Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 100

“These children pay respects to Father Wang and wish Father Wang good health.” Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua both knelt down and said in unison.

Wei Zhao nodded slightly, took a sip of the tea offered by Jun Hua, and let them rise, slipping a big red envelope to each of them.

Huo Feifei saw Jun Hua sitting with his head slightly bowed, barely speaking, and couldn’t help but ask Huo Qingyang in a whisper, “Daddy, Brother Hua is so quiet today, is he shy?” After saying this, she couldn’t help giggling. It turned out that Jun Hua was also embarrassed at times.

In the past two years, although Wei Chongrong was far away in Yizhou, Jun Hua came to Wang Qin’s residence quite a few times. Huo Qingyang had seen him many times and found that today he looked a bit more quiet than usual. But thinking that he and Wei Chongrong had just gotten married, Huo Qingyang didn’t pay much attention to it, just gently tugged his daughter’s ear and used the voice transmission technique to say, “Feifei, don’t talk nonsense, this is your sister-in-law…”

Huo Feifei raised her hands to cover her ears and whispered, “Brother Hua definitely doesn’t want to hear me call him that.”

Huo Qingyang’s skills were so good that although he was very close, neither Wei Chongrong nor Jun Hua heard what he said to Huo Feifei. But Huo Feifei’s words they heard clearly. Wei Chongrong squeezed Jun Hua’s hand when he heard it, turned his head and smiled at him.

Jun Hua actually knew very well that he was too silent and could easily arouse suspicion, but he was worried that if he opened his mouth, he would reveal his flaws even faster. After listening to what Wei Chongrong had said, he felt that it wasn’t something he could cope with, so he could only try to reduce his sense of presence.

But Wei Chongrong’s subsequent actions still made him feel sweet; it turned out that Wei Chongrong was aware of his anxiety.

Wei Zhao was also aware of Jun Hua’s restraint, but he didn’t think much about it, and asked Wei Chongrong with his eyes if he had gone too far last night. Wei Chongrong couldn’t deny it, nor could he admit it. He had to smile and try his best to distract Wei Zhao from this path of thinking.

As they had to go to the palace later to pay their respects to the Empress Dowager, Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua didn’t stay long with Wei Zhao. After asking them a few questions, Wei Zhao let them go back to their courtyard. They were a family from now on anyway, and it wouldn’t be too late to gather again once Jun Hua adjusted to his new status.

When they returned to the bridal chamber, seeing Wei Chongrong exhale a log sigh, Jun Hua blamed himself, “I did a terrible job, didn’t I?” Not to mention Wei Zhao and Huo Qingyang, in such a short while, even Wei Chongrong’s little sister could see that he was different.

Wei Chongrong said with a wry smile, “It’s hard for you to imitate the temperament of Little Monkey.” Honestly, he was a little child when he was reborn, and the kind that no one cared about, so some small changes in his character wouldn’t be noticed at all.

Jun Hua, however, had grown up pampered and had a particularly outgoing personality; if he was even a little quieter, people would suspect that he was unwell or in a bad mood. But in his previous life, having grown up in that kind of environment, how could he have learned it?

Seeing Wei Chongrong’s worried face, Jun Hua said miserably, “Ah… Ah Rong, I’m sorry, I really don’t know how I came here, and I don’t know where Little Monkey has gone, otherwise I would disappear right after I met my daddy…”

Although Wei Chongrong hadn’t said a word, Jun Hua could see that his eyes and his heart were full of that Little Monkey. He didn’t know if he could be counted as himself, but Jun Hua really envied Little Monkey. All the things he had dreamed of, Little Monkey had gotten with ease.

“Huaixi, don’t say that…” Wei Chongrong wanted his Little Monkey back with all his heart, that’s true, but what about the current Jun Hua if Little Monkey was back? Would he disappear completely? Wei Chongrong was a little afraid to think about it. He didn’t owe Little Monkey anything, but he owed this Jun Hua.

The moment he drank the poisoned wine, he knew that he owed Jun Hua so much that he might never be able to repay it, or even have the chance to repay it.

That was why, in this life, he spoiled Jun Hua like that and was willing to give him whatever he wanted, no matter what it was.

After a long silence, Jun Hua asked, “What kind of person is the Empress Dowager? What do we need to pay attention to when we enter the palace?” Although the surname of both of them was Jun, in Jun Hua’s memory, Jun Feili had passed away so early that he had no memory of having met him and had no idea of his character.

Wei Chongrong raised his head and said blandly, “The Empress Dowager likes to be quiet. After the death of Uncle Emperor, he mostly spends his time reading, so I don’t see him much. As long as you abide by the etiquette, it will be fine.” Jun Feili and Jun Hua didn’t have much contact, and entering the palace to pay respects was merely a matter of routine.

Jun Hua pondered a little and asked again, “What about His Majesty, do we need to face him?”

“His Majesty dislikes me greatly, and he will not take the initiative to summon me if it is not necessary.”

Jun Hua raised an eyebrow, seemingly a little surprised, and then asked, “What about my daddy, what kind of person is he?” Entering the palace wasn’t much of a problem, Jun Hua thought of visiting the parents the day after tomorrow. He had no recollection of Jun Qing at all and didn’t know how he should behave when he saw him.

Wei Chongrong thought a little, arranging his words, and slowly said: “Hou Zhaoyang is cold on the outside and warm on the inside. He usually controls you the most strictly, but he also condones you the most. As long as you decide something, he will support you. Wang Changning is just obedient to you, if you want the wind, he gives you the wind, if you want the rain…”

“Wang Changning?!” Jun Hua’s jaw dropped; he was completely unable to understand what Wei Chongrong said.

Wei Chongrong slapped his forehead in an afterthought, realising that Jun Hua was simply unaware of his own origin. In his previous life, both Jun Qing and Ji Xin had died early, and their relationship had never been made public. Moreover, Ji Xin had died in the witchcraft scourge, and after his death, his property was confiscated and his title taken away, so even if Wei Su knew about Jun Hua’s origin, he couldn’t have told him. Therefore, as far as Jun Hua knew, his father was Jun Qing and his mother was an unknown woman.

The morning was too rushed. Except for saying that Jun Qing was still alive, Wei Chongrong was talking about Wei Zhao and the others. If Jun Hua had seen Huo Qingyang and Huo Feifei and looked surprised, he would have caused suspicion even if he said nothing.

“Yes, Wang Changning is also your father, and you were born to Hou Zhaoyang himself.” Wei Chongrong came back to his senses and hurriedly remedied the situation, “Before Grandfather Emperor died, he personally bestowed a marriage on them, but Hou Zhaoyang still maintains his title. You have a younger brother, his name is Ji Hui, his nickname is Little Tiger, he is eleven years old this year. He is a good boy with a stable temperament. Although he was bullied by you since he was little, he still likes you very much…”

As if pouring beans from a bamboo tube, Wei Chongrong told Jun Hua everything he knew about Jun Qing and Ji Xin. The thing like rebirth was too bizarre to explain it to anyone, especially since Jun Hua’s experiences in both lives were so far apart that it was hard to estimate what Jun Qing and Ji Xin would think.

Jun Hua was stunned, a mixture of surprise and sadness appearing on his face.

He remembered the wish he had once made in front of the Buddha, that if everything could be done all over again, he hoped that all the people he loved would be safe and happy, even if he never existed in that world.

It was just that his wish had never been fulfilled, so later, he didn’t ask anymore, he relied on himself in everything.

Who would have thought that after he had already given up, all his wishes in the past would come true.

His daddy and his father lived peacefully, their love was undiminished, and they added a younger brother to him. Wei Chongrong was no longer an unrecognised outcast of the Wei imperial family. He was the dignified son of Wang Qin, and there was also a childhood sweetheart who really loved him and was also loved by him with all his heart.

Without him, the world would be a perfect place.


How was he going to leave if he had no idea how he had come to be here?

Seeing Jun Hua’s face change from one emotion to another, Wei Chongrong didn’t say anything else, just waiting for him to slowly digest these things on his own.

Fortunately, all those things were good ones, and he didn’t have to worry that there was anything Jun Hua couldn’t accept.

At lunchtime, considering Jun Hua’s current taste, Wei Chongrong instructed the kitchen to put less spices in. Even so, Jun Hua was still shocked to see those hot dishes, but just like breakfast, they tasted extremely good.

Seeing that the chopsticks of two people almost never reached into the same plate, Jun Hua said curiously: “Has it been like this since you were young?” He remembered that in his previous life, he and Wei Chongrong occasionally ate together, and there was no such big difference.

“More or less. When Little Monkey was little, he wanted to eat everything he ate with sugar, and Hou Zhaoyang and Wang Changning had many fights over it. He went to Yizhou at the age of seven. You know, the people of Yizhou are addicted to spicy food, and he soon followed the customs…”

When Wei Chongrong recalled the past, there was a doting expression in his eyes that he didn’t even notice, making Jun Hua look at him with mixed feelings.

The two of them went into the palace to pay their respects to the Empress Dowager shortly after lunch. As Wei Chongrong said, Jun Feili was a very easy person to get along with, and Jun Hua behaved in a measured manner in front of him, without making anyone feel the slightest wrong.

As for Wei Lan, he didn’t take the initiative to come to the Empress Dowager’s Cihe Hall, nor did he give the order to summon them, so Wei Chongrong naturally treated him as if he didn’t exist. After all, the Empress Dowager was an elder, so they should have paid their respects, but Wei Lan was a junior. In terms of family etiquette, there was no harm in not seeing him.

When they returned from the palace, Jun Hua said he was tired and went back to the bedroom to take a nap. Wei Chongrong didn’t follow him and went to his study.

Little Monkey, where the hell are you? Wei Chongrong muttered, standing in front of a huge geomantic map.

It was only one day without seeing him, and he already missed Jun Hua to such an extent; the problem was that he didn’t know how long they would be apart.

One day, two days…

Or a year, or two years…

Or forever…

Wei Chongrong really didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

Jun Hua slept until dark, and when he woke up, there was no one around him. He jumped out of bed, slipped on his shoes and ran to the study.

“Brother Rong!” The familiar tone of voice caused Wei Chongrong to jerk his head up.

He opened his mouth slightly and said shakily, “Little Monkey, is that you? You’ve come back?”

Jun Hua nodded vigorously, pounced over and hugged Wei Chongrong, pecked him on the lips, then looked at him with wide eyes and asked after a long time, “Brother Rong, who is that person? Is he me in the past life? But how come you know him?…”

Wei Chongrong was startled. Why would Jun Hua say that, could it be that he knew all the things that happened during the day today?

Sure enough, Jun Hua said quickly, “What he thought, what he said, I saw and heard it all.”

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