Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 97

Wang Changning’s residence was in chaos at this time. Jun Hua’s nanny took his hand and sighed: “Didn’t I tell you to go to bed early last night, Young Shizi? How did you get like this? Look at your dark circles, will you be able to look good later?”

Although he couldn’t sleep from nervousness all night, Jun Hua’s spirit couldn’t be better. He shook his nanny’s hand and said coquettishly: “I went to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep, what could I do? It’s the first time I got married, and it’s normal to be nervous.”

The nanny pushed away his hand, raised her eyebrows and said, “Who isn’t getting married the first time, do you want to have a second time?” Obviously, Young Shizi was the eldest son of Wang Changning and Hou Zhaoyang. In the future, he would naturally have a title to inherit. Now he was marrying into another family. The nanny felt very helpless when she thought about it.

Jun Hua blinked and said, “I don’t want a second time, I’ll settle for Brother Rong.” After looking at himself in the mirror, he begged his nanny for help, “Nanny, don’t leave, help me think of a solution, I can’t see people looking like this.”

Jun Hua’s nanny, whose surname was He, was quite chubby and usually walked slowly, but now she flashed out like the wind and came back in a short while, panting, “Young Shizi, don’t worry, I’ll help you find a solution, won’t I?”

“What solution?!” Looking at what Nanny He was holding, Jun Hua’s eyelids twitched and he had a premonition.

Without any further ado, Nanny He pulled Jun Hua to sit down in front of the mirror and said with a chuckle, “What else can I do? Of course, I’ll cover it up with powder.”

Thanks to the generosity of Master Wang and Master Hou, her daughter used the best rouge and powder, which was just right to save the day. If not for that, none of her masters were female and there would be no rouge and powder in the house, which would be a bit funny.

His premonition came true, and Jun Hua’s whole face scrunched up as he resisted, “Nanny, won’t anyone notice?” Unlike a woman, a man married without a  veil or make-up, so if someone found out about the powder on his face, it would be more humiliating than dark circles under his eyes.

“No, no, Xiaolian’s powder is very good, it looks like it isn’t here.” She didn’t allow Jun Hua to struggle and started to apply the power directly on his face. Those two obvious black circles under his eyes were such an eyesore to look at.

Jun Hua groaned when he heard the words; if it looked like it wasn’t there, why was it needed? But he didn’t move either, letting Nanny He apply it on his face. If it really didn’t work, it wasn’t too late for him to wash his face again.

Fortunately, what Nanny He said was true. After the wonderful transformation at her hands, Jun Hua’s dark circles were really much lighter, and he couldn’t see them at all if he didn’t pay attention. As for the powder applied, it was indeed very inconspicuous. Unless you looked close at his face, you couldn’t see it.

Jun Hua smiled in satisfaction and went to the front courtyard of the Jinse Hall. He hadn’t seen Wei Chongrong for days and he missed him quite a bit.

Jun Qing and Ji Xin were marrying their son for the first time, and their depression was far greater than joy. When they saw Jun Hua’s smiling face, their emotions became even more complicated.

According to their original vision, their son was born to marry a wife and bring them a daughter-in-law. The Ji family and the Jun family had so few descendents, so how could they not want to have a few more grandchildren? Unfortunately, Jun Hua was bent on having his own way and took Suyun Pill at the age of fourteen, leaving no one a chance to do anything about it.

Ji Xin didn’t know about Jun Hua taking Suyun Pill at the time, but when he learned about it later, he was furious. Why did his son want to marry another man? No one told him in advance, so he didn’t even have a chance to say anything against it!

In this regard, Jun Qing’s statement was as follows. Jun Hua’s character was the fruit of Ji Xin’s pampering. He had been doted on since he was a child. No matter what request he made, Ji Xin never opposed it, so he wouldn’t oppose his marriage either. Even if they told Ji Xin earlier, there would be no change in the result.

And if it was handled carelessly, it could be detrimental to their father-son relationship, so Jun Qing kept it secret and didn’t tell Ji Xin for the time being.

Ji Xin was silent for a long time after hearing Jun Qing’s words, and finally chose to acquiesce. If Jun Hua had taken a fancy to someone else, he would have had to stand up and make his attitude clear, even if he had to chop off the guy’s head. But that person was Wei Chongrong, and Ji Xin reluctantly accepted it.

After all, the extent to which Wei Chongrong doted on Jun Hua was really no worse than Ji Xin’s, and more importantly, he was Wei Zhao’s son.

Jun Hua walked up to Jun Qing and Ji Xin, knelt down respectfully and bowed his head, “This son pays respects to Fathers.”

Ji Xin raised his hand and hurriedly said, “Son, get up quickly and come and talk.” The son he had worked so hard to raise for seventeen years would soon belong to someone else’s family. It was too late for him to oppose it even if Ji Xin suddenly had such an idea.

“Father!” Jun Hua got up with a smile and walked up to Ji Xin to sit down. “Don’t do this. It’s not that I won’t come back in the future. If you look like this, I will be reluctant to leave. Come on, smile and show me…”

“Leave, leave, don’t give me that.” Ji Xin saw through his son’s mind at a glance, “If I really dared to say that I wouldn’t let you marry, you would immediately turn your back on me, don’t think I don’t know your little thoughts.”

Jun Hua smiled bitterly and didn’t answer Ji Xin’s words, instead asking, “Where is Little Tiger, where did he go?”

Ji Xin kept his mouth shut, and Jun Qing said indifferently: “The time to welcome the bride is almost here, he went to the front gate to block the sedan chair.”

“Oh.” Jun Hua replied softly, his face very calm, without the slightest fluctuation.

Ji Xin raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Aren’t you worried? I’ve heard that Little Tiger made very good preparations.” He had also secretly shared a lot of tricks with his youngest son. Although marrying off his eldest son was a foregone conclusion, he was still happy to give his future son-in-law a hard time.

Jun Hua shook his head and smiled calmly, “I trust Brother Rong, he won’t let me down.” Blocking the sedan chair was just a ceremony to show the importance the parental family attached to their child. How could  it be the reason to stop people from entering the gate? If it didn’t work, you could open the gate with a red envelope.

Ji Xin sighed for a long time and said melancholically, “The son married out is like the water splashed out, ah…”

Jun Hua didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, rubbed against Jun Qing and said: “Daddy…”

Jun Qing smiled slightly and said with a straight face, “Hua’er, you made the choice yourself. I hope you will never regret it.”

Jun Hua nodded solemnly, “Daddy, I know, I will never let myself regret it.”

Just as Jun Hua had expected, no matter how determined Ji Hui was, he had to let Wei Chongrong in when the auspicious time came.

Looking at his puffed up younger brother and the amount of red envelopes in his hand, Jun Hua was in a good mood and glanced at Wei Chongrong with a smile.

Wei Chongrong quickly walked up to Jun Hua and called out in a low voice, “Huaixi.” He reached out and took Jun Hua’s hand in his.

Jun Hua smiled without saying a word and squeezed Wei Chongrong’s hand back with some force.

The corners of Wei Chongrong’s lips slightly raised. He quickly let go of Jun Hua’s hand, walked side by side with him to Jun Qing and Ji Xin, and knelt down.

It was the Great Yan’s wedding custom that when the bridegroom came to welcome the bride, he had to kneel three times and kowtow nine times to his father-in-law and mother-in-law. This kneeling means that with the other party’s permission, he was officially taking away their son or daughter. Even the emperor’s sons of the Wei family were not exempt from this rule, except for the Crown Prince, who didn’t need to follow it.

Jun Hua also had to kneel, but not for the same reason as Wei Chongrong; he had to kneel to say goodbye to his parents and leave the family home.

Even though Jun Hua was so happy and couldn’t wait to get married, his eyes were red when he kneeled in front of his parents.

However, there was no custom of crying during the wedding in the Great Yan, and both men and women were not allowed to shed tears when they married, otherwise it was considered unlucky.

Jun Hua blinked and managed a smile that was not very good-looking, “Father, Daddy, we are leaving now.”

Wei Chongrong hurriedly said that he would never let Jun Hua be aggrieved in the slightest in the future, and that Jun Qing and Ji Xin were welcome to come to his home and supervise at any time.

After leaving Wang Changning’s residence, Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua both got on their horses and headed for Wang Qin’s residence.

The Ji family’s eldest generation was Ji Xin himself, with no other relatives left, and the Jun family’s relatives were all in Langya. Jun Qing had never had much contact with them. His only family in the capital was the Empress Dowager. Jun Feili gave Jun Hua a lot of dowry but it was impossible for him to come to Wang Changning’s residence in person.

So the family’s send-off was simple, with all the relatives present. Wang Qin’s family was different. Wei Zhao was the son of Emperor Xingzu and the empress, the uncle of the current emperor, and there were countless relatives, not to mention the colleagues in the court.

The bridal procession moved slowly. Wei Chongrong rode on a tall horse, talking leisurely to Jun Hua: “Little Monkey, there are already a bunch of people waiting in the mansion to get me drunk. You have to cover for me, otherwise our wedding night…”

The others were all on foot, only Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua rode their horses. They were very close and Wei Chongrong spoke in a low voice, so there was no possibility of being overheard by bystanders, but Jun Hua still couldn’t help but blush when he thought of the erotic pictures Jun Qing had slipped him a few days ago.

Only after a long time did he say in an inaudible voice, “If even Brother Rong can’t handle it, I’ll be drunk under the table.”

In the past, when they were in Qingjia, they would often have a little drink. Jun Hua had always thought that he was a good drinker, but unfortunately, every time he was so drunk that his eyes were hazy while Wei Chongrong was still very sober, making him completely confused as to how good his drinking capacity was.

“What?!” Wei Chongrong was stunned. Not only would his nasty friends get him drunk, they wouldn’t let Jun Hua off the hook either?

Seeing Wei Chongrong’s disappointed face, Jun Hua said, “Brother Rong, it’s okay, I’ll pretend to be drunk, I promise I won’t…” It was a once in a lifetime wedding night. If you fell asleep, it would be heartbreaking to think about it. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

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