Good Luck in the Year of the Pig Chapter 51

The entire staff of the bakery was silent.

“Closing??” Fei Qiqi covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Are you kidding, boss?”

“Brother Yang, what are you talking about?” Lu Ying stared at Yang Sigu in disbelief.

Yang Sigu smiled calmly: “Due to my personal reasons, I have to take my family to live in another city. So I don’t have the energy or time to continue running the bakery. Therefore, I have decided to close down. Don’t panic, I will pay you three months’ salary.”

“Boss, are you serious? This is so sudden!” Fei Qiqi cried out, “Our shop is doing so well, it’s a shame.” And there was a lot to learn, and the atmosphere was always good.

Lu Ying was dumbfounded, unable to speak. It was the happiest job he had ever had, and he thought he would continue to do it. Now Brother Yang suddenly wanted to close the bakery; he was really taken by surprise. But Brother Yang was the boss and the bakery was his, so he was free to make any decision he wanted.

“You can’t be serious, Boss Yang! Are you really going to close down? Where are we going to buy bread from now on? After eating your bread, we won’t be able to eat any other!”

“That’s right, that’s right, Boss Yang, why don’t you keep on doing this? I’m used to buying your food for breakfast.”

In addition to the shocked staff, customers in the shop came up to ask questions.

“It’s a waste to close when business is so good. What about the membership cards we recharged?”

Unmoved, Yang Sigu continued, “I will ask the shop staff to inform every member who recharged that they can come in anytime in the near future to get their money back. I’m sorry, but my life is more important and I have to close the bakery. Thank you all for your recognition and support all along.”

“Boss, don’t you want to just sell the store? There are so many professional machines here.” Brother Qiang squeezed forward, staring at Boss Yang with scorching eyes; his heart was itching. He had been working for many years and now his skills matured; he had long had the idea of opening a shop. What a good opportunity it was now, everything in the store was ready-made, and there was an accumulated old customer base.

Lu Ying looked at Brother Qiang, wanted to say something but stopped. He actually wanted to take over the shop, but he was too close to Brother Yang, so he wasn’t comfortable asking. Moreover, such a large store also included all equipment, and the selling price was not cheap. If he was given a cheap price, he would be even more embarrassed.

“Of course I want to sell it, and it’s best if my colleagues take over. But the transfer fee, the equipment, plus the rent, all together, is not cheap. I’ll list the price through the agent later, and if any of you are thinking of taking over, you can call me and tell me if you find the price reasonable.” Yang Sigu looked at the time and waved his hand, “That’s all I have to say, you guys get on with it. I will inform you of other minor matters in the work group.”

“Brother Yang, wait!” Lu Ying couldn’t resist and chased after him.

When Brother Qiang saw his impatient look, his face sank and he cursed silently. He looked at his other colleagues and asked sharply, “What do you think? Is there anyone who wants to take over the shop? I don’t have much money, we can partner up!”

“It’s really a shame not to do it, the shop is doing particularly well…” One male employee was obviously interested.

Another asked curiously, “How does Brother Qiang want to cooperate?”

Brother Qiang’s face showed joy: “Let’s go for a walk and talk in detail. Now the question is whether Lu Ying, who is related to Boss Yang, will shortcut….”

“Him? What’s the point of opening a bakery when his boyfriend is so awesome…”

“That’s not for sure…”

Fei Qiqi felt angry when she heard them muttering. She wished Lu Ying would take over the shop, then she would continue to work here and not have to worry about the reputation of the shop dropping without Boss Yang. Although Lu Ying was the latest of them to join, his craftsmanship was obvious to everyone. Who was good and who was bad, the sales were not going to lie.

“Brother Yang, tell me honestly, why do you suddenly want to close the bakery? Didn’t you say before that you were going to wait for Xiaolu’s kindergarten before moving to the capital? There was no sign at all.” Lu Ying followed behind Yang Sigu in confusion.

Yang Sigu smiled as he walked, “The plan can’t keep up with the changes. I just happened to receive an offer from Guanlan University and decided to go back to teach at the university. Both Guanlan City and the capital have good education, so I’ll simply take Lao Lu and Xiaolu to live there with me. I’ll entrust Liu Dichuan to deal with the house and shop here, and we’ll come to Qixia Mountain to get together for the New Year holidays in the future.”

“This, this has already been decided?” Lu Ying didn’t expect Brother Yang to make such proper arrangements so quickly. It seemed that he was determined to move. Lu Ying was very upset, but could only wish him sincerely, “Congratulations, Brother Yang. It’s great to go to the university and become a teacher and it’s definitely more appropriate for Xiaolu to live there.” He knew that Brother Yang had always been very good, he had been a university professor before returning to Qixia Mountain. Now he was going back to his old job for the sake of his child and his family. It was obviously a good thing.

Yang Sigu encouraged, “Your Grandpa Lu and I will leave, but your life will go on. Do you want to take over the bakery? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money, we’ll see what we can do about it.”

“…I have to think about it.” Lu Ying hesitated.

Yang Sigu let out a long sigh, “Your Grandpa Lu has always felt guilty about you in his heart.  He didn’t teach you how to survive, and he didn’t leave you any property. If you’re willing, why don’t you take Zaizai with you and go with us, don’t forget we’re family. My house in Guanlan City is big enough, so it’s no problem at all to live together. Once you go there, I can also help you open a bakery and you can be your own boss. Believe me, you can definitely do it, even better than me. You’re single-minded in what you do and really more committed than I am. I have a lot of interests and am easy to get distracted and lazy.”

“I’m such a big guy and I have Zaizai with me. How can I go and disturb your family? There’s no need for Grandpa Lu to feel guilty about me, it was hard enough for him to raise me. Thank you, Brother Yang, for your kindness!” Brother Yang’s offer sounded wonderful, but Lu Ying wasn’t tempted. If Grandpa Lu was alone, he would not hesitate to live with him and take care of him for the rest of his life. But Grandpa Lu had his own lover and child, he wouldn’t be that insensitive.

Yang Sigu patted Lu Ying’s shoulder, “No matter what your decision is, you should think about it seriously again. I’ll be gone in half a month. Tell me the answer when you think about it, and I won’t sell the bakery to anyone else until you reply. Let’s go, you are busy.”

Seeing Yang Sigu leave, Lu Ying was torn for a moment. He returned to the bakery sadly, ignoring the stares of the others, and sulked, doing his own work. He had to do a good job while at work anyway.

While his hands were busy, his mind was spinning. Firstly, this was a great opportunity, and once he took it, he was confident that he would be able to run the business without ruining its reputation. However, if he became the boss, he would have much less time to spend with his child. Although there was Jin Dachu to pick up and drop off Zaizai, it wasn’t the same. Moreover, he was serious about getting a good primary school for Zaizai, and the nearby ones had long been ruled out. Once he took root here, where Zaizai would go to school was a problem.


The relationship between him and Qin Zhuopu had gone so far that almost all relatives and friends on both sides knew about it. With them living separately in two places, Qin Zhuopu would have to continue to travel back and forth, and sometimes seeing him come and go in a hurry made Lu Ying feel guilty. And recently, so many inexplicable things on the internet involved Qin Zhuopu; Lu Ying was already very upset.

Those people had nothing to do with Qin Zhuopu.

He was clearly Qin Zhuopu’s real lover!

On his way home from work, Lu Ying swiped the news on his mobile phone and the star called Lu Ying could no longer jump up and down. The netizens were all captivated by Qin Zhuopu’s frankness. It was him, not her! With such an obvious statement, those who were following Qin Zhuopu were shocked.

Netizen A: Crap, the big boss is coming out of the closet!

Netizen B: Dad is worthy of being Dad, he’s just so open and honest!

Netizen C: I’m going to buy a lottery ticket! I’ve always suspected that Qin Zhuopu is gay, I’ve actually won!

Netizen D: Crying a river, why do good men like men?

Netizen E: Damn, that Lu Ying’s (actress) face must have hurt, so embarrassing! Hahaha, change your gender and maybe everyone will believe you.

Netizen F: boing boing, I envy that Mr. ly!

Netizen G: Where did the two men get the child? Did they adopt him? Please bring the news, I want to eat melons.

Netizen I: The boss of a dignified company is gay! It’s disgusting! May your stocks fall to death!


Lu Ying swiped through a whole bunch of online comments, and the more he read, the more anxious he became. He sent a message to Qin Zhuopu: “Is it okay for you to say that online? Will it affect your company’s stock? Will the company executives blame you?”

Qin Zhuopu quickly called and smiled as he said, “You’re so concerned about me?”

“No kidding! Of course I want everything to go well for you.”

“Ha, what if I go bankrupt and end up on the streets one day?” Qin Zhuopu asked, smiling. Even though he felt it was childish, he just wanted to hear Lu Ying’s answer.

Lu Ying rolled his eyes at the phone, “You underestimate me, even if you go bankrupt, you won’t live on the streets! I’m not as good at making money as you are, but if it comes to that, I’ll have no problem supporting you.”

Qin Zhuopu laughed darkly, “What if I go bankrupt and owe a huge amount of money?”

“Your company’s stock hasn’t really fallen, has it? Otherwise why are you asking these questions…” Lu Ying held his breath nervously.

“You still haven’t answered me, what if I’m in debt?”

Lu Ying sighed: “Then what else can I do! I’ll help you pay it back slowly, ah! You don’t have to ask questions, tell me if there is any effect or not? Otherwise, you should delete your Weibo, we can just be happy in our relationship, there is no need for others to talk about it.”

Qin Zhuopu, who was sitting in the boss’s chair, turned around and smiled widely, “Don’t worry, the post will not affect the stock. Never mind saying that I chose a man to be with, even if I choose a pig to be with, it won’t be anyone’s business.”

“……” Lu Ying was silent. What else could he say? With him, with a pig, it’s perfectly fine! (*^▽^*)

Qin Zhuopu looked out of the window at the sunshine and lush green plants in a pleasant mood, “One day I’m going to marry you in front of everyone. We will be frank and honest so that our child will be frank and honest.”

Lu Ying was taken aback: “What you say makes so much sense.” If two people were cowering and hiding because they were together, after a long time, the child’s heart would definitely change and he might feel that his family relationship was ‘unmentionable’ to outsiders. He didn’t want his child to become like that.

“Did you sign the documents I left you?”

Lu Ying pulled his hair, “I forgot about that, I haven’t read it yet. I’ll take a look at it when I get home, what is it? You didn’t buy me another house, did you? Actually, two are enough.”

Qin Zhuopu snorted, “You’ll know when you see it.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll video chat with you tonight.”

Lu Ying returned home, closed the information after reading it and let out a long breath.

He didn’t expect such a big gift from Mrs. Qin after her apology. Although he was not sure how much the 10% share dividends of the jewellery company were, it was definitely an amount that was beyond his imagination. As for the farm that Mrs. Qin gave Zaizai, he was rather calm.

Lu Ying told Zaizai about the farm in detail, and the little one really liked it. Lu Ying smiled and put the information away carefully.

Lu Ying didn’t tell Qin Zhuopu that the bakery was closing. In the early morning, he stepped into the bakery in a complicated mood; soon everyone arrived one after another. When Brother Qiang saw him, he looked clearly nervous and uncomfortable.

Lu Ying ignored him with a faint glance and went to work on the membership refunds, sending a message to Brother Yang in the meantime.

Brother Yang, I thought about it all night yesterday, but I don’t plan to take over the shop. You’d better transfer it to others as soon as possible, but I advise you to keep your signboard, it’s all your hard work.

Yang Sigu immediately replied: I understand. I had no intention of selling the signboard even if you didn’t say so. It’s okay to tell you secretly, it actually means Qianchuan, at least in my heart.

Lu Ying’s eyes lit up, and he smiled and typed: I suspected it before, but I didn’t dare to confirm it. It turns out that there is really a story, hehe, so sweet!

Brother Yang: Initially I wanted to call it ‘deer’ but it seemed too shameless, so finally I changed it to be more subtle.


After talking to Yang Sigu, Lu Ying’s whole mood became particularly bright. He felt more and more anxious to have his own bakery, give it his favourite name and make his own favourite desserts.

At night, Lu Ying had a dream in which he opened his own bakery and named it ‘pig’, only to have Qin Zhuopu jump out and strongly oppose it, saying that the name was too unpleasant and tasteless and didn’t fit the style of the bakery!

When he woke up in the morning, Lu Ying rubbed his messy hair and wondered what the best name would be.

“What do you think would be a good name for Dad’s bakery?”

Lu Ying was excited, “Wow, is Dad going to open his own shop and be the boss?”

Lu Ying shook his head, “No.”

Lu Zaizai sighed, “Then what’s the point of asking. First, you have to have a shop.”


There was no way to retort.

The cold wind quickly blew into December, bringing the rain along with it. In an instant it felt like winter, and people put on their warm clothes. The bakery was deserted, everyone was there, but the atmosphere was very negative.

Lu Ying and Fei Qiqi sat at the front desk, dealing with the members who came by from time to time to return their cards. The others stayed in the workshop and were not in a good mood. Because Brother Yang was unwilling to transfer the signboard, Brother Qiang, who wanted to take over, felt very upset, but in the end he gritted his teeth and found some people to take over the bakery in partnership. Now they were waiting for the final handover.

Lu Ying buried his head in taking notes, while Fei Qiqi was responsible for answering the calls.

“Right, this is Mr. Qin’s membership fee, the balance is 18,000. Here, now I’ll transfer it all to you, Brother Lu.” Fei Qiqi said with a smile, pointing to the information.

Lu Ying was stunned, “Did you tell him?”

“Of course, I am responsible for informing every member. Mr. Qin is also our member but Mr. Qin told me that the balance can be paid directly to you.”

Lu Ying held his forehead. He thought he had been hiding well but he had forgotten about this. Qin Zhuopu obviously knew he was unemployed now, yet he didn’t talk to him about it at all… Didn’t he want to take advantage of this opportunity and ask him to go to Guanlan City?

What the hell was he thinking…

In the blink of an eye, on December 10th, it was still raining and the bakery belonging to Brother Yang was officially closed.

The old signboard had been taken down and the shop was fenced off. Brother Qiang couldn’t wait to call in the construction team and was determined to get the new signboard installed and re-open quickly. The shop was already equipped with all the equipment and furniture and he had no intention of changing them. Just change the signboard and the customers would come back. 

“Goodbye, Brother Lu, goodbye, Boss Yang!” Wearing her casual clothes, Fei Qiqi waved with a wide smile and was the first to leave the bakery where she had worked.

“Bye, Qiqi.”

After sending Fei Qiqi away, Lu Ying didn’t want to stay, picked up his umbrella and walked into the rain with Yang Sigu.

“Brother Yang, now that I’m completely free, I’ll take you to the airport the day after tomorrow.”

Yang Sigu didn’t refuse: “Okay, it’s just as well since we have a lot of baggage and it’s inconvenient to carry the baby, so it’s better if you help. It’s just a pity, why don’t you come with us?”

“Haha, I don’t want to be a light bulb!” Lu Ying was light on his feet in the rain, and although he was out of work, he felt very relaxed.

Yang Sigu smiled like a spring breeze, “You must remember that in Grandpa Lu’s and my eyes, you will always be the child of our family.” He had already done as much as he could, and he believed that Lu Ying would gather the courage to pursue his own happiness.

“…en! I know!”

Lu Ying nodded vigorously, forcing himself not to let his tears fall. How lucky he was that Grandpa Lu had adopted him when he was at his weakest and had given him support. From then on, he had many friends who laughed at his young age while loving him as he grew up. It was these friends who made him an optimistic person, and it was the most considerate companionship and encouragement that gave him endless courage.

On the day that Grandpa Lu’s family left, Lu Ying went to see them off and didn’t look away until they had passed the security check. When Lu Ying returned home alone, he was still in a bit of a daze. It was too awkward for him to do nothing, so he was at a loss. Sitting on the sofa, he watched the news and programs on the English channels for a day until Lu Zaizai came back from school.

“Dad, is it true that Grandpa Lu and Uncle Yang and Sister Xiaolu are gone?” Lu Zaizai asked with a depressed look on his face as he grabbed Lu Ying.

Lu Ying nodded, “Yes, they have gone to Guanlan City.”

Lu Zaizai instantly deflated and wanted to cry: “Why did they have to leave… I miss Grandpa Lu and I miss my little sister too. Why do they all have to go to Guanlan City? Uncle also lives so far away!”

“Good boy, don’t cry. We can still see each other later, Guanlan City is not far, it’s the next city.”

“So when are we going to go to them?” Lu Zaizai was instantly looking forward to it.

Lu Ying smiled, stroked his son’s head and assured him, “When you have the winter vacation, Dad will take you there.”


“But you have to promise Dad one thing.”

“What thing?” Lu Zaizai asked hurriedly.

Lu Ying squatted down to be at his son’s level and looked seriously into his innocent eyes, “After we go to Guanlan City, we will live with Uncle. From now on, you have to call him Dad, okay?”

Surprised, Lu Zaizai stared into his father’s eyes and asked in confusion, “Why?”

Lu Ying smiled, “Because he is your father.”

Lu Zaizai cocked his head, still not understanding, and couldn’t help but raise two fingers, “So I’ll have two dads in the future?”

Lu Ying nodded decisively, “Yes, from now on you have two dads, one more than anyone else.”

“Wow, that sounds so cool and amazing!” Lu Zaizai’s eyes lit up but the next moment he questioned, “But are you married? I can’t call him Dad until you’re married, right?”

“Married or not, he and I are your dads and we love you very much. You just have to remember that.”

Lu Zaizai nodded seriously and grinned, “Okay, then I’ll do as you say. Next time I see Uncle, I’ll call him Dad, right?”

“No, no, no! Wrong!” Lu Ying immediately admonished his son mysteriously and said quietly, “We have to surprise him, we can’t let him know about our actions, so you have to…”

Father and son muttered for a long time and finally agreed on a plan.

When he woke up the next day, Lu Zaizai was still chanting ‘secret, I’m going to keep it secret’.

Lu Ying smiled as he sent his son off to school, and when he got home he couldn’t rest anymore. He pulled out the oven he bought for more than 400 yuan and prepared to make some desserts at home. He was afraid of getting rusty from not doing anything all day. He had a full range of baking ingredients and tools at home, all of which he used to practise. The oven was very simple and the tools were not as professional as those in the shop, but he took his time and enjoyed the process, finally baking ten six-inch chiffon cakes and making three more chiffon pieces to carefully shape, resulting in two beautiful and delicious fruit cakes.

Lu Ying was so pleased with the finished products that he put them on the table and decorated them, then made a picture and sent it to his Moments!

Perfect Dad: Freshly baked six-inch chiffon cakes! Anyone want them? As long as it is not far away, it will be delivered to your door!

There were many customers and residents of the community in his WeChat, as well as former colleagues from all walks of life, but before posting his Moments, he had blocked Brother Qiang and others.

Soon, there were several messages under his post.

Fei Qiqi: Wow! Good job, Brother Lu! Support you!

Lu Ying replied: I call this freelancing ^_^

Fei Qiqi: Bang bang da! I’m going to start my own freelance business in the community like you!

Lu Ying: Go for it, you can definitely do it!

Yang Sigu: Thumbs up! That’s not bad, that’s what I did in the beginning, too.

Lu Ying: Thank you, Brother Yang.

Pure Mom: Xiao Lu, I want one!

Lu Ying: Private chat.

Lu Ying quickly sold his first cake for 188 yuan. He took a screenshot and wrote down Pure Mom’s building number, and soon another resident sent him a private message.

There were still people leaving messages on WeChat. The cakes were all booked out, and Lu Ying made an appointment with his customers In the evening. He took Zaizai to deliver the cakes to the customers’ homes.

After selling ten cakes a day, the money he made was so good that Lu Ying was smiling, and Lu Zaizai, who was delivering cakes, was even happier than he was, finding it fun.

When Qin Zhuopu had time to look at his phone, Lu Ying’s Moments stunned him and then he smiled helplessly. This lover of his, he really couldn’t stay idle for a day. But doing this was actually more cost-effective than working part-time, and Lu Ying was definitely happy.

“Hehe, guess how much money I made today?” In the video chat, Lu Ying was smiling like a lucky cat.

Qin Zhuopu held up his forehead and teased, “You made so much money, do you want to give me a red envelope?”

Lu Ying nodded readily, “No problem!” He quickly sent out a red envelope.

Qin Zhuopu clicked on it and saw that it was actually ‘1314’ (1314 means “forever”). His heart was suddenly hit hard, oh wow!

“I’m generous, right?” Lu Ying was happy, “I was worried whether anyone would want it, but luckily those customers trusted me. It was sold out in one go today, and some of those who didn’t get it reserved desserts for tomorrow and the day after. Unfortunately, the weather has cooled down and I don’t have all the equipment at home, so toast and bread don’t ferment well at all and the cakes are the only ones that can be done well. Tomorrow I plan to cut them and sell them piece by piece, the profit is higher!”

Qin Zhuopu said sincerely, “My wife is awesome! You look best when you’re serious!”

Lu Ying blushed: “Calling me wife is so unpleasant, it’s so corny!”

“What should I call you then?” Qin Zhuopu asked with a smile.

Lu Ying looked magnanimous, “Call me baby!”

“Pffff, yes, baby, baby,” Qin Zhuopu said in a long, deliberate voice, causing Lu Ying to blush. He got a scolding before he stopped.

Lu Ying went to the market the next day after dropping off the kid and bought all the boxes he needed, and then went back home and started working. Today he only baked five cakes. After all of them were made, he cut them and divided them into 30 small cakes. He packed them, 15 yuan per box, took pictures and posted them, and sold them! Anyway, he had grown bold; he could sell as much as he wanted and even if he couldn’t sell them, Zaizai could eat them! Absolutely not at a loss.

After losing his job, Lu Ying started a brand-new business in this way. It happened that Christmas and New Year’s Day were coming, and Lu Ying’s orders soared. However, he worked single-handedly, so he could only watch a lot of orders slip away. On the two days of Christmas, he didn’t have five hours of sleep all together. He worked hard to make the largest number of orders in his history. He was so tired during the delivery that he couldn’t finish it. In the end, Jin Dachu took Zaizai to help him complete the delivery.

When he got up from a nap and was ready to continue to work, Lu Ying’s oven quit and went straight on strike.

“…woo!” Lu Ying wanted to cry without tears; he didn’t hesitate to throw away the broken oven and hurriedly went to the supermarket to buy another one. At night, he couldn’t help muttering to Qin Zhuopu: “This is too wasteful. The household oven won’t last long. Think about it, it isn’t cheap.”

“That’s why it’s better to open a shop if you want to get bigger. Professional large-scale equipment is durable.”

“Yeah.” Lu Ying knew that but didn’t say anything to Qin Zhuopu.

In the blink of an eye it was New Year’s Day, the end of the Year of the Pig in the Gregorian calendar, ushering in the Year of the Rat. But in the lunar calendar it was still the Year of the Pig, and Lu Ying was inexplicably nervous and looking forward to the future, hoping that before the Year of the Pig ended, he would go to the place he wanted to.

On January 20, Primary School 12 officially closed for winter break. A week later, Lu Ying and Lu Zaizai went to school to get Zaizai’s report card.

“Headmaster, thank you for taking care of Lu Zaizai this semester.”

The headmaster smiled and sighed, “You’re welcome, Mr. Lu, it’s something I should do. The library you donated to the school has helped the children immensely and I will be forever grateful to you. Lu Zaizai, you must study hard at your new school.”

“I will, goodbye, Headmaster.”


The two of them pushed their suitcases and left the campus to board the train to Guanlan City.

Lu Zaizai said he had never been on a train before, so this was a good time to experience it.

As he walked out of the Guanlan City train station, Lu Ying exhaled a long breath. This place; after seven years, no, already eight years, he had finally returned here.

Dragging his luggage and pulling his son through the crowd, he hailed a taxi and gave the familiar community address.

Yes, a very familiar address that was always in his heart.

It was a smooth arrival at the community, another smooth face-scan to enter the community, and finally a smooth standing at the door of the house.

As he stared at the closed door, a nostalgic smile appeared on Lu Ying’s face.

Lu Ying stretched out his finger and pressed the code he knew by heart. Beep beep, the door opened and the warm light bloomed in front of him.

It seemed to have opened the door to the mysterious fairy tale world, and the ending of the fairy tale would definitely be happy.

A pair of large hands reached out and fiercely pulled him into a hug.

“Lu Ying, welcome home.”



Mr. Qin: Finally, I’ve waited for you to come back! Excited!

Lu Ying: I wanted to surprise you, but it seems like you knew.

Mr. Qin: No, I didn’t know anything.

Lu Ying: Liar, you must have guessed.

Mr. Qin: How could I? I was surprised by you.

Lu Ying: Really?

Mr. Qin: Really.

Lu Zaizai: Do you two devils remember having a son outside the door?

Lu Ying: ……

Mr. Qin: ……

Zaizai: Woohoohoohoohoohoohoo


Zaizai: Uncle.

Lu Ying: Call him Dad.

Zaizai: Okay, Dad, which room do I sleep in?

Mr. Qin: Be a good boy, Dad will make a phone call.

Zaizai: ???

Mr. Qin: Grandpa, come quickly, pick up your great-grandson! There’s no room for him here.

Zaizai: ……

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