Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 94

The next morning, Jun Hua opened his eyes in a daze and felt in a trance that something wasn’t right around him. He raised his hand to rub his eyes to see what was going on and was stunned the moment he opened his eyes. It took him a long time to come back to his senses.

It wasn’t his eyes that were blurred, right? Why did he see Wei Chongrong, who was lying on his bed!

In fact, Wei Chongrong had already woken up but hadn’t gotten up and was lying on his side beside Jun Hua, happily admiring Jun Hua’s sleeping face and waiting for him to wake up. Seeing him awake and too dumbfounded to speak, he lazily said: “Little Monkey, your soul returned to your body! The fever has clearly gone down, why are you still stupid? Should I ask a doctor to come and see if your brain is burnt out?”

Jun Hua woke up and finally understood that it wasn’t an illusion, but Wei Chongrong was really in his bed. He pounced fiercely, reaching out and pinching Wei Chongrong’s face before asking with a smile, “Brother Rong, when did you come, why I didn’t know?”

The beauty took the initiative to throw himself into his arms, how could Wei Chongrong refuse? He held Jun Hua’s shoulders and said with a smile, “I came last night. Originally I wanted to surprise you, but someone was sleeping better than a pig. I couldn’t wake you up after calling several times, so I had to give up.”

“Really?!” Jun Hua blinked suspiciously. Although the medicine he drank had a soothing ingredient in it, so he would sleep more soundly than usual, but if he couldn’t wake up even after being called, wasn’t that a bit too much? His alertness wasn’t that bad.

Wei Chongrong put on a face that was too serious to be serious and said seriously, “Of course it’s true, when have I ever lied to you?” In fact, he hadn’t called Jun Hua even once; Jun Hua was sick and needed to rest, so how could he take the initiative to wake him up?

Jun Hua believed him and raised his hand to scratch his messy hair in embarrassment, “Maybe it’s the medicine, the doctor said that there is a soothing ingredient in it. Drinking it will cause some drowsiness, but one will get better faster this way.”

Wei Chongrong asked, “Little Monkey, how did you make yourself sick? Did you kick the blanket in the middle of the night?”

Jun Hua wanted to retort that he wasn’t a three-year-old child, so how could he make such a low-level mistake, but he was afraid that the more he talked, the more he would be unable to explain clearly, so he simply nodded and tried to get away with it.

Wei Chongrong shook his head speechlessly and asked again, “Is it serious? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” He didn’t know much about medicine, but seeing that Jun Hua was in great spirits at the moment and didn’t look like he was seriously ill, he wasn’t very worried.

Jun Hua shook his head repeatedly and said, “No problem, it’s just a small wind chill, I’ll be fine after two doses of medicine.”

Wei Chongrong saw him blushing, so he stopped dwelling on the matter and asked, “Little Monkey, it’s getting late, shouldn’t we get up and pay our respects to Wang Changning and Hou Zhaoyang?”

Jun Hua was taken aback when he heard this; he felt that Wei Chongrong’s words sounded weird, so he said: “No, no, Daddy and Father are not at home, we can take our time to freshen up, there is no hurry.”

Suddenly, Jun Hua understood what was wrong. The expression “we” seemed to be a bit early, and a touch of crimson appeared on his face again. They hadn’t gotten married yet. Wei Chongrong slipped into his room in the middle of the night. Although he didn’t do anything, outsiders might not think so when they saw it.

Wei Chongrong also thought of this and said with a smile, “Little Monkey, I think you have to do me a favour.”

“What favour?!” Jun Hua was hesitating whether to ask Wei Chongrong to hide while he called someone in to serve him.

Wei Chongrong lowered his voice and said, “Get me some clothes, I can’t go out in this state.” When he went out last night, he thought he would go back before dawn, and his night disguise would be enough. How could he have imagined that Jun Hua would be asleep and he wouldn’t be able to bear to leave?

Jun Hua looked at the sky helplessly and whispered, “Brother Rong, hide first, don’t let anyone see you.”

Wei Chongrong obediently lay back on the bed and lowered the bed curtain. Jun Hua raised his voice and called for someone to bring in hot water and other things, and then drove the servant out. Seeing that no one was around, Wei Chongrong jumped up from the bed and helped Jun Hua wash his face and tie his hair with his own hands.

He had done these things for Jun Hua since he was a child, so he was very comfortable doing them. Jun Hua was also accustomed to it, sitting obediently and letting him do it.

When he was finished, Wei Chongrong picked up the white robe hanging on the clothes rack and put it on Jun Hua, sighing as he tied the belt, “How could my Little Monkey have grown up without me noticing?” His eyebrows, eyes and features were already no different from the Jun Hua in his memory.

“Isn’t it good that I’ve grown up? Hey, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time!” Jun Hua didn’t understand Wei Chongrong’s sentiment at all; he just knew that only when he was no longer a child would Brother Rong not treat him with the same attitude as a child.

“Of course it’s not good.” Wei Chongrong sighed quietly, “I swore when you were born that I would love you well and would not let you suffer even a tiny bit, but as a result, from childhood to adulthood… we have spent so much more time apart than together.”

Hearing the first part of Wei Chongrong’s sentence, Jun Hua’s face couldn’t help but sink, but when he heard the remaining part, he couldn’t hide the smile on his face. He covered his mouth and said, “So Brother Rong has liked me since then? Did I look particularly cute when I was a child?”

Wei Chongrong was dumbfounded. His decision to be good to Jun Hua from the beginning had nothing to do with his looks or temperament. It was that in his previous life, he owed Jun Hua more than he could ever repay. If Jun Hua hadn’t fallen in love with him first, Wei Chongrong might never have realised that, after spending so much time together, his feelings for Jun Hua had long ceased to be the ones of indebtedness and guilt. His wish for Jun Hua to be happy all the time, not seeing a single sad expression on his face – Wei Chongrong didn’t know if this was love, but he knew that he wouldn’t have such thoughts for anyone else but Jun Hua.

“Brother Rong, why don’t you say anything?” Noticing Wei Chongrong’s distraction, Jun Hua tugged at his sleeve.

The two of them were standing very close to each other, and Jun Hua was taller than he had been two years ago, just half a head shorter than Wei Chongrong. So when he spoke, his breath puffed right on Wei Chongrong’s neck, making him itchy. He subconsciously kissed Jun Hua on the corner of his mouth.

Jun Hua didn’t react for a moment and took a step back, but immediately regretted it. Brother Rong took the initiative to kiss him, what a rare opportunity! But not only did he not seize the opportunity to kiss Brother Rong back, he actually avoided him. It was a waste of such a chance, and a look of annoyance suddenly appeared in Jun Hua’s eyes.

Wei Chongrong noticed all the changes on Jun Hua’s face and chuckled, “How could you be cute? When you were born, you were all red and wrinkled, like a hairless little monkey. Where else do you think you got your nickname?”

“No way?!” Jun Hua opened his mouth slightly and questioned, “That’s not what either Daddy or Father said.” His nickname was indeed given by Wei Chongrong, but wasn’t it in accordance with his zodiac sign and a homonym to “Little Hou”? Why was it about his appearance? So pathetic!

When Wei Chongrong saw that Jun Hua had been fooled by him, he couldn’t help but laugh and pull Jun Hua, who was lost in thought, into his arms.

He reached out, gently cupped Jun Hua’s face, lowered his head and kissed his lips.

Although Jun Hua was a little stunned, he had just missed one opportunity, so he wouldn’t miss another. He raised his arms and wrapped them around Wei Chongrong’s neck, responding to his kiss vigorously and seriously.

Their lips and tongues mingled, and they kissed in ecstasy, not paying attention to their surroundings.

Of course, since neither Wang Changning nor Hou Zhaoyang was at home, no one would come to Young Shizi’s room and disturb them.

After a long time, Wei Chongrong finally let go of Jun Hua and said in a hoarse voice into his ear, “Little Monkey, I kind of want to advance our wedding night, what should we do?” It was normal for the body to react to a kiss early in the morning.

Jun Hua, still gasping for breath, froze for a moment before he understood Wei Chongrong’s words and immediately blushed to the tips of his ears.

He even lowered his head and looked at Wei Chongrong below the waist, then took a step back unnoticeably, saying, “Brother Rong, I’ll go get you some clothes.” Then he turned and ran, not looking at Wei Chongrong anymore and not giving him a chance to speak.

Wei Chongrong was speechless. He was just talking, he never thought about doing something. Anyway, they would be officially married next month, he was not in such a hurry. Jun Hua ran away so fast, was he really scared by him? He didn’t seem to be such a small-minded guy, ah!

How could Wei Chongrong have known that the reason why Jun Hua ran so fast wasn’t because he was scared by him, but because he didn’t want to be discovered by him. He had a similar reaction. If he didn’t escape, the wedding night of the two of them would probably really happen ahead of schedule.

Jun Hua left, and Wei Chongrong couldn’t go out in his night disguise, so he had to wander around the room and look around. As a result, he accidentally found Jun Hua’s wedding outfit that he had put in the box. It was very similar to the his own he had seen yesterday.

After all, both of them were men, and although Jun Hua was marrying into Wang Qin’s family as Wang Qin’s Shizi’s Lord Consort and would later be added to the imperial jade plate, he didn’t have to sit in the sedan chair with his wedding veil on, but could ride a horse along with Wei Chongrong.

Wei Chongrong spread out the gorgeous, intricate wedding dress on the bed and began to imagine how Jun Hua would look in it.

Unexpectedly, he thought about the wedding process again, and, waiting for Jun Hua to come back, Wei Chongrong felt quite restless.

Could it be that Little Monkey was really angry with him? Bringing clothes was just an excuse, and trapping him in the house was the real purpose?

To wander around Wang Changning’s residence in broad daylight wearing a night disguise… even with Wei Chongrong’s strong martial arts it was impossible not to be seen, and unless he didn’t want to come back in the future, he would never dare to risk losing face by going out on his own.

This was Wang Changning’s residence, Jun Hua’s “maiden house”, so how could he not come here in the future?

Wei Chongrong was helpless and lay back on the bed in sorrow. He didn’t mind just being locked up by Jun Hua for a day, there was Jun Hua’s study in the room and he wouldn’t be bored. The point was, why had his Little Monkey suddenly become so petty? He used to discuss with him openly about how many children he wanted to have in the future, but now he had turned his back on him after just a little flirting. Wei Chongrong couldn’t help being a little worried about the wedding night next month.

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