really?”

His eyes were full of crystal tears, expectant and satisfied, as if he finally got what he wanted. Qi Han instantly realised something and asked incredulously, “Gege searched for four days in the study. What exactly did you look for?”

“Add white vinegar and apple puree when marinating small fish.” He said: “Your dad wrote the recipe for this dish on the lining of a file, and I didn’t find it until the last day.”

His lips trembling, Qi Han was moved beyond words, “You have been looking for it day and night for four days, just to find a recipe for me?”

“Can’t I? You can brave the heavy rain to go into the mountains several times to find my father’s grave for me. Can’t I spend a little time finding a recipe for you?”

The little Beta endured the sourness of his heart and murmured: “You told me in high school: ‘The day of the disaster was the beginning of autumn, and my father was frying small fish for me at home. If it weren’t for that couple of beasts suddenly breaking in, we could have finished that meal safely’.”

Qi Han’s eyes turned red, and two lines of tears trickled out, “You still remember what I said casually in high school…”

Fu Ge smiled very lightly, raised his head to kiss away his tears, and said word by word: “I know that my abilities are very limited, and it is impossible to go back to the past, but I also want to help you make up for all your regrets. My Ah Han deserves the best of everything.”

The Alpha was already dumbfounded; his heart seemed to have turned into a dead leaf in autumn, breaking at the gentlest pinch, “Is this the surprise gege prepared for me? Thank you, baby, I like it so much.”

The little Beta’s cheeks flushed suddenly, and the top of his fluffy hair pressed against Qi Han’s collarbone, “There’s something else…”

He took Qi Han’s hand and placed it on the collar of his trench coat, his voice trembling pitifully, as if he was ashamed to the extreme: “You… help me take off my clothes…”

The Alpha’s expression changed; he leaned over slightly, lowered his eyes to survey him and asked in a soft voice, “Ashamed like this, what have you prepared for me?”

“I was told… something you should like…”

Fu Ge’s whole face flushed and his teeth chattered, but he still plucked up the courage to look into Qi Han’s eyes, grabbed his hand with his burning palm, and tremblingly opened his trench coat.

It was the most beautiful scenery Qi Han had ever seen in his life.

The boy he had loved for five years, as beautiful and simple as a bellflower, stood before him in a black tightly fitting cheongsam.

The black fabric was embroidered with intricate cloud patterns; the straight pale shoulders were trembling pitifully, revealed by the high-cut sleeves, and the white leg looming in the slit was going to hook the soul of the person away. 

The slender, soft little Beta became flirtatious at this moment, and his eyes he was too shy to lift were like a whip snapping at Qi Han’s heart.

Qi Han couldn’t look away. His heart melted, and the longing buried deep inside him exploded, making every muscle of his body throb.

He thought wickedly, this was his mate, his lover, and his constant intimacy, affection and care day and night turned the sentimental and ignorant little white bellflower into the lush, sensual Juliet rose.

Now his peach pink rose was about to bloom and spread its stamens to him…

“Ugh… does it look good?” Fu Ge was cramped to the extreme, like the tip of ice cream about to melt, “I heard Chen Xing say you like this, but I don’t know… will it be weird for me to wear it…”

He didn’t even dare to look in the mirror, so after he was dressed, he hurriedly wrapped himself in his clothes and came.

Qi Han stiffly pulled his eyes away from his leg and snorted, “You’re asking if it looks good?”

The little Beta’s cheeks flushed, and he felt cold.

But in the next second, he was pulled into Qi Han’s arms violently. Qi Han’s hands on his waist were burning and his voice was hoarse as if he had swallowed sand: “A hundred ways how I can lock you up have just flashed in my head.”

Fu Ge trembled and his mind exploded with a bang, his shyness blown to pieces, leaving only attachment and liking.

As if encouraged, he shifted his leg awkwardly and whispered, “I knew it a long time ago.”

“What did you know? That I like cheongsams?”

The tips of Fu Ge’s ears turned red. He grabbed Qi Han’s fingers and bit lightly, saying angrily: “I knew that today is your rut period! The isolation room you booked in the hospital has been cancelled by me. You have no other way to go except me.”

With Chen Xing around, it would be surprising if Fu Ge knew nothing.

Qi Han looked at him helplessly. His Adam’s apple rolled very slowly, as if he was trying his best to endure. His body that had been restless for two weeks was on the verge of its limit. He clutched the armrests of the seat and asked, “The first time you accompanied me through the rut period was when you were eighteen. Do you still remember what I would turn into when I was in rut?”

“I don’t remember. I just remember that I have more than fifty cheongsams at home, as well as little animal ears. You can see me in any of them…”

The little Beta trapped in Qi Han’s arms looked at him in a docile and dependent manner, his red lips opening and closing as he said, “I don’t want to be your kitten for twenty minutes, I want to be your kitten for the rest of my life.”

Like a spring thunderstorm smashing through his heart, Qi Han’s longing broke through.

He got up violently and swept everything off the table, took off his own jacket and put it underneath, placing the little Beta firmly on top.

“Baby, I think there’s one thing Chen Xing may have failed to convey.”

He clutched the slender wrist and kissed it, leaned over to Fu Ge’s ear and whispered, his voice eager and low: “I don’t like to see people wearing cheongsams, I just like to tear cheongsams.”

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