Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 37

Luo Wencheng closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ignoring the frivolous and filthy meaning of Luo Wenhao’s words. Some things could not be explained and did not need to be explained.

“Let me go first!”

Luo Wenhao raised his hand, and the two strong men who were holding Luo Wencheng let him go. Luo Wencheng slowly sat up, rubbed his right shoulder and a trace of pain appeared on his face. Then he looked at Luo Wenhao coldly, “What the hell do you want from me?”

“I want my good brother to help me.”

Luo Wenhao smiled, but his eyes were full of gloom. It was obvious he wasn’t having a good time these days. There were dark shadows under his eyes. He had always paid attention to his appearance but now he had stubble on his chin and his clothes were wrinkled.

“You’re eating and drinking well by Lu Chong’s side and have no worries. Shouldn’t you think about helping your big brother?”

Luo Wencheng lowered his eyes, “Not to mention that I don’t want to, even if I did, you overestimate my weight in Lu Chong’s eyes.”

“You don’t need to do anything. If I ask you out, just come and have a meal with me, then say a few good things for me to Lu Chong.”

Luo Wenhao’s voice was bewitching and pleading, “Ah Cheng, I know you hate me for not saving you at the time, but I had no choice. If it weren’t for me, do you think you could really come out intact after those three years?”

Luo Wencheng suddenly raised his head.

The smile on Luo Wenhao’s lips grew a bit more smug.

He did secretly take care of it back then, otherwise, with Luo Wencheng’s looks and background, it was hard to say whether he could survive those three years in prison. But his starting point was not to protect Luo Wencheng.

After all, Luo Wencheng used to be his younger brother. He could die in prison, but he couldn’t make it too embarrassing, otherwise it would affect Luo Wenhao’s face, right?

“It was Father who made the decision. It was Luo Wenjun who took your place. Your enemy is them, not me. Are you really willing to watch them live so well after hurting you? Don’t you want revenge?”

Luo Wencheng looked at him with his lips tightly pursed.

Luo Wenhao said confidently: “If you didn’t want to retaliate, you wouldn’t get close to Lu Chong. But do you dare to ask Lu Chong to do it for you? You dare not. If you dared to do that, the Luo family would have collapsed a long time ago.”

Luo Wencheng continued to look at him stubbornly, but on closer inspection it was not difficult to notice the flash of shame and anger on his face, the wretchedness of having his mind seen through.

“I’m right, yes? You plan carefully, step by step, very good, very good, but how slow is that? With me it will be different. In front of Lu Chong, you just need to keep being sweet and harmless, and leave the rest to me.

“Isn’t it great if we cooperate with each other and get what we need?”

Luo Wencheng lowered his head and chuckled in his heart.

Last time at the Luo family banquet, Luo Wenhao still said that he needed a backer. When he found that he couldn’t impress Luo Wencheng with that, he changed to cooperating with each other?

Luo Wenhao’s mind was quick enough, and he did hit the nail on the head presenting him with the dilemma… 

Of course he didn’t dare to let Lu Chong know about his dark side.

But cooperation?

No need at all.

He was well aware that Luo Wenhao was desperate to find him to intimidate and seduce him into helping; and since Luo Wenhao struggled to get the chance, Luo Wencheng created it for him.

Today’s appointment, the phone call about returning to the villa later, the walk alone in the street waiting for a taxi, everything was to give Lou Wenhao the chance to take advantage of the situation.

He had to be bashful, harmless and uncompetitive, so naturally he couldn’t take the initiative to attack. Then when he was hurt first and was harassed and persecuted again and again, there was a reason to fight back, right?

He held his faintly aching right shoulder and said after a pause, “What if I don’t agree?”

“Ah Cheng, don’t be difficult.”

Luo Wenhao wanted to reach out and pinch Luo Wencheng’s chin again, but Luo Wencheng avoided him.

Luo Wenhao leaned back in the seat and smiled good-naturedly: “I don’t know what the relationship between you and Lu Chong is, but it doesn’t matter. If you are not in that kind of relationship with him, your position is insecure and you can be kicked out at any time; if it is that kind of relationship and he can tolerate you dating others, it means that he has no desire for exclusivity and treats you like nothing more than a thing.

“For example, today, I could catch you, which means that Lu Chong doesn’t care much about you and hasn’t arranged for someone to protect you secretly. If I can catch you once, I can catch you twice or three times. I still talk to you this time, but it will not necessarily be talking next time.”

Luo Wenhao suddenly wrapped his arm around the back of Luo Wencheng’s neck, dragged him closer and whispered a threat into his ear: “I have a hard time, and I won’t let you have a good time either. Whether you have one big brother who helps protect you or one more enemy, you can choose for yourself.”

“But on the other hand, if you help me, I will help you take revenge. If you can’t stay by Lu Chong’s side in the future, I can still let you go back to the Luo family and let you continue to be Luo Ershao. There will be no more Luo Kaifang and Luo Wenjun at that time. No one will threaten you. Everything I have, I will share half of it with you and I will be the one you can rely on forever.”

Luo Wenhao was not a man of many words, but at this moment he was rambling on and on, taking trouble to give Luo Wencheng an analysis, hoping that he would see the situation clearly.

Luo Wencheng, pressed to him, closed his eyes and panted heavily before opening them again. “Okay, I promise you. But all I can do is say a few good words for you.”

A burst of excitement erupted in Luo Wenhao’s eyes, “That’s enough!”

The Luo family was now down and suppressed so hard it couldn’t move. He, Young Master Luo, was also overwhelmed. If Lu Chong gave him some face at this time, even if it was just a little bit of positive attitude, he could get out of the muddy pool of the Luo family. With his contacts and abilities, it was easy to make a comeback.

Luo Wenhao seemed to see a brilliant and beautiful future in front of him. He got a bottle of red wine from somewhere, smiled and poured a glass of red wine for himself and for Luo Wencheng: “Cheers to the cooperation of two brothers!”

Luo Wencheng’s eyes flashed as he looked at the glass of red wine. He tilted his head and drank it all in one gulp. His face suddenly flushed, and he lowered his eyes to hide the coldness and mockery in his gaze: “Can you let me out of the car? It’ll be too late if I don’t go back.”

“Okay. I will ask you out for dinner tomorrow, and we will talk more about it then. You are not allowed to hang up on me.”

The van turned back to the school and stopped at an intersection. Luo Wencheng got out with his bag and waited for the car to drive away. He looked at his right shoulder and tried to lift his right arm. When he lifted it to a certain angle, there was a tearing pain that made his face pale.

The two big men handled him too harshly and twisted his shoulders, but if it was just that, it wouldn’t hurt like this. It was Luo Wencheng who deliberately resisted them in a specific direction and used his own strength to make it like that.

His face was pale, but his eyes remained calm and even vaguely expectant.

After laying the groundwork for so long, it was time to accept the results.

He waited for a while for a taxi and returned to the villa.

It was only after eight o’clock, and the villa was brightly lit. Lu Chong walked down the stairs, followed by the dark-faced Zhou Yishan and the smiling Maitreya Buddha-like Liu Weizhi.

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  1. All the rich family though their fake child @ unknowingly adopted owes them when it’s not the child’s fault he being raised by the said family. Even more shameless when they raised him as waste.
    I do believe someone that can still believe in his family after being in prison for years without a single visit can still be happy even if he’s not grow up with excessive wealth.

    1. Ah, but it’s the fun of fake/real child trope 🙂 Whether our MC is the real or the fake one, the family will definitely hate him and love the white lotus villain 🙂 🙂

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