Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 99

After a long time, Wei Chongrong slowly shook his head and said solemnly, “Huaixi, you are not dreaming, we have indeed met again.”

Jun Hua looked straight at Wei Chongrong, a slightly wary look flashing in his eyes. Although it was a familiar face, the Yi Yin in front of him was filled with an aura that made him feel strange. Jun Hua couldn’t say what was going on and could only remain silent.

Seeing this, Wei Chongrong continued, “This year is the 2nd year of Baofeng, and the current emperor’s name is ‘Lan’.”

Wei Lan?! The late Crown Prince’s second son…

Jun Hua was stunned when he heard these words. Wasn’t he already dead, dying during the witchcraft scourge in the 50th year of Yongjia?

No, if Wei Lan could ascend the throne, then the original witchcraft scourge most likely wouldn’t be like he knew.

After a short pause, Wei Chongrong continued, “In the 52nd year of Yongjia, Grandfather Emperor died and Uncle Emperor succeeded him, changing the era to Tai’an. In the 8th year of Tai’an, Crown Prince Wei Xuan was assassinated and died, and the following year, Uncle Emperor died and the current emperor succeeded to the throne…”

Listening to Wei Chongrong’s words, Jun Hua quickly did some calculations in his mind and came to the conclusion that he was seventeen years old this year and he had gone back to ten years ago. It was just that this world, and what he himself had experienced, seemed to be very different.

In the past, his relationship with Wei Chongrong had always been kind of close for a while and distant for a while, with him desperately leaning in and desperately retreating, always keeping an awkward distance. But now, Jun Hua was no longer confused about what had happened before, nor was he unable to see what was going on.

Besides, the room was plastered with big red wedding characters everywhere, and the dragon and phoenix flower candles(1) on the candlesticks had not yet burned to the end…

Seeing that Jun Hua remained silent, Wei Chongrong hesitated for a moment and reminded, “Huaixi, it’s getting late, hurry up and freshen up. Although Father won’t mind us being late for the meal, we still have to go to the palace in the afternoon, we have to hurry up.”

“His Highness Wang Qin?!” Jun Hua was stunned again. So not only did the witchcraft scourge not happen, Wang Qin had also returned to his homeland smoothly.

Wei Chongrong nodded in silence. This world was too different from the original, he couldn’t explain it all to Jun Hua in a short time. And he was worried: the former Jun Hua had returned, where was his Little Monkey? He wouldn’t disappear forever, right?

He was only three years old when he was reborn, and the original little Yi Yin could be said to have no independent consciousness, so he only felt a few of his emotions at first, and then this body was just completely controlled by him.

Jun Hua was different. He was seventeen years old and had a completely different temperament from his previous life. Would he…

Wei Chongrong was thinking about it when Jun Hua, who had gotten off the bed, suddenly let out a very low “Ah!”. He subconsciously looked up and heard Jun Hua say softly: “My leg…” He took two steps before he realised that his leg was healthy.

Wei Chongrong walked up to the bedside, picked up a piece of clothing and put it on Jun Hua, whispering, “Huaixi, you go and freshen up first, I will tell you later.” If it were his Little Monkey, he would have carried him to the washing room, but for now, it was better to keep a distance.

Jun Hua nodded quietly, his mood very complicated. He found that since Wei Chongrong knew his identity, his attitude had become very stiff. Before, when he had just come out of the washing room, his tone was soaring, oozing with endless joy.

While Jun Hua was tidying himself up, Wei Chongrong sorted out the clothes for him to wear, and then realised that Jun Hua had made a mistake he had made before, going to the washing room without taking his clothes. His expression instantly became complicated.

Wei Chongrong sighed, picked up Jun Hua’s robe and walked to the door of the washing room, knocking gently on the door, “Huaixi, can I come in?” Jun Hua said “yes” and Wei Chongrong pushed the door in and put the clothes on the shelf next to the bathtub.

Jun Hua, who washed his face, raised his head and said, “Ah Yin, thank you.”

Wei Chongrong lowered his eyes and after a moment said, “I have changed my name, my surname is Wei, my name is Chongrong. Little Monkey always called me Brother Rong since he was little.” Not to mention that Wei Zhao didn’t like the name Yi Yin, if Jun Hua suddenly changed the way he addressed him, everyone would be surprised.

Jun Hua froze, and then said, “I see.” It turned out that he had heard correctly, that was what Wei Chongrong had called him before.

Wei Chongrong turned to walk outside when Jun Hua suddenly asked, “Why do you call… Little Monkey?”

“Because you are the Little Hou of Hou Zhaoyang’s residence and your zodiac sign is the Monkey.” Speaking of Jun Hua’s nickname, Wei Chongrong was very proud of himself.

“I’m the Little Hou?!” Jun Hua was once again stunned; he had been Hou Zhaoyang for as long as he could remember.

Wei Chongrong had already walked to the door, and when he heard Jun Hua’s surprised voice, he stopped in his tracks and said softly, “When you go visiting the parents the day after tomorrow, you will see all the people you should see.” But before that, they had to muddle through and not reveal themselves in front of anyone.

Jun Hua didn’t speak, his whole being so excited that he didn’t know what to do. He had been born to an unknown mother, had lost his father when he was two and had grown up in the palace. Although Wei Su loved him very much, he was the emperor after all. His time with Jun Hua was limited, and he had also left him soon after.

Wei Chongrong was the only person who had ever treated him well, so after he was killed by Wei Yang, Jun Hua didn’t hesitate to collude with Wei Ruo to poison Wei Yang and usurp the throne.

The great hatred was avenged and he had nothing to ask for. He thought it was God’s greatest gift to him to be able to see Wei Chongrong again, but he didn’t expect that in this world he was unfamiliar with, Jun Qing would still be alive and he was no longer alone.

In contrast to Jun Hua’s joyful excitement, Wei Chongrong was in a state of anxiety. Not only did he have to worry about whether his Little Monkey would return, but he was also worried about whether Jun Hua would reveal himself in front of Wei Zhao and Jun Qing. After all, his personalities in his two lives were really very different.

Not long afterwards, Jun Hua came out of the washing room, his expression having regained its calmness. In just a quarter of an hour, he had noticed many differences between this body and his original one. Not only was his leg undamaged, he was also a little taller, his body was stronger and his internal strength was deeper.

He could imagine that this was a child who had been loved since childhood and had been well taken care of and taught very thoroughly in all aspects.

Wei Chongrong wasn’t in the inner room and his clothes were neatly laid out on the bed. Jun Hua walked over to the bed and slowly put them on.

He had just finished dressing when Wei Chongrong’s voice came from the outer room, “Huaixi, have you finished dressing? Come and have breakfast.”

During the newlywed period, the couple’s breakfast was very rich, with a table full of dazzling dishes. Jun Hua walked to the table and sat down. After looking at it for a long time, he couldn’t find a place to apply his chopsticks. Everything was either too sweet or too spicy.

Wei Chongrong saw him hesitate to move his chopsticks and was a bit puzzled, then reacted: “Huaixi, is it not to your taste? Do you want…” He had a vague memory that in his previous life, Jun Hua seemed to like lighter tastes.

Jun Hua waved his hand and said hurriedly, “No need to change it, this is fine.” Looking at Wei Chongrong’s expression, he could guess that these sweet treats on the table were all his old favourites, and that the sudden change in taste would be strange to others.

Wei Chongrong narrowed his eyes slightly suspiciously. Those things were so sweet that they made people’s teeth fall out. Only Wei Zhao and Little Monkey liked them. He definitely couldn’t eat them; if he were in Jun Hua’s place, he doubted that he could have accepted it.

Jun Hua scooped up a bowl of corn and lily porridge and courageously took a sip, ready to die, but unexpectedly found that it tasted quite good. Although it was very sweet, it didn’t feel too greasy. After tasting other dishes, he thought they were also very good, so he had a good meal.

Wei Chongrong was stunned when he saw it, but then he thought: this is Little Monkey’s body, so it is normal to follow his taste.

After the two of them had breakfast, Wei Chongrong saw that there was still time to spare and took Jun Hua back to the inner room, where he introduced him to the recent situation of Wang Qin’s residence and how Little Monkey used to get along with Wei Zhao and Huo Feifei, making Jun Hua’s eyes glaze over.

Jun Hua realised abruptly that the Little Monkey Wei Chongrong spoke of was clearly someone else, someone he was unfamiliar with, not the person he thought he was in the past. No wonder Wei Chongrong treated him gently and courteously yet maintaining enough restraint and detachment.

He had no time to envy his other self before he realised what a dilemma he was facing. That straightforward and enthusiastic, frank and happy Little Monkey was probably not someone he could pretend to be. He had never been in that state of mind.

When Wei Chongrong saw Jun Hua’s expression of embarrassment, he quickly said, “Huaixi, don’t worry, if you really can’t deal with it, let’s just push it off and say you’re not feeling well.”

Jun Hua nodded lightly; he could feel the anxiety that Wei Chongrong was trying his best to conceal.

In the main hall of Wang Qin’s residence, Wei Zhao had had his breakfast and now was waiting with his daughter and Huo Qingyang sitting by his side. Seeing Wei Zhao’s expectant face, Huo Qingyang couldn’t help but laugh, “Your Imperial Highness, it’s not time yet. If Rong’er thinks they’re late, they’ll be frightened.”

Wei Zhao glanced at him and raised an eyebrow, smiling, “You think too much, Hou Wu’an.” How could he not know the characters of his son and son-in-law? How could they be frightened? But it was quite possible for them to come at the last minute, after all, it was the wedding night…

Huo Feifei, who sat on Huo Qingyang’s lap, first turned to look at her daddy, then at Wei Zhao, and said in confusion: “Father, Daddy, there are no outsiders here. Why are you so polite? It’s weird. Did you quarrel?”

Wei Zhao smiled and said, “You have to ask your daddy this question. He called me His Imperial Highness first.” He was merely returning the favour.

Huo Qingyang laughed without saying anything, causing Huo Feifei to feel baffled. After a moment, she slid off Huo Qingyang’s lap and ran outside of the hall, shouting as she ran, “I’ll go see if Big Brother and Brother Hua are here, I’ll be right back.”

There was no one else in the hall, so Huo Qingyang smiled ingratiatingly at Wei Zhao, “Ah Zhao, I…”

Wei Zhao pursed his lips and hooked them in a smile, “I thought you didn’t remember what my name was, Qingyang.”

Huo Qingyang was just about to open his mouth when he saw his daughter running back, “Father, Big Brother and Brother Hua are here.”

So, Huo Qingyang kept his mouth shut and returned to his upright position. He was just a spectator, so it was better not to overshadow the host. Huo Feifei ran back to Huo Qingyang’s side and sat down next to him.

A short while later, Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua stepped into the main hall, both walking steadily and with serious expressions.

  1. Candles with the patterns of dragons, phoenixes and flowers, used for the wedding night (in the past they were cut from paper and soaked in wax)

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