Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 38

“Go back and pack, and leave tonight.”

Lu Chong said this to Zhou Yishan.

Zhou Yishan said awkwardly: “Sir, please let me stay for a few more days.”

“You have said this many times, when did you become Zhou Yilai?” Liu Weizhi said with a smile. (赖 lài, one of the meanings is “hang on in a place”, I think that’s probably the pun LW means.)

“Fatty, why don’t you change with me? You go back to the capital and I will stay here.” Zhou Yishan said in exasperation.

“No, you are just a burly guy, how can you take care of Master?”

“You fat guy, you are full of fat, you can neither beat people nor take a beating, how can you protect Master?”

Lu Chong ignored these two guys who were always bickering at the lower IQ level limit when they got together, and asked Uncle Ding who was grinning, “Wencheng hasn’t come back yet?”

“No, young people always watch a movie or something when they date.”

Before he finished speaking, the servant’s voice came from the entrance: “Mr. Luo is back?”

Then the young man answered in a low voice.

As soon as Lu Chong heard this voice, he felt that something was wrong.

He wasn’t at home much, and he didn’t always meet Luo Wencheng when he came back, but the few times he had met him, the young man was always like a gust of wind, blowing in from the outside brisk and clear, and the originally dull and empty villa brightened up with this wind.

But this time…

After a few footsteps, a young man in a long black coat appeared in front of them. If Lu Chong didn’t observe carefully, he might have missed the streaks of dirt on his clothes.

Also, the young man was always well-behaved, carrying his backpack on both shoulders, but today it only hung on his left shoulder…

Luo Wencheng looked up and saw Lu Chong. His eyes lit up, he called “Sir” and then greeted Liu Weizhi and Zhou Yishan obediently.

Uncle Ding smiled and asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

“I have.” Luo Wencheng said to Lu Chong, “Sir, I’ll go upstairs first.”

Lu Chong didn’t comment: “Go ahead.”

However, Zhou Yishan stretched out his arm and hugged Luo Wencheng: “I really envy you, living under the same roof with Master.”

“!” Luo Wencheng reflexively made a gesture of avoidance but was still slapped firmly on the shoulder by Zhou Yishan.

And it happened to be the right shoulder.

Luo Wencheng wanted to show the traces of his injury, but he didn’t expect someone to cooperate so much. He was startled and also instinctively frowned, showing a hint of hidden pain.

But he immediately concealed it and raised his left hand to grab Zhou Yishan’s palm: “Mr. Zhou, I’ll go upstairs and put my bag first.”

The few people present were astute enough to notice that something was wrong at first glance.

Zhou Yishan, who was a reckless guy when he didn’t need to use his brain, was still oblivious. He noticed that the young man shrank under his slap and  slapped him twice more heavily: “Young men these days, ah, can’t even bear a slap from me.”

Can’t bear a slap?

As soon as Zhou Yishan’s aggravated slap landed, Luo Wencheng trembled and almost went limp, clutching his shoulder.

As fast as a gust of wind, an arm caught him, and Lu Chong’s other hand stopped Zhou Yishan’s second slap: “Stop it.”

Zhou Yishan grinned; it was just a pat, right?

He didn’t use too much force, did he?

Luo Wencheng leaned on Lu Chong’s shoulder and his mind was blank for a couple of seconds before he caught his breath. He let out a sigh and quickly got out of Lu Chong’s arms: “Sir, I’m sorry.”

Lu Chong didn’t let him retreat, holding his shoulder with one hand and taking his forearm with the other, trying to move slightly: “Did you hurt your arm?”

Luo Wencheng gasped when his arm was raised to a certain angle.

Lu Chong’s face didn’t look good anymore: “Who hurt you?”

Zhou Yishan also came back to his senses and shouted, “Oh, hey! You didn’t go out to fight, did you?”

Luo Wencheng refused to say anything, stammering for a while and then whispering, “I did it by accident.”

There were originally three astute men present, but now they had become four;  it would be strange that he could get away with this.

But Lu Chong didn’t rush to ask more questions. He turned to Uncle Ding and said, “Call Dr. Wang over.” Then he said to Zhou Yishan and Liu Weizhi, “You guys can leave.”

Zhou Yishan still wanted to watch the show, but was dragged away by Liu Weizhi, and when they left the villa, Liu Weizhi said, “Go pack your things quickly.”

“No rush, no rush.” Zhou Yishan was filled with righteous indignation, “This kid looks like he was bullied. Who dares to bully Master’s people in Haining now? Someone is really bold, see if I don’t beat him to the ground!”

If Liu Weizhi couldn’t see through him, he would’ve lived in vain: “We don’t need you.”

“Why don’t you need me? Which one of you is better at beating people than I am?”

He had to do it even if he didn’t have to do it, ah. He needed to seize any opportunity to stay in Haining.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wang also came from the house next door.

Dr. Wang was in his fifties and had good medical skills. He was Lu Chong’s personal doctor. It was just that Lu Chong was not very patient with him before and left him in Beijing. Then Zhou Yishan made a fuss and said that if he didn’t keep the doctor, he had to keep him, so Lu Chong had to agree for Dr. Wang to stay.

As soon as Zhou Yishan saw the doctor, he pulled him aside: “Lao Wang, tell me how serious the situation is inside later, understand?”

Dr. Wang was confused.

In the living room, Lu Chong sat down and looked at Luo Wencheng: “Did you hurt yourself? Hmm?”

This “hmm” was fluttering but seemed to weigh a thousand catties.

Luo Wencheng’s scalp tightened, and he moved his lips a little helplessly, almost unable to pretend under Lu Chong’s gaze. Fortunately, Ribs came out of nowhere and walked around him, meowing. He squatted down and petted the cat.

Lu Chong smiled; the young man learned to be perfunctory with him.

At this moment, Dr. Wang came in, and Lu Chong said, “Take a look at him, his shoulder is hurt.”

Dr. Wang moved Luo Wencheng’s arm first, and then asked, “Have you suffered any trauma?”


“How was it injured? Is it a man-made sprain, a fall, or a car accident?”

Luo Wencheng glanced at Lu Chong. Lu Chong was looking at him calmly but every strand of his hair seemed to convey a kind of intimidating pressure, as if to say: don’t try to lie in front of me.

Luo Wencheng pursed his mouth: “…man-made.”

“How long has it been?”

“Just an hour or two.”

Dr. Wang got an idea and said, “Take off your clothes and let me check if you hurt your bones.”

Take them off here?

In the middle of winter, Luo Wencheng was wearing a lot of clothes, including a pullover jumper, so it was strange to take it off right here in front of Lu Chong.

Dr. Wang reacted: “Oh, you don’t need to take it off. I’ll just check the bones. You have to go to the hospital to take an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis.”

It’ll be troublesome to take it off and put it on again.

What’s more, it was his shoulder that was injured, which made it even more troublesome.

With that, Dr. Wang disinfected his hands, asked Luo Wencheng to sit down, stood beside him, pulled open his collar and groped inside.

“……!” Luo Wencheng opened his mouth and sat obediently without saying a word.

Dr. Wang’s hand pressed against his flesh, touching and probing his shoulder, while he asked, “Does this hurt?” and “Does that hurt?”

Luo Wencheng answered honestly.

He didn’t feel embarrassed himself, but he didn’t know why, being watched by Lu Chong from not far away, he inexplicably felt… a little shy.

But he held Ribs and looked at the dark TV set in front of him, trying hard to stay motionless and not squint. But soon he couldn’t be bothered to be shy because it really hurt. Whatever way Dr. Wang pressed, it hurt.

Lu Chong looked at him involuntarily.

Luo Wencheng’s skin was very white, a very healthy white, like smooth, shiny jade, making one pleased to look at it, while Dr. Wang’s hands were very dark, and those dark hands reached into Luo Wencheng’s collar that had been opened a bit, forming a stark contrast.

He was also groping that delicate shoulder and moving it around.

Somehow, Lu Chong felt it was a bit of an eyesore when he looked at it.

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