Good Luck in the Year of the Pig Chapter 50

In the quiet of the night, after the video chat with Lu Ying, Qin Zhuopu was still working in his study. The electronic screen next to him suddenly played music and his mother’s face appeared on it. It was ten o’clock in the evening, and his mother came over at this time; probably it was for something important.

Qin Zhuopu immediately unlocked the door and got up to walk out of the study.

“Mom, why are you here?”

Qin Zhuopu actually knew what his mother had done today. To be honest, he was surprised, but he also felt that he had expected it. The conflict between him and his mother had long since been resolved, and afterwards they were still mother and son. But the conflict between his mother and Lu Ying could only be resolved by his mother. No matter how many kind words he said, no matter how much he compensated, he could not replace his mother to say sorry in person.

Mrs. Qin put down her bag, “Come here, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhuopu poured tea for his mother, cut some fruit and handed it to her personally.

Mrs. Qin picked up the briefcase she had brought with her and handed a document to Qin Zhuopu: “This is a letter of transfer of equity, a gift from me to you and Lu Ying to make amends. Just sign it.”

“I have a share too?” Qin Zhuopu opened the document and looked at it. There was a jewellery company under his mother’s name, one of the dowries given to her by his grandmother, and it was run well over the years. Now his mother generously gave 10% of the shares to him and Lu Ying.

Mrs. Qin nodded: “Although all of mine will be yours in the future, this is a small sign of my intention for now.” As she said that, she took out another document and handed it to Qin Zhuopu again.

“And?” Qin Zhuopu’s smile deepened. His heart was definitely happy. Who doesn’t like money? What’s more, it was given for nothing. Even when he borrowed money from his mother, the interest was pretty high, and it was rare for her to give him money for nothing.

Mrs. Qin opened the document straight away: “My gift for the little one, I hope he will like it.”

Qin Zhuopu’s eyes lit up. It was a farm in France, also one of his mother’s favourite private properties. The farm was large, containing a beautiful sea of flowers, a variety of crops and a winery. The family usually ate agricultural products from there. 

“Zaizai will love it, going there to pick fruit to fill his tummy. Mom, thank you.”

Mrs. Qin pulled up the corners of her mouth and smiled, “Don’t stay up too late, take care of your health. I’ll leave now.”

“Mom, I’ll see you off.”

Qin Zhuopu personally escorted his mother out of the courtyard, and waved his hand when he saw her get in the car.

Mrs. Qin smiled and left. Once the words of apology were spoken, the gloom in her heart seemed to break open a gap and more and more light poured in, not only relieving herself but also infecting those around her with that warmth. The gift was the one she willingly gave, and it was given without a trace of heartache, but rather as if she had done something very comfortable. 

“I’ve been so confused and foolish all these years. I helped so many strangers I don’t know, and seeing them happy made my wish to do good deeds stronger. At the same time, I also gained the satisfaction of helping others. But I was less tolerant and patient with the people around me. In fact, even without Lu Ying, I would still have fallen out with Zhuopu over other things; it was my stubborn heart demon.” Sitting in the car, Mrs. Qin held her mobile phone and spilled her heart to her closest cousin, “It’s only when I took a step back that I understood. In fact, as long as I can see that my Zhuopu is safe and happy, my original wish is fulfilled…”

She remembered the day her son was born, more than 30 years ago. She and her husband cried tears of joy as they looked at their son in their arms. At that time they both had the same wish, wishing for their son to be healthy, happy and safe for life.

But as the child grew up and as they grew old, the years that flowed by unknowingly destroyed and took away a lot, and they were the ones who lost it.

Early in the morning, inside and outside the bakery, Lu Ying and a few employees were diligently scrubbing the glass, while the owner of the flower shop next to them hauled in various potted plants they had ordered, giving the shop a new look inside and out.

Liu Dichuan got out of the car and strode towards the bakery, saying loudly, “Lu Ying, let’s go to Brother Yang’s house for dinner tonight, I’ve bought a lot of ingredients.”

“Sure, I’ll definitely be there tonight.”

Ji Xiaofeng and Dr. Hu both arrived at Brother Yang’s house in the evening, and the group gathered around Yang Xiaolu for a while to tease her. Lu Ying personally cooked some of his best dishes; he and Brother Yang worked well together, and the table was full of delicious food.

Lu Zaizai ate happily as usual and definitely had the best appetite at the table. Dr. Hu couldn’t help laughing when he saw it: “When was the last time Lu Ying fed him the pill?”

“Let me see.” Lu Ying checked the mobile phone date record, “It’s been 26 days, less than a month…”

Dr. Hu raised his eyebrows: “It’s time for him to take medicine.”

“I’ll give it to him when I get home at night.” Lu Ying said immediately.

Dr. Hu smiled like a cunning fox, “I have formulated new pills, inspired by the birth of Yang Xiaolu. The new pills are more effective than the old ones, but more expensive. Would you like a bottle?”

Yang Sigu heard it and said, “My Xiaolu is taking the new formula now. It has a lot of aura and is really good.”

Lu Ying’s teeth ached: “How, how expensive is it?”

Dr. Hu held out his fingers, “150,000.”

“!!!” Lu Ying vomited blood: “It was only 50,000 before, and it tripled straight away! You are too…”

Too black-hearted… Lu Ying hurriedly covered his mouth. He could afford to offend anyone but couldn’t offend the doctor, especially Dr. Hu.

Dr. Hu raised his eyebrows and hummed lightly: “What, aren’t my pills worth that price? I’m telling you, this is already a price for a friend. I’m not going to use the old recipe anyway now since the new one is selling well. No big deal if you buy it or not, your little aunt will take care of it.”

“I’ll buy!” Lu Ying gritted his teeth.

Grandpa Lu said, “I’ll pay for this. Before Grandpa didn’t know how to help ease your burden, but now I can.”

Lu Ying hurriedly shook his head, “Grandpa Lu, don’t be like that, you and Brother Yang still have to raise Xiaolu. I can take care of Zaizai myself, I really can… and I still have Zhuopu, ahem.”

Ji Xiaofeng suddenly laughed: “Tsk tsk, so affectionate now.”

Liu Dichuan laughed: “I see that Mr. Qin is quite good to Lu Ying. Anyway, if there are any misunderstandings, it’s good to solve them in time. Since they like each other and are the happiest together, just have fun.”

Lu Ying made the payment to Dr. Hu on the spot; although it was painful, he was also happy with the new formula’s optimised efficacy.

When Dr. Hu received the money, his smile deepened: “Okay, that’s quick. By the way, I have some other pills here, would you like to consider them, Lu Ying?”

Lu Ying was dumbfounded: “What?” Why did he need any pills?

Even the other guys looked at Doctor Hu curiously.

Dr. Hu spread his hands and arranged several porcelain bottles of different sizes, introducing them one by one: “Pill No. 1 focuses on internal regulation of qi and blood. Pill No. 2 focuses on beauty and rejuvenation. Pill No. 3 focuses on nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the body. Pill No. 4 focuses on baldness. And Pill No. 5 strengthens the muscles and bones. All without side effects, you know my medicine is expensive for a reason. If the effect is bad, I’ll compensate a hundred times.”

Everyone: “……” Damn, it all sounds great, but they don’t need it at all! Even Yang Sigu and Lu Qianchuan would not be taking this medicine at the moment.

“Ahem, I’ll sign up with Dr. Hu first, maybe I’ll have to use it one day.” Yang Sigu was most open-minded and blandly placed his order.

Dr. Hu nodded, still staring at Lu Ying.

Lu Ying blushed and stammered, “I, I can’t use it either…”

“Really? Hey, I thought you would be a big buyer.” Dr. Hu sighed slyly, and Ji Xiaofeng held back his laughter.

“You can’t use it yourself, but Mr. Qin should be able to use it, right? It’s all good for the body anyway. I see a lot of middle-aged men around with bald heads and big bellies, weak kidneys and lack of body energy, oily faces and whatnot. Dr. Hu’s medicine is very marketable.” Liu Dichuan reminded Lu Ying thoughtfully.

Shut up, you! Who is bald? Who has weak kidneys(1)? His Zhuopu is fine, absolutely fine!

“Don’t miss out on something good.” Yang Sigu smiled jokingly.

Lu Qianchuan wanted to say something but stopped.

“…you, what do you mean…” Lu Ying wanted to cover his face. He said firmly, “I don’t need it! Can’t afford it either!”

Dr. Hu put away the pills and continued eating.

“Hahaha, buy those pills from Doctor Hu, and the house is probably gone. Don’t blame Lu Ying for not wanting them, I wouldn’t bear to part with it either.”

Lu Ying’s face was flushed and his heart was trembling.

“You really don’t want them?” Dr. Hu asked again, “If you don’t buy them now, you can’t have them later.”

“I don’t want them… oh, I want, I want them…!” Really tempting o(╥﹏╥)o

Dr. Hu delivered the goods readily, “All these are for you at a price of two and a half million, and I will allow you to give me an IOU. Anyway, if you don’t pay it back within a year, I’ll go directly to Guanhai Group to demand the debt.”


“Two million and a half is too harsh, can’t Doctor Hu offer a discount?” Lu Ying tried to make a counteroffer.

Dr. Hu hooked his lips and smiled, “Two million five hundred ten thousand, no bargaining.”


This old fox, doesn’t he know anything about moderation!

After the gathering was over, Lu Ying’s legs were completely weak and he was almost swaying as he walked.

From today, he turned from a poor man with the assets of no more than a million to an unhappy man… with the assets of minus 2.51 million.

He really was too arrogant and irrational! The old fox poured him the ecstasy soup and he, who usually deliberated whether to spend more than two hundred on clothes, suddenly lost more than two million …life is unbearable.jpg

Liu Dichuan slapped him on the shoulder, laughing and comforting: “Don’t look so unhappy, ah, more than two million is actually okay. In our place it is really the cost of a house. But in Guanlan City, it’s nothing. Think about it, you have two luxury houses in Guanlan City, don’t be stingy!”

Lu Ying’s heart jumped and he looked at Liu Dichuan in dismay, “I don’t have a house.”

Liu Dichuan glared at him, “Don’t give me that. At the beginning of the year I even asked you to borrow a quota to register for the lottery, but it turned out that you already had two houses under your name, and you bought them seven years ago. Little brother, don’t you know whether you bought a house or not? It’s not surprising that Mr. Qin bought you a house, but you should have signed for it yourself, right?”

Lu Ying was dumbfounded: “I, I really don’t know. I don’t remember… I have no recollection of it.” Qin Zhuopu hadn’t told him at all!

“Brother believes you…” Liu Dichuan was helpless: “Then ask him yourself, it’s not a bad thing anyway. I’m off, see you next time. Zaizai, bye bye.”

“Bye bye, Uncle Liu.”

Lu Ying returned home in a daze and after settling his son down to sleep, he couldn’t wait to call Qin Zhuopu. But the phone rang for a long time and there was no answer.

Lu Ying’s excitement cooled a little and he lay under the blanket in a daze. Seven years ago when he and Qin Zhuopu were together, Qin Zhuopu did buy him a lot of things, food, drinks, games and clothes, but then he left in a panic and even accidentally lost his darling mobile phone. There was no memory of such a thing as buying a house.

Sitting on his bed, Lu Ying propped his head up and sulked.

Suddenly, the sound of the combination lock opening reached his ears, and Lu Ying looked up, a smile instantly brightening his face as he jumped to his feet and ran to the living room, where Qin Zhuopu, who had pushed the door open, collided with him.

“Why are you here?” Lu Ying looked at him with surprise and thoughtfully reached out to help him with his bag and presents.

Qin Zhuopu said with amusement, “Why are you so enthusiastic today? Are you missing me to warm your bed?”

Lu Ying smiled playfully, “If you say so, so be it. Are you hungry? I’ll go and make you a snack!”

“No, just pour me a glass of water.”

Qin Zhuopu sat down on the sofa in the living room and waited for Lu Ying, who was inexplicably excited, to hand him a glass of water. He patted the seat beside him, “Come, sit with me.”

Lu Ying obediently sat down next to him and asked seriously, “Do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“Pfft…” Qin Zhuopu erupted in laughter, “Did you miss me too much?”

Lu Ying blinked, “I was fine.”

“……” Qin Zhuopu choked, “Then why are you so enthusiastic?” Deliberately teasing him! That’s so naughty!

Lu Ying cleared his throat, lowered his voice and asked seriously: “I only learned today that you bought me two houses in Guanlan City seven years ago.”

Qin Zhuopu nodded: “That’s right, the one we lived in was under your name, and now I still live there alone.”

“……” Lu Ying couldn’t help but stare and muttered, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Qin Zhuopu stroked his head, “At that time, I bought the house because I wanted to marry you, but I hadn’t had the time to tell you… later when you disappeared, I was taking care of the place. You may not know but as long as I lived in it, I always felt that no matter how much time had passed, you would still come home and end up living with me.”

“You never told me that.” Lu Ying had mixed feelings. Qin Zhuopu lived in the house registered under his name and waited for him every single day. Yet Qin Zhuopu, whose memory was confused, probably didn’t even understand why he was waiting like that; thinking and thinking, but unable to come to him.

Qin Zhuopu pressed his forehead against Lu Ying’s and whispered, “I realised after seeing you again that as long as you are there, no matter where you live, it is home. There can be many houses, but you are unique.”

Lu Ying smiled as his eyebrow smoothened and he gently bumped his forehead against Qin Zhuopu’s, murmuring, “You’re so good. You’re unique in the world.”


Reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds. The two of them hugged and had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Lu Ying had just opened his eyes to get up when his phone rang. When he saw that it was Brother Ji calling, he immediately picked up, “Good morning, Brother Ji.”

“It’s not good at all!” Ji Xiaofeng’s tone was somewhat ominous: “Look at the hot searches on the internet yourself, what’s up with Qin Zhuopu? Isn’t he with you? How can he get involved with a woman?”

Lu Ying’s heart thudded: “What woman?”

“A big female star named Ye Suqin. You’d better ask about it, if it is a misunderstanding, it needs to be cleared up as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Ying hung up his phone and found the Weibo hot search. The first one was ‘Qin Zhuopu holding hands with Ye Suqin’. The second was ‘What kind of divine couple is this!’ The third one was ‘Ye Suqin’s overbearing boyfriend’ and the fourth one was ‘Two childhood sweethearts’.

Several consecutive hot searches were all about the two of them. At the airport, Qin Zhuopu and Ye Suqin, who was wearing a mask, faced each other. Ye Suqin seemed to be holding Qin Zhuopu’s hand, and Qin Zhuopu was smiling warmly and leaned slightly towards her.

Lu Ying stared at the screen and grimaced; what the hell was this? There was nothing of substance, just a picture to create an unfounded story, and a bunch of netizens screaming and clapping, or cursing.

In particular, Ye Suqin’s fans were completely abuzz, partly desperately blessing the two and partly yelling about stopping being fans.

Lu Ying was furious and slapped Qin Zhuopu awake.

When Qin Zhuopu opened his eyes, the blindingly hot gossip came into his view, and he was wide awake at once…-_-||

“Where’s my phone?”

“Here it is, you turned it off.” Lu Ying tossed it to him.

Qin Zhuopu smiled bitterly. Yesterday he and Lu Ying were hot and tangled. At that time, he didn’t hesitate to turn off his phone, just in case he was disturbed in the middle! Once the phone was turned on, there were indeed many missed calls and messages.

Qin Zhuopu called the secretary directly, and the other party sighed: “Mr. Qin, you’ve finally answered the phone. You can quickly give instructions on whether we should manage the gossip and how to manage it.”

“It’s purely a rumour, I happened to be on the same flight as Ye Suqin yesterday. You should contact Ye Suqin’s side directly to issue a statement together.” He believed that Ye Suqin didn’t want to drag him into the gossip, there was really no need for her to do so.

“Understood, I’ll get busy then.”

Qin Zhuopu breathed a sigh of relief, “Alright, this is just a small misunderstanding. Ye Suqin was my neighbour when I was a kid, and her brother and I were childhood friends.”

“Hmph, I knew it was a misunderstanding as soon as I saw it, I don’t care about this nonsense and boring gossip.” Lu Ying turned his head and tilted his chin to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Qin Zhuopu hugged him from behind, resting his head on his shoulder and rubbing his face against it, “As expected of our Lu Ying, so smart, magnanimous and steady…”

“Wow! Uncle, you’re here!”

Lu Zaizai yelled and rushed towards Qin Zhuopu whose sweet words were interrupted in an instant. With a look of helplessness on his face Qin Zhuopu caught his fat son who rushed over. When will this child turn eighteen and move out?

After the family of three had a lively breakfast, Qin Zhuopu put down a bag of documents and rushed to leave, telling Lu Ying: “Take a look at these two documents when you have time. I have to catch a flight, so I’ll go first.”

“Okay, then take care and have a safe trip.” Lu Ying waved his hand.

“Uncle, take care.”

“Heh…” Every time they parted, it was sad, but this time Lu Ying’s emotions were especially strong.

Putting away the bag of documents, Lu Ying urged his son to go to school. He also had to go to work.

“Ah, I forgot to give Zhuopu the medicine!” Lu Ying choked. The effect of a two million yuan medicine must be very good, right? No more worrying about Qin Zhuopu’s kidney deficiency, baldness or whatever in the future… (*^▽^*)

Lu Ying began a new day at work. The gossip that broke out early in the morning on the internet quickly disappeared, and the most popular item in the hot search was Ye Suqin’s own statement.

Ye Suqin: Everything is a rumour, your elder sister is still a single dog! The rumour mongers will be struck by lightning!

After that, Ye Suqin’s studio also issued a statement. Guanhai Group issued a statement just after that, giving Ye Suqin enough face.

Ye Suqin wanted to apologise and thank Qin Zhuopu in person, but unfortunately she didn’t even have Qin Zhuopu’s personal number. And this man, Qin Zhuopu, didn’t even have a Weibo.

Ye Suqin was groaning about Mr. Qin when her agent suddenly exclaimed, “Mr. Qin has opened a private Weibo!”

“Hehehe, let me see!”

The brand new certified Weibo, with the original big name, indeed belonged to Qin Zhuopu.

Qin Zhuopu: I have a lover and a child, do not disturb.

Ye Suqin squealed, “Crap! He actually got married and had a child? A male or a female?”

The agent sweatdropped: “Watch your image…”

“I so want to follow him and send him private messages asking for gossip…” Ye Suqin burst into tears: “However, he probably hates me for causing trouble…”

“It’s good that you are self-aware.”

“My male god… oh oh, life is unbearable… I’m falling out of love…” Ye Suqin wailed. “I need to eat a table of seafood to cheer up!”

Agent: “……”

A brand new weibo from Qin Zhuopu instantly exploded to the hot search as fans followed it and a group of netizens wailed under the post, their lamenting interspersed with pitiful blessings.

Netizen A: From today on, I will no longer call you husband, I will call you father in the future.

Netizen B: Dad, do you still lack a daughter in your family?

Netizen C: Dad, is there a shortage of drivers in your family?

Netizen D: It’s a pity, Qin Zhuopu and the goddess Ye Suqin are really a perfect match. The poor cp just stood for a second…

Netizen E: Is there any gossip about who Mr. Qin’s lover is? When did they get married? Unwilling to be reconciled!

Netizen F: Shocked! Isn’t Mr. Qin gay?

Netizen G: Fuck, upstairs, I’ve lost sleep when you said that!

The scandal of Ye Suqin and Qin Zhuopu was handled promptly and quickly drowned in the tide. Netizens were more curious about the fact that Mr. Qin himself showed up and admitted to having a lover and a child, and speculated who his lover could be. Countless young girls woke up to find their dreams broken overnight, biting their fingernails and continuing to pay attention. If you can’t catch up with him in person, you have to catch up with his gossip!

“Oh my god, I can’t look at you straight anymore, Brother Lu!”

In the bakery, Fei Qiqi, shocked, held up the picture of Qin Zhuopu on her phone, the evidence she had managed to turn up to prove that the big, handsome man who often came to the shop and was Lu Ying’s boyfriend, also surnamed Mr. Qin, was actually that Qin Zhuopu!

Lu Ying smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to reply.

After the gossip came out today, although the misunderstanding was dealt with, Qin Zhuopu’s identity was also exposed. Everyone in the bakery knew that Mr. Qin was Qin Zhuopu. Fei Qiqi’s careless babbling was a better option; several male employees were silent, talking much less than usual. The atmosphere… was very awkward.

“Brother Lu, you are… oops, how to say it?” Fei Qiqi wanted to say ‘Brother Lu is a wealthy young lady now’!

Before the words were said, Brother Qiang, the oldest employee in the bakery, snorted: “I bet you want to be a male pet of a rich guy?”

Fei Qiqi was taken aback, “You misunderstood. Isn’t the lover and child that Mr. Qin is talking about Brother Lu?”

“Bah, only a stupid girl like you can be this naive!” Brother Qiang didn’t believe it at all. What was Qin Zhuopu’s identity, and what the hell was Lu Ying? A baker with even less education than him and a son born to another woman. What would Qin Zhuopu want from him, just a good-looking face? Superficial.

Lu Ying lowered his head. The reactions of the shop staff were really unexpected. He said, “Don’t just label me crooked like that. Qin Zhuopu and I are in love with each other. My son is his son. You can ignore the two of us if you don’t like it, but don’t insult people!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I believe in Brother Lu!” Fei Qiqi nodded in panic.


Brother Qiang was noncommittal and turned away disdainfully, not bothering with this. They were just bystanders anyway. If someone wanted to be a male pet of such a rich guy, not to mention twenty years of struggle, two hundred years of struggle wasn’t enough! He just didn’t expect this kind of person to be around; it was really disgusting.

Lu Ying was furious; a colleague, who usually got along with him very well, ended up fighting him indiscriminately over such a small matter. He had always thought that any food-loving baker was wonderful at heart.

It was no longer a question of how he proved his innocence, it was that people simply didn’t trust him, or rather, finally found an opportunity to stop being nice to him. After all, his craftsmanship had surpassed everyone’s.

For the first time in the beautiful bakery, Lu Ying felt tired.

When he went to Brother Yang’s house in the evening to talk about it, Brother Yang smiled and reassured him: “For a mediocre talent to be jealous is their normal reaction. If you’re not happy with their job, you can fire anyone you’d like. As your elder, I was going to give you this shop, anyway.”

“No, no, no, Brother Yang, leave it to Xiaolu.”

Yang Sigu teased, “I see you’re distracted now, are you thinking about Qin Zhuopu?”

“No…” Lu Ying was embarrassed and huffed, “I’m just mad at him for having cheap hands and posting nonsense on Weibo.”

“Haha, what an unwarranted act! He’s clearly trying to show how much he cares about you. You can always go to him if you want him.”

Lu Ying’s heart felt warm, but his mouth just wouldn’t admit it. He shook his head, “Why be so sticky, I still have to go to work.”

Yang Sigu smiled thoughtfully.

Lu Ying didn’t expect the matter not to be over yet, and was once again surprised by the hot search the next day.

‘So Qin Zhuopu’s lover is ly?’

Lu Ying was shocked. Had he already been exposed? The internet is too powerful now! He clicked on the headline with nervous apprehension mixed with excitement, yet his face quickly collapsed and he almost dropped his phone.

Where did this Lu Ying (the actress they met before) come from? What a bad character, trying to piggyback someone’s popularity!

On Weibo, a blogger who seemed to know the inside story broke the news, “I attended a certain elder’s birthday banquet, so I know that Mr. Qin’s lover is definitely not my goddess Ye Suqin. The initials are LY, and you’ll never guess who it is. They do have a son and are very happy.”

It was such a seemingly genuine post that was being clamoured over, with all sorts of comments interpreting who ‘ly’ was. Anyway, by the time Lu Ying went online, there were pictures of Lu Ying (actress) all over the place. Lu Ying was indeed beautiful and young, and coincidentally, she had also updated a weibo at this point. She didn’t write anything, it was just a picture of her holding a boy with his back turned to the photographer in the afterglow of the setting sun. All of a sudden the netizens were abuzz. All of them ran to Lu Ying’s weibo for confirmation, congratulations, insults, all kinds of clamour, and her followers skyrocketed.

Lu Ying was full of anger and suddenly wanted to become a keyboard warrior to scold people, but actually couldn’t find a way to vent. That Lu Ying was smart and didn’t say a word. Even Qin Zhuopu couldn’t blame her.

It didn’t take long for this hot search to go down again, and Qin Zhuopu  posted a second Weibo post.

My lover ly, it’s him, not her, thanks.

Lu Ying looked at his phone, breathing heavily, his heartbeat all in disarray.

“Oh my god, the ly that Mr. Qin is talking about, who else could it be if not Brother Lu! It’s him, not her!” Fei Qiqi covered her mouth and exclaimed, even more excited than Lu Ying.

Brother Qiang’s face was even uglier than yesterday, sullen and silent, without the slightest intention to apologise.

Lu Ying no longer had expectations from this kind of person; he was full of sweetness and happiness.

Yang Sigu pushed the door open and waved with a smile.

“I’ve come today to make an announcement. Our bakery is closing.”



Mr. Qin is forty years old

Lu Ying: Kidney supplement pill, would you like one?

Qin Zhuopu: ……(ノ`Д)ノ

Mr. Qin is fifty years old

Lu Ying: Baldness pill, would you like one?

Mr. Qin: ……(ノ`Д)ノ

Mr. Qin is sixty years old

Lu Ying: Oh, who’s this 18-year-old boy, so handsome!

Mr. Qin: (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

  1. It’s not that they are obsessed with kidneys 🙂 Kidneys are considered to be connected to sexual function, so that’s what they are worried about 🙂

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