Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 63

In the early hours of the morning, at the same private hospital, the operation had been going on for seven hours.

The hospital had been blocked by Liu Weizhi inside and outside. Except for the necessary medical staff, all the others had been cleared and all the patients had been transferred to other hospitals. Liu Weizhi used all his forces in Haining to ensure the absolute safety of the hospital.

Liu Weizhi was busy with the things outside, his phone kept ringing, and he had to deal with the people in Haining who had heard the news, so he was physically and mentally exhausted after just ten hours.

When he had finished his work, he returned to the surgery room and sat down on the chair. His fat body collapsed, his face full of fatigue, gloom and worry.

At this moment, footsteps sounded from the other end of the corridor. He looked up, saw his two familiar partners and sighed: “There you are.”

The visitors were none other than Zhou Yishan and Lao Ding, who had rushed over from Beijing. They were dusty and anxious, asking sharply as soon as they saw Liu Weizhi, “Where’s Master?”

“He’s still in surgery.”

“How is the situation?” Lao Ding asked.

Liu Weizhi shook his head, “Seven hours, several resuscitations, the operation was interrupted several times. We don’t know the details yet.”

“Shit, who did this!” Zhou Yishan wanted to kill someone in anger but had no target, so he yanked Liu Weizhi’s collar, “Is this how you protect Master?”

Lao Ding stopped him and told him to calm down. Liu Weizhi broke free and said blankly: “The truck driver died on the spot. It is very difficult to investigate. I can’t be distracted now, so I called you over.”

Lao Ding said calmly, “We definitely need to investigate, but that’s not the point right now. What matters most now is Master’s condition. Also, we got your news and rushed over immediately, but other people will surely get the news too and they will come over soon.”

Thinking about those, Liu Weizhi frowned.

There were many capable people under Master, and the three of them belonged to the earliest group, were the closest to Master and had a good relationship with each other. There were also some who were promoted later, and there were also some old people left behind by Master’s father.

There was no doubt about their loyalty, but they were not particularly harmonious with each other. When Master was around, he was naturally able to keep them under control, but now, in this situation, no one would obey anyone, no one would trust anyone, and it would be difficult to work together.

Although when Master came to Haining, he had already arranged their positions for everyone, if something were to happen to Master now, if he was killed and died, it would be completely different from him retiring peacefully. It would be simply impossible to have a smooth handover.

In addition, there were people from the Lu family, which was another camp. They did not share the same interests as Master, but were related by blood and had the right to inherit, or at least they had the right to claim the properties Master had inherited from his father. But after all these years, it was difficult to fully clarify which properties had come from where. In any case, those people would take advantage of the opportunity to bite hard in case something happened to Master.

“We have to prepare for the worst.” Lao Ding said, “At the time of Master’s accident, you were the only one by his side. If someone decides to use it and unite against you, the situation will be very bad. They might even claim that you were an accomplice to Master’s death or a traitor, and manipulate it to increase their own prestige.”

Liu Weizhi rubbed his forehead, “All this is nothing. As long as Master can wake up, none of it is a problem.”

“I’m just worried that if we mess up, someone will fish in troubled waters. Anyway, let’s investigate the truth as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Lao Liu, leave the defence of the hospital to me and Shisan and take the responsibility for the investigation. We will make this gesture first, so that people can’t make trouble even if they want to,” Lao Ding said.

Liu Weizhi considered for a moment and nodded.

Zhou Yishan walked around anxiously at the door of the surgery room and suddenly asked, “Didn’t you say there were two people in the car? Where is that kid? Where did he go to hide?”

Liu Weizhi said, “Luo Wencheng lost too much blood. After resuscitation he is now fine. Zhou Qian is guarding him.”

Zhou Yishan grunted, “I think we need to move that kid away. He was present when the car crash happened. Later on people will come and will say they want to interrogate him. There are a few who have a worse temper than me. In case it gets rough, we have to protect him.”

“And what if Master wakes up and asks about him? If we send him away, we’ll need to send more people to protect him,” Liu Weizhi said. “Where else in Haining is safer than this hospital now?”

Zhou Yishan stopped arguing.

The three of them talked some more. Then, leaving Liu Weizhi here to keep watch, the other two went off to do their own thing.

Time continued to pass minute by minute.

The sky gradually brightened, and a new day began.

The doors of the surgery room remained closed.

However, all the people from Beijing who had heard the news landed in Haining and rushed to the hospital.

Luo Wencheng slept until noon.

He opened his eyes to a brightly lit room with the sun shining outside the window, and after a moment he sat up violently, falling back on the bed halfway.

He held his forehead and felt a layer of gauze. His whole body was dizzy.

“You’re awake? You have a concussion, plus you have lost too much blood. You should not get out of bed.”

Luo Wencheng heard Zhou Qian’s voice and turned his head to look: “Where is Lu Chong?”

“Master is still being resuscitated.” Zhou Qian said.

“Resuscitated…” Luo Wencheng grabbed his hand, “What’s his condition and how long has he been resuscitated? What did the doctor say?”

Zhou Qian said, “Master has been in the surgery room for almost twenty hours. Originally, he was going to be released after the surgery, but the specialist team from Beijing arrived, so he didn’t come out, and a group of people are now gathered there. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Luo Wencheng was about to get out of bed when he heard this, but stopped halfway through getting up. He said to Zhou Qian, “Is there any food?”

“I’ll go and get it.”

After Zhou Qian left the room, Luo Wencheng lifted the quilt.

Under the quilt, a syringe was placed at his side. It looked very ordinary, the kind of one-millilitre syringe that was used in the hospital for blood tests, but it contained a light blue liquid.

The first moment Luo Wencheng saw the stuff, its effects came to his mind.

The restorative agent takes effect 24 to 72 hours after injection, saving and restoring the person as good as new, no matter how badly injured they are, as long as they are still alive.

He gripped it tightly at once, then pulled the needle out of the back of his hand and got up. There were new clothes by the bed and he took them straight away to change.

Zhou Qian came in with food: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see Lu Chong,” Luo Wencheng said.

Zhou Qian was silent for a moment: “I’m afraid you can’t go now.”

Luo Wencheng rearranged his collar, “Why?”

“The access to the surgery room has been blocked off, ordinary people can’t go there. And there are many people coming from Beijing, they won’t let you see Master either.”

Luo Wencheng slowly sat down and after a moment of thought asked, “Where is Liu Weizhi? I want to see him.”

“It’s useless for you to see him. Manager Liu is isolated from there too, and there are people investigating him now, saying that it was because of his poor protection that Master was attacked. They even suspect him of being a traitor.”

Luo Wencheng frowned, “Then who else is there around Lu Chong?”

“It’s Mr. Ding and Mr. Zhou, they came from Beijing in the early hours of the morning,” Zhou Qian replied.

Luo Wencheng was a little more relieved, “Is there any other way? I must see Lu Chong.”

“Who do you think you are to see Master if you want to?” There was a cold voice, and a tall, slender man appeared at the door of the ward. The man was around twenty-five or twenty-six, with a handsome face, but his eyes were extremely cold, looking at Luo Wencheng as if slashing him with a knife.

Luo Wencheng’s face darkened slightly. This gaze was awe-inspiring. He felt a strong murderous intent coming from this man. He glanced to the side of this man’s waist, where a slight bulge revealed a hidden gun; and a knife should be pinned to the outside of his right thigh.

Just as his gaze fell on the man’s thigh, the man’s hand already quickly slid there.

The speed was so fast that Luo Wencheng could barely see it. He only saw a flash of cold light approaching with killing intent. He quickly raised his hand to block it, but the next moment he was pinned down to the bed, one arm around his neck, the knife pointing at his eyes, just a few centimetres away.

He used all his strength to block the man’s hand with the knife, but the opponent’s strength was amazing, and the tip of the knife was still approaching little by little.

At this point Zhou Qian rushed over to help, and Liu Weizhi, who was one step behind, also shouted, “Ling Su, are you crazy?”

The two of them grabbed the man named Ling Su and tried their best to pull him away. Luo Wencheng turned to his side and coughed while rubbing his neck.

Ling Su sneered coldly: “Weak chicken.”

Luo Wencheng slowly sat up; the gauze on his head and the gauze on his wrist were oozing blood again. His already pale face was even paler now. He looked miserably white, but his eyes were dark and cold. When he looked at Ling Su, the coldness in his eyes was no less than the other party’s.

Ling Su was startled. For a moment, he almost felt that the person in front of him was an emotionless beast. He was provoked, and he would pounce on him and bite him the next moment.

Then he snorted; such a delicate child, he could crush him with one hand, what could he even do to fight for his life?

He shook off Zhou Qian and Liu Weizhi: “Why are you so nervous? If I really wanted to kill him, would you have time to stop me? Such a half crippled guy, how dared you guys feel comfortable letting Master go out with him alone?”

Liu Weizhi said with a cold face, “Just ask questions, don’t move your hands.”

Ling Su leaned against a bedside table, playing with the knife in his hand, “You were by Master’s side when it happened?”

Luo Wencheng looked away from him, “…yes.”

“You were in the passenger seat and Master was in the driver’s seat?”


Ling Su gave a laugh “You’re good enough to get Master to condescend to drive for you.”

Liu Weizhi scolded, “Get down to business!”

“So Master was driving when the truck hit you?”

“No, right before that he suddenly stopped the car and spoke to me.”

“What did he say?”

Luo Wencheng was somewhat stunned, recalling Lu Chong’s expression and tone of voice at that time. Yes, what was he going to say to him then? With that kind of demeanour, what he was going to say didn’t seem to be an ordinary matter.

He came back to his senses and said lightly, “It was a personal matter. The truck hit before he finished speaking.” He raised his head and looked at Ling Su, “But what’s the point of asking? Is it possible to analyse from the angle of the truck hitting us who the enemy is and who sent it?”

Ling Su’s face twitched.

Luo Wencheng smiled sarcastically, “Or do you think I’m involved in this matter and that I have a part in harming Lu Chong?”

“It’s really upsetting that Master is lying there between life and death, and you’ve slept on it and you’re fine. Why are you so lightly injured when it’s obvious you were in the same car?” Ling Su moved closer and bent down to look at Luo Wencheng.

“So that’s why you want to kill me?” Luo Wencheng knew very well that just now this man was really trying to kill him. If he hadn’t reacted quickly, if Zhou Qian and Liu Weizhi hadn’t held the man off, he would have been dead by this time.

Ling Su straightened up, “If Master dies, I will really make you pay for it with your life. You’d better pray for Master to wake up.”

After saying these harsh words, he went out. Liu Weizhi sighed and said to Luo Wencheng, “Now that you’re awake, you’d better leave. There are many others like Ling Su who are angry with you, even more aggressive than him. It’s not safe for you to stay here.”

His face no longer had that Maitreya Buddha-like smile, his brow was furrowed and he did not show a trace of kindness to Luo Wencheng.

Luo Wencheng knew that Liu Weizhi was also angry with him, only he didn’t show it too much. But Luo Wencheng didn’t care, he didn’t care how these people felt about him. He asked, “How is he?”

“The situation is not optimistic.” Liu Weizhi said with a grim expression, “Mr. Lu has suffered a fatal blow to the head and there are many fractures in his body. For the time being his condition is stabilised, but it is hard to say what will happen next.”

“Not optimistic, hard to say, aren’t these the words doctors use to distract the family? What exactly is the situation, give me the bottom line.”

Liu Weizhi was silent for a moment and said, “Right now, it seems that the best case scenario is a vegetative state if no miracle happens.”

The exact words of those doctors and experts were that with such severe head trauma and such a large amount of blood loss, it was a miracle that he didn’t die on the spot, and although they were lucky to stabilise the situation during the surgery, the probability that he would eventually wake up was very, very small, pathetically small.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes widened slightly.

“A little bit more, and he would have been sleeping there with a ventilator inserted and actually brain dead. The best news now is that Master’s desire to live is so strong that he might actually wake up, but even if he does…”

Liu Weizhi paused for a moment and said heavily, “He has severe brain tissue damage. A part of it was removed, and he is still suffering from ongoing cranial hypertension. The brain tissue will continue to be damaged, so even if he wakes up, he will never recover to his old self and will either be stupid or crippled, or both, period.”

And that would already be the miracle of miracles.

Liu Weizhi said, “So leave while you can. If people turn on you, no one can save you.”

Luo Wencheng lowered his head and sat for a while, smiling softly.

Liu Weizhi frowned, “What are you smiling at?”

Luo Wencheng touched the syringe in his pocket and said, “I want to see Lu Chong. I can save Lu Chong.”

“You… what are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that I can save Lu Chong and restore him to his former self. Take me to see him.”

“You’re kidding, I don’t have time for you.” Liu Weizhi thought he was crazy.

“I’m not joking.” Luo Wencheng said firmly, “I wouldn’t joke about something like this. In this situation now, if I wasn’t able to save him, would I have gone out of my way to see Lu Chong just to look at him or to kill him? You have to believe that I want Lu Chong alive more than anyone else.”

Liu Weizhi looked at Luo Wencheng for a long moment. Luo Wencheng’s eyes were firm and unblinking, meeting his gaze. Liu Weizhi laughed in exasperation; he actually thought for a moment the young man was telling the truth. “Then tell me, how can you save Master? He is not poisoned, he is not possessed, he is in a coma from a head injury. Will you go in there and chant an incantation to make him well?”

Luo Wencheng didn’t care about his mockery and said indifferently, “I naturally have my ways. Have you forgotten that I once looked dead and came back to life in the end?”

Liu Weizhi frowned at the memory, “Was it a trick that time? Did you lie to Master?”

Luo Wencheng continued, “Also, you should know that I have a strange problem. Every time at midnight, my abdomen hurts as if it’s a colic. Mr. Lu thought it was psychological, but it’s not, my body is different from normal people. Anyway, just think I have a way to bring people back to life. The world is so big, what’s so strange about something that you can’t understand?”

Liu Weizhi was silent, thinking.

Luo Wencheng looked up and said, “Decide quickly, how long can Lu Chong last? What if his condition worsens?”

Liu Weizhi still couldn’t believe him. What he said was so metaphysical that it sounded like a fantasy, yet in his heart he hoped that what Luo Wencheng said was true.

For only then could the best outcome occur.

Luo Wencheng could see his hesitation and finally said, “Lu Chong has protected me with his life. I won’t harm him. And you know how he feels about me and how he trusts me. With his status, with his decisive character, if he had a choice now, guess whether he would choose to lie there and resign to his fate, waiting to end up either stupid or crippled even if a miracle occurs, or choose to trust me and take a gamble with me?

“Besides, I’m sure enough.”

Liu Weizhi’s face changed. Luo Wencheng was right about one thing. With Master’s status and power, if he was really stupid or too badly crippled, he would become a puppet and a living target, he would lose all his dignity, and all those who were once under his feet or looked up to him with envy would be able to laugh at him with impunity. Liu Weizhi put himself in his place and felt that if he were to face it himself, he would go mad and he would rather end his life before that happened.

He gritted his teeth and said, “You wait!”

He went out to call Lao Ding and Zhou Yishan, the only two people who could support him and give Luo Wencheng a shred of trust at this moment.

Luo Wencheng let out a long sigh and his body went limp in exhaustion.

Zhou Qian, who had been standing quietly aside, brought the food to Luo Wencheng at this moment: “Have something to eat?”

Luo Wencheng looked at the steamed buns and porridge and shook his head, “I can’t eat, give me a bottle of glucose.”

“I’ll go get it.”

“Zhou Qian.” Luo Wencheng called out to him, “Do you trust me?”

“I don’t know, but I know Master believes you. I listen to Master.” Zhou Qian said quietly. Under Lu Chong, he was just a small person, not as high as Liu Weizhi, Lao Ding and Zhou Yishan, nor did he have the qualifications to be as reckless and domineering as Ling Su, so he would not think too much, consider too much, he would do whatever Master told him to do.

If Master told him to follow Luo Wencheng, he would follow.

If Master told him to listen to Luo Wencheng, he would listen.

Master told him to keep Luo Wencheng safe, so even if everyone rushed to kill him now, Zhou Qian would still protect him to the last moment of his life.

Because he knew that was what Master needed him to do.

Luo Wencheng said softly, “Thank you.”

Zhou Qian went to get a bottle of glucose for injection. Luo Wencheng poured it directly into his mouth and felt a little better. After a while Liu Weizhi came back: “Come with me, the excuse we will make is that you are Master’s favourite person, so we let you go in and see if you can wake him up. In short, you shouldn’t speak the whole time. No matter what anyone says, do not respond.”

“Okay.” When Luo Wencheng walked out of the ward, he suddenly staggered and clutched his heart.

“What’s wrong with you?” Liu Weizhi asked.

After a few seconds, that palpitating feeling gradually disappeared. Luo Wencheng straightened up and shook his head. He slowly realised what was going on and asked Zhou Qian, “What time is it?”

“Two forty in the afternoon.”

“Two forty…” That was the time of the accident yesterday, twenty-four hours ago.

Luo Wencheng said to the two men looking at him, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

He followed Liu Weizhi to another inpatient building, where Zhou Yishan was already waiting at the elevator, chewing tobacco. He rushed over to look straight at Luo Wencheng, lowering his voice, “Can you really save Master?”

“I can,” Luo Wencheng said.

“Shit, if you can, I’ll call you Grandfather from now on! Come with me.” He led Luo Wencheng upstairs, and Liu Weizhi and Zhou Qian were blocked out by the people guarding the stairs.

When they went up to the seventh floor, the floor of the intensive care unit, as soon as the elevator opened, there were so many people standing and sitting in the corridor outside the main door of the intensive care unit that one couldn’t count them at a glance. When they saw Zhou Yishan bringing a stranger, they all looked over, their faces extremely unfriendly: “Zhou Shisan, who is this?”

“Someone more useful than you!” Zhou Yishan was too lazy to bother with these people and went to press the electronic code for the ICU door.

Before he could press it, someone came to stop him, “You’re taking him in? We all have to press the button just to get a look in, why should he get in?”

“Just because he is the one Master saved with his own life?” Zhou Yishan said impatiently, “Didn’t they say we have to wait for a miracle? What’s wrong with me bringing him here to give Master a boost? You’re all flies, you’re here just to make noise or pollute the air, or you just wish for Master to die as soon as possible. It’s good enough that a few of you have the right to press the button. Get out of here!”

Those people’s faces turned red as they were scolded. Luo Wencheng looked over and saw the old and the young. Those who looked like they had been pampered all their lives should’ve been from the Lu family, and there were also some who were standing farther away, with the auras, even though restrained, still leaking cold and fierceness that no one could ignore. They should’ve been Lu Chong’s men.

This was really a lot.

One of them, a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, said in a deep voice, “Right now, Master’s condition is critical. It’s not good for you to suddenly bring a stranger in, is it?”

“He’s a stranger to you, but not to me, and even less so to Master. Should we let you get acquainted with him before we can go in? Who the hell are you?”

“You… Zhou Shisan, cut the crap, will you be responsible in case he has bad intentions?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility. If he harms Master, I’ll chop off my head, okay? And don’t think badly of everyone you see. If there was something wrong with him, wouldn’t that madman Ling Su have killed him on the spot?”

As he said this, he opened the electronic door of the intensive care unit and pushed Luo Wencheng inside: “Get in.”

Inside the room Dr. Wang led Luo Wencheng to change into isolating clothes and continued to walk, “Master is inside.”

It was a large ward, with beds placed against the wall, and Lu Chong was lying on one of them.

Lu Chong was unconscious, covered with a quilt, half of his chest exposed, with a tracheal tube in his throat and a ventilator attached. His chest was rising and falling, but it was impossible to tell whether he was breathing on his own.

Luo Wencheng slowly approached. Lu Chong’s hair had been shaved off, revealing a bruised and swollen head with two S-shaped incisions on it. The edges of the incisions were tightly stitched together with black thread. His scalp resembled a bulging ball of skin, and there was even a tube in the middle of the incision, drawing a deep red liquid from the skull.

Luo Wencheng reached out and gently touched the skull, which was obviously supposed to be hard, but it felt hot and a little soft to the touch.

“This…” He had never known that a person’s head could be made to look like this.

“Two pieces of the skull were removed because of cranial hypertension.” Dr. Wang stood in the doorway without following him in, “I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you’d better hurry up. I’ll be right outside.”

As for letting Luo Wencheng in, Dr. Wang was actually the one who was most happy to see it happen. He was a doctor, he had countless patients in his hands, and he knew how serious Lu Chong’s condition was. He also knew how many patients like Lu Chong would die in the emergency room and ICU every day in many hospitals of all sizes across the country. Even if the vast majority of them were in less serious conditions than Lu Chong, none of them survived.

A miracle? That’s just an affectionate wish and an excuse to temporarily appease the people outside.

So even if it was chanting an incantation or witchcraft, as long as it saved Master’s life, as long as there was a shred of hope, let it happen.

Luo Wencheng took out the syringe, stuck it into Lu Chong’s infusion tube and slowly pushed the light blue liquid in. Watching the blue ingredient flow into Lu Chong’s vein through the needle in the back of his hand, he let out a slight sigh of relief.

He looked at Lu Chong and said, “Tell me, what’s the use of having a big family? It’s hard for me to even see you, and I can barely get in even when I want to save you.”

He looked at Lu Chong, who was supposed to be high and mighty, supposed to be elegant and dignified, and now was lying here unconscious, with tubes all over his body, so powerless over everything.

But it was okay, it would get better soon.

He lowered his head and took Lu Chong’s hand. There were so many things he wanted to say, but he didn’t know what to say. What he wanted to say seemed to have been said in the past, and he was in a very calm mood at the moment, so calm that it was even a little too much.

He finally said, “Lu Chong, I wish you get well. Wait for the one you are waiting for, and be happy.”

He felt a finger move under his hand, but Lu Chong was still asleep as before, motionless.

Luo Wencheng looked at him steadily for a while, let go of his hand and walked out of the ward very simply. Dr. Wang was surprised: “So fast?”

“Within a day to three days, he will wake up.” Luo Wencheng said, walked out and opened the electronic door. Outside there was an almost sword-rattling atmosphere. The person confronting Zhou Yishan had changed to Ling Su. As Luo Wencheng opened the door, all eyes shot straight towards him. Ling Su’s gaze was particularly sharp.

Luo Wencheng walked out without his face changing and closed the door behind him.

Zhou Yishan saw him approaching, “Okay?”

Someone was quicker than him, grabbing Luo Wencheng by the collar and about to pin him against the door.

However, absolutely unexpectedly, Luo Wencheng stepped back, grabbed the attacker first and threw him against the door.

Luo Wencheng’s move was born out of an over-the-shoulder slam. It was extremely fast. Ling Su was really thrown off guard. His body slammed into the electronic door, making a loud noise and even triggering an alarm. He reacted quickly and immediately counterattacked, but the next moment Luo Wencheng kicked him severely in the lower abdomen.

This kick was really cruel, and the hard toe of the shoe was no worse than some sharp device. Ling Su grunted and hit the door again and then dropped on his knees. Then there was a chill over his waist, his hair was pulled up, and something cold was pressed between his eyes.

Amidst the shrill sound of alarm, Luo Wencheng bent over slightly, grabbing Ling Su’s hair with one hand and holding the gun he had taken from Ling Su’s waist against his head with the other. “You can’t do anything but attack me, didn’t anyone tell you that’s rude?” he said indifferently.

The circle of people around were shocked; Ling Su lost?

The unruly Ling Su, who liked to rely on his fists, had been subdued in a single movement? By someone who was much thinner than him and looked non-threatening?

Luo Wencheng suddenly let go of Ling Su and took a few steps back with the gun pointed at him, retreating from the shadows to where the sun shone outside the window.

He preferred to wear windbreakers, and today was no exception. The well-tailored coat set off his extremely slender and straight figure. His hand pointed the gun straight ahead, the sunlight glowed, illuminating his hair, and his pale face was half in the light and half in the shadows.

There was no expression on his face, his eyes were devoid of any hint of excitement and his aura was far more powerful and intimidating than that of Ling Su, who was kneeling there.

Almost everyone was convinced that the next moment he would pull the trigger, and some people moved faintly.

In the midst of the standoff, Dr. Wang came running from inside and shouted through the door, “Are you crazy, fighting here!”

He did something inside and the alarm soon stopped. Meanwhile, Luo Wencheng wrapped his fingers around the gun, spun it in his palm, removed the magazine, and the bullets crackled falling to the floor before he threw the golden pistol back at Ling Su.

The gun slid across the floor for some distance and stopped right in front of Ling Su, whose face literally changed colours in a spectacular manner.

Luo Wencheng walked towards the elevator, pressed the button, and said to Zhou Yishan, “I’ll go first.”

Zhou Yishan sneered, clapped his hands and said to Ling Su, “You’ve been swaggering around like crazy all day, and now you’ve kicked the iron plate. Did you really think you were invincible?” While following Luo Wencheng who stepped into the elevator, he added, “Come on, I’ll take you downstairs.”

As soon as the door closed, Luo Wencheng leaned back against the wall, his face pale.

Zhou Yishan was quite happy, “You’re good, you’ve taken him by surprise and retreated after a single blow. And the best part is that you took his gun empty-handed. This is a great way to play the game.”

He could see clearly: if it wasn’t for Luo Wencheng withdrawing, in fact, Ling Su would have already been able to fight back. At that time, it would be Luo Wencheng who would be unlucky.

After all, the difference in physical strength and stamina was there.

If it weren’t for Ling Su’s contempt for the enemy, Luo Wencheng would not have succeeded in the first place.

Luo Wencheng pressed his heart that didn’t feel comfortable and hooked the corners of his mouth, “Do you think I really wouldn’t shoot?”

Zhou Yishan was startled.

Luo Wencheng said, “Just kidding. He messed with me first, I made him lose face, fair enough.”

Luo Wencheng looked at the mirror on the wall of the elevator. His face in the mirror was calm, and his eyes were bottomless.

He knew that he really would have shot Ling Su just now if Dr. Wang hadn’t shouted.

He slowly began to think back and realised that since waking up, he didn’t seem to have any emotional ups and downs. Even when he was told that seeing Lu Chong would be difficult, he didn’t feel much anxiety. Even when he saw Lu Chong lying there, he didn’t feel too much of a shock, not even a hint of heartache.

When he succeeded in injecting the restorative agent into Lu Chong’s body, he was only relieved, as if he had accomplished his goal, satisfied his obsession. There was no joy or any other emotion.

So naturally, when he finally walked away, he felt no painful reluctance to part.

He closed his eyes and stroked his heart. His love was gone.

Perhaps if at this moment Lu Chong stood in front of him with the person he loved, Luo Wencheng wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of heartache and sadness, but would only give them an indifferent look.

He thought back again to Liu Weizhi’s cold attitude towards him, and he really did not mind.

That Ling Su attacked him twice, but he was not angry. There was only the kind of hostility that demanded to fight back after being provoked, and to subdue the opponent.

He had become indifferent, just like when he was reborn, when he could even gamble with his own life, not caring about himself or others.

Was this because there was no hope in his heart, only cold darkness left?

He opened his eyes and said lightly, “That’s interesting.”

“What did you say?” Zhou Yishan didn’t hear him clearly.

Luo Wencheng ignored him and whispered to himself: “I know it’s not like this, but I can’t mobilise the right emotions. On the other hand, I feel that this is only normal, only reasonable, only satisfying.”

There was a ding when the elevator reached the first floor. Luo Wencheng looked at the blinding sunlight in the corridor outside and narrowed his eyes, “It’s worse than the first time.”

The first time he at least had emotions. While he didn’t care about anything, he at least felt normal joy, sorrow, anger and happiness. But this time, there seemed to be nothing left.

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