Dear Mr. Lu Chapter 75

In the first half of this year, Liu Lifu went abroad and met with Bruin De Lang. At that time, the latter proudly boasted about his latest project. He did not say Luo Wencheng’s name, but vaguely mentioned him being from Haining and having a big background. This time it was Luo Wencheng who came to Liu Lifu. Liu Lifu combined various information with his own judgement and naturally strung everything together.

He knew that Luo Wencheng had been brainwashed by both drugs and hypnosis, and that something had been buried in his heart. The controller was in Bruin De Lang’s hands, and as soon as the button was pressed, Luo Wencheng would die.

He was now trying to get his hands on that controller.

His old friend valued Luo Wencheng as an experimental subject and was prepared to observe him for at least three years. He didn’t want Luo Wencheng to die now. But what harm would there be if Bruin De Lang let his experimental subject do some extra things for Liu Lifu while being observed as long as Liu Lifu controlled Luo Wencheng’s life and death?

This was what Liu Lifu called control. He was not going to get Luo Wen to acknowledge himself as his master, that would be too much trouble, and his old friend would never agree to it.

Bruin De Lang’s contact was not in Beijing. Liu Lifu had been in contact with that person before. The most he could do was to go on another business trip, which would take some time to arrange, but that didn’t mean that he had to make the contact himself. If Bruin De Lang got impulsive and ordered Luo Wencheng to go there, he would be able to achieve his goal, but then the cute little pawn would be ruined and Bruin De Lang’s project would also be exposed to his boss in advance.

So based on all this, Liu Lifu was confident that his old friend would accede to his little request.

And so he did.

Despite his displeasure, Bruin De Lang wrote down in a coded message about the place where the controller was hidden in the note he sent with Luo Wencheng in reply.

It was abroad in one of his private houses. No one knew that the house belonged to him, and the access code was also given.

Liu Lifu immediately arranged for someone to go and get it.

He was also a very cautious man and knew that Bruin De Lang was being investigated, so he arranged for someone who was not at all related to him on the surface.

But who knew Lu Chong had been dead set on him for a long time?

As soon as the man picked up the thing, he was robbed in the next second.

In fact, Lu Chong didn’t know what Liu Lifu had gone to such great lengths to loot from Bruin De Lang. After all, who would have thought that Liu Lifu would even think of going after Luo Wencheng. But Lu Chong’s intuition told him that the item was important, so he just grabbed it.

His intuition proved to be right.

This thing was Luo Wencheng’s life.

“No way, we set up such a big game, we tried so hard to get it, and we got it just like this?” Luo Wencheng was only informed about it after the item arrived, and when he looked at the inconspicuous, black object lying in the small box in front of him, just like an air conditioner remote control, he felt simply a little incredulous. 

Lu Chong cautiously didn’t touch the thing. There was only one red button on it. It was a stop button. Once you pressed it, everything was over.

“This should be the right one. I had Director Li identify it. He had seen it in the hands of Bruin De Lang in the basement of the hospital.”

“Is there only one?”

“I don’t know. It was the only one he ever produced in Haining.”

Luo Wencheng did not speak for a long time. After a while he looked up at Lu Chong and asked, somewhat bewildered, “So it’s all over, isn’t it?”

Lu Chong reached out and hugged him, “I’ll check all his trips after he left Haining, all his contacts, and find out whether he had a chance to make the second and the third ones.”

Luo Wencheng smiled, “It’s been months in between, can you find out?”

“Yes! Bruin De Lang is proficient in medicine but not electricity, he would either have to fiddle with it for a long time himself or have someone else make such a small thing for him. There’s no way it would leave no trace.” Lu Chong said with certainty. His voice was steady, but listening closely you could hear a hint of hoarseness that he was trying to disguise by calmness.

All these days, just thinking about Luo Wencheng’s life being manipulated by others and the possibility of an accident happening at any moment, his heart seemed to be cut by a knife and scalded by boiling water. Every minute was a torment. And now he could finally let go of half of his worry.

Luo Wencheng didn’t speak. His smile was actually forced. It was his life, and no one knew it better than he did. From the initial aversion to being controlled at the expense of his life, to the gradual unwillingness to die because he was reluctant to leave the person next to him, how could he ever have a moment of peace?

He was actually not afraid of losing his life, nor was it the matter of carrying a burden. But he watched this man make plans, change plans, work step by step, afraid of making mistakes, afraid that he would be hurt in the process and worrying about his moods. This man appeared calm and confident on the surface, but in fact Luo Wencheng knew how much anxiety and pressure he felt inside. So even at his worst emotional times, he tried his best to cooperate and not to give up lightly.

If it weren’t for Lu Chong, if he didn’t think about Lu Chong, he would actually have wanted to die with that Bruin De Lang countless times.

“Thank you, Lu Chong,” Luo Wencheng said.

“I’m the one who should thank you, do you know how scared I was?” Lu Chong let out a bitter laugh, “How afraid I was to blink my eyes or turn away, or go to sleep and find you were gone…” He hated himself for his incompetence, yet he could not show that kind of emotion, he could only act as if nothing was wrong, could only remain still, could only pretend that everything was under control, could only suppress all his feelings  and think calmly.

The only consolation he could give himself was the thought that if anything happened to Luo Wencheng, this time he would follow him immediately.

“Thank you, Wencheng, for surviving.”


Lu Chong still had Bruin De Lang to investigate and had no intention of letting him go, but he wasn’t going to take the pressure of the power behind the old man alone.

That force or organisation behind him, with the infiltration of a terrorist organisation, plus those drug research and development, especially the parasite project targeting the Chinese people had actually raised the matter to the national level. Lu Chong was not arrogant enough to think he could carry such a big load alone.

Therefore, after letting Liu Lifu contact the organisation’s contact person, he informed the relevant authorities. A public official contacting a person with the background of a terrorist organisation was enough to attract attention.

Liu Lifu’s hands were not clean either. He was directly involved in some of Bruin De Lang’s early research, and he couldn’t withstand investigation. Lu Chong threw out some clues, and Liu Lifu was quickly investigated. He implicated Bruin De Lang, and Bruin De Lang and the contact person implicated the entire organisation behind them.

China directly sent troops and joined forces with international counter-terrorism organisations, with great momentum.

Against this backdrop, Lu Chong’s actions were pretty inconspicuous. The parties concerned even blamed China for Bruin De Lang’s disappearance, believing it to be a preparatory and investigative stage for the big move that China was planning.

“Let the country carry the pot, you’re really good.” Luo Wencheng gave Lu Chong a thumbs up when he understood the whole thing.

“I’m contributing to the peace of the country.” Lu Chong said righteously. With an operation as huge as that, there were still people who had escaped. He didn’t want to face countless acts of revenge for the rest of his life. Now he just wanted to live in peace.

“Yes yes, you’re the best citizen,” Luo Wencheng said. He was now particularly compliant with Lu Chong, or maybe not compliant, anyway, he just went along with whatever was going on.

What Lu Chong said that day really shook him deeply. He did guess that Lu Chong would have anxiety and stress in his heart, but he didn’t expect him to live in fear all the time. The man was scared and really hurt. Now Lu Chong in Luo Wencheng’s eyes was someone who needed his care.

“But what are you going to do with that professor? You can’t lock him up for the rest of his life.”

Because of Lu Chong’s meritorious deed and his strong attitude, Bruin De Lang was still left in his hands. The crimes committed by Bruin De Lang were put on his assistants such as Zhang Qingsong to accept the punishment and take the blame.

“It does seem that he hasn’t got a second or third controller so far.” Lu Chong said, “But that’s just what we’ve found out, I’m still a bit uneasy.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Ask him personally.”

The questioning Lu Chong was talking about was not ordinary interrogation, but deep hypnosis. Bruin De Lang had done it to Luo Wencheng in the past, and now it was repeated on him.

By the way, the hypnotist who had hypnotised Luo Wencheng had already been caught. He was a well-known psychiatrist in China. Lu Chong invited someone more powerful than that person this time.

Luo Wencheng’s life and safety could not be guaranteed before, and Lu Chong was worried that Bruin De Lang, who was not quite right in the head, had some unknown tricks up his sleeve. In short, under these circumstances, he did not dare to engage in hypnosis. This kind of thing, in case the hypnosis failed, would reveal their purpose.

He was not afraid now. The hypnotist was in place, and after a few hours of questioning under hypnosis, the old professor said everything he should and shouldn’t say.

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