Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 22

“Then eat something,” Xie Ke looked at him greedily and started looking for a topic again. He pushed the plate of snacks towards Fu Zhiyu, looking into his eyes gently, “This melaleuca cake is good.”

Fu Zhiyu glanced at it but didn’t move, his tone still very flat: “Isn’t Young Master Xie going to tell me something? There is no need to bother with these things. Is there anything you need my help with?”

Xie Ke shook his head, forcibly controlling his expression, and said, “No. Although this servant is a military man, he has long heard of Wang Zhao’s talents and has long yearned to meet him. At that time, when I learned that it was His Highness Wang Zhao who was rescued from the ice lake, I was shocked. I have been worried about your safety for a long time. Then it happened that I had seen Wang Zhao a few times and I just felt… Now I dare to say these words in the hope that Wang Zhao will give me a chance, and… maybe can see me more regularly.”

Xie Ke had turned these words in his mind many times, but after he finished speaking in one breath, he simply wanted to knock himself on the head.

Obviously, every time he saw Zhiyu, he felt that he had something to say, but when he actually had the chance to say it, he stumbled and stuttered. On the one hand, he was afraid that he was a little abrupt and offensive, and on the other hand, he was afraid that Zhiyu would not feel the affection he wanted to express.

After this passage, he only felt that he was in a mess and his face was flushed. It wasn’t at all like he thought it would be. He was like a novice who had never been in love before, not knowing where to put his hands and feet.

Obviously, he had played the protagonist so many times, and had travelled to so many worlds. He didn’t know how many times he had done all kinds of emotional lines, so he should have had some experience. Coming back this time, Xie Ke had scrupulously thought how to do all the good things he could for Zhiyu, how to try to make up for him and make him the happiest person in the world.

But only now did Xie Ke realise that when a man really faced someone he loved, he would never be as comfortable as when he was acting according to the plot. Only now did he know what it was like to be in love for the first time, to be anxious as if his heart was hanging in mid-air, but also to taste a trace of sweetness from it.

However, Fu Zhiyu just frowned as he listened to him.

“Heard of the talents?” His face was already very cold, as if he couldn’t wait to leave. ”If it’s just that, Young Master Xie doesn’t have to bother with such thoughts. I don’t have these talents anymore.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Xie Ke panicked when he heard this, “I just want to… do my best to take care of Wang Zhao.”

For the first time, he found that his mouth was so stupid that he couldn’t explain himself.

“This wang doesn’t need your care. There are servants in the palace to take care of me,” Fu Zhiyu said. He added word by word, “It’s not your place to feel sorry for me either.”

Fu Zhiyu felt that he understood part of Xie Ke’s thoughts. It was not because he liked him, it was because of guilt, right?

Anyway, he had successfully completed the mission, the important things had been done and the points had been earned. Now that Xie Ke had achieved those things, he felt sorry for him, seemed to have some regrets and came back to find him?

After becoming successful and famous, he wanted to make up for his psychological discomfort. Nice try.

The world was rebooted because of Xie Ke, but not everything had to be the way he wanted it to.

Fu Zhiyu felt that he couldn’t talk about it anymore today. His face was completely cold.

Xie Ke also sensed that the atmosphere was sliding in the wrong direction. He was at a loss, unable to understand why Zhiyu had such a bad impression of him.

Even if Zhiyu didn’t remember the time he saved him and the moment he fell in love at first sight, he shouldn’t be so cold. Xie Ke knew Zhiyu’s character very well. He really must have hated him to the extreme to talk like this.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t care what Xie Ke thought and looked up at the sky. It was getting late. He stood up from his seat and prepared to go back to the palace.

But at this moment, Yuan Mingdao showed half of his little face in the door of the private room, blinked and smiled strangely. Fu Zhiyu didn’t know how long he had been hiding there and listening, but the two little tiger teeth he showed looked pretty malicious.

“Brother,” he ran into the room, stretched out his little hand towards Fu Zhiyu and coquettishly begged him, “Hug me.”

Fu Zhiyu had no choice but to pick him up and pat him on the back, his tone softening instantly, far cry from the time when he was facing Xie Ke: “Are you tired of waiting? It’s okay, we’ll go back now.”

Xie Ke stood up, just trying to stop Fu Zhiyu, but saw the face of the little kid in green clothes lying on Zhiyu’s shoulder, facing him with his green eyes narrowed slightly and a meaningful mocking smile.

This smile looked a bit strange on the face of a ten-year-old child, as if there was an adult inside that little body.

Xie Ke seemed to be struck by lightning, his feet frozen in place before he could take a step.

He had been looking at Zhiyu until now and hadn’t noticed the child’s face, but now he recognised Yuan Mingdao.

But it shouldn’t be! Yuan Mingdao didn’t meet Zhiyu at this point in time. Why did it happen so many days earlier?

Xie Ke recalled all the things he had experienced with Zhiyu after he came back, and suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

All these things gradually pointed to a possibility that he was least willing to face.

Did Zhiyu remember what had happened before?

Those unpleasant memories that Xie Ke wanted to erase, the past that hurt so much every time he touched it…

It turned out Zhiyu remembered everything?

He was so dumbfounded that he forgot to stop Fu Zhiyu, letting him turn and leave.

“I…” he murmured in a voice that only he could hear, “I’m sorry…”

After Fu Zhiyu returned to the carriage, he breathed a sigh of relief and then closed all the curtains tightly.

The imperial carriages were all specially made. As soon as the curtains were closed, if the one inside spoked in a lower voice, nothing would be heard outside.

Besides, this was a winter carriage, and the curtains that covered the windows were thicker, so Fu Zhiyu didn’t hesitate talking to Yuan Mingdao inside. He focused on the key points and briefly talked about what had happened during this time. 

Fu Zhiyu never thought about telling anyone about the system and the Lord God. Even if he really described this kind of thing, people in this world couldn’t understand what it was. He just followed Yuan Mingdao’s example and explained all of this as “rebirth.”

“Master, wait,” Yuan Mingdao pondered, “I overheard some but I didn’t fully hear it. I just felt that Xie Ke had changed a lot, so I wondered if he was the same as us, but what I didn’t expect was that he didn’t even guess that the Master was also reborn? The Master has obviously changed so much.”

Fu Zhiyu thought for a while and said, “He probably thinks that if I had the memory of my previous life, I would have never drunk that bowl of medicine.”

When Yuan Mingdao heard him say this, he had some worries in his heart: “Then did I disrupt the Master’s plan? Now that he saw me, he should have noticed something was wrong. After all, this time we have met so much earlier.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Fu Zhiyu said, “I didn’t expect to hide it from him for long, he would know sooner or later.”

Moreover, if Xie Ke knew that he clearly remembered everything in his previous life, he might give up quickly, realising that any relationship between them was absolutely impossible.

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  1. XK’s discovery was earlier than expected, but the faster you know it, the more suffering you’ll have to endure 😈

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