Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 101

Wei Chongrong opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. After a while, he said in surprise: “You, you know everything?”

Jun Hua replied hesitantly: “It’s not that I know everything. I heard all your conversations during the day, and I felt everything he thought about…” Speaking of this, he paused for a while, and then said: “It’s strange to say. I obviously don’t know what he encountered before, but when he was sad in his heart, I would also feel sad, as if those things were experienced by me. But after thinking about it carefully, I don’t know anything, ah…”

Wei Chongrong was completely taken aback when he heard this. He never thought that Jun Hua would magically sense the things of his previous life, and he didn’t even think about how to tell Jun Hua about his experience in his two lives. This story was really a bit too complicated.

Without waiting for Wei Chongrong to sort out his thoughts, Jun Hua continued: “I thought Brother Rong would be surprised to see… me from my past life, but you are so familiar with him, there is no barrier at all. Brother Rong, do you remember what happened in your past life?”

Jun Hua felt that this idea was very abrupt and incredible. Didn’t everyone have to drink Meng Po Soup before reincarnation? Why did Brother Rong escape this fate while he didn’t? But what other explanation could be there to the things that happened today?

Wei Chongrong sighed for a long time, and finally said in a low voice: “Little Monkey, it’s not as simple as the past life…”

“Then what’s going on?” Jun Hua raised his head slightly and looked at Wei Chongrong with a somewhat dazed expression.

Wei Chongrong frowned and pondered, as if trying to organise the complicated past into something a little bit more comprehensible. But no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with a solution. What exactly was he going to tell Jun Hua? Some of his thoughts couldn’t be revealed to anyone.

But what was the use of not saying it? Little Monkey knew what Huaixi was thinking and saying. No one could say when Huaixi would appear. As long as he appeared, Little Monkey would know a lot of things from the past. 

In the previous life, the fates of the Jun family and the Ji family were extremely sad. It was impossible for Huaixi not to think about them, and then Little Monkey would know.  If he was left alone to deal with it, who knows what he would think. It was better to be honest with him.

Seeing that Wei Chongrong was silent for a long time, Jun Hua stretched out his hand to smooth his frowning brow, and said softly: “Brother Rong, don’t you want to say? If… if you really don’t want to say, I won’t ask. I guess those are the things that make you unhappy.”

Wei Chongrong smiled lightly, took Jun Hua into his arms, kissed him on the cheek, and said softly: “It’s not that I can’t tell you, but I haven’t figured out what to say. Well, let’s go and have dinner first, and I’ll talk to you slowly later.”

Jun Hua smiled and nodded. During the tea ceremony in the morning, Huo Feifei had noticed that something was wrong about him, and he had to quickly remedy his image.

After talking, the two went to the dining hall hand in hand. When Huo Feifei saw Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua, she rushed over. Wei Chongrong wanted to hug her, but Jun Hua intercepted her. The two chatted in such a lovely manner that if some unsuspecting people saw them, they would have thought that Huo Feifei was Jun Hua’s sister.

Wei Zhao smiled slightly when he saw this. He said Jun Hua wasn’t shy. It was purely because he was tossed too much by Wei Chongrong last night and was out of energy when he got up early. Now that he had had enough sleep, he was no different from usual. Huo Qingyang always said that he was too careless, but it was obvious that he himself was the one who was overly concerned!

Returning to the bedroom later, Wei Chongrong picked up important things and told Jun Hua the differences before and after his rebirth.

Because he had already dealt with himself in the previous life, Jun Hua easily accepted the incredible things Wei Chongrong said.

However, although he knew it in his heart, knew that both he and Wei Chongrong were miserable in their previous lives, when he heard about the witchcraft disaster, heard that the Ji family was stripped of its title, heard that Wei Zhao committed suicide, he was still completely stunned and didn’t know what to say in a daze.

Wei Chongrong didn’t pause and continued to talk, telling about his encounter with Jun Hua, his moth-to-the-fire obsession with Wei Yang and his miserable ending. He believed that even if he didn’t say it, Jun Hua would know soon, so it was better to say it first.

Jun Hua didn’t make any sound even when Wei Chongrong talked about his rebirth; Wei Chongrong was a little surprised, so he looked up.

What he saw broke his heart. Jun Hua was in tears, crying silently.

“Little Monkey, don’t cry, those are all things of the past, you know, I’m most afraid of you crying…”

Jun Hua looked up at Wei Chongrong and said, choking: “Brother Rong…” If before he only had instinctive empathy for his other self’s emotions, then now, when he finally knew the reason, it turned out that that person was even more pitiful than he thought.

Wei Chongrong groped around his body for a long time but didn’t find a handkerchief, so he had to wipe away Jun Hua’s tears with his sleeves: “It’s okay, Little Monkey, those things will never happen, never, I will be with you, and your father and daddy, they will all be there.”

“…en.” Jun Hua pursed his lips and nodded. He actually didn’t want to cry, but what Wei Chongrong said was very, very hard to think about. He couldn’t accept the fate of having no family at all, he would rather die with them.

Wei Chongrong finally coaxed Jun Hua to stop crying but there was nothing he could do tonight with his red eyes.

After a moment of silence, Jun Hua suddenly asked, “Brother Rong, have you liked me before?” When Wei Chongrong talked about the past, he basically didn’t mention the emotional situation, but Jun Hua noticed during the day that his other self’s liking for Wei Chongrong seemed to be of the same kind as his own.

Wei Chongrong shook his head gently without thinking: “I am sorry, no.” It was precisely because he realised that Jun Hua in the previous life had given everything for him that he would apologise like that; but back then, he really didn’t like him.

Jun Hua hooked his lips and said with a smile: “No need to be sorry, Brother Rong, I’m glad you said that, really.” Maybe this thought was a bit selfish, but it was really what he felt. If Wei Chongrong liked him because he had liked him before and then transferred these feelings on to him in this life, even if that person was himself in his previous life, he would still be sad. Because in this world, there were some things that couldn’t be shared.

Wei Chongrong was taken aback for a moment, and then understood what Jun Hua meant. He leaned over and kissed the corner of his lip without saying anything.

Jun Hua squinted and smiled, and then said seriously: “Brother Rong, even if that person is who I used to be, I will not give you to him. You are mine, and no one can take you away. But if he wants to see Father and Daddy, I don’t mind, he must be missing them very much.”

More than missing; Jun Hua in his previous life didn’t know that Ji Xin was his father. But when it came to Jun Qing and Ji Xin, Wei Chongrong had a headache. He said, “Little Monkey, you can perceive Huaixi’s presence, so what about him, can he feel you? No, who of you is in charge?”

The same body, but two different souls, if they couldn’t perceive each other, it would be a lot of trouble.

Jun Hua thought for a while, frowned and said, “I guess he can. Why don’t you ask him next time? I can’t see him, so I can’t ask.” The question raised by Wei Chongrong was too profound for him to answer for the time being. Maybe it would be better to observe for a few more days.

Wei Chongrong spread out his hands and said helplessly: “The day after tomorrow we’ll go to see your parents, I am afraid that you…” Huaixi had never seen Ji Xin and didn’t remember Jun Qing. If he saw them suddenly, it would be easy to mess up; but they had no idea which one would be here then.

Jun Hua also thought of this problem seriously, biting his lip in contemplation: “Brother Rong, have you noticed? Both times we switched after sleeping. Maybe tomorrow morning, it won’t be me you see.”

Sleep and switch? Wei Chongrong wondered, vaguely feeling that it wouldn’t be so simple, but he couldn’t refute Jun Hua’s words.

“No matter what, let’s go take a bath and sleep first, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Jun Hua finished speaking and dragged Wei Chongrong to the washing room.

Wei Chongrong thought of the mandarin duck bath(1) that he had missed in the morning. How could he say “no”? He followed excitedly. The two of them spent half a night tossing in the bath, then changed the battlefield, moving to the bed and continuing to have fun. A moment of spring was worth a thousand gold; of course, you couldn’t waste time.

In the early morning of the next day, thinking of what Jun Hua had said before, Wei Chongrong woke up and didn’t get up straight away. Instead, he nudged Jun Hua, who was sleeping soundly, ready to ask him who he was; but from his curled-up sleeping position, Wei Chongrong already had a vague answer in his heart.

It was true that Little Monkey had bad sleeping habits, occupying the whole bed when no one was around; but when Wei Chongrong was next to him, he would hug him tightly like an octopus, strangling him so much that he could hardly breathe. He wouldn’t have this kind of posture that looked insecure at first glance.

Sure enough, Jun Hua opened his eyes a little and complained: “Do you two need to be so excessive? Staying up till the middle of the night, not letting people rest, and then waking people up early in the morning…” Little Monkey could perceive everything about him, and he could naturally feel what Little Monkey felt. That alone would be fine, they were equal in that, and when they were having sex, he could still close off his perception. But after waking up, the back pain in this body was all his, so who should he blame?

After Jun Hua finished speaking, he ignored Wei Chongrong and fell asleep again. Wei Chongrong temporarily confirmed the sleep-and-switch setting and didn’t disturb Jun Hua anymore. Last night, they were even more active than the night of the wedding, so it was only right to let people get enough rest today since there was nothing major.

Jun Hua slept until the sun was high and woke up feeling refreshed; the aches and pains in his body were also reduced a lot. It seemed that the young man’s body was full of vitality, and he envied the owner of this body a little in his heart as he got up slowly and leisurely.

Wei Chongrong was practising with his sword in the courtyard outside, his expression calm and his movements expansive, as if he was in a good mood. Jun Hua stood under the eaves and looked for a while, feeling a bit strange. He had rarely seen such a relaxed expression on Yi Yin’s face before.

After a set of swordplay was completed, Wei Chongrong turned his head and smiled at Jun Hua, then went back to the house to change clothes.

Jun Hua walked to the weapon rack, picked up the sword that Wei Chongrong had just used, and waved it subconsciously. As a descendant of Jun Lin, it was obviously a shame that he didn’t know martial arts, but his leg was so weak that he could barely even ride and draw a bow, let alone specialise in sword training.

The movements were more out of physical instinct than anything else; he didn’t have to think about anything, he just did as he pleased.

When Wei Chongrong came out after changing his clothes, he was stunned to see Jun Hua’s movements. Little Monkey’s martial arts skills had been taught by Ji Xin and Jun Qing. Although he wasn’t as good as Wei Chongrong, he was definitely a difficult opponent for his peers, whereas Huaixi had never practised martial arts properly.

But his swordplay looked very impressive, so Wei Chongrong wondered who deserved more credit for it.

Seeing that Wei Chongrong wanted to say something, Jun Hua put away the sword, raised his eyebrows and looked at him, asking, “Is there something wrong?”

Wei Chongrong coughed lightly and said, “Tomorrow is the day of visiting the parents, we are going back to Wang Changning’s residence, are you… ready for it?” Both he and Little Monkey were unanimous in their attitude of hoping that Huaixi would meet Ji Xin and Jun Qing as a separate consciousness.

Jun Hua was taken aback, and said sadly: “If possible, it’s better for you two to go. I just need to see them.”

Jun Qing, who had been dead for many years in his memory, and Ji Xin, whom he had never met before – he really wanted to see them. But Jun Hua couldn’t guarantee how he would react, and staying in a body that didn’t belong to him, he always felt insecure, as if he had robbed someone of something.

Unexpectedly, Jun Hua would say such things. Wei Chongrong was stunned, and said after a moment: “In fact, Little Monkey is just more coquettish in front of Wang Changning and Hou Zhaoyang, and is not much of a troublemaker. If you…” he didn’t know what to say.

“I understand what you guys mean, but…” Jun Hua paused briefly and said with a straight face, “It doesn’t need to be like that.”

“Huaixi, you… why do you worry so much?” Wei Chongrong kind of understood what Jun Hua thought.

Jun Hua sighed faintly and said, “Ah Rong, we are different, I think you should have discovered it. Of course, my father and daddy are my father and daddy, but to them, I am not their child, but a stranger who has nothing to do with them.”

If he could come as early as Wei Chongrong, and become the son of Father and Daddy while Little Monkey’s consciousness didn’t exist, he would be able to look as relaxed as Wei Chongrong in front of Wei Zhao, but Little Monkey already existed, he could never replace him.

Even between him and Wei Chongrong, because of the nineteen-year time difference, there was a huge gap.

The one he could never forget was Yi Yin, who had saved him and treated him very well, even though he never responded to his feelings and stuck to Wei Yang with all his heart despite being used by him so many times, and Jun Hua couldn’t pull him away no matter what.

But Wei Chongrong was no longer Yi Yin. Although he remembered the past, the original world had changed beyond recognition. The past was just a distant memory to him, and it had no effect on his life.

Wei Chongrong was about to speak when a pigeon flew into the yard and landed in front of him. Wei Chongrong picked up the pigeon, took out the note and his expression changed after a glance, becoming extremely solemn.

  1. Taking a bath together as a couple

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