Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 36

Luo Wencheng was taken aback for a moment, and glanced at the mobile phone screen. It was the villa landline. Uncle Ding used to pick it up. How could it be that this time?…

“Sir, are you at home?”


“Me, I’m not dating. It’s that girl who changed her clothes three times in order to give me a love letter. I think I have to make it clear to her so she doesn’t waste time on me…” Luo Wencheng explained in embarrassment, and then reacted with hindsight, “How do you know about it, sir?”

“Someone mentioned it.” Lu Chong explained briefly, “Youth in its prime, it’s good to be in love. If someone says something, you don’t have to pay attention.”

Luo Wencheng was slightly startled and whispered, “Yes, but now I just want to focus on my studies.”

“This is also very good,” Lu Chong said kindly.

The phone was hung up.

Luo Wencheng put down his phone, his face becoming expressionless

Sure enough, someone reported to Lu Chong his every move. In the eyes of many people, he was Lu Chong’s little lover. After discovering that he had actually received a love letter from someone, many people might report to Lu Chong in order to please him or out of jealousy. 

As it turned out, Lu Chong didn’t care at all, and even encouraged him to fall in love.

In Lu Chong’s eyes, the relationship between them was indeed pure.

Luo Wencheng was relieved and a little guilty. Lu Chong didn’t ask for anything in return, but he was full of lies.

But at least he could go ahead with his plan without worries.

In the villa, Lu Chong put down the phone, “I don’t want this kind of thing to happen again.”

Uncle Ding nodded, standing next to him. He knew very well that the “this kind of thing” didn’t mean Luo Wencheng’s dating, but someone reporting the date.

The old boss surnamed Jin got involved in this matter when he came to talk yesterday and accused Luo Wencheng of being unfaithful, suggesting that he had a more beautiful and well-behaved child in his hand.

Master looked like he was smiling but not smiling at the time…

The guy surnamed Jin thought he was kissing the right ass. Dream on. Uncle Ding lit a candle for him in his heart and kicked him into the blacklist.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, in the tea house opposite Haining Academy of Arts, a man and a woman were sitting by the window. The man was gentle and handsome, and the woman was sweet and cute. They looked like an enviable golden couple.

However, as the conversation progressed, the girl’s face turned a little pale.

“Really, really not?” The girl asked in disappointment, almost pleading, “I really like you.”

Luo Wencheng was not annoyed and asked with a smile: “What do you like about me?”

“Your appearance and your temperament are completely in line with my fantasy.”

“Since it’s fantasy, why bother to get close? ”Luo Wencheng sighed, “The reason why fantasy is beautiful is precisely because it is unreal and cannot be possessed. If you get along with me, you will find that I am not what you think I am. There is my personality, temper, hobbies, living habits. All aspects will disappoint you. At that time, there will be no room for fantasy anymore. Won’t it be a pity?”

The girl seemed to understand something and was overwhelmed with sadness.

If it was fierce rejection or disgust, she might have continued to persevere, but it was such a gentle analysis and yet it was as heavy as a thousand catties, making her understand that there was no chance at all.

She was very sad, but at the same time not exactly sad, but… Ah ah ah ah, he was absolutely as charming as she thought he would be.

Even his rejection was so clever, so gentlemanly, and so determined in its tenderness.

The girl’s face became hot again.

Luo Wencheng was puzzled. Shouldn’t she be sad and depressed? What did this fan girl-like glow in her eyes mean?

“Then can I still look at you from a distance in the future?”

Luo Wencheng was slightly startled and said with a smile: “If I say no, will you not look? If you want to look, just look. Think of me as a poster. The premise is not to disturb me or affect your own life, okay?”

He didn’t know that his words would make him gain a bunch of fans in the future. At that moment, the chief fan girl across the table blushed and nodded, and suddenly said without thinking: “Can you give me an autograph?”

“What?” Did he hear it right?

The girl was embarrassed when she finished speaking, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt that this was a good idea. She rummaged in her bag and quickly pulled out a notebook and a pen, her eyes shining: “Just sign it, as a memento of my crush, okay? Please!”

Luo Wencheng: “……”

A rejected confession strangely came to a happy ending, and the two of them walked out of the tea house with very satisfied expressions on their faces.

The girl was satisfied to dine out with her idol, and Luo Wencheng… looked at the sky. It was very good, they dawdled until it was finally getting dark.

His eyes flicked around as if nothing had happened. In his heart he wasn’t particularly sure that the man would show up. He sent the girl downstairs of her dormitory, turned around and slowly walked out of the campus, ready to call a taxi to go back to the villa.

However, not far from the school gates, an unassuming van drove up to him.

Luo Wencheng’s eyes flashed. The car door opened in front of him, and two strong men sprang out, twisted his arms behind his back and shoved him into the car.

“You guys…” Luo Wencheng was thrown into the car, the door slammed shut, and the car moved.

Luo Wencheng was pressed hard against the seat. His arms were forcibly held behind his back. He struggled desperately, his face angry and panicked. When he saw who was sitting in the seat opposite him, only anger was left.

“Luo Wenhao, it’s you!”

With a gloomy expression, Luo Wenhao raised his hand and pinched Luo Wencheng’s chin: “These days you are really guarding against me as if I’m a thief, making it hard for me to find a chance to get in touch with you. What, do you really want to draw a line with your big brother?”

Luo Wencheng has been in school for three weeks and went back to Lu Chong’s house on weekends. At school, he had three points of contact: club, class and dormitory, and he hardly ever was alone.

Luo Wenhao once asked someone to give him a letter and asked him to come out to meet, but Luo Wencheng ignored it. This made Luo Wenhao very angry, but he didn’t dare to make a big fuss.

He finally found a chance today.

Luo Wencheng said coldly: “I should go back. Mr. Lu will look for me if he doesn’t see me.”

Luo Wenhao fished his mobile phone out of his pocket and threw it aside, sneered and said, “You reported to Lu Chong that you would come back later today. Even if you don’t return all night… it’s normal for a young couple to spend the night together, right?”

“You!” Luo Wencheng glared at him and quickly figured it out, “One of your people is among my roommates?”

He was in the dormitory when he called Lu Chong and said he would be back later today, and the only people who knew about it were his three roommates.

Luo Wenhao smiled and admitted it, then stretched out his hand to touch his face: “I was surprised that Lu Chong actually agreed to you dating someone else. Could it be that you and he really aren’t in that kind of relationship? Or is it that he has spoiled you to the point that he is willing to be cuckolded?”

The skin under his hands was soft and smooth, and it was hard to describe how wonderful it felt.

Luo Wenhao’s fingers paused, his fingertips turning to the corner of Luo Wencheng’s mouth, tracing those petal-like lips again and again. His eyes darkened: “What magic power do you have that can charm him like this?”

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  1. ‘If it was fierce rejection or disgust, she might have continued to persevere.’
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