Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 64

Liu Weizhi arranged a place for Luo Wencheng to live under the guise of protection, but in reality it was surveillance. Luo Wencheng knew what Liu Weizhi was worried about. Liu Weizhi was still suspicious of him, and Luo Wencheng let him watch.

However, the next day, after Lu Chong’s “miraculous improvement in condition”, Liu Weizhi was very relieved.

When he got the good news from the hospital, Luo Wencheng said to the very excited Zhou Qian, “Let’s go and have a look too.”

But when the car reached the intersection in front of the hospital, Luo Wencheng said, “You should go in and have a look.”

“You’re not going in?”

“It’s not appropriate for me to go in, it’s inevitable that there will be another conflict, and it’s just as well that you bring me the news.” When he saw Zhou Qian’s hesitant look, he smiled, “Go ahead.”

After Zhou Qian left, Luo Wencheng sat alone in the car for a while, then took out his mobile phone and fiddled with it, threw the phone into the grass next to him and changed to the driver’s seat. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. So, where are we going next?

He knew that he would be dead in the next two days. So little time, and Liu Weizhi was watching him, so leaving the country was impossible. And he was too lazy to toss and turn. Did it really matter where to die?

His state of mind was different, and his thoughts changed.

Now he wanted to wander around on his own and not be surrounded by people all the time.

He started the car and drove for just a dozen metres when he suddenly saw a man in glasses peeking from behind a tree not far from the hospital.

“Doesn’t look good at first glance.” Luo Wencheng looked at the man casually, and then his eyes changed a little.

This man…

Seeing that the man was about to leave, Luo Wencheng immediately drove his car to follow him.

The car was too big to follow a target, and after driving for a while, Luo Wencheng abandoned the car and followed on foot. The man walked all the way in front of him, and Luo Wencheng followed behind him, crossing street after street, crossing road after road, and finally entering an underground passage. It was when the man in front of him suddenly stopped: “Following all the way here, aren’t you tired?”

Luo Wencheng stepped out of the shadows and looked at the man without hesitation, “Where is Fang Bude?”

The man’s face changed. Fang Bude was the Chinese name that Professor Delang had chosen for himself casually after arriving in China. Very few people knew it. Who was this man and how did he know it?

“Who are you?”

Luo Wencheng smiled grimly, “The one who has come to collect a debt!” With that, he charged forward.

Fang Bude was a lunatic pharmacist from his previous life. The drugs he invented for unknown purposes were used to torture Luo Wencheng for years, keeping him neither dead not alive.

Originally, since Luo Wencheng had no way to find him, he could only forget about this revenge. But then he saw this man, the assistant who had been with Fang Bude, the one who had administered the drugs to him. Even in a sea of people, Luo Wencheng would never be mistaken when seeing this face.

The man did not expect Luo Wencheng to attack so quickly. He hurriedly took out a small flashlight-like object from his pocket, directed it at Luo Wencheng and pressed on the top of it.

A strange coloured gas was sprayed from it.

But the next moment Luo Wencheng whirled around and kicked the gadget away, dislocating the man’s wrist in the process.

He swept a glance at the gadget that rolled away, still emitting the gas, and smiled coldly. Worthy of a researcher, what kind of messy poison was this?

If he was an ordinary person, coming across this kind of weapon with no idea what kind of gas it was, it would be impossible for him not to be wary. What if it was a highly poisonous gas or something? But Luo Wencheng didn’t care. What was the difference? He was about to die anyway. He was at the end of his rope, and now he just wanted to beat the hell out of this bitch.

So he went and beat him up, and the man hastily parried. The man also gave him a couple of blows, but he was no match for the red-eyed Luo Wencheng who was looking at his enemy, and he was losing after two or three shots.

The man yelled and pulled out a knife. Luo Wencheng’s face remained unchanged, and he didn’t even blink when he was cut by the knife. This deadly posture scared the man, and he revealed a flaw. Luo Wencheng seized the opportunity to wrench the knife out of his hand, grabbed his collar and slammed him to the ground, then smashed him with a fist.

Luo Wencheng’s blows were ruthless. The man screamed in agony and begged for mercy, but his head was soon bleeding and he was half conscious.

Luo Wencheng’s hair and clothes were in a mess; there were knife cuts on his body. He gasped as he pinned the man to the ground: “Where is Fang Bude? Say!”

“Oooh…” The man spat out a mouthful of blood, “I don’t know, I don’t know…”

“Still trying to lie to me, are you?” Luo Wencheng swung his fist and was about to hit, when a sudden twinge of pain pierced his heart. He grabbed the clothes on his chest. The man seized this opportunity and crawled away on his hands and knees.

Luo Wencheng knelt on the ground, propping himself up with one hand and clutching his chest with the other, gasping for breath. Damn, what was this! Finally, his stomach didn’t hurt at night, so he changed to angina pectoris during the day, right?

He glanced at the watch on his wrist. Two forty.

It was that time again.

But yesterday at this time it was just palpitations; now it was pain that was choking him. Was his heart going to just explode tomorrow?

He sneered; this countdown to death was quite chic.

The man ran a short distance away and then tossed the gadget spraying the gas on the ground, watching with trepidation.

Luo Wencheng looked at the object and tried to reach out, but the pain was so bad he couldn’t move for a moment. The grey-green mist reached his nose, his vision began to blur, his head was heavy, and he saw the man pick up the knife on the ground and walk closer and closer, his face bloody and distorted. Luo Wencheng thought: I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait until tomorrow.

From Luo Wencheng’s perspective, everything around him was muted, the man’s movements were distorted and slow, and all he could hear was the noisy hum of blood flowing through his veins. His eyelids drooped, his eyelashes trembled under the sweaty strands of his hair, and then he collapsed slowly and helplessly.


Intensive Care Unit.

The man in the bed opened his eyes with a jolt.

The sound startled Dr. Wang, who was excitedly and joyfully making data records, and he looked up and shouted in surprise, “You’re awake, sir!”

From outside the ward, Zhou Yishan rushed in as soon as he heard the sound: “Master is awake? That’s great! Oh God! No, it’s Luo Wencheng, Luo Wencheng is amazing!”

He was so excited that he was incoherent and at a loss for words.

Lu Chong tried to sit up, only to find that there were all these miscellaneous tubes in his body.

“Luo…” He tried to speak and felt immense discomfort. What was that he had stuck down his throat?

Dr. Wang hurriedly said, “Sir, don’t move, I’ll check your body.”

“Take it out!” Lu Chong vaguely said with difficulty, “Where is Wencheng?”

“He’s here! He’s fine! I’ll have someone to go get him.” Zhou Yishan hurriedly ran out to call for someone to find Luo Wencheng.

Twenty minutes later, Lu Chong was sitting fully clothed in the duty room of the intensive care unit. There were some photos on the desk in front of him. Those were his own photos before and after the surgery yesterday. The tragic close-up of his head was simply unbearable to look at. Even when Lu Chong saw it himself, he could only sentence the person in the photo to death.

Now, however, he was sitting here in good health, with almost nothing wrong with his body.

Dr. Wang stood next to the table with his hands down, unable to resist glancing at Lu Chong’s head, and after a couple of seconds, unable to resist glancing again.

At this moment, this head was completely different from the one in the photo. The shape, colour and hardness had returned to normal. The drainage tubes had been removed long ago, leaving only two S-shaped incisions in the places where they had been, and even those turned into very healthy looking, lightly coloured scars.

With Dr. Wang’s professional vision and a day of observation, the colour of these two scars was still in the process of gradually fading, and it was estimated that they would disappear without a trace in the end.

“It’s incredible, everything is really growing well, even the bones are growing back, right under my eyes, just like a dream…” Dr. Wang muttered to himself secretly.

When Lu Chong woke up, Dr. Wang’s spirit relaxed, and some muttering was not enough to express his shock.

Lu Chong was much calmer than him, but the shock in his heart was no less than Dr. Wang’s.

He picked up the mirror and looked at the top of his head, then unwrapped the gauze from his throat, where the tracheal tube had been removed twenty minutes ago. Yet the opening there was already tentatively healing. This kind of regenerative power no human being could ever possess, nor could he.

He was silent for a long time.

“Sir, many people have arrived from Beijing and are waiting outside, should I tell them you are awake? And it’s no secret that you were not well before. A few even came in earlier to take a look. Now you’re suddenly so much better, how do I explain that?” Dr. Wang asked.

“Let’s leave all that for now.” Lu Chong put down the mirror. After understanding the beginning and end of the matter, he only wanted to see Luo Wencheng now.

Who the hell was he? Was he the same person back then or not?

Back then, that person appeared out of thin air and disappeared the same way. And the current Luo Wencheng who could bring him back to life almost from the dead was just as mysterious and hard to explain by common sense. Coupled with the coincidences and clues he had thought of before, Lu Chong was almost certain that they were the same person.

But if he was the same person, why hadn’t he appeared for so many years? And why had he never mentioned anything about the past when he did appear? Had he forgotten? Why did he forget? The age didn’t match up either, a whole ten years difference, was it as he guessed?…

No, as long as it was him, nothing else mattered.

As long as it was him!

The more Lu Chong thought about it, the more agitated he became. Zhou Yishan had not yet brought Luo Wencheng, but Lu Chong could not wait any longer, stood up and went outside.

He was in an extremely anxious mood, and at the same time he couldn’t help but glow with happiness. His footsteps were almost breezy, and his former calmness and forbearance almost completely disappeared at this moment.

Dr. Wang hurriedly followed, “Sir, it’s not a good idea for you to go out now, there are so many people outside.” What’s the difference between you going out like this and the walking dead?

Lu Chong suddenly stopped: “Hat.”


Lu Chong turned back to get a hat; his bald head was too ugly.

Dr. Wang almost collapsed; was this the time to be concerned about your appearance?

Okay, after all, it was understandable; Master was anxious to see his sweetheart after coming back from the dead.

Dr. Wang was so infected by Lu Chong’s eager and brisk pace that his mood improved, “Ahhh, it’s good to be young! It’s good to be alive! It’s good to be in love!”

Master came alive, and he also came alive with him, and the whole sky was bright.

But when Lu Chong was about to open the electronic door, he suddenly stopped.

There was a line of men guarding the door of the intensive care unit, expressionlessly blocking the people outside who seemed to be simply about to explode with anger and go crazy.

“Zhou Shisan, is he mad? Driving out all the doctors and nurses since yesterday, not letting anyone in. And now no one knows how Master is doing.”

“From the way they act, I suspect that this incident was simply directed by them.”

“I don’t know if it was directed by them or not, but they won’t let us in and they’re letting that little white boy (meaning ‘pretty boy’) come and go! If it’s okay, I’ll chop off my head!”

“Is it for making a will? Look at that bawdy stance of Zhou Shisan.”

“The problem is that he is not a woman. If he were a woman, he could have coaxed Master to leave a son or a daughter, or get married, there are ways to do it. But a man…”

“What’s wrong with a man? As long as Master is willing to leave him his things, even if he is a demon, it’s okay! Don’t forget that Master has never set foot outside Beijing for so many years, and suddenly came to this Haining for a whole year, just for that little white boy.”

“Shit, we’ve followed Master to life and death, and we’re still no match for a pet that came out of nowhere?”

“Don’t worry, my men will be here soon. They won’t be able to cover the sky with their palm any longer. I’ll be the first one to make that little white boy suffer!”

These were the noises made by the young and vigorous, in addition to a few mutterings from the old ones.

“Did Zhou Shisan go for that little white boy again?”

“Don’t be so nosy. Lao Jiu takes that person very seriously.”

“Even if he does, it’s just a pastime. So he went out with him alone and look what happened!”

“I heard that it was because he wanted Lao Jiu to drive for him personally, otherwise with Lao Jiu’s vigilance, even if there was no one following him, he wouldn’t be that easy to get into trouble.”

“I heard that he also ruined his own family. Unfaithful and unfilial thing, Lao Jiu is really confused, giving him everything.”

“Did you notice that ruthless look of his in that fight with Ling Su yesterday? What a wolf cub!”

“If he really gets his hands on some will, isn’t the Lu family going to raise a stink? No matter what happens, this scourge must be taken care of, and Zhou Shisan must be dealt with as well.”

“Wait a little longer, wait for our people to arrive. When the time comes, we’ll directly take Lao Jiu back to Beijing. Whether he’s dead or alive, he’ll stay in the old house. What about that Haining? We have to dispatch too many people to take care of it, we can’t afford it.”

There were twenty to thirty people outside, and apart from a small group of people who were still stable, the rest of them joined in the formulation of various “counterattack plans”.

Because Zhou Yishan had driven away all the doctors and nurses yesterday and refused to let any of them in, some people couldn’t help but suspect that Lu Chong was already dead inside, so they had barged in, quarrelling. None of them were good-natured people. Some drew their guns and some drew their knives. The scene was very ugly.

Although Lu Chong was later proved to be alive, everyone was left with a feeling of uncertainty in their hearts, and they had no trust in Zhou Yishan, who forcibly took away their weapons and brought some men to guard the entrance to the ICU.

Zhou Yishan knew they only had to wait a day or three, by which time Lu Chong would start to recover, and he was not afraid to take extreme measures when he saw hope. But these people didn’t know, and they were all furious.

After everyone was waiting for a day in such a suffocating and anxious mood, Zhou Yishan finally came out and actually ordered to bring Luo Wencheng. The dissatisfaction in everyone’s heart naturally broke out, and Luo Wencheng, who was the trigger, became the focus of their anger.

To say that they had any bad intentions wouldn’t be true. Except for a few, most of them were loyal and at most a little selfish, but the bad thing was that when these words reached Lu Chong’s ears, they were so harsh and heart-piercing that his inverse scale was touched.

The electronic door suddenly opened with a click. The crowd stopped talking and looked over, and then their eyes widened. Because the man they had come here to wait for, the man they thought should be lying half dead in bed, was now standing at the door, looking at them with a grim face.

Although they didn’t mention it, they all actually had a number in their hearts about Lu Chong’s condition, otherwise they wouldn’t have been in such an agitated mood. As a result, this person they thought was dying suddenly appeared in front of them in good health, and although he was wearing a weird hat, he was definitely a real person. That physique, that look in his eyes couldn’t be any better.

Before they could experience the shock, surprise, joy and many other emotions, a chill ran down their backs. Those who were glanced at by Lu Chong one by one froze in place.

Lu Chong unhurriedly walked out and looked at these people, “You guys, you’re good.”

He spoke slowly, but in this slowness countless small knives seemed to be wrapped, trying to cut off a person’s flesh, full with a gut-wrenching coldness.

“Sir, sir…” Someone couldn’t help but speak up.

Lu Chong looked at them icily. He had no time to bother with them now: “Don’t you want to go in? Go in.”

Dr. Wang hurriedly stepped aside and opened the door of the intensive care unit. The door was open, as if it was a prison cell.

When someone still tried to speak, Lu Chong gave him a look that made the man cower and silently scuffle against the wall. The man who had been shouting the most fiercely just now was wilted like a quail.

At that moment, Zhou Yishan came running, “Sir, you’ve come out?”

“Where’s Wencheng?” Lu Chong immediately shifted his attention.

“Sir, that, we can’t find him.”

Lu Chong’s face changed: “What do you mean you can’t find him? Where can’t you find him?”

“Right in front of the hospital.” Zhou Yishan handed over a mobile phone. “This was found in the lawn in front of the hospital. Take a look at this video.”

Lu Chong walked aside and turned the video on. Luo Wencheng’s face appeared on the screen.

He was sitting in the car and holding up his phone to record it. The sun was shining. His expression was light, and his tone was casual and calm: “Lu Chong, when you see this video, I should have already left. I have other things to do, don’t look for me, I won’t come back. Just wait for the person you want to wait for. By the way, don’t blame Zhou Qian, I was the one who deliberately distracted him. That’s all.”

The twenty-second video ended here, and it took Lu Chong a moment to understand what was being expressed in it.

He had left? How could he leave?

“The video was recorded an hour ago, he must not have gone far, go and find him!” If he had been angry a moment ago, now he was only panicked and anxious.

He immediately stepped into the elevator and said to those who wanted to follow him, “None of you are allowed to leave without my order!” At a time like this, how could he possibly let these people who were so hostile to Luo Wencheng out?

Zhou Yishan didn’t bother gloating and said as they went downstairs, “He didn’t go into the hospital. We’ve searched all around the hospital, but we can’t find him. However, he left by car, so he can’t hide from the surveillance on the road, it should be easy to find him.”

But as soon as they stepped out of the elevator, they got the news that Luo Wencheng had abandoned his car halfway. The car had been found but no one was there.

Lu Chong immediately rushed to the place where the car was parked, which was only a kilometre away from the hospital. When asked, the people in the neighbourhood said that they had indeed seen an outstanding looking young man who got out of the car more than forty minutes ago, and they wondered why such a nice car was just left there for so long.

“Which way did he go?” Lu Chong asked.

“Seems to be east?” Someone said uncertainly.

“He went east and turned right at the intersection. At that time, I was going to buy candy for my grandson. I walked all the way with the young man. I was very impressed, so I looked back and muttered to my wife, such a good-looking young man, why is he sneaking around?” An old man said.

“What do you mean sneaking around?”

“It’s just that he seemed to be stealthily following someone, always staring forward for some reason.”

Lu Chong’s mind spinned. While sending someone to take down the surveillance videos of several surrounding shops, he sent other people to follow up along the said road.

At this time, the surveillance of the car along the way was also obtained. When all the videos were combined, it was certain that Luo Wencheng was indeed following a person, a man in his thirties who was wearing an ordinary suit and looked like an ordinary white-collar worker. The appearance was also very ordinary.

“Check who this man is.”

There were no major roads around here, and the surveillance cameras were very limited, so Lu Chong dispersed the manpower he could mobilise, and almost all the nearby streets were filled with people searching. The crowd tactic was still very effective, and two hours later the underground passage was found.

By now it was already dark and the underground passage was almost empty, with only a few dim lights on and a few homeless people inside.

Lu Chong brought his men down with high-power flashlights, illuminating the underground passage so brightly that the homeless people were frightened.

Lu Chong waved his hand, and someone immediately went to question the homeless.

Lu Chong himself carried a flashlight and searched up and down the passage. The smell here was not good and it was messy, but he had a keen sense of smell, and especially after waking up this time, he was more sensitive than before – and the same was true about his sense of hearing, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to hear so many conversations through a thick electronic door a short while ago.

As soon as he came down he smelled the faint and still quite fresh smell of blood and an indefinable but odd odour.

Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was blood on the ground, a small amount that had dried and turned brown. He scanned it with a flashlight, and he could basically judge what kind of fight had happened here and what the situation was at that time.

“Two men… blood is new, no more than half a day… this shoe print, adult male, size 40…”

Luo Wencheng wore size 40 shoes.

Lu Chong squatted down and touched the half of the bloody shoe print on the ground. His heart was beating fast and heavy. He felt he was close to the answer, but had a strong feeling that it was not the answer he wanted.

Zhou Yishan came over and took a look at the ground, then at Lu Chong’s face, and said quietly, “I’ll go ahead and check.”

“Sir.” The man over there who was questioning the homeless people suddenly shouted, “There might be a clue here.”

Lu Chong immediately walked over.

The man said, “When asked about these two, this child’s expression was a little dodgy. He might know something, but he won’t say anything.”

It was a lame homeless man with a dirty child in his arms. The child was probably only three or four years old, skinny and burrowing straight into the homeless man’s arms.

Lu Chong was anxious but still restrained himself and told someone to go and buy some food, then said to the homeless man, “Tell him that if he gives me the information I want, I will let you live in a big house, feed and clothe you both and send him to school.”

The homeless man’s eyes widened and he pulled the child in his arms and whispered something in a dialect that Lu Chong did not understand.

The child was less resistant, and under the temptation of food, he stumblingly expressed something in very incomprehensible Mandarin and various body movements.

It turned out that when the homeless man went out to beg in the afternoon, the child was hidden by him in a pile of cardboard boxes in the corner of the passage to sleep. The child was sensitive and woke up as soon as someone came in, but did not dare to come out and peeked without moving.

What he expressed, coupled with Lu Chong’s own understanding, was that two people came in. The one behind pressed down the one in front and beat him, but suddenly fell down while clutching his heart. The other took the opportunity to pick up the knife, but the child didn’t know if he stabbed him or not. Anyway, the other man stood for a while and made a phone call. It didn’t take long for two more people to come and take away the one who fell down.

If there was Luo Wencheng among those two, it could only have been the one who came behind, but as far as Lu Chong knew, Luo Wencheng didn’t have a heart condition.

“Young Master Luo had a heart disorder once after he woke up.” A voice suddenly said. Lu Chong looked over; it was Zhou Qian. Lu Chong’s face immediately distorted when he saw him, but thinking of what Luo Wencheng had specifically explained in the video, he didn’t say anything in the end.

“When was that?”

“It was yesterday afternoon, Young Master Luo even asked me the time, it was 2:40, and the strange thing is that he seemed to understand something after hearing the time. Manager Liu was also present.” Zhou Qian said, handing over with both hands an object he had just found in the corner, “This button should be from the sleeve of Young Master Luo’s windbreaker.”

Lu Chong’s face changed as he took the button. Zhou Qian continued, “I just bought the clothes the day before yesterday, so I have a bit of an impression. If I take the button to the shop and compare it, I should get a more accurate result.”

Luo Wencheng was fond of wearing dark green windbreakers; this button was dark green, and the workmanship was excellent. The windbreaker was a new summer style, mainly for sun protection. Everything from the fabric to the button material was special, plus the price was high. Not too many people should buy it, so it was easy to go to the shop to check.

Lu Chong clutched this button in his palm. His face was dark and the atmosphere was so stagnant that it was suffocating.

Zhou Yishan ran over, “Sir, there are a few drops of blood on the ground over there at the exit, but nothing else was found.”

“How can there be nothing found when he was taken away from there?” Lu Chong was already on the verge of an outburst, “Where are the footprints? What about wheel marks?”

“The concrete ground, it’s hard to get any clues. It is a small road at the exit and there is no surveillance. There is an abandoned shopping mall in the surrounding area, I’m afraid it’s also hard to find witnesses.” Zhou Yishan’s voice got lower and lower, “If coming here wasn’t a coincidence, then I’m afraid that the person who led the way had a plan.”

This place was too suitable for killing people and destroying corpses and evidence.

In a bustling city like Haining, there weren’t many places like this, except for the area in Beicheng. That man was obviously very familiar with Haining.

Lu Chong reached out and braced himself against the wall, breathing heavily.

Then he took out his mobile phone and dialled a few numbers.

Zhou Yishan listened in silence, his heart skipping a beat.

Blocking all highway intersections in Haining, stopping all flights and trains, no one with vehicles allowed to leave Haining, all departments in Haining cooperating with the action, and even a wanted notice…

One document after another was coming down, and they were coming directly from the north at the highest level. Tonight, and even longer in the future, the city of Haining would be completely in the hands of Lu Chong.

The consequences of such a big move, however, were also very serious. Lu Chong was powerful, but not to the point where his palm could cover the sky.

But Zhou Yishan didn’t say anything.

After Lu Chong finished his phone calls, he only said two words to him, “Go ahead.”

“Understood!” Zhou Yishan left quickly, and after he left, Liu Weizhi finally arrived, bringing with him a team of experts to investigate the scene.


Lu Chong waved his hand, and those people immediately spread out and got busy.

This night, there was a vicious fugitive on the loose in Haining. All routes out of Haining were blocked, the whole city was under martial law, even small local fishing boats were not allowed to go out to sea. A thorough investigation was carried out almost everywhere both by the men in regular clothes and the uniformed men.

People were terrified, and there were not enough words to describe the chaos of this night.

However, when the sun rose again, there was still no valuable clue.

The only useful information was that among the bloodstains in the underground passage, there was indeed Luo Wencheng’s blood. The identity of another man was also found out, a doctor who had studied abroad and returned to Haining only a month ago, with a clean background and an innocent identity, no relatives or friends; and now his whereabouts were unknown.

Lu Chong immediately sent someone to investigate this man.

There was another clue, that is, the homeless child. Lu Chong asked to bring him and had a special person talk to him. The child finally revealed something more detailed again, including a name that Luo Wencheng had asked the man about. He asked where Fang Bude was.

It was not known how Fang Bude was spelled, nor was it known whether it was a person or a thing, a man or a woman, so it was almost impossible to start.

Lu Chong sat in his study, rubbing his forehead feebly.

He had been so excited and happy to go to see that person, thinking he was about to be welcomed to the fulfilment of his dream of more than ten years. So why did it become like this?

He picked up the phone on his desk and turned on the video again, the video he had watched countless times overnight. He remembered every word in it, every look in the eyes of the young man clearly.

“Why did you leave? Where the hell are you? Are you okay?” He muttered, his mind filled with a manic wish to destroy everything and a kind of hysterical frustration.

He wanted to shout, to hiss, to rage, but in the end it all dissolved into a deep sense of helplessness, of powerlessness.

“Sir.” Lao Ding walked in, “What are you going to do with those people in the hospital? Ling Su, what are you going to do with him?”

Lu Chong didn’t respond, propping up his head and not moving.

Lao Ding continued, “It’s been two days since they arrived here, and half of the people in charge in the capital are missing. You have made such a big move this time. If you don’t let them go back, the capital will be turned upside down.”

Lu Chong raised his eyes and looked at Lao Ding for a long time.

Lao Ding continued, “Wencheng’s whereabouts are unknown. He is still waiting for you to find and save him. At this time the rear must not be in chaos.”

Lu Chong’s eyes turned cold, and then he smiled: “Very good, very good, okay, call them over. And,” Lu Chong stopped Lao Ding and added, “call Liu Weizhi over too.”

Those who had been obediently locked up in the intensive care unit finally managed to get out, and within half an hour they quickly gathered in Lu Chong’s study.

The room was full of people huddling together.

The atmosphere was grim.

Lu Chong looked at them, the old men, the young men and the so-called elders.

There were some faces that were not pleasing in the past, such as those in the Lu family who relied on the old to sell the old, who were always trying to control him or take advantage of him, such as the men left behind by his father who thought that their seniority was giving them the right to get higher and higher.

In the past he used to be calm because he didn’t care, but now, he couldn’t even look at these people.

And some of the faces that he had once found likeable were at the moment very annoying to look at.

“You,” he pointed at Ling Su; he didn’t actually remember the name of this young man, but he had the impression he was straightforward and bloodthirsty, and just about had his die-hard loyalty written on his face, “threatened to kill him.”

The smile on Ling Su’s face disappeared in a flash, his face turning pale with misery.

“You,” Lu Chong pointed at Liu Weizhi, “monitored and controlled him.”

Liu Weizhi lowered his head.

“You, all of you, said contemptuous insults, condescending and disdainful!”

Luo Wencheng wanted to come and see him, to save him, and he actually had to beg for it.

He was clearly right in front of the hospital, yet he told Zhou Qian that it was inappropriate for him to come in and that it would cause a conflict.

There might really have been other reasons for his departure, but was there this layer to it as well? Was the alienation and coldness emanating from him in the video partly a result of this?

As long as Lu Chong thought about Luo Wencheng being excluded from his own circle and subjected to cold treatment, he wanted to kill these people!

“The person I hold in the palm of my hand,” Lu Chong said word by word, suddenly sweeping everything on the table to the floor, “is despised by you like that!”

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  1. Oooo~~ will mc be tortured and ml would think he changed personality because of it? OwO Quite the exciting happenings after ml woke up aye. Missed each other ( ◞ ‸ ◟)

    Lmaoo ml taking out his anger + cleaning up people on the way

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