Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 96

It took Jun Hua a long time to get his younger brother back to the dinner table and to assure him that he would never dare to be mean to him again.

One was apologetic and the other was eager to please. Jun Hua and Wei Chongrong left their dreamy intimacy of the lunch behind. One was more enthusiastic about Ji Hui than the other, so Ji Hui had to beg for mercy: “Brother, Brother Rong, you should just behave as you did at noon…”

Ji Hui finally admitted that he and those two were from different worlds. When they concentrated on him, it was truly overwhelming. It was better to let them continue to flirt; although it was a bit of an eyesore, at least it didn’t affect him.

Seeing this situation, Jun Hua breathed a sigh of relief and finally didn’t have to worry about Little Tiger complaining to his father and daddy.

After dinner, Wei Chongrong stayed at Wang Changning’s residence for a while longer, and it wasn’t until the curfew time that he changed into his night disguise and planned to leave.

Jun Hua said he would see him off, so he also changed into a dark robe. The two of them used qinggong to get out of the house.

Not to mention seeing off, Jun Hua sent Wei Chongrong straight to Wang Qin’s residence, and the two of them quietly found their way into Wei Chongrong’s courtyard.

“Come on, you don’t have to go, or I’ll have to see you off. Sending each other back and forth, there will be no end to it.” They were both men and knew each other very well, so it was natural they wanted to stick to each other every day. But Wei Chongrong had said something like this in front of Wei Lan, and now they could only sneak around. Fortunately, with their qinggong skills, they wouldn’t be caught together.

Jun Hua covered his mouth and smiled, but didn’t say anything. In fact, from the beginning, he never planned to go back.

Compared to Wang Changning’s mansion, Wang Qin’s residence had a more festive atmosphere. Red lanterns and candles could be seen everywhere. Wei Chongrong’s house was newly decorated before his return. He couldn’t move there until the wedding night, so he and Jun Hua could only stay in the wing for the time being.

Jun Hua sat on the kang in front of the window, glancing out from time to time. He kept looking at their new house where they would live after the wedding.

Noticing Jun Hua’s little actions, Wei Chongrong smiled, “Would you like to go over and have a look? It’s said to be all ready.”

Jun Hua had curiosity written on his face but shook his head, “I’d rather not, it’s better to save some surprises for the end.”

When Wei Chongrong heard him say this, he didn’t force it. A new house was a new house, but they still wouldn’t be able to live there for a few days anyway.

After a few days of going back and forth, Jun Qing came back from the Western Camp. Although Ji Hui was very loyal and didn’t betray his brother, Jun Hua’s performance in the past few days was known to every servant in the residence, and Jun Qing knew about it as soon as he asked.

As a result, Wei Chongrong suffered a tragedy: Jun Hua was grounded by Jun Qing and wasn’t allowed to walk out of the mansion for half a step. Wei Chongrong complained to Wei Zhao but was cut down by his father. Wei Zhao’s exact words were: “When Feifei is engaged to someone in the future, imagine there is a brat who can’t even wait for a few days. Every day, he either comes to my house or abducts my daughter. No matter whose family he is from, it’ll be a miracle if I don’t break his legs.”

Wei Chongrong was taken aback when he heard this. Although Jun Hua was not a girl and wasn’t subjected to so many restrictions, Jun Qing’s mood at this time was probably like Wei Zhao described. It was better for him to behave, so as not to make his “mother-in-law” angry.

Fortunately, it was less than half a month before the wedding, so he could grit his teeth and endure, and it would be over soon.

Since he had summoned Wei Chongrong that day, Wei Lan was very quiet and didn’t cause Wei Chongrong any more trouble. Although this was a bit inconsistent with Wei Chongrong’s expectations, he was still in a very good mood that Wei Lan didn’t come out to make trouble when the happy event was at hand.

The day before the wedding, Jun Hua’s dowry was delivered to Wang Qin’s residence, and Wei Chongrong was stunned at the news.

It was only after a long time that he stammered, “There’s such a thing as a dowry?” He had never thought about it before.

Wei Zhao laughed and said, “Of course there will be a dowry. The wang’s heir is getting married, and the dowry of a wife or lord consort is a fixed amount in itself. The Ji family and the Jun family are both extremely wealthy, so Hua’er’s dowry is at least several times more than the fixed amount.”

Wei Chongrong had heard that both Wang Changning’s family and Hou Zhaoyang’s family were very rich. After all, Wang Changning was one of the founders of the imperial dynasty, and with hundreds of years of accumulation, the family’s capital couldn’t be underestimated. Who was to blame that the Ji family was always poor in descendents, so the number of times the family wealth was divided was only a handful.

Jun Qing was only the second generation of Hou Zhaoyang, but Emperor Xingzu couldn’t resist his love for Jun Lin and repeatedly added to the family’s wealth, to the point that the world was stunned. He also left a decree that future generations of the emperors could not decrease the number of Hou Zhaoyang’s households for any reason, otherwise they would be disrespecting the late emperor.

Wei Chongrong was curious and looked through Jun Hua’s dowry, and was completely shocked.

Just by looking at the quantity, there was nothing surprising. It was one hundred and twenty-eight boxes, qualified for the status of the lord consort of the wang’s heir.

But the content of the dowry was so significant that Wei Chongrong did some rough calculations and almost thought he had miscalculated.

It turned out that after tomorrow, he would be a typical poor man and his salary would be nothing to look at in front of Jun Hua’s dowry.

That night, Wei Chongrong lay in his bed in the wing room, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Of course, he wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be able to have enough silver for Little Monkey in the future, but he was getting married for the first time in his two lifetimes, so he felt a strong sense of unreality

In his previous life, Wei Chongrong’s world was filled with only Wei Yang, and he had no time for anything else but him.

After his rebirth, his body turned back to that of a child, and he was too busy changing his destiny to think about such distant things.

As time went day by day…

The development trajectory of this world was completely unknown to Wei Chongrong, and he reverted back to his position of an ordinary person.

But the child he vowed to dote on since his birth suddenly told him one day that he fell in love with him.

Wei Chongrong didn’t struggle for long before choosing to accept this relationship.

For it was the Jun Hua of his previous life to whom he owed a debt, and it was the Jun Hua of this life with whom he had fallen in love.

In a daze, Wei Chongrong heard a knock on the window. He thought he had misheard it and didn’t get up. Who would knock on his window in the middle of the night? He was getting married tomorrow, so it would be bad if he didn’t get a good night’s sleep and got black circles under his eyes.

But who could expect that the person would persist, knocking louder and louder, with impressive patience.

Wei Chongrong didn’t like to keep servants in his room overnight, so he couldn’t even send someone over to send the person outside the window away, he had to do it himself. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, staggered over to the window, pushed it open and asked in a low voice, “Who is it?”

“Ah Yin, it’s been a long time since I saw you.” The person’s voice was clear and pleasant, sounding extraordinarily familiar.

Wei Chongrong opened his eyes abruptly and said in astonishment, “Little Monkey, why are you here at this time?” Tomorrow was the day of the wedding, Jun Hua had to get up early in the morning to prepare, what was he doing at night, running to Wang Qin’s residence to find him instead of sleeping?


He was called “Ah Yin”, not “Brother Rong”.

His name was changed when he was four years old, and it was possible that Jun Hua, who was five years younger than him, didn’t even know that he had used the name Yi Yin.

Wei Chongrong snapped out of his daze and said in an incredulous tone, “Huaixi, is that you?”

Jun Hua blinked, confusion written in his eyes, “Ah Yin, what did you call me just now?”

“Nothing, nothing…” Wei Chongrong waved his hand hastily, but in his heart he was thinking that he was dreaming, right? He dreamed of Jun Hua of his previous life, “Huaixi, how did you get here? Is there anything I can do for you?”

He saw Jun Hua shaking his head in disbelief, “I don’t know, I only remember that I seemed to jump from the wall and then I got here. I didn’t know where this was, but I had a feeling that you were in the room, so I knocked.”

Wei Chongrong shivered as he remembered the dream he had when he was a child. In the dream, Jun Hua and Wei Ruo joined forces and finished off Wei Yang to avenge his death, and then Jun Hua jumped from the high city wall…

When Jun Hua saw him hesitate, he looked around and said curiously, “Ah Yin, are you getting married?” The entire courtyard was red, so red that it was somewhat blinding, causing him to feel some inexplicable loss in his heart when he looked at it.

Wei Chongrong nodded in silence. After dawn, he would be going to Wang Changning’s residence to welcome the bride…

Jun Hua’s expression changed and he suddenly took a step back; an emotion that Wei Chongrong couldn’t understand flashed in his eyes.

Wei Chongrong still wanted to say something when he suddenly felt someone push him from behind and couldn’t help but turn back to look.

“Master Shizi, it’s almost dawn, you should get up and freshen up. Today is your big day, if you are late, the consequences can be very serious.” It turned out to be Dongfang, who was sitting sideways on the edge of the bed, pushing Wei Chongrong hard, chattering non-stop.

Wei Chongrong rolled over and sat up, remembering the dream that was so realistic that he was a bit in a trance. Before he could clear his mind, Dongfang clapped his hands and a group of maids entered and surrounded Wei Chongrong, methodically carrying out their respective tasks.

By the time Wei Chongrong came back to his senses, they had already helped him wash up and change into a new red wedding outfit.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Wei Chongrong shook his head and threw away all the distractions. Today was the most important day in his and Jun Hua’s lives, and he couldn’t afford to mess it up and regret it later.

With a smile on his lips, Wei Chongrong walked out, ready to take his men to Wang Changning’s residence to welcome the bride.

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