Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 102

Fu Zhiyu remembered and felt that he seemed to have an impression. At that time, he saw Xie Ke in the crowd, but there were too many people, and that feeling flashed by.

“Why aren’t there earlier ones?”Fu Zhiyu asked, “No first life, not a single one. Do you have any others?”

He thought it was quite interesting and wanted to see more.

“Of course it’s not just this one, there are many more,” Xie Ke pushed open the cabinet behind the bed, which was full of photo albums, “Slowly, I have made so many.”

“But…” He paused for a while, his voice much lower, “There are none from that time.”


“I wasn’t good to you at that time,” Xie Ke couldn’t help but hug him tightly, “I’m scared to think of it.”

Fu Zhiyu was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’ve let it go, that’s the thing of the past.”

“I haven’t let it go,” Xie Ke said. “I don’t want to think of it, I feel distressed when I think of it, and I can never let it go.”

Fu Zhiyu smiled. He didn’t say anything comforting at this time, just kissed Xie Ke’s face, hooked his palm with his fingers and whispered to Xie Ke’s ear: “Let’s go back, go back to our room.”

The days of living in the study were over.

Xie Ke restrained himself a lot later, and after a few more days, Fu Zhiyu took the initiative to take him into the study.

Xie Ke was a little afraid of staying in this place again, but Fu Zhiyu just pushed open the door of the cabinet.

“I asked the Lord God and made some too. Would you like to take a look?” Fu Zhiyu asked him, “Look at you through my eyes.”

Xie Ke couldn’t stop his hands from shaking from the moment he heard him say these things.

Fu Zhiyu’s arrangement was the same as Xie Ke’s. They were all arranged from back to front. Most of the time, Xie Ke was looking at Fu Zhiyu.

But further back to the past, it was a bit different.

Fu Zhiyu had also recorded the first life.

Xie Ke didn’t dare to look. He saw his eyes change abruptly in the pictures; when he looked at Zhiyu, what was left was only the coldness of the man who tried his best to suppress his feelings.

“Zhiyu, I…”

Xie Ke wanted to explain, but was stopped by Fu Zhiyu.

“I liked you very much at that time, I really liked you,” Fu Zhiyu took the photo album in his hand, “Not only because of the grace of saving my life, that was just the beginning. Xie Ke, you are a very powerful person. At that time, I was a bit softer, really not as good as you in many things. The person I adored was excellent in every way, except that he didn’t love me.”

“No, I loved you very much even then…”

“I know now,” Fu Zhiyu kissed his face and said to him in a gentle tone, “Fortunately, we didn’t miss it.”


He paused for a while, and then said, “Xie Ke, I just want to tell you that we started again, not because I forgot the past, but because I still remember and I don’t think it matters anymore. The same goes for you. You don’t have to be careful about the past. Sometimes I get angry. It’s normal. Couples who are in love will also get angry. You don’t have to be so scared anymore. I won’t leave you again.”


“I may not express my feelings for you so obviously every day like I did at the beginning, but Xie Ke, if I didn’t like you enough, I wouldn’t come back,” Fu Zhiyu said. “You… don’t be so scared anymore.”

Xie Ke didn’t know what he could answer. Fu Zhiyu hugged him and felt his body shaking; his shoulder was wet.

“It’s okay,” Fu Zhiyu said and smiled again, “Should I make another wedding for you? Just wearing that dress.”

In that middle-level world, they had a wedding, and there was a certificate. According to Fu Zhiyu’s request, the wedding hadn’t been too big.

Xie Ke: “!!!”

He really wanted it.

It was impossible to get that dress back from the past, but Fu Zhiyu made a similar one, and by the way, he also made one for Xie Ke.

It wasn’t like he was alone in getting married.

His small world could be controlled by him, and Fu Zhiyu briefly turned it into his own residence back then, complete with red lanterns. Although there were only two of them, the atmosphere was warm and festive.

Xie Ke was also very excited that day.

“I don’t know what to say, Zhiyu, thank you,” Xie Ke hugged him and didn’t want to let go. “I’m the happiest person in the world because you’ve come back and are willing to be by my side. I didn’t expect you to do this for me.”

Fu Zhiyu had always been gentle. He didn’t get as emotional as Xie Ke now, he was always somewhat muted, but he only had to do a little to make Xie Ke feel extremely happy.

“Let’s live a good life from now on,” Fu Zhiyu said, “We are all fine.”

After that, Xie Ke also relaxed a lot. He was still very clingy, and sometimes still too concerned and cautious, but he had a lot more sense of security, and he suffered from fewer moments of worry.

Soon after, Xie Ke’s work was finished; the opened free worlds requested by the World Consciousness were basically ready, and some actors could go and try.

After this was done, the two of them had a lot of free time.

Xie Ke suggested that they could also go and have a look.

“You’ve been in the Lord God’s space for too long, I’m afraid you will get bored,” he said. “Don’t you want to go back to ‘His Name Will Live On in History’ to take a look?”


Fu Zhiyu really wanted to, and they didn’t need to prepare anything, so they just went. This time, they didn’t have to occupy other people’s bodies, just using their own.

The flow of time in the world of “His Name Will Live On in History” was very fast, and the degree of development was now better than that of the middle-level world that Fu Zhiyu had been to.

As the World Consciousness said, the data of this world was circulating, and those who were deep in Fu Zhiyu’s memory were all living well even though they had forgotten him in reincarnation.

His blood was indeed useful.

He visited everyone in the Yuan family, and Xie Ke accompanied him. They were no longer a family or even knew each other, but they were always doing well.

His mother had lived a long life. She was now an elegant old lady who lived in a villa area that ordinary people couldn’t get in. She had her own filial children and grandchildren. It took Fu Zhiyu a while to see her.

She happened to go out that day and seemed to be picking gifts for her family in the jewellery store. Although her hair was grey, she looked in good spirits.

Fu Zhiyu was standing at the end of the counter, and she happened to see him just as she walked there.

She looked at the young man and was in a daze for a while.

It was a very beautiful man, who looked to be in his twenties. His whole body seemed to be glowing, and there was nothing in the jewellery store that would be as attractive as him. Behind him was another man, taller than him, with his head slightly lowered, silent, standing there as if guarding him.

When she saw him, in addition to being amazed, there was also an indescribable sense of familiarity, as if all kinds of thoughts rushed to her heart, making her feel like crying.

“…you are?”

“I’m just a passerby,” Fu Zhiyu wanted to help her brush away the scattered hair on her forehead as before, but it was inappropriate. He held back and continued, “You… you’re very nice.”

What he said was a bit strange, but she didn’t show any objection.

The old lady just smiled softly and said, “Child, there is fate between us.”

Gradually they began to talk. Fu Zhiyu rarely spoke, it was she who kept talking about her life, her happiness, the happiness of not having suffered any hardship.

“Today I am going to celebrate my great-grandson’s birthday and buy him a golden lock,” she said. “I am very happy to meet you and talk to you about this.”

“Me too.”

Fu Zhiyu smiled. He took out a hairpin from his sleeve and said softly: “I can’t stay here for too long. This… is for you.”

It was his mother’s favourite hairpin back then. Strictly speaking, it was a very beautiful antique.

No one wore such things anymore, and there was no way to comb such troublesome hair.

The old lady didn’t like to accept other people’s things, but she was stunned when she saw the hairpin, so much that Fu Zhiyu stuffed it into her hand, and she didn’t have time to push back.

When she recovered, Fu Zhiyu was gone.

Do people really have past lives?

If not, why did that person, and this thing, look so familiar?

Fu Zhiyu later went to see Mingdao. Unlike his mother, Mingdao was a little late in his reincarnation this time.

Mingdao was a junior high school student. When Fu Zhiyu went to see him, he was wearing a school uniform, studying at school.

He was no longer the Yuan Mingdao who relied on Fu Zhiyu with all his heart; he was now from a wealthy family with loving parents, and he was at the top of his class at school. Fu Zhiyu sneaked into the school playground to watch him play football. Countless young girls cheered for him.

He looked really good, young, warm and beautiful.

But when Fu Zhiyu went to that school, apart from Mingdao, he also saw something else.

After the football match was over, someone left his history textbook on the seat. Fu Zhiyu took it and flipped through it, and saw the records of his era, and even his and Xie Ke’s names appeared in it.

Jilin had long ceased to exist, but that powerful dynasty would always be remembered by people.

Many epoch-making practices that took place there were recorded. There was a history book written by Fu Yanxi himself. It had been well preserved and had been read and analysed many times by future generations.

However, Fu Zhiyu still felt a little embarrassed when he saw someone playing him in the historical adaptation in the media.

“There are you in there, too, my goodness,” he couldn’t help but hold his forehead, “I don’t even know what to say.”

“The plot is not reproduced well,” Xie Ke commented, having watched a few episodes in earnest, “It says here that I was fighting you tit for tat, where was I?”

Fu Zhiyu: “…Don’t watch it anymore, turn it off quickly.”

At the end, the two of them went to the canal to take a look.

The canal was still in use, but the river had been widened a lot, the surrounding area had been renovated, and the docks had become much larger. Huge cruise ships passed by the river, making a loud noise.

Fu Zhiyu took Xie Ke there, and it was a different experience to look back on the past at this time.

There were so many memories, good and bad, and almost everything had its twists and turns, but now when he looked back, he could just laugh it off.

What mattered was the present.

From the ship, the surface of the river was gilded with the light of the setting sun, and the sparkling light was very beautiful. Fu Zhiyu was lying on the windowsill of his room looking at the scenery, and Xie Ke was sitting next to him, watching him. After a while, he couldn’t help but go over and kiss his eyes.

“Zhiyu,” he said softly, “I love you and I will always love you.”

He watched his beloved turn his head at these words, and those shining eyes looked at him with a smile, as if to say: “Me too.”


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