Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 47

The half-eaten bowl of noodles was thrown away, but the fact that Xie Ke would cook for someone could scare people to death.

Fu Zhiyu was also frightened. He only felt that Xie Ke being like this made him want to run. Xie Ke was like a deadly spider, weaving a web step by step, so sure that no matter how Fu Zhiyu retreated, he would fall into his trap again.

Such fear was enough for Fu Zhiyu to let go of his curiosity and to firmly decide to stay as far away from Xie Ke as possible.

However, Xie Ke didn’t come to his residence in the next month. Perhaps when he was tossing like this last time, his wound had worsened again. This man should have still cherished his life.

The next time he saw Xie Ke again, it was at the reward ceremony. All the civil and military officials were present, and the princes were also here. Fu Zhiyu didn’t want to go but it was impossible to be absent on this occasion.

Xie Ke was there as if he had never been injured before, and he was the one who made the most uproar at the ceremony. In accordance with the rules for military generals, he was dressed formally today, in a robe embroidered in gold on a black background, with a golden-winged lifelike dapeng on it, as if ready to fly. This was not something that anyone could wear, it was clearly the standard of a first-rank general.

The rules for the promotion of military generals were very clear; they relied on military merit, and the merits of the Qianyuan Battle were enough for three generations. When Xie Lin reported to the emperor, he also made it clear that there were talented people in the younger generation, and Xie Ke commanded the winning battles in the middle and late stages of the war. Moreover, Xie Lin’s status was so high that if he was promoted again, the credit would be too great (meaning that his status would be so high that the emperor would feel threatened). So most of the great deeds were attributed to Xie Ke. In this case, his age of early twenties was not an important thing.

Xie Ke was named General Zhenyuan and given the general’s residence and a bunch of other things as rewards.

What made Fu Zhiyu’s eye twitch was that whether the good houses stored by the imperial family for rewards were all grouped together or for other reasons, the residence of Wang Zhao and the residence of General Zheyuan were diagonally opposite each other.

…From now on, you could imagine what Xie Ke, this stalker, would do.

The soldiers who participated in the Qianyuan Battle also received rewards, and the Lu family and Du family who guarded the capital also were rewarded. Xie Ke’s right-hand men, Lu Linhai and Du Yin, rose from the position of imperial guards to the third-rank generals and were naturally assigned to be Xie Ke’s subordinates.

In addition to the Qianyuan Battle, there were other things in the reward ceremony.

Shen Yang was made the head of the Ministry of Justice, as he wished. Fu Zhiyu looked at him and only felt that Shen Yang had changed a lot, to the point that it couldn’t even be explained by his rebirth, as if he had been stimulated by something.

The Ministry of Justice was different from the censorate responsible for supervision. This was the institution for violent execution and torture. Its aura of ruthlessness was impossible to suppress. Shen Yang had always been a weak scholar in Fu Zhiyu’s impression. Even though he betrayed Fu Zhiyu in cold blood in the end, it was true that he was too weak to bind a chicken. He was not even good at quarrelling with others. He was tall and thin, at first glance looking like a bamboo pole that a gust of wind could blow over.

But now that he saw Shen Yang again, Fu Zhiyu had no way of relating him to the man he remembered. Shen Yang was obviously much stronger, and the official uniform of the head of the Ministry of Justice was dark red, as if he was wearing coagulated blood on his body. The animal and flower patterns embroidered against the red background were all black. Wearing this red and black, and as tall as he was, he was noticeable at a glance when standing among the officials. Although there was a smile in the corners of his lips, it made people feel inexplicably cold. When he looked at someone, it seemed there was an interrogation whip in his hand, making people afraid to look at him directly.


In addition to the officials, the princes also had good news. Fu Rongye and Fu Rongli were named Wangs, the Third Prince was named Wang Li, and the Eighth Prince was named Wang Ming. The imperial family probably couldn’t do without some sweetness either. Finally, Emperor Qingyuan bestowed marriage to the Crown Prince and Xue Rouping, the youngest daughter of the Xue family.

Now that the Lin and Xue families were weakened, they felt that there was no other option but to put aside their differences and discuss joining forces again. The emperor was originally reluctant, but he wasn’t stupid. In the end, both sides, the emperor and the families, compromised. The Xie family and their subordinates the Du and Lu families were rewarded as much as the emperor wished, and the Lin and Xue families also got what they wanted.

But while it seemed that each side compromised, in the end it was definitely the emperor who benefited. The Lin and Xue families were only given a marriage agreement and two Wang titles, which was not comparable to the series of promotions for the emperor’s confidants. But the families couldn’t be pushed too hard; even rabbits bite when they are cornered.

Anyway, the end result was that Emperor Qingyuan was very happy and was smiling all day, as if he didn’t feel tired at all.

The day of the reward ceremony was an auspicious day calculated by the Imperial Astrologer who said it was a once-in-a-century date, so everything was piled up on this day. Fu Zhiyu, who wasn’t involved in anything, stayed there for the whole day. Unlike Emperor Qingyuan, who could rely on excitement to support him, Fu Zhiyu only felt tired and hungry. But in the end, the marriage of Miss Xue made Fu Zhiyu’s spirit fluctuate a little bit.

According to the original plot, this one was supposed to be married to Xie Ke. The Xue family and the Xie family were not enemies, but they were definitely from two camps. This marriage was also very dramatic in the original work. Miss Xue was a temperamental person and deadly set on marrying Xie Ke. Prime Minister Xue had always favoured his youngest daughter and desperately begged the emperor to bestow the marriage. It was rumoured that Xie Ke went to the battlefield to come back successful and marry her. In the end, the two broke through the family shackles together. It was a good story.

Fu Zhiyu had hoped that this matter would follow the original plot and prayed for Miss Xue to quickly take away the scourge of Xie Ke.

He finally waited until the reward ceremony was completely over, only to feel that he could eat a cow. The others didn’t walk as fast as him since they had to say a few pleasantries to each other, but Fu Zhiyu walked at a breakneck speed, almost trotting towards his carriage, ready to tell the coachman to go quickly so that he could finally have dinner.

But before he got into the carriage, he was stopped by a hand on his sleeve.

“Fu Zhiyu,” it was the new Wang Ming, Fu Rongli. He was as happy as he could be today. He raised his head and glanced at Fu Zhiyu, “Don’t think you’re so great. Sooner or later, your true face will be exposed by me and then I’ll trample you underfoot. No, it will be me and my brother together!”

Fu Zhiyu was too lazy to bother with him but Fu Rongli would be just more energised if he was ignored. He had been like this since he was a child. If he didn’t flaunt his power about something, he would be uncomfortable, and then he would curse, and then he would definitely be hit in the face.

“I don’t think I’m great, Your Highness Wang Ming. I’m hungry, really, let’s talk about it another day.”

Fu Zhiyu quickly pushed Fu Rongli’s hand away, then got into the carriage and told the coachman: “Ignore him and go quickly.”

The coachman waved his whip, and the carriage started. Fu Zhiyu could still hear Fu Rongli’s angry roar: “You wait for me!”

He used to have a rough time and he couldn’t hold back after finally being made the Wang. He would definitely be scolded by Fu Rongye when he went back.

Fu Zhiyu rubbed his stomach, having no wish to worry about him.

He rummaged through the hidden compartment in the carriage. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought about it when he went out, and there was nothing to eat in the carriage.

Steward Zhou was careful, not to mention that Yuan Mingdao was always thinking about him. The stove should be warm in the kitchen, and he would be able to eat as soon as he went back.

But Fu Zhiyu’s carriage had just turned onto the official road when it was stopped again.

“Is Wang Zhao here?” It was Shen Yang’s voice.

Fu Zhiyu lifted the curtain, only to see Shen Yang, who had been as sharp as a poisonous blade at the reward ceremony, standing in front of the carriage, saluting him in a dignified manner, saying: “This subject and Wang Zhao have something to discuss. I have been sending messages to Wang Zhao’s residence but got no response. I have no choice but to be this decisive. Please don’t blame me, Wang Zhao.”

After being reborn for so long, Shen Yang really hadn’t seen Fu Zhiyu even a few times. He and Xie Ke were torn apart about Fu Zhiyu while cooperating. Xie Ke was really much more psychotic than in his previous life. Shen Yang didn’t know how Xie Ke could gain so much power in a short time, as if he could do anything.

But Xie Ke’s words did make sense: “You are just a minor official now, even if you meet Zhiyu, what can you do?”

The head of the Ministry of Justice was naturally not the end of the line, but Shen Yang felt that at least this could make Fu Zhiyu have some impression of him. In their previous lives, they were the monarch and the subject, but in private they were friends. They probably couldn’t be the monarch and the subject in this life, but Shen Yang felt that he could at least be a close friend. He would use all his strength to protect Zhiyu thoroughly and let him be carefree for the rest of his life, as if to pay for his sin of ingratitude in his previous life.

Shen Yang was very nervous for a long time. He watched Fu Zhiyu stare at him for a while and then heard him ask coldly: “Do you have anything to eat?”

“What?” Shen Yang never expected Fu Zhiyu to ask this. He was a little at a loss, “This subject… I didn’t bring anything with me… is it too late to buy it now?”

There were strict regulations on commerce in the capital; only a few markets at the edge of the city could be open for business after nightfall. This was the official road, where could one find food for sale here?

“Then don’t block my way,” Fu Zhiyu was so hungry that he felt like he was going to see stars in front of his eyes. If he continued like this he was afraid he would eat the table in the carriage, “I don’t know you, and don’t send any more messages to this wang’s residence from now on.”

The carriage disappeared in the dust, leaving Shen Yang stunned in place.


But Fu Zhiyu’s journey to dinner was still not going well, and the third person who stopped him was Xie Ke. 

Fu Zhiyu was about to lose his temper when he heard Xie Ke say outside: “I don’t mean anything else, and I know that Wang Zhao doesn’t want to see me. It’s just that I saw Wang Zhao standing there all day and never resting, so I prepared something. I’ll give it to Wang Zhao and leave.”

The coachman quickly brought in a greaseproof paper bag, and Xie Ke really left as he said. The carriage started again. Fu Zhiyu opened the greaseproof bag and saw there were a few pieces of his favourite snacks, as well as fried meat pie and a big fat chicken leg.

He wouldn’t eat what Xie Ke gave him even if he starved to death!

Fu Zhiyu threw these things aside without looking at them.

The place of the ceremony was some distance from Wang Zhao’s residence. Even if the carriage moved fast, it took a long time. As soon as Fu Zhiyu arrived at the door, Steward Zhou came to greet him.

“The meal has been prepared in the hall,” he said, “Master, go and eat something.”

Fu Zhiyu ate hard for a while before he felt that the feeling of hunger had passed. But he didn’t usually eat much; after his hunger subsided, he felt that he was eating too fast, and now he was a little too full.

Steward Zhou served him tea for digestion, and after he drank it, he felt better.

He half lay down on the small couch and asked Steward Zhou: “How did you know that I would be back at this point?”

“The Young General Xie sent someone to deliver the message. Don’t worry, Master, I didn’t dare to use the food he gave me this time, and I will never accept his food. The kitchen made it all by itself,” Steward Zhou explained carefully. “…You can have another sip of tea.”

Fu Zhiyu: “Doesn’t receiving news count as receiving things from him… do you just listen to whatever he says?”

Steward Zhou knew that Fu Zhiyu wasn’t an unreasonable person and bowed his head to explain: “Master, for those of us who are subordinates, serving you well is the only consideration. It is just a message. It’s a good way to serve the master. Knowing that the master was coming back, should I have ignored it and neglected you because this message was given by others?

Everything in this residence is for you. How can there be any reason to listen to other people’s instructions?”

“You are saying these beautiful things again, involved and tricky,” Fu Zhiyu couldn’t get angry with him, waved his hand and said, “Fine, it’s late, go and rest.”

He didn’t need to get into a fight over a meal for Xie Ke, making himself a nuisance.

However, Fu Zhiyu was really too full, and the digestion tea wasn’t completely effective. He had been walking in the yard for a long time before he felt better.

He was also very tired today, probably the most physically exhausted he had been since his rebirth, and he just wanted to go to bed quickly.

But after he lay down for a while, he heard a faint sound coming from the window again.

He didn’t need to open his eyes to know that it was Xie Ke, but he was so tired that he didn’t even bother to get up. He only felt that his consciousness was confused, and his eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand catties.

“Get out of here,” he muttered, kicking his legs, and kicked Xie Ke, who was already squatting by the bed, on the shoulder, “Don’t force me… call a guard.”

“Zhiyu, be good, I really won’t make you angry this time.” He heard Xie Ke approaching again and coaxing him softly, “You stood all day today, and after you came back, you walked around for a while. Usually you are too lazy to practise martial arts. You don’t feel it now, but your legs will hurt when you get up tomorrow morning.”

Fu Zhiyu originally wanted to say that it was not his business, but he was too sleepy. He was already in a state of half-dreaming. Xie Ke’s hands carefully massaged his legs, his strength gentle and comfortable. To Fu Zhiyu, it was like hypnosis. After a while, he fell asleep and spent the whole night in a beautiful dream.

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