Pain Fetish Chapter 76

Since moving into the estate, Fu Ge’s studies had become increasingly busier.

It was not enough that he had to go to class every day to sketch and paint; he also had to go to a separate class at weekends that Elder Qi set up for him to catch up with the rest of his classmates.

In contrast, Qi Han had the help of Chen Xing now, so he took it easy and started planning a housewarming party.

The two didn’t have many friends, and even fewer relatives. Only the Qi family and Chen Xing were at the banquet, plus the three of them, barely enough to fill the round table.

Elder Qi, who still couldn’t look at Qi Han without disgust, took a mouthful of tea, and sighed: “So few people, how can you live a prosperous life?”

Before Qi Han spoke, Chen Xing next to him rushed to say: “Fuck, that’s not that bad, old man, if there were no you guys, no matter weddings or funerals, Brother Qi would be the only one in the family.”

He had been with Qi Han for many years and was both his right-hand man and his eyes, ears and his spokesman. He understood everything. This sentence was not casual at all. It was all about helping Qi Han sell misery: this scumbag lived lonely and sad for so many years, only you are his family.

Sure enough, the old man’s nose was sour. He suddenly thought of Qi Han’s life and couldn’t bear it anymore. He lifted his dragon head cane and pointed to the east side of the doorway, “Then whoever, put two pots of kumquats in that place.” (kumquat symbolises good luck)

“Whoever” hadn’t reacted yet when Fu Ge blinked his sly eyes and asked, knowing the answer: “Who is whoever? Besides, we have roses and lavender here, no kumquats.”

Elder Qi snorted and said awkwardly: “You talk too much. So you can go to my place and bring two pots, for the young married couple’s house.”

Qi Han held back a smile and nodded, “Got it, Grandpa, I’ll do it this afternoon.”

Smoke and fire are the most soothing things to mortals (mundane life is most soothing for ordinary people), and the joy of the family was their long-cherished wish for many years.

Qi Han couldn’t help but curl the corners of his mouth as he went to cook, while Fu Ge smiled and followed him.

Grandpa finally acknowledged his lover for the time being, and the little Beta was even happier than Qi Han was, bustling around excitedly in his apron, his steps so brisk that he seemed bouncing up and down.

Qi Han’s heart was sore and soft, and he leaned against the door to peek at him secretly.

Fu Ge’s white fingers held the red berries as he washed the strawberries, there were drops of water on his wrists, his clavicle was hidden under the pink-white sweater, and the white waistline was exposed when he leaned over…

The expression in his eyes changed as he kept looking. Qi Han raised his eyebrows and licked the tips of his restless teeth. When he spoke, his voice was very hoarse: “Gege…”

The man in front of him turned his head when he heard the call. His long chestnut hair swayed in the air, and the light falling through the window illuminated his face softly and beautifully, “What’s the matter?”

Swallowing hard, Qi Han raised his hand behind his back and pulled the doorknob. With a click, the kitchen door was locked.

Fu Ge’s heart fluttered, a blush spreading from the tips of his ears to his cheeks, and his misty eyes instantly turned affectionate.

Little madman, he groaned in his heart, why are you in heat again in broad daylight?…

On the surface, he was too shy to speak, and only whispered: “Grandpa and the others are outside, don’t make trouble…”

“They went out,” Qi Han said: “Chen Xing took them to the wine cellar to pick wine. They’re far away, twenty minutes to come back.”

Wasn’t it obvious that it was inevitable?

Fu Ge put down the strawberry in his hand and said at a loss: “Oh…”

The softness of his voice was bone-melting, and there was indulgence and shyness in his surrender without a fight; like a cat lying in the arms of his owner with its eyes closed.

Qi Han was aching for him; his deep black eyes looked at the little Beta’s exposed skin, and his gaze was palpable, like an invisible hand caressing with abandon.

“Shy now? Know what I’m going to do?”

The little Beta lowered his head: “Nothing good anyway…”

Qi Han smiled indulgently, picked a few strawberries stained with drops of water and fed them to Fu Ge’s mouth, one by one, very fast.

Fu Ge didn’t have time to chew, so he could only obediently take them into his mouth and wait until Qi Han finished feeding him. Qi Han didn’t stop until there were five strawberries in his mouth. Fu Ge blinked and heard him say as soon as he wanted to bite: “Don’t bite.”

“Huh?” The little Beta asked vaguely: “Can’t I eat them?”

“You can eat, I’ll help you.”

In the next second, he put his index and middle fingers into Fu Ge’s mouth.

“Bite me if you can’t stand it.”

There was insufficient time and the space was limited, and the two of them couldn’t play at will.

Of course, this was another reason why Qi Han didn’t relent.

Fu Ge was only occasionally obsessed with pain and would only be bold during special sessions, the rest of the time he was still shy and couldn’t stand these perverted tricks of his.

He started whimpering and begging for mercy before Qi Han could do much, his almond eyes filled with tears, his voice like the meowing of a sleepy kitten.

Qi Han’s heart was squeezed hard by his small voice, melting and almost falling apart. He quickly leaned over to help him up, hugged and coaxed him to wipe his tears and rinse his mouth. (Guess what was going on, censorship thank you very much!)

The crushed strawberry pulp was finally thrown into the trash can. Fu Ge leaned against him and drank several mouthfuls of water obediently. In the end, he was so embarrassed that he refused to rinse anything. He bumped his head on Qi Han’s shoulder, opened his mouth and bit hard.

He didn’t have much strength to bite. He was still trembling all over, and his soft hands hit Qi Han’s shoulder and back, making Qi Han’s heart even more itchy.

“Pervert… rascal… bastard! Where did you learn to be so… so…”

What “so” was never said. Qi Han felt helpless and amused. He leaned over and kissed Fu Ge’s ear: “Do I need to learn? I look at you every day and all I can think about is this.”

“You still say that!”

The little Beta was embarrassed, like a bird whose feathers were messed up by the wind, “Spring is almost over… Why are you still in heat all the time…”

Qi Han seemed to laugh, his muffled chuckle mixed with gasps, making the atmosphere in the small space even more ambiguous.

“You’re accusing me of being a rascal again, huh?”

He gently cupped Fu Ge’s face, lowered his head and touched his lips, “Little princess, you haven’t let me touch you for a week, don’t you really want me at all?”

With a boom, Fu Ge’s mind was a soft mess.

“I didn’t…”

He was indeed as busy as a small spinning top recently, so busy that he didn’t notice the time. It was eleven o’clock when he came home after class every day. Qi Han was too distressed for him, so how could he do anything more; at most he restrained himself to holding him and kissing him for a while.

But even if his endurance was strong, Alpha’s instinct was still beastly. His second rut of this year was gradually approaching, and Qi Han had been restless and anxious for two days.

Thinking of this, Fu Ge instantly was defeated, biting his lip and feeling guilty, “Sorry, Ah Han, I’ve been too busy lately and neglected you.”

Qi Han smiled softly and hugged him tighter again, “It’s okay, baby, don’t be sorry.”

His fingers slid gently across his cheek. The Alpha caressed him with extreme restraint in every movement, as if lava was wrapped in a candy shell, “I’ll be completely busy starting tomorrow afternoon. Does gege have time?”

The little Beta immediately nodded like a bird, “Yes, yes.”

Qi Han gave him a peck on the lips, “Then be a good boy and keep me company.” After saying that, he added, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t play like just now.”

Fu Ge let out a small sound, lying in his arms and rubbing against him. Only then did he notice that the Alpha’s body temperature was particularly high, very hot even through the fabric.

“Why are you so hot? Do you have a fever?”

As he said that, he was about to drag Qi Han out to take his temperature, and the latter gently pulled him back, “It’s okay, it’s not a fever.”

He stopped talking and pulled Fu Ge back into his arms a little tyrannically, and whispered coquettishly: “I just feel uncomfortable… and agitated…”

The little Beta was confused: “Does it always happen before the rut period?”

“As long as it’s not sudden, it will be so. A higher body temperature is normal.”

For a moment Fu Ge’s guilt got heavier, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It’s not much of a problem, what’s there to say?”

He was not someone who liked to talk about pain. With his strong, authoritative and arbitrary personality, he played a protective role in relationships. Over time, even he would neglect himself.

But even Enigma, as powerful as a steel rod, had soft flesh and weak points hidden deep under his armour.

As the rut period approached, he would have fever, discomfort, anxiety and nightmares. He would be scared when seeing the tip of the needle, and he would go into shock when injected with inhibitors, and wouldn’t be able to live without Fu Ge….

With his eyes sour and his heart collapsing, the young Beta remembered Chen Xing’s sentence “Brother Qi would be the only one in the family”, and his heart felt as if a knife was twisted in it.

“What’s the matter?” Noticing that the man in his arms was not in the right mood, Qi Han unconsciously lowered his voice: “I’m really fine, don’t worry, why are you all wilted? Grandpa will think I bullied you while he went out for a while.”

Fu Ge nodded, shook his head again, and finally put his arms around Qi Han’s shoulders, raised his head and said obediently: “There are still ten minutes…”

Qi Han: “What?”

“There are still ten minutes before they come back.”

With his eyelids suddenly raised, Qi Han’s little remaining reason burned to ashes in an instant as he heard the person he had been dreaming about for many days say: “I will be good, you can do whatever you want, and the one just now, it’s okay too…”

The kitchen door and windows were closed tightly, but the sound insulation was not very good.

When Chen Xing and the others came back from the wine cellar, they had to pass through a large flower field. From a long distance, the youngest ones began to run around, laughing and giggling incessantly, the sound reaching Fu Ge’s ears through the wall.

At that time he was firmly confined in Qi Han’s arms.

His waist was slim and supple, and his home clothes were soft and clinging to the skin.

The warmth of Qi Han’s palm burned him inch by inch through the fabric, while the scent of bellflower hidden in the fibre slowly penetrated into Enigma’s nasal cavity.

“It all smells like me…”

His gasps were messy as he crushed the lips of the little Beta in wild, rough kisses that were practically unruly. Once the Enigma’s possessiveness was satisfied, his hands misbehaved badly.

The apron was untied, the sweater was pulled up, and the white skin was exposed to the air. Qi Han had to ask hypocritically: “Is it cold like this?”

The little Beta was not sure what he was going to do, he just felt that his legs were so soft that he couldn’t stand, “It’s not cold… it’s okay…”

As soon as he said that, it suddenly became cold, “What about this?”

His cheeks flushed and Fu Ge subconsciously arched to escape, a few very small sobs spilling from his throat, like cries of a pitiful bird: “What the hell are you going to do…”

Qi Han smiled and raised his eyebrows, patted his back and said, “Stand straight.”

“Um…” Like a small piece of gravel swept by the waves, Fu Ge sniffled and obediently stood straight. The next second the hem of his sweater was raised to his lips.

Qi Han pinched his waist and ordered: “Hands on the stove.”

The little Beta opened his lips, aggrieved, and tilted his head to look at Qi Han. Qi Han looked down at him condescendingly from behind and asked, “Who is gege now?”

Fu Ge’s eyelashes trembled slightly: “Your kitten…”

The old man liked to drink Shaoxing yellow wine, and Qi Chuan was not polite, carrying two bottles, one to open now and the other to be taken home.

“Where is the corkscrew? In the kitchen?” He put down the wine bottle and turned to go to the kitchen.

“Hey hey hey!” Chen Xing screamed three times to stop him and said in an ominous voice: “Uncle, are you blind? Can’t you see there’s someone in the kitchen?”

Qi Chuan looked at him indulgently and helplessly: “It’s not a bathroom, can’t someone else enter?”

“You…” Stunned, Chen Xing looked at him with wide eyes: “Is your brain used for hot pot? Never been in love?”

Qi Chuan: “Don’t you know if I have ever been in love?”

“I don’t know, I only know dogs.”

Qi Chuan: “……”

Chen Xing didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and Qi Chuan was unsure, so he just raised his hand to knock on the kitchen door when it opened from the inside.

Fu Ge rushed out, his cheeks flushed, a layer of sweat on his neck, and the ties of his apron scattered.

Qi Chuan started: “Is there the corkscrew—”

The little Beta gave him such a look that the second half of the sentence froze on his lips. Fu Ge’s tone was rarely fierce: “Why are you asking me, do you think I look like a bottle opener?”

Qi Chuan: “……”

He was beaten up inexplicably before he finished speaking. As he watched Fu Ge hurry upstairs, his eyelids twitched, and he couldn’t help but sigh that his younger brother had really grown up.

Qi Han came out of the kitchen next, leaned against the door like a bandit and instructed Fu Ge: “Run slowly, don’t fall.”

Qi Chuan saw the tips of the little Beta’s ears flush as he obediently slowed down. Then he turned his head to look at Qi Han. The Alpha, who was also not dressed properly, had a lazy expression, and his handsome face was full of contentment after having fun.

Also Alpha, Qi Chuan instantly understood what had been going on in the kitchen, and his face immediately darkened, “Xiao Ge is thin-skinned, and Grandpa is also there. You should be more restrained.”

Qi Han raised his chin, and his long, narrow eyes glanced at him: “In what capacity is President Qi teaching me?”

Qi Chuan’s teeth itched: “I am Xiao Ge’s elder brother.”

Qi Han nodded: “Okay, sorry, Brother, I was wrong, I won’t do it next time.”

“Hey hey!” Chen Xing couldn’t keep silent when there was so much excitement next to him, “What if he’s my dead-ass ex?”

Qi Han still had the same expression: “I don’t listen to dead people.”

Qi Chuan: “……”

In the master bedroom on the second floor, Fu Ge blushed, taking off his soiled clothes. After a quick shower, he changed into an identical set of home clothes.

There was someone knocking on the door as soon as he finished cleaning up. Chen Xing asked flatteringly, “Little Sister-in-law, can I come in?”

Fu Ge froze for a couple of moments, smiled helplessly and opened the door to tease him: “So daring, aren’t you? You’re also my and Ah Han’s sister-in-law.”

“Fuck, no no no!” Chen Xing felt creeped out when he thought of the scene where Brother Han called him ‘Sister-in-law’, “Stop it quickly, I have nothing to do with Qi Chuan and I won’t have anything again in the future!”

Fu Ge didn’t believe it: “What happened back then, and there’s still 303…”

Chen Xing’s eyes darkened, and he smiled a little despondently: “The dog bites me, do I have to bite back? I’m not playing anymore, I keep his pictures as a lesson.”

He changed the topic: “You are older than me, can I call you Brother Fu?”

At the end of his sentence he bowed solemnly, “I didn’t know any better, I didn’t treat you with much respect. I’m sorry, Brother Fu, don’t hold it against me.”

The young Beta accepted his apology generously and helped him up: “It’s all in the past.”

After making sure that he was not angry, Chen Xing smiled again, “I’m not here to make amends empty-handed, shall I tell you a secret?”

“Hmm… is it related to Ah Han?”

“Smart!” Chen Xing looked around, beckoned to Fu Ge after confirming that there was no one, and whispered: “Brother Han has something to do the week after next and will be away for three days. Do you know this, Brother Fu?”

“I know, it’s a business trip.”

“Business trip my ass!” Chen Xing rolled his eyes and exploded with anger. “I found out at Shengde Hospital that he had booked an isolation room for the next week. It is exactly for three days and he used an alias.”

Fu Ge was stunned for a moment, his eyes full of confusion.

The isolation room was needed to get through the rut period, but Qi Han’s timing didn’t match up.

“Why did he book an isolation room? His rut is next week, and we also agreed to spend it together—”

His voice stopped abruptly. Fu Ge blinked stiffly, and guessed: “He lied to me.”

“He made me think that the rut period will be next week, and I will accompany him unawares. Then after the next week, when his rut really arrives, he will go to the isolation room by himself…”

Chen Xing sighed, “Brother Fu, don’t blame him. He is so crazy during his rut, how can he bear to let you stay with him? I’m an outsider, so I can’t say anything, it’s up to you to decide.”

After he finished speaking, he was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something, “Hey, Brother, have you opened the housewarming gift I gave you?”

Fu Ge thought for a while, “Not yet, I put it in the bedroom, what’s the matter?”

Chen Xing smirked and raised an eyebrow, “Brother, open it by yourself, don’t show it to him. If you don’t want him to go to the isolation room, try that. You can easily take him down with one move! Hey, don’t say I said that!” 

Fu Ge was amused by him, “What’s that? A magic potion?”

Chen Xing blinked wickedly, “I don’t guarantee it’s a magic potion, but Brother Han absolutely likes it! The sulky guy just loves it!”

The little Beta was dubious, and after sending Chen Xing away, he went to the cloakroom, looking at the big box reaching his waist that Chen Xing had given them. His heart was itching with curiosity.

“It might be some messy medicine…” Thinking so, Fu Ge walked over and opened the bulging box quickly.

In the next second, the contents gushed out like a vigorously shaken coke, instantly burying Fu Ge’s ankles.

There were at least several dozen black silk cheongsams, and all kinds of animal ears…

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