Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 15

Yi Yin was carried back to the Northern Courtyard by Helian Zhuo’s attendants. The nanny and the maids couldn’t help but gasp when they saw his torn cloak and bloody wounds.

This restless little ancestor, the New Year was not over yet, how could he have gotten himself into such a mess. It looked worse than the last time he fought with Pei Di, and one could only wonder if his face would be scarred.

However, since the king sent someone to bring him back, the king must have been aware of what had happened. Thinking of this, the nanny’s worries faded slightly. Wei Zhao has been taken away. What if the Great Yan-zhi came to look for trouble again? What could they do?

The nanny took Yi Yin from the attendant, carried him into the house and slowly took off his already unsightly clothes. Seeing Yi Yin grimacing in pain, she moved more gently and ordered the maid to quickly prepare hot water.

Before the nanny and others cleaned Yi Yin’s wounds, the shaman doctor who received the order from the king hurried over. Seeing that Yi Yin was covered in injuries, he shook his head again and again. This kind of injury was nothing like children fighting. It was a fight for life.

The eldest prince was ruthless, and the second prince was not much better. A little child less than four years old wouldn’t shed a tear when he was injured like this. When he grew up, he would definitely be a cruel character.

The nanny and the shaman doctor joined forces to slowly treat Yi Yin’s wounds, and the cool poultice was applied to his skin. The pain was burning; Yi Yin’s brow was furrowed and the tears were about to burst out of his eyes. But Wei Zhao was not here, so who would he be coquettish with? He could only endure it without making a sound.

Because there were too many wounds, after all the bandages were done, Yi Yin’s limbs were no longer active and his clothes could not be worn. The nanny was afraid that he would catch a cold, so she had to wrap him up in a quilt and let him play on the kang.

Heisha’s teeth were very sharp, and there were two particularly deep wounds on Yi Yin’s back. External application of medicine alone was not enough. He had to take a decoction to clear the contagion internally. The shaman doctor was making a prescription when he heard someone report that the king was here.

Everyone thought that Helian Zhuo had just come to visit Yi Yin, so they were not too surprised and just received him as usual.

They didn’t expect Helian Zhuo to be in a hurry, ignoring everything and going straight into the main room in the backyard. There was Wei Zhao who was dying in his arms.

“Daddy, Daddy! What happened to my daddy?” Yi Yin’s eyes were sharp, and when he saw Wei Zhao covered in blood, he screamed incessantly. He was afraid that the tendons of Wei Zhao’s arms and legs were really cut by the Great Yan-zhi.

Helian Zhuo didn’t have time to pay attention to Yi Yin. He put Wei Zhao on the kang and was about to speak when he saw the shaman doctor. He remembered summoning this shaman doctor once before and told him to drop whatever he was doing and see Wei Zhao immediately.

Yi Yin didn’t dare to disturb the shaman doctor treating Wei Zhao, so he just watched quietly from the side. He saw that Wei Zhao’s face was pale, only his cheeks were abnormally flushed, obviously because his body temperature was different from normal.

What was even more shocking were the welts on Wei Zhao’s chest. The horizontal and vertical whip marks were bone-deep and bloody. Two jet-black soldering iron marks were particularly stunning, making one shudder at the thought of this scene.

Yi Yin covered his mouth with his hand to prevent himself from crying out, while his tears flowed in torrents, causing his nanny to scream in horror: “Second Prince, you can’t cry. The injuries on your face have just been medicated, they will become inflamed if they get wet with tears.”

Helian Zhuo, who had paid attention only to Wei Zhao, realised that Yi Yin was still in the house. He didn’t want to scare him, let alone him get in the way, so he ordered the nanny to take Yi Yin to the front yard.

Yi Yin refused to leave, tugging at Helian Zhuo’s sleeve and begging: “I’m not leaving, I want to stay with Daddy. Father, I don’t want to go, I will be obedient.” In order to be able to stay, Yi Yin called Helian Zhuo “Father” for the first time since he was reborn.

Seeing that his son was covered in wounds and crying pitifully, Helian Zhuo softened for a while, so he murmured: “Ah Yin, if you don’t cry, I won’t drive you away.” Wei Zhao was seriously injured and unconscious. It might be a good thing for Yi Yin to stay by his side.

Yi Yin immediately stopped his tears when he heard these words, for fear that Helian Zhuo would change his mind again and drive him away. The nanny took a wet cloth and gently helped Yi Yin wipe his face clean, and then applied the medicine again. Yi Yin didn’t care at all, only watching the shaman doctor treat Wei Zhao’s injuries.

The shaman doctor was quick, and swiftly dealt with Wei Zhao’s injuries. It was just that Great Yan-zhi’s hand was really too heavy. Wei Zhao’s whole body convulsed with pain but he never woke up.

Seeing that the shaman doctor had prescribed a good medicine and ordered the medicine boy to go and decoct the medicine, Helian Zhuo asked him when Wei Zhao would wake up. Yi Yin pricked up his ears and listened carefully.

The shaman doctor sighed lightly and hesitated: “In reply to Your Majesty, I am not sure that Master Wei will wake up.”

After listening to the shaman doctor’s words, Helian Zhuo and Yi Yin were dumbfounded at the same time, and two pairs of sharp eyes stared at the shaman doctor, almost punching holes in him.

The shaman doctor was unaffected and calmly explained: “In the past few years, Master Wei has been injured and sick continuously, and his physique is not as good as before. Today’s whipping and branding injuries are not fatal in themselves, but the dungeon is very humid. He has lost too much blood and has a high fever. It’s really hard to say if he can wake up.”

Helian Zhuo was silent for a while, then slapped the kang table violently, and said sharply: “If Wei Zhao can’t be cured, you will be buried with him.” He couldn’t accept this result; Wei Zhao couldn’t die.

Yi Yin didn’t speak, but looked at Helian Zhuo with cold eyes, his face expressionless. What was the use of getting angry at the shaman doctor? What did you do when the Great Yan-zhi framed his father? What was the point of pretending to be hypocritical now?

Turning his head to look at Wei Zhao, Yi Yin wondered on a whim whether he was reborn in a different world from the original. The original Wei Zhao might not have had such an experience.

Not long after, the decoctions for the father and son who were both in a sorry state were brought. Yi Yin’s share was easy to handle. He didn’t need to be coaxed by his nanny. He picked up the medicine bowl by himself and drank it with a grunt.

Wei Zhao was very troublesome. The maid first fed him with a spoon, but Wei Zhao couldn’t swallow it at all, and all the medicine flowed away from the corner of his mouth.

When Helian Zhuo saw that feeding the medicine was not working, he told them to pour it in. Who knew that it still wouldn’t work. The medicine didn’t go in much, but Wei Zhao nearly choked to death.

When he saw this situation, the shaman doctor’s face was also very ugly. Wei Zhao’s injuries were not fatal. The key was his body temperature. It was a big trouble if it couldn’t drop. Moreover, he didn’t have a fever caused by wind chill. It was useless to cool down the body. The focus was on anti-inflammatory; what to do if he couldn’t take the medicine?

Seeing that everyone was at a loss, Yi Yin suddenly remembered a certain experience in his previous life. Maybe that kind of method could help a little.

He picked up Wei Zhao’s medicine bowl, took a big sip and held the medicine in his mouth, then turned to Wei Zhao and put the medicine straight into his mouth. Helian Zhuo was shocked by Yi Yin’s behaviour, but thinking about his age, he didn’t say anything.

Yi Yin’s method of feeding medicine was quite useful. At least one-third of the large bowl of medicine, at any rate, was fed in, and it was better than nothing.

After Yi Yin had fed Wei Zhao the medicine, the nanny wanted him to lie down and rest. He didn’t want to. He insisted on sitting on the kang to accompany Wei Zhao. However, Yi Yin was injured, and after sitting for a while, he fell asleep on the kang.

Helian Zhuo rolled his eyes again, and before the nanny could do anything, he carried Yi Yin to lie down beside Wei Zhao. When others saw his actions, they all felt incredible and pretended not to see it.

After taking the medicine, Wei Zhao’s body temperature dropped a bit, and he was able to swallow the medicine on his own when the maids fed him again later in the day.

Helian Zhuo didn’t leave the Northern Courtyard until the shaman doctor announced that Wei Zhao was out of danger. He ordered everyone to take good care of Wei Zhao and Yi Yin.

Yi Yin slept until it was dark, and woke up to see that the oil lamp had been lit in the house. He pressed himself to Wei Zhao’s neck socket and felt that his breathing was more stable than before, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

In the afternoon of the next day, Wei Zhao finally woke up, and Yi Yin hugged him, sobbing uncontrollably. No matter how difficult the road ahead was, they had passed another hurdle.

As the shaman doctor said, Wei Zhao’s body was too damaged, his physique was no longer the same as before, and his recovery from his injuries was very slow. Yi Yin’s wounds were also scarred, and he was lying limply on the kang for a long time, tired and painful when he moved.

By the time Wei Zhao was able to get off the kang and walk around, it was already springtime, the third lunar month, and Yi Yin’s martial arts were about to improve to the next level.

After the incident of Wei Zhao being framed by the Great Yan-zhi, Helian Zhuo finally understood that Wei Zhao could no longer remain in the palace, as the Great Yan-zhi would not let him go. Farida might also harm him and sooner or later, they would kill him.

Helian Zhuo decided to give Wei Zhao a new place to live, where he would have no contact with the palace, and where he could not be harmed by the Great Yan-zhi and Farida.

In fact, for Helian Zhuo, it was not that there was no other way to keep Wei Zhao. The easiest way was to give him a legitimate status. So what if he was a prisoner? Among Fuyu’s ancestors there were many princesses captured from the defeated tribes.

But Wei Zhao was different from those people. He was the prince of the Great Yan. He was the one who once led troops to fight Fuyu. Helian Zhuo was not at ease with him. He couldn’t let Wei Zhao have any power of his own; otherwise, one day, he would suffer the consequences.

So he put Wei Zhao in a small village outside Qingjia. While Wei Zhao was still recovering from his injuries, Helian Zhuo had already chosen the place, but Wei Zhao’s wounds had not healed and his body was weak, so it took a while.

Wei Zhao was not the only one whom Helian Zhuo was sending there. He didn’t care about Yi Yin, but Yi Yin wanted to follow Wei Zhao, and Helian Zhuo didn’t object. Anyway, Yi Yin was an unfamiliar son; it would be better if he didn’t grow up in the palace. In the future, Wei Zhao would give birth to another son, and Helian Zhuo would take him back to the palace to raise him.

When he arrived at the village house, Yi Yin found that all his memories were correct. The yard was the same, the house was the same, and the furnishings inside were all the same. This little village was the place where he had lived for many years in his previous life.

There was only one difference, that is, Wei Zhao’s hands and feet were still intact, unlike before when he couldn’t even get out of the house without someone helping him.

They had already moved away from the palace, and it would not be easy for the Great Yan-zhi to do anything again. Could it be that Helian Zhuo had done it himself? But why? How did Wei Zhao provoke him?

Yi Yin thought for a while, and finally decided that the reason was Wei Zhao’s escape. Other than that, he couldn’t imagine how Wei Zhao could possibly irritate Helian Zhuo to that extent.

Perhaps he should find an opportunity to have a good talk to Wei Zhao. But how could he convince the other party to believe things that even he didn’t know? Yi Yin was in a difficult situation.

It was better for him to keep a close eye on Wei Zhao, at least to find out what his escape plan was.

He was reborn, and Wei Zhao’s life might not become the same as before; at least he wouldn’t wrap himself in a cocoon and trap himself.

Besides, it was possible that Wei Zhao would be fine on his own, but because of Yi Yin’s random reminders, something might happen instead. Wouldn’t it be self-defeating?

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  1. Had I say HZ is a trash?
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