Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 14

Seeing Yi Yin’s expression, Pei Di couldn’t help being angry, and immediately shouted: “Heisha, bite hard, bite this little bastard to death for me!”

Before Pei Di finished speaking, the black dog that had received the order sprang out like an arrow, barking harshly, and rushed to Yi Yin, revealing its long white teeth and opening its mouth to bite.

Three feet of ice don’t form in a single day. Yi Yin had been afraid of dogs for a long time. Even though he wanted to overcome his weakness, when he faced the vicious dog with sharp teeth and a fierce look, it was inevitable that his heart would beat like a drum, fluttering and pounding.

If it weren’t for Yi Yin’s previous life when he had been immersed in martial arts for many years and had the instinct of a martial artist, he would not be able to dodge when the fierce dog attacked him and a piece of flesh on his thigh would be torn off.

Heisha missed, barked even more fiercely, turned around and attacked Yi Yin again, opening its teeth and making him shiver with fright in a cold sweat.

Seeing that the vicious dog was about to bite his shoulder, Yi Yin couldn’t avoid it, so he gave it a palm blow with all his might, hitting Heisha on the top of its head.

Although Yi Yin had not been practising martial arts for a long time, his understanding of martial arts was not inferior to Wei Zhao’s. With him practising from the beginning in this life, although his internal strength was not deep, it was extremely pure. The power of a palm filled with all his strength was naturally not to be underestimated, and it actually made the vicious dog flip over.

Pei Di expected that Heisha would bite Yi Yin and make him beg for mercy, kneeling down in front of him, so he didn’t make a move at the beginning, just watching the excitement from the sidelines.

He didn’t expect Yi Yin to be good enough to make Heisha suffer a big loss; now Pei Di couldn’t hold back and rushed into the battle with his fists clenched.

“Woof! Woof! Woof woof!” Heisha saw its master step forward and wagged its tail happily, but when it turned its head to look at Yi Yin angrily, there was a cold glint in its eyes.

In fact, if Pei Di didn’t participate, the truth was that Yi Yin’s body was weak and his combat effectiveness wouldn’t be sustainable, so he might not be able to win against Heisha. But Pei Di got in the way, making it a bit difficult for Heisha to attack.

In his previous life, Yi Yin had a wealth of experience in beating people, and he was the best at winning in chaos.

Seeing that Heisha and Pei Di didn’t cooperate well, and Heisha was defending its master in every way, he used Pei Di’s body to fend off Heisha’s attacks, so as not to be attacked from the back.

It was just that Heisha was raised by Pei Di in the end, and there is a tacit understanding between the dog and its master. They let Yi Yin take advantage of the situation mainly because they had no previous experience of working together against the enemy.

After a few rounds, Yi Yin’s physical strength was gradually running out, but Pei Di and Heisha slowly found the rapport, and the scales of victory began to tilt towards Pei Di’s side.

Yi Yin frowned slightly, feeling that he couldn’t go on like this anymore. The longer the time dragged on, the worse it would be for him. He saw the opportunity and threw Pei Di down abruptly. First, he punched the opponent until Pei Di was dizzy, and then rolled around holding Pei Di, making Heisha who had to defend its master helpless.

After the fight ended, Pei Di and Yi Yin were both covered in wounds and unrecognisable. However, Pei Di’s body was mostly damaged by Yi Yin’s fists while Yi Yin was not hit by Pei Di much. But his head, face, shoulders and back were bitten by the sharp teeth of the vicious dog everywhere.

The most unlucky of them was Heisha, whose throat was cut with Yi Yin’s dagger that he carried with him. The dog lay motionless in the snow, dead as a doornail.

Pei Di was dumbfounded by Yi Yin’s sudden ferocity. How could it be like this? Why did his majestic Heisha die?

Obviously, he and Heisha had the upper hand. The little bastard was beaten by them and didn’t have the strength to get up, but he just didn’t admit defeat and didn’t beg for mercy. Pei Di was unhappy, so he let Heisha bite him and bite hard.

Who knew that Yi Yin, who was pressed to the ground by him, would actually pull out a sharp dagger from his belt and thrust it into Heisha’s throat. Then, Heisha fell to the ground and convulsed, dying within a few seconds.

Pei Di looked at Heisha’s corpse, his whole body petrified, unable to speak for a long time.

Yi Yin was injured more severely than Pei Di, and he had been fighting one person and one dog for a long time. He really didn’t have any strength left, so he could only sit on the ground and gasp for breath.

When he thought about the last time Heisha pounced on him, Yi Yin was afraid that if he had been a little slower, he would not have survived.

After a long time, Pei Di finally recovered, threw himself on Heisha’s corpse and cried loudly, extremely heartbroken.

Heisha was a birthday gift given to him by his mother when he was three years old. He had raised it from a puppy and carefully nurtured it for more than two years. Heisha had just grown up, but now it died at the hands of the little bastard.

For Pei Di, Heisha was much more important than Yi Yin. After Yi Yin killed Heisha, he wanted to kill him.

Having cried enough, Pei Di wiped his tears and stood up, roaring at Yi Yin, “Little bastard, I will kill you to avenge my Heisha!” The look in his eyes was more vicious than it had ever been.

Yi Yin propped his hands on the ground and staggered up to his feet. As long as he had one breath left, he couldn’t bow his head to Pei Di.

Pei Di pressed step by step and Yi Yin retreated step by step, and the distance between the two became closer and closer.

Finally, Yi Yin retreated to the corner. Pei Di raised his fist and swung it violently.

Yi Yin was unable to fight back, and there was nowhere to escape when Pei Di punched him heavily in the corner of his mouth.

Yi Yin raised his hand to wipe away the blood on his face, and pressed hard against the wall to prevent himself from falling down.

Pei Di was about to punch again, when Helian Zhuo, who had gotten the news from somewhere, came up and shouted sharply: “Last time you took people, this time you took a dog… Pei Di, can you be a little bit more honourable?”

His two sons fought. As long as no one was killed, Helian Zhuo would not intervene. The future king of Fuyu didn’t need to be a docile little sheep, the fiercer was the better.

But Pei Di, as the elder brother, had to rely on help to win against his younger brother, and Helian Zhuo sighed as he watched. Pei Di was unlike himself and unlike the Herong family, what a pity.

Pei Di had always been afraid of Helian Zhuo, mumbled “Father” and didn’t dare to argue anymore. But the hostility in his eyes would not dissipate. He would not let Yi Yin go, absolutely not.

Helian Zhuo glanced at the dog’s corpse on the snow and said in a deep voice: “You only know how to play all day and you have time to mess with your younger brother. Why don’t you spend your time practising and beat him in a dignified manner?”

Pei Di nodded in response and, not even bothering with Heisha’s corpse, hurriedly retreated. Before leaving, he gave Yi Yin a resentful glare.

When Helian Zhuo saw Pei Di leaving, he ordered someone to clean up the courtyard, and then looked at Yi Yin, who was still persisting even when he almost couldn’t stand, and sighed, “You’re really worthy of being my own, you have a ruthless spirit, like me.”

Yi Yin was speechless, groaning in his heart, like what’s so good about you, selfish, cruel and unrighteous…

Helian Zhuo paused and continued: “It’s a pity that you were born to Wei Zhao. I don’t trust him, and I can’t trust you. What a pity.”

In terms of qualifications alone, Yi Yin was far above Pei Di. If he was not Wei Zhao’s son, or was not raised by Wei Zhao’s side since he was born, Helian Zhuo would definitely regard him as the best candidate for the crown prince’s position.

Unfortunately, in order to annoy Wei Zhao, he let Yi Yin grow up with him. Now even if he took Yi Yin away, Helian Zhuo could no longer trust him. This was also the main reason why he wanted Wei Zhao to give him another son.

Helian Zhuo left after speaking, and ordered Yi Yin to be sent back to the Northern Courtyard, and also send a shaman doctor to look at his injuries. On the way back to the palace, Yi Yin complained desperately, who wants to be your son!

Originally, the Great Yan-zhi gave Wei Zhao a hard beating. Although her heart didn’t completely calm down, she had taken her revenge. She thought with satisfaction that even if Wei Zhao was lucky enough not to die, the beating would cost him half his life and it was certain that he would fall sick.

Returning to the Central Hall from the dungeon, before the Great Yan-zhi had time to sit down and drink some water, she heard the nanny say that Pei Di was crying very sadly in his room.

The Great Yan-zhi had only one son, Pei Di, always doting on him and reluctant to let him suffer the slightest grievance. Now that she heard that her son was crying and was crying very sadly, how could she bear it? She immediately called the people for questioning.

However, Pei Di had run out by himself, without bringing anyone with him. When the maids saw him running back with a bruised nose and swollen face, crying and with his eyes red and puffy, the maids were terrified, but they couldn’t find anything.

The Great Yan-zhi was extremely angry and scolded the maids who were serving Pei Di, and then went to her son’s room in person and asked him what was going on.

Pei Di cried even more aggrieved when he saw the Great Yan-zhi. The Great Yan-zhi asked several times before he sobbed and told the story of the incident. After speaking, he stopped crying, and said that he would personally teach Yi Yin a lesson in the future to avenge Heisha. 

Learning that it was another good thing done by Yi Yin, the Great Yan-zhi instantly forgot that she had promised Helian Zhuo that she would keep Wei Zhao alive, stood up suddenly and led the people in the direction of the dungeon again.

She wouldn’t clean up Yi Yin, leaving him to Pei Di to solve by himself. Although the Great Yan-zhi doted on her son, she never thought that everything should be arranged for Pei Di.

But she would never forgive the person who gave birth to Yi Yin. If Yi Yin hadn’t been taught by Wei Zhao, how could he, who was so young, have the ability to beat Pei Di to the point where he had no power to fight back? And it even happened in front of Helian Zhuo, letting him compare them.

The Great Yan-zhi left and returned. The guards in the dungeon were surprised. Wei Zhao had barely any breath left; what else did the Great Yan-zhi want to do? If she really killed him, the king might not do anything to the Great Yan-zhi; but as for them, it was hard to say.

There was always a brazier burning in the dungeon, with a few red-hot soldering irons inserted in it. The Great Yan-zhi took out one casually and came to Wei Zhao…

“Wei Zhao, you have given birth to a good son!” The Great Yan-zhi said through the gritted teeth. Wei Zhao was unconscious and couldn’t hear her at all.

With a sizzling sound, a choking white smoke rose up, and Wei Zhao, who had long passed out, woke up with pain, screaming in agony, and then lost consciousness again.

The Great Yan-zhi threw away the soldering iron casually, picked up another one and was about to press it to Wei Zhao’s body, when a voice suddenly reached her: “Stop!”

When the Great Yan-zhi looked back, it was Helian Zhu who had appeared, and his face was distorted with panic and distress that she had never seen before. The Great Yan-zhi was furious, turned suddenly, and the red-hot soldering iron was pressed hard.

“Ah!” Wei Zhao raised his head, let out a cry of pain, and then his head dropped again.

Helian Zhuo also rushed forward, but because he was half a beat slower, he couldn’t stop the Great Yan-zhi’s movement.

“Ah Zhao, Ah Zhao…” Helian Zhuo untied Wei Zhao from the cross in a panic, took him in his arms, and then reached out his hand to check his breathing.

Feeling the faint breath, Helian Zhuo let out a sigh of relief, hugged Wei Zhao tighter, turned around and yelled: “If you can’t teach your son well, I don’t mind if the Great Yan-zhi is replaced by someone else!”

The Great Yan-zhi froze in place. She didn’t expect Helian Zhuo to say such a thing. Helian Zhuo didn’t even look at her anymore, he carried Wei Zhao out of the dungeon, and ordered to summon the shaman doctor quickly as he walked.

Translator’s note: If it was Shui Qian Cheng’s novel, Helian Zhuo would be the ML 🙂 🙂 Fortunately, here he is not.

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