Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master Chapter 23

He rarely felt this way, so it was quite hard to describe this faint sourness spreading out from his heart. He had a little bit of regret, feeling that he should have given Ou Shaowen a script that would make him feel more comfortable and natural; and he was a little bit angry, feeling that Xiao Yao’s impromptu excerpt made Ou Shaowen annoyed. And then, he was a little bit overwhelmed, feeling that Ou Shaowen’s every answer was not something he could have envisioned.

In his vision, Ou Shaowen could be like Xiao Yao, with his own agenda, treating everything as an unspoken game between them. Or he could be like Qi Shuyang, truly indulging in the trap of tenderness, being jealous and greedy, treating him as his own possession.

However, when he said, “Don’t worry, those who can live won’t die”, there was no trace of sarcasm or self-deprecation. It was the tone of someone who had accepted it openly and considered it a matter of course.

The feeling that he seemed not to belong to this world reappeared. Ou Shaowen was like a ship floating in the sea aimlessly. Encountering Ou Renjin was like encountering a pier that allowed him to dock temporarily. He could dock here or he could raise the anchor and leave right away.

His throat suddenly felt painful. Ou Renjin picked up the teacup and swallowed a sip of water, feeling that he was really a little sick.

In the surveillance screen, Ou Shaowen had already gone downstairs and walked into the kitchen. Ou Renjin was a little inexplicably afraid to look again. He quickly closed the page, then picked up the phone and sent Xiao Yao a text message, telling him that he could take his books and leave the villa quickly.

In the kitchen, Aunt Zhou carefully observed Ou Shaowen’s expression. For a long time, he seemed to be as usual, until she couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Xiao went up to get the books just now. Did you… meet him?”

“I ran into him.” Ou Shaowen was cleaning the fish neatly.

“He is signed up with President Ou’s company, so it is inevitable that there will be a little work interaction.” On this occasion, Aunt Zhou felt sad and embarrassed for Ou Shaowen when she thought about it. She kind of wanted to comfort him a little bit, but what she said sounded so far-fetched that she herself didn’t believe it.

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen nodded.

“Really, let me tell you, President Ou seems to do whatever he wants on the surface, but he’s actually very principled. At least he will never cheat, will not be ambiguous with two people. If he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like, he will cleanly break up before considering whether to start a new relationship, so you…” Aunt Zhou felt that the more she said, the more wrong it was, so she wanted to stop and smack her mouth.

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen stopped moving and thought about Aunt Zhou’s words carefully, then said, “I see.”

Oh my God, you don’t see anything, I just said that casually, don’t think about it! Aunt Zhou slapped her head, feeling frustrated that she had somehow denigrated President Ou and succeeded in destroying his image in Xiao Wen’s mind.

When Ou Renjin went to the villa as scheduled the next night, he sat in the car for ten minutes before opening the door and stepping out. He himself had no idea what he thought about during those ten minutes. One moment he remembered Ou Shaowen knocking on his door and saying he wanted to sleep with him, and then suddenly remembered the image of him holding the actress’s waist with both hands and lifting her up on the windowsill easily. In short, the traffic in his mind didn’t stop.

As soon as he entered the villa, the aroma of ribs floated out, mixed with the slight fragrance of fruit and the mellow smell of brandy. A few more steps inside, he saw Ou Shaowen carrying a baking tray to the table. The delicious smell of spices and meat filled the air. Ou Shaowen looked at him and raised the corners of his mouth, smiling softly just as Ou Renjin had taught him.

At that moment, Ou Renjin averted his gaze and paused for a short while, staring at the fruity grilled pork ribs on the table before opening his mouth, “It smells so good, it seems you have gotten the true meaning of Aunt Zhou’s craft. But didn’t you say you were going to cook a steak today?”

“I was going to cook a steak, but because I practised cooking it for you too many times before, I suddenly got tired of it today and didn’t want to do it anymore. Aunt Zhou said that you also like to eat ribs. This is the first time I have made them, but it seems to be better than the steak. Will you eat this today?”

As a person who always had to say something in the business field and at the same time to be aware of what others wanted to say, Ou Renjin’s thoughts spinned from Ou Shaowen’s words. What was he hinting at? Was he complaining? Was he reproaching him? Was he expressing that he was not the man to have his heart trampled on; that one would get tired of holding on for too long? Did he mean that what you didn’t want before, what you didn’t appreciate, wasn’t going to sit there for the rest of your life waiting for you to take it? Was he saying that relationships were the best at the beginning, even though they were not practised, but having a pure heart was good enough?

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to eat this today?” Ou Shaowen observed his expression, “You can try it first, if you don’t think it’s tasty, I’ll cook the steak for you.”

Looking at Ou Shaowen’s somewhat uneasy and expectant look, Ou Renjin felt that everything he had just thought about seemed to be asking for trouble.

“No, it’s not that I don’t want to eat it.” He raised his head, looked straight at Ou Shaowen and slowly smiled, “Come here, feed me a bite.”

Ou Shaowen instantly became happy and satisfied. He cut off a small piece of meat, stuck the knife in it and handed it to his mouth.

Ou Renjin took the meat and licked the tip of the knife lightly. Ou Shaowen suddenly became a little excited, sat down beside him and stuffed the knife into his hand, “I want you to feed me too, you can feed me too.”

He looked inexplicably innocent in this way, like a little child waiting to be handed out sweets.

“Okay, then I can feed you once, and you can eat the rest by yourself.”

“Can’t you do it twice? I’ll also feed you twice.” Ou Shaowen said greedily.

Ou Renjin couldn’t help laughing, and after laughing, he shook his head mercilessly, “No way.”

“Okay then.” Ou Shaowen looked at him with bright eyes, as if welcoming a long-awaited surprise.

Ou Renjin suddenly felt that the action that could be done casually was now very awkward. Under Ou Shaowen’s eyes, the dinner knife in his hand was almost unsteady. After finally delivering the piece of the ribs to Ou Shaowen’s mouth, he turned away, focused and tasted the food in front of him.

A whole rack of ribs lay on the baking tray, looking a little rough. Ou Renjin picked the meat off the bones bit by bit and divided it between their plates, eating each bite gracefully and carefully. Ou Shaowen subconsciously imitated his every move. In fact, he often unconsciously imitated Ou Renjin, imitating his walking posture, imitating his style of dressing, and imitating his tone of speech. He probably didn’t realise that he and Ou Renjin were becoming more and more similar.

They were originally similar in height and build. Now if the two of them stood together, it would probably be difficult even for the fans who were most familiar with Ou Renjin to accurately distinguish them.

After dinner, Ou Renjin took him for a walk in the community for the food to settle. After walking quietly for a while, he suddenly mentioned Xiao Yao, “When Xiao Yao came to the villa to get the books, did you meet him?”

Ou Shaowen frowned, “Uh-huh.”

“He won’t show up in the villa again.” Ou Renjin’s tone was flat, but he was somewhat serious as if he was guaranteeing something.

“Uh-huh.” Ou Shaowen still answered faintly.

Ou Renjin turned his head to look at him. Ou Shaowen met his eyes and raised his eyebrows in confusion, “What’s wrong?” It seemed that such a thing was not worth paying attention to.

Ou Renjin looked at him quietly for a while, then turned his head and stared ahead again, “As far as I remember, I seem to owe you a request.”

“Really?” Ou Shaowen thought carefully.

“When you were at the hospital, you said you wanted me to give you a few leaves. I said this was not a request.” Ou Renjin mentioned a few things to help him remember.

“Oh.” Ou Shaowen thought for a while, and then shook his head again, “But, in my opinion, I have used up that request. The leaves were very beautiful. I later made them into specimens and put them in my treasure box.”

“Okay.” Ou Renjin smiled, unwilling to argue with him, “Then let’s exchange one more request with each other. You promise me one, and I promise you one.”

“Good.” Ou Shaowen found it very interesting. He couldn’t help but bounce a little as he walked forward, turning around and hopping in front of Ou Renjin, “I like to play this game. Can I just ask for whatever I want? Can I ask for anything?”

“Yes, anything, anything I can do.” Ou Renjin really wanted to know what he would ask for and what he would want him to do.

“Then you move to the villa and live there for a whole month.” Ou Shaowen stretched out his finger, originally wanting to raise two, but after hesitating for a moment, turning it into one.

Ou Renjin’s heart gave a slight jump as he looked at him. He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he just nodded, “Okay.”

“For this month, you will sleep with me every night.” Ou Shaowen added with a frown.

“No way.” Ou Renjin shook his head, “That’s the second request.”

“How can this be counted as the second one? This is just a supplementary explanation to the first one.” Ou Shaowen stared intently, looking a little cute.

Ou Renjin had a smile on his face, but his tone was very firm, “Because you didn’t make it clear in the first place, so for me, this is the second one.”

Ou Shaowen was a little frustrated when he heard these words, and gave him a pitiful look, “Well, then, what is your request?”

Holding his chin in his hand, Ou Renjin thought for a while, pretending to hesitate, “Then… my request is that you have to sleep with me every night this month.”

The expression on Ou Shaowen’s face brightened up in an instant, his eyes full of surprise, crystal clear and beautiful, the corners of his slightly pursed mouth also full of charm. Again, in a suddenly attack, he pounced on Ou Renjin and hugged him tightly, “You just teased me on purpose.”

Ou Renjin tried his best to hold him steady this time, “Yes, I was teasing you, because it’s so interesting to tease you.”

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