Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 24

Ou Shaowen raised his face, suddenly leaned closer and kissed him on the cheek, making a clear sound.

Ou Renjin glanced around, and gently pushed him away when he was about to kiss again, “Okay, let’s go back and I’ll let you kiss me.”

Ou Shaowen, however, hugged him tightly with no intention of letting go, “But I want to kiss you now, and I can’t wait for a second.”

The tone was willful, affectionate and straightforward.

Ou Renjin kissed him on the lips lightly, touched his hair tenderly, and then smiled smugly, “Alright, you’ve used up your share of kisses today. If you want to kiss me, wait until tomorrow.”

Ou Shaowen’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief, “There… there is a share? How many times a day can I kiss then?”

“It depends on my mood that day.” Ou Renjin raised his eyebrows, his tone teasing.

“Then can you be in a better mood tomorrow?”

Ou Renjin couldn’t help laughing, “I won’t know about tomorrow until tomorrow. Let’s go, it’s almost time to go back.”

So they walked back in a circle, and Ou Shaowen couldn’t help but remind him, “You promised me yesterday to sleep with me today.”

“Well, I remember.”

“Today cannot be counted in that month, today is the exception,” he emphasised.

Ou Renjin nodded slowly, “Okay.”

After agreeing, he paused for a while, “I’ll pack up my usual things and move in by February 1st.” Then he suddenly smiled, “What should I do, February seems to be only twenty-eight days, so it doesn’t matter if we count this day or not.”

Ou Shaowen: “……”

“No, a month is counted as thirty days,” he explained anxiously.

“But you didn’t say thirty days, you said one month.” Ou Renjin smiled uncontrollably and knocked on his forehead, “Stupid.”

Ou Shaowen was silent, and Ou Renjin didn’t know if he accepted the facts or was sulking with him.

At night when Ou Shaowen was lying on Ou Renjin’s bed wrapped in his own quilt, he still felt as if he had lost out a lot. He liked to stay with Ou Renjin very much, and he felt that hearing the breathing of both of them could make him happy. Therefore, the two days that he accidentally missed, plus the two days that he missed at the same time on Ou Renjin’s side, which might have seemed a short period of time for someone, felt like an unacceptably huge loss for him.

“What are you doing?” Ou Renjin walked out of the bathroom, wiping his hair, and saw an extra silkworm wrapped in a cocoon on his bed, “Have you taken a shower?”

“No.” Ou Shaowen sat up straight suddenly, looking at him with burning eyes, “Can I wash in your bathroom?”

Ou Renjin laughed, “Is there any difference?”

“There is no difference, so can I wash it in your bathroom?”

Ou Renjin couldn’t do anything to him. “Your next request won’t be for me to bathe with you every day, will it?”

“Can there be a next request?” Ou Shaowen’s eyes lit up, glowing with surprise.

“Go take a shower.” Ou Renjin threw the towel he had been wiping his hair with at him, “Don’t be too greedy, little friend.”

Ou Shaowen nimbly caught the towel and seemed to agree with his statement of him being greedy. After reflecting, he smiled apologetically and obediently entered the bathroom.

He came out after taking a shower, with the same smell of shower gel as Ou Renjin, and climbed into the bed contentedly. Ou Renjin was sitting at the head of the bed with the phone, pulling the quilt that was pressed down by him, “It’s okay, I can make appearances occasionally, so you don’t have to purposely avoid me.

“Remember to shoot the scenes of his training.

“About a week, take three instalments first to fill in the gap.

“You can start arranging vocal lessons for him. For the time being, you can write me a plan based on the points we discussed.”

After hanging up the phone, he turned his head, looked at Ou Shaowen and said, “In a few days, the company will arrange for a cameraman to take some footage of you. When you go home, he will follow you home. When he needs your cooperation, he will tell you, and when he doesn’t need your cooperation, just ignore him.”

“When you’re at home, you’ll be on camera too?” Ou Shaowen frowned slightly.

“Why, don’t you want me to be out?”

“No.” He shook his head. He didn’t care much about the fact that there would be a cameraman following him to film in real time. It was just that every minute and every second he was with Ou Renjin felt very precious, so he didn’t want outsiders to interrupt it.

“Then it’s settled, go to sleep.” Ou Renjin turned off the light and lay down.

Ou Shaowen turned and lay on his side, his gaze falling on Ou Renjin’s face. In the darkness, he could vaguely see the outline of his face. His breathing was gentle and rhythmic, and there was a good smell of shampoo floating in the air.

The whole world seemed to be filled with Ou Renjin, and it was not boring at all.

The sense of Ou Shaowen’s gaze was so strong that it was difficult for Ou Renjin to ignore it even if he wanted to. After a long time, he opened his eyes and looked at him somewhat helplessly, “Why aren’t you as good as last time? I told you to sleep, but your eyes are still open so wide.”

“I’m sorry.” Ou Shaowen moved a little closer in his direction, straightened his head and returned to his usual sleeping position.

Ou Renjin also closed his eyes again. Two seconds later, he suddenly sat up again, propping himself up with one arm, and leaned over to give Ou Shaowen a goodnight kiss, “Seeing as you look like you want to kiss me but don’t dare, I will give you a kiss other than your share. Sleep well and suppress any thoughts you have of making a surprise attack on me, remember?”

“I didn’t…”

Ou Renjin interrupted him, “It will be very uncomfortable for me to be woken up when I fall asleep, so you should be good at night, just like last time.”

For the first time, he took the initiative to talk about this topic with others. Fortunately, Ou Shaowen was not a person who liked to get to the bottom of things. He nodded seriously, indicating that he remembered.

It may be that due to the recent heavy work, Ou Renjin still didn’t sleep very well that night. One after another, dreams consumed his mind. When he woke up the next morning, his brain was still a little foggy, his heart rate was too fast, and his mouth was dry. He sat up, half awake, in a daze for a long time. Then he turned and looked at Ou Shaowen, who was sleeping deeply and soundly, and suddenly stretched out his hand and patted his face with a slapping sound.

“Hmm?” Ou Shaowen opened his eyes in a daze, quickly woke up, and said “Good morning” to him with a smile.

Ou Renjin rubbed his forehead, got out of bed and walked to the wardrobe, “I’m going to work. Do you have a class at the company in the morning? I’ll take you by the way.”

“Good.” Ou Shaowen took his slippers and went back to his room to wash. He was very fast. When he had breakfast, his eyes were sweet like honey, as if being taken by Ou Renjin to the company was a thing to look forward to.


After coming out of the garage, they got into the elevator together. Ou Shaowen’s excitement slowly rose from the depth of his heart. He stood quietly, he did not approach Ou Renjin, did not hold his hand, but he still felt inexplicably happy. 

The elevator reached the second floor, opened, and a group of people walked in.

“President Ou. Good morning, President Ou.” Everyone greeted Ou Renjin one after another and stood there. Only then did Ou Shaowen discover that Xiao Yao was also among these people. Instead of looking at Ou Renjin, Xiao Yao smiled at him.

In the silence, Ou Renjin suddenly opened his mouth: “You are going to the dance club outside to learn dance in the afternoon, right?”


“Wait for me after it’s over, I’ll pick you up.”

Ou Shaowen was actually a little surprised, but he just nodded and hummed affirmatively.

The elevator reached the sixth floor.

“See you tonight.” Ou Shaowen waved to him somewhat stupidly. When he was about to get out of the elevator, Ou Renjin grabbed his wrist, gently pulled him half a step closer, quickly kissed him on the cheek, and then let go of his hand. 

“See you tonight.”

“Wow!” Someone in the elevator let out a subconscious exclamation.

Ou Shaowen got out of the elevator in a daze, feeling that Ou Renjin had suddenly become very enthusiastic in the past two days. But it was just as well, he especially liked it when Ou Renjin put his hands on him.

After a few days, Ou Renjin’s things were moved to the villa. He really came to stay here on the night of the 31st. This time, Ou Shaowen was not the only one waiting in the living room. The cameraman stood silently with his equipment, and when he heard the sound, he immediately pointed the camera at Ou Renjin.

Ou Shaowen hesitated for a moment and did not get up to greet him at first. Ou Renjin behaved more naturally than him, smiling and calling: “Come here.”

As soon as he approached, Ou Renjin rubbed his hair. He also wanted to kiss him but held back, not wanting to overdo it in front of the camera, and finally just asked: “Have you eaten yet?”

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