Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 46

Fu Zhiyu was angry in his heart, but he still had his wits about him.

His relationship with Xie Ke was his own business, and there was no reason for others to watch the joke. Such a big movement in the Lilac Courtyard also alarmed the guards, but Shadow Seven, dressed in black, guarded the door with a sword, and no one else could get in.

Only Steward Zhou was let in alone. He lowered his head, knowing that he shouldn’t ask or see much about the master’s affairs, so he just listened to the instructions.

“Clean up this place and take care of Lu Jian. He was scared,” Fu Zhiyu said, “But the servants and Lu Jian both are not allowed to say a word.”

Steward Zhou didn’t dare to look up and nodded in agreement.

Being interrupted like that, Fu Zhiyu naturally was quite angry. He dragged Xie Ke out of the courtyard, his face gloomy, feeling as if he was holding some large dog. Xie Ke was clearly crying.

“Crazy, unreasonable,” Fu Zhiyu began to say to him after he stopped, “Only the official is allowed to light the fire but people cannot light a lamp (analogous to “Gods may do what cattle may not”).”

Xie Ke looked at him with red and swollen eyes, not understanding what he meant.

“In your previous life, you had a wife and many concubines. I tried to stop you but you didn’t stop. So what are you hysterical about now?” Fu Zhiyu accused him, only to feel that the more he said, the angrier he became. “The two of us have nothing to do with each other in this life. Who gave you the right to make trouble in my residence? Today, you told me that I can do everything I want. I’m just pampering someone and you try to kill him. Xie Ke, can you just admit that you simply want me to be unhappy?”

Fu Zhiyu really had some dark feelings over this matter. His two lifetimes were spoiled by Xie Ke. He had watched Lu Jian play the pipa and found him somewhat handsome and attractive, but now everything was ruined. Even if Xie Ke was gone, he wouldn’t touch Lu Jian anymore.

Xie Ke couldn’t help but hug him again, and was pushed away by Fu Zhiyu. He could just explain incoherently: “…I didn’t, I didn’t touch them.”

“Nonsense,” Fu Zhiyu didn’t believe it, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old child?”

“Really not. I, I also told you in my previous life. I thought you knew… I really didn’t lie to you about this,” Xie Ke was anxious and didn’t know how to explain it clearly to Fu Zhiyu. “I have only done it with you, and I only like you alone, really, Zhiyu.”

He muttered a few words after that, very quietly, but Fu Zhiyu heard them.

“I… skipped it every time.”

Fu Zhiyu: “……”

He had been in the Lord God’s system, and he naturally knew that there was a skip function in the system, specifically for sensitive scenes, and also a kind of optional protection for the actor. After pressing it, in a blink of an eye, a scene would pass without the actor feeling anything.

He couldn’t believe it. Could Xie Ke be so confused? What was his plan?

But Fu Zhiyu’s next immediate reaction was that whether this man had done it or not had nothing to do with him.

“Let go,” he began to struggle, and Xie Ke was pushed away by him again, “Who gave you the right to touch me casually?”

Xie Ke, pushed away, asked in a low voice, aggrieved: “I am better-looking than him and in better shape than him. I am at your beck and call, Zhiyu, I actually…”

“What does it matter to you?” Fu Zhiyu was still angry, “Get out, I don’t want to see you again!”

Xie Ke didn’t leave, he didn’t dare to leave. Although he couldn’t get close to Zhiyu, his tone was still extremely gentle, and he seemed to be another person, completely different from the one with the silver spear just now: “Then… Zhiyu, go to sleep, I will guard you.”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t accept his kind offer and stretched out his hand to push him outside: “The residence is full of guards, and don’t think I don’t know, the shadow guards haven’t left yet. What do I want you here for?

Also, let me tell you, Xie Ke, my body is my business. You have interrupted me with this Lu Jian now, and there will be thousands of other Lu Jian in the future. If you have the ability, you can stop them! It has nothing to do with you who I like and who I want to touch! Get out!”

He pushed Xie Ke out and closed the door immediately. Xie Ke also knew that he was angry and didn’t dare to disturb him. But he didn’t want to leave either, so he sat by the fence outside, staring at Fu Zhiyu’s door.

Steward Zhou cleaned up the mess in the Lilac Courtyard, and also picked up a spear thrown there. He took a closer look. This thing was not ordinary. Most importantly, there is a small character engraved on the handle – Xie.

He knew who the man who broke into the Lilac Courtyard was, even if he didn’t dare to raise his head to look at him. Now this man was extremely popular. Steward Zhou had met him once before and remembered him. Now that he was holding this silver spear, he didn’t know what to do with it. Steward Zhou thought for a while and decided to go to see his master.

The door of Fu Zhiyu’s room was locked tightly, but there was a man sitting by the fence outside. In the darkness, he coughed softly a few times, and then looked up at Steward Zhou.

“Your stuff,” Steward Zhou didn’t dare to look at him, nor did he want to figure out what the relationship was between him and his master, “My master…”

Xie Ke took the silver spear and put it aside lightly, making a quiet movement at him: “Zhiyu is asleep, don’t bother him. Are you the steward of the residence?”

Steward Zhou nodded.

“If there is anything urgent here in the future, come to the general’s mansion to find me, Zhiyu… Wang Zhao’s business is my business.”

Steward Zhou was a little afraid of him, to be honest, but he couldn’t tell what his master was thinking, so he temporarily nodded, and then retreated after saluting.

He also knew that in any case, today’s affairs would be buried in his heart and he would never say a word about them to the outside world.

Xie Ke waited for Steward Zhou to leave and moved his fingers. His whole body hurt. Although his injury was not healed yet, he also clearly felt what the system meant when saying “the repaired body is not as good as before.”

He used points to strengthen his physical fitness to the top level, had taken a hit, and now he might not be able to resist Zhiyu.

Xie Ke lowered his head and coughed a few times before falling silent.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t actually fall asleep in the room. He lay on the bed, rolling a few times, only to feel that Xie Ke was really a catastrophe that he couldn’t escape.

He wasn’t very keen on this matter, he found Lu Jian just to try it out. Then Xie Ke came and immediately messed up all these things.

Fu Zhiyu lay on the bed with his eyes open, trying to drive Xie Ke out of his mind, but he couldn’t.

He could now examine his heart and swear that he really didn’t love Xie Ke, not at all, he just felt angry and puzzled.

But this man had been entangled with him for ten years, and Fu Zhiyu was really confused by his series of manoeuvres.

Even the Lord God told him that Xie Ke was dead set on not letting go. But Fu Zhiyu really wanted to know what kind of situation made Xie Ke make that choice in the past. If Xie Ke really liked himself a long time ago, why did he not even want to lose a few points for him back then? And after the matter was over, he had to spend countless times more to restart it all.

He was not stupid. Whether he wanted to know what the painful truth was or simply curious to find a reason for his past self, he was afraid that he would get involved in the whirlpool of Xie Ke again and wouldn’t be able to come out of it, bringing new pain to himself. 

In this mood Fu Zhiyu gradually fell asleep. He got up a little late the next morning and felt a headache.

He was not used to eating in his room. He always went to the hall to eat with Yuan Mingdao, but he got up really late today and it was almost noon. Yuan Mingdao thought he was tired and didn’t bother him. After eating alone, he went to practice with the scimitar again.

Fu Zhiyu had breakfast and lunch at once. The kitchen didn’t know when the master would get up, so the food was always warm on the stove and could be served as soon as he sat down.

The food in the residence was always rich. Fu Zhiyu looked at the full table of dishes and saw a bowl of beef noodles that seemed to look quite appetising.

The kitchen had never made such noodles. Fu Zhiyu was hungry, so he took it and had a few mouthfuls. It was really well made. The noodles were smooth and firm, the beef was delicious, and the stew was rich and tempting. After a while, half of the small bowl of noodles was gone.

Steward Zhou said next to him at this time: “This is what General Xie made.”

Fu Zhiyu coughed suddenly, almost choking.

“Who told you to bring it in?” He was quite angry, feeling that the anger that had subsided overnight flared up again, and put down his chopsticks, “Are you really not afraid of what he put in it?”

Steward Zhou was taken aback. It was the first time he saw Fu Zhiyu get angry. He quickly knelt down and apologised for his mistake. Then, seeing Fu Zhiyu’s temper ease somewhat, he explained: “The cook watched it. General Xie said that you liked to eat this and you can’t eat it in the capital. He went out this time and deliberately learned from someone how to cook it, so we must serve it. After he finished cooking, he couldn’t hold on any longer and was taken away for medical treatment. You woke up at this time, and this dish was the hottest in the kitchen. I took the liberty to serve it to you. Please punish me, Master.”

“Okay… get up.”

After all, Steward Zhou was too old to let him kneel like this, and Xie Ke was someone even he couldn’t argue with, let alone the servants.

Fu Zhiyu looked at the bowl of noodles now, and his mood was very complicated. Anyway, he couldn’t eat it anymore, so he ate something else hastily to get full.

“Don’t do it in the future,” he said. “Throw away everything Xie Ke gives. He is not allowed to come in. If anyone in the residence decides to accept benefits from him and betray me, this person will be immediately driven out of the house.”

Steward Zhou didn’t know why his master made such a big deal about General Xie. It was the first time that the master said such a serious thing, but he felt Fu Zhiyu’s anger and quickly nodded in response.

“As for Lu Jian, let him live there, but remember to add a few more people to the courtyard to prevent some psychopath from coming in to kill him,” Fu Zhiyu ordered again, “The same with the rest of the people, let them be watched and be careful, so that they don’t somehow fall victim to someone’s poison.”

Steward Zhou nodded, and obediently arranged it according to his master’s request.

How big a grudge this was, he couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

The author has something to say: Regarding the question of double cleanliness (the concept of both the MC and the ML being the first and the only for each other), someone asked in the comments area, and I didn’t answer because it involved spoilers. Now this chapter is out and it is clear to everyone. But I have also said before that Xiao Yu is the gong’s first love and it was also mentioned earlier that the actor can pull the progress bar, which was a hint.

Before this world, Xie Ke was a workaholic with no feelings, and his emotional intelligence was low (and it is now). He would choose to pull the progress bar for all plots where the progress bar could be pulled, because he felt that “extra playing time will increase the risk of deducting points”. Needless to say, Xiao Yu liked Xie Ke too early in his previous life, so he never considered others.

The most important aspect is that Xie Ke is an actor. His perspective is very different from Zhiyu’s, but it is also an indisputable fact that he has caused harm to Zhiyu.

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  1. I’m quite curious on when / why Xie Ke gets enlightened.
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