Break-up Chapter 46

Gu Yanting was finally loaded into the car. When getting into the car, he even received a kick on his butt. Tang Yi was very rough with him and Gu Yanting vaguely heard the sound of him gritting his teeth.

Along the way, Tang Yi’s anger was palpable, filling the car. Gu Yanting sat quietly in the back seat. After a while, his teeth started to chatter. At the next intersection, Tang Yi rushed forward at the last second of the changing lights. The frightened Gu Yanting didn’t even dare to shiver – Tang Yi usually drove very steadily; whenever there was an intersection, he would stop. The cars behind him would honk like crazy but he would stand there motionlessly, in the style of a retired old cadre. Today’s driving method was almost lethal.

In fact, from an onlooker’s point of view, it was not so exaggerated; but because the contrast was too big, Gu Yanting was still really shocked. After thinking for a while about the possibility of “Tang Yi being worried about him” and “Tang Yi being angry”, he sadly found that it was 90% likely to be the latter, so he spent the rest of the drive trying to shrink and reduce his sense of presence.

There were quite a few people at the hospital’s emergency department, but the little nurse at the pre-screening desk took one look at Gu Yanting and took the man to the fever clinic without saying a word. Tang Yi ran up and down the stairs silently. It was already more than two o’clock in the middle of the night after a busy day of work. Gu Yanting was placed in a separate small ward for infusion. He was drowsy and wanted to sleep, but managed to lift his heavy eyelids and smile when Tang Yi came in.

“Hey, what’s a big deal… as far as it goes…”

“What as far as it goes?” Tang Yi’s face was slightly better than when he was driving. The radiator in the ward was very hot. The moment Tang Yi came in, the lenses of his glasses were covered with a layer of white mist. He took them off and was wiping them expressionlessly.

Gu Yanting, lying quite comfortably in the hospital bed, said, “This ward is advanced, ah, and it is single… What is this? A desk? Tsk, there is even wallpaper on the wall. The little flowers on the green background are not bad. Is the pastoral style popular in hospitals now?”

“Well, pastoral style is quite good, right?” Tang Yi folded his glasses, his beautiful eyes looking at Gu Yanting as he slightly raised an eyebrow, “Are you satisfied? Stay if you’re satisfied.”

Gu Yanting: “……”

“This area is an infectious quarantine area, reserved for when there is a serious epidemic,” Tang Yi pulled out the chair next to him and sat down, crossing his legs and looking at Gu Yanting, “I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you, you’re just a little short of being able to stay here for a long time. The viral flu in T City is quite fashionable these days, and you’ve at least caught the tip of the fashionable tail. Tsk, you’re quite capable, so you get a single room.”

Only then did Gu Yanting remember that when he was taken this way by the little nurse, this area was like a black hole, quiet enough for ghosts to float around. There were not many wards on this side, but a resuscitation room, an observation room and a laboratory formed quite a complete combination.

He looked at this very cosy little ward and suddenly it didn’t feel so cute, so he silently shut his mouth and just blinked at Tang Yi.

Tang Yi leaned back in the chair, his weariness coming in waves. He quietly looked at Gu Yanting for a while and sighed, “Gu Yanting, how can you be so good at it?”

The two of them didn’t need to make some things too clear. Just as Gu Yanting’s taking a cold shower would be exposed sooner or later, his unreasonable words outside wouldn’t actually fool Tang Yi for long. Tang Yi obviously had something on his mind tonight and Gu Yanting had taken advantage of it, but if Tang Yi suddenly fell asleep and woke up, you could imagine that the consequences would be even worse than being kicked out.

Obviously Tang Yi had already reacted by now.

Gu Yanting didn’t dare to act smart when he got the advantage, so he honestly admitted his mistakes first. Seeing Tang Yi’s expression at this moment, he was even more uneasy and didn’t even dare to sleep, looking at him nervously, struggling to hold his eyelids propped up.

Tang Yi couldn’t tell whether he felt angry, funny or helpless. He didn’t know what Gu Yanting had experienced in the past two years and what he had grown into, but judging from the fact that he could point out the key to the problem by just looking at the contract tonight actually proved that everything wasn’t as simple as he made it out to be.

But Tang Yi wasn’t wary of him, and this Gu Yanting, who was perhaps already “not simple”, was also carelessly blurting out the truth, saying what he should or shouldn’t say like scattering beans from a bamboo tube, making him feel like laughing and crying.

The mode of getting along between the two of them in the past few days was seamlessly integrated with that of two years ago. The expected strangeness, alienation and politeness after a long farewell had all become imaginary things. Obviously, many things had occurred, but now in the silent little ward, the two looked at each other wordlessly, and nothing seemed to have happened.

Gu Yanting waited for a while with his eyelids propped up, and only when he saw that Tang Yi had nothing further to say did he sigh with relief and drift off to sleep.

The next morning he woke up just as a sweet-looking nurse pushed the door and walked in. When she saw him awake, she took off her mask and smiled. Gu Yanting froze and asked, “Where’s Tang Yi?”

The nurse gave a puzzled “ah?” and Gu Yanting hurriedly changed his words, “It’s the one who came with me yesterday, black hair, beautiful eyes, wearing a white shirt…”

“He went to get the medicine,” the nurse reacted quickly and asked with a smile, “What’s his name? Tang Yi?”

Gu Yanting gave an “en” and lifted his hand. The needle tube had already been unplugged, and there was a large bottle and two small ones hanging from the hanger next to him, apparently all from last night. The nurse smiled and said, “He’s so nice. He stayed up all night and kept watch here, saying he’d let us rest and call us when we needed to pull out the needle and change the medicine.”

They were so tired from the night shift that they usually had to struggle to keep their eyes open, especially at two or three o’clock in the morning when people were most likely to be sleepy. Although they didn’t dare to rest even after Tang Yi said that, these words did warm their hearts.

Gu Yanting was taken aback, saw the nurse pursing her lips in a gentle smile, her face still flushed, and suddenly said, “Well, his date said the same thing.”

“Huh?” The pretty nurse froze for a moment and her eyes widened a little, somewhat surprised, “He has a girlfriend?”

“……” Gu Yanting’s body stiffened, and then he gave a heavy “en”.

“Ay? I thought he said he was single?” The little nurse’s voice was a little puzzled, and after packing up her things she went out full of doubts.

Gu Yanting relaxed his jaw after she left and stretched comfortably.

He was in good shape and when he found Tang Yi at the medicine collection counter, he even bounced twice on purpose and deliberately struck a Popeye pose to prove that his blood tank was full. Unfortunately, this behaviour didn’t get anyone’s attention. Tang Yi didn’t even raise his eyes, but an old grandmother behind Gu Yanting knocked him on the waist with her cane, “Young man, make way… make way… “

Gu Yanting: “……”

He didn’t know that he almost died. When his body temperature was at its highest last night, it was over 40 degrees. Tang Yi was exhausted but when he saw these 40 degrees, he was stunned and was awake for the rest of the night. Several times, he wanted to push the sleeping Gu Yanting to see if he fell asleep or fainted. Fortunately, in the end, the temperature slowly dropped, and there was nothing wrong with the blood test.

On the way back, Gu Yanting didn’t feel anything except that his legs were a little sore. He remembered that Tang Yi had been up all night, so he was dying to get into the driver’s seat. Tang Yi was too lazy to argue with him, sat in the passenger side, simply fastened his seat belt and rested with his eyes closed. When they arrived at the underground car parking of the apartment, Gu Yanting turned his head to look, only to find that Tang Yi had fallen asleep.

The seat was not adjusted and it seemed he didn’t sleep very well. His head was tilted to one side and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed, as if he was troubled by something.

Gu Yanting turned his head and watched quietly for a while. After a long time, he moved lightly, got out of the car and went around to the other side. After opening the door, he reached under Tang Yi’s arms and legs at the same time, and then carefully picked him up horizontally.

Tang Yi opened his eyes in a daze in the moment of weightlessness. Gu Yanting turned his head to see him awake and whispered, “Shhh, go to sleep.” 

His movements and expression were very natural, and Tang Yi glanced at him and really closed his eyes again.

Carrying him all the way and waiting for the elevator, Gu Yanting felt smug beyond words. In the elevator he flipped his hair, feeling more and more handsome. It wasn’t until he got out of the elevator that he realised a big problem – the keys were still somewhere on Tang Yi.

Although he was a little sweaty after carrying Tang Yi all the way, he was quite reluctant to let go. This feeling was too good and too rare; besides, his ideal was to carry Tang Yi all the way to the bed~… If you wake people up at the door in order to open the door, it won’t be too beautiful.

Gu Yanting hesitated for a long time, glancing over the door of the apartment several times, but didn’t find anything similar to a spare key. He stretched out his foot and pushed it. The door was locked very well, and there was no possibility of kicking it open. He was a little anxious, and after slowly turning around in place twice, he heard the barking of the puppy behind the door.

“Hey, I’ll open it myself.” Tang Yi said unexpectedly and sighed slowly.

Gu Yanting was worried about the door, shivered with fright when he heard the voice and almost dropped Tang Yi.

Tang Yi had already braced himself and jumped down. He reached for the key in his pocket, opened the door and changed his shoes. He was almost at the bedroom door while Gu Yanting was still standing in the corridor without reacting.

“No way, you’re… you’re awake?” He stared in a daze.

Tang Yi stopped to look back at him and hummed affirmatively.

“Hey, you’re awake, why didn’t you say so!” Gu Yanting glared as he walked inside, “Why didn’t you say anything! I… this…”

“You this what?” Tang Yi gave him a faint look, “You wanted to pretend to be Popeye, I lacked a coolie, just two birds with one stone.”

Gu Yanting: “……”

“Right, there’s money in the drawer, there’s a path downstairs, walk straight ahead to the vegetable shop, buy more spinach and come back.” Tang Yi paused, “Then go to the fruit shop next door and buy some bananas.”

Gu Yanting was still in a state of depression, playing a hero all the way but being treated as Popeye. When he heard about bananas, he was stunned. He quickly recovered and when he saw that Tang Yi was about to undress to go to sleep, he grunted and said, “What do you need bananas for?”

Tang Yi glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

Gu Yanting got an inch and cheekily moved up to him, sayung, “There is me.”

Tang Yi didn’t get angry with him this time, but took his pyjamas and headed for the bathroom, explaining as he went, “The doctor ordered it, it’s for you.” When he reached the door he suddenly stopped for a moment and explained in a breezy voice, “Choose the size you want, eh?”

“……” Gu Yanting froze and couldn’t help but shout, “How is that possible!”

Bananas were indeed for him. The doctor instructed him to take more potassium and calcium, citing several ingredients and fruits for this purpose. Tang Yi remembered it clearly, but Gu Yanting had forgotten all about it. His mind was crooked, and when he heard what Tang Yi said, he indignantly bought some imperial bananas(1). When he brought them, Tang Yi had just fallen asleep, so Gu Yanting carried the bananas that were not much longer than his finger into the bedroom while Fanfan followed him curiously, sniffing and bustling in and out.

Tang Yi was still a bit annoyed when he was woken up, but when he saw what Gu Yanting was holding, he was stunned for a long time, then snorted and laughed so hard that he couldn’t get up.

“……” Gu Yanting’s face suddenly felt a little hot and he asked darkly, “What are you laughing at!” He had come here on Wednesday night, today was already Saturday, and in the past three days Tang Yi had hardly ever had a good expression on his face. Gu Yanting could tell that Tang Yi wasn’t targeting him but really had something exhausting on his mind. At this moment, Tang Yi was laughing, and although Gu Yanting was blushing a little, he was still mostly happy in his heart.

Tang Yi knew what was going through his head from the start, and after being merry for a long time, he added with an arched eyebrow, “You… hahahahahahaha… are good… tight fit…”

“……” Gu Yanting’s face reddened; he turned around and threatened viciously, “Fuck, Tang Yi, don’t think I won’t dare to touch you!”

Tang Yi had long ago sat up on the bed, and when he heard the words, he became serious. However, not two seconds later his mouth curved and he blocked his face with his arm, laughing, “Sorry… I, I can’t hold back.”

The bananas were thrown to the floor when Gu Yanting pounced over. Fanfan hooked one of them with his paw but didn’t dare to bite it after a sniff.

Tang Yi was also delighted to see that Gu Yanting was annoyed. He made a desperate effort to stop laughing. Seeing his beautiful eyes lit up, Gu Yanting’s face turned a little red. Because of his laughter, even the lines of Tang Yi’s straight handsome nose seemed much softer. Gu Yanting cursed in a low voice, then rushed over and overwhelmed the man on the bed.

The corners of Tang Yi’s mouth were still hooked, and when he saw Gu Yanting’s posture, he pushed his shoulders, smiled and said, “Hey, I’m not laughing at you anymore, let me catch up on my sleep for a while. I haven’t slept well for days, and it’s rare to have a weekend.”

Gu Yanting lay on top of him in a tiger-like position without moving. Hearing these words, he let out a low muffled sound, “You haven’t slept well for the past few days?”

“No kidding,” Tang Yi craned his neck, “You came on Wednesday, right? I just had a bit of trouble with a friend that day, so I came back late at night. I came back at midnight on Thursday, and you were still tossing and turning about eating…” Here both of them obviously paused for a moment. That night Gu Yanting pretended that his pyjamas were too short and pressed Tang Yi down on the carpet for a forced kiss that almost turned into a bang. Tang Yi coughed and averted his eyes, while quickly skipping that part, “I did sleep that night, but I didn’t sleep yesterday, so I can’t stay up any longer.”

Gu Yanting gave him a deep look, didn’t move and didn’t say anything.

Tang Yi vaguely felt that it wasn’t too good and reminded him, “Gu Yanting, if you don’t let me sleep again, you’ll be too inhuman.”

“En,” Gu Yanting nodded after a long, long silence.

Tang Yi was slightly relieved, and then he felt his ears being surrounded by heat as Gu Yanting clasped his hands on either side of his head, cupped his face and kissed him.

“I won’t be human today!” Gu Yanting gasped and pressed his lips tightly, his large dry warm hands touching Tang Yi’s waist, rubbing it fiercely before somewhat roughly pushing his clothes up.

Tang Yi felt that he had arranged his own death. When the tip of Gu Yanting’s tongue came in, he clearly wanted to refuse or avoid it, but his tongue subconsciously became entangled with it, which made Gu Yanting’s breathing heavier. His arrogant, powerful tongue pushed deeply in Tang Yi’s mouth. The hand rubbing on his waist was as heavy as if he wanted to rub off a layer of skin.

Tang Yi’s throat felt a little uncomfortable, and his body twisted slightly to escape, but who knew that this action would inadvertently go along with Gu Yanting’s intention. His hand pushed down a little, and their lower abdomens were almost seamlessly pressed together. Tang Yi quickly felt the obvious changes in the opponent’s body. After being poked by something hard and arrogant on the top of his leg, a crisp, tingling sensation crackled from his lower abdomen, burning through his limbs. At some moment Gu Yanting let go of his lips, instead licking him insistently behind his ear.

Tang Yi’s skin was very fine, his body smoother and softer than his face, and Gu Yanting could hardly restrain himself from saying a couple of dirty words in his ear, seeing Tang Yi’s auricles turn almost completely red, just as he had hoped. For his body that had been abstinent for two years this scene was almost like a fire for dry wood, all the hormones rushing to his brain at once.

“Here… did you miss me? Hmm?” Gu Yanting nibbled Tang Yi’s earlobe, his big hands pushing up Tang Yi’s clothes while he muttered, “Are you horny? How long has it been since you’ve been touched… hmm… has anyone kissed here?”

“……” Tang Yi’s body stiffened violently.

Gu Yanting knew he misstepped as soon as the words left his mouth. He froze for two seconds, slowly turned his head and met Tang Yi’s angry eyes still tinged with lust; almost wailing inside, he gave himself a capital “fuck”.

So, Gu Yanting, who had just recovered from a serious illness, was kicked out of bed, sadly ran to the bathroom and took a shower for an hour before coming out. With the way Tang Yi gritted his teeth as if he was going to kill him and choosing between continuing recklessly or pretending to be a wimp for the time being, Gu Yanting decisively chose the latter, snorting from laughter all over the place while doing his best to please the sneering man.

If it was him and Tang Yi in the past, or if they had gotten back together now, Gu Yanting would never have wronged himself so much, preferring to be beheaded tomorrow rather than putting down this bow now. But unfortunately he was already on probation, and he wouldn’t dare even if he had the courage of a tiger. Of course, he wasn’t an absolutely honest person, and while he was pleasing Tang Yi, he secretly took away the latter’s replaced underwear and used it in the bathroom in a very arrogant manner.

However, even so, for two days in a row Tang Yi didn’t give him any more chances, and even a nibble had to be done secretly in the middle of the night when the latter was asleep.

Monday finally came reluctantly, and Tang Yi had a rare breakfast at home. Gu Yanting had started preparing it the night before. Tang Yi didn’t pay attention to it at the time but after taking two sips of the porridge he realised that the taste was indeed different from the usual.

Gu Yanting waited until he had finished eating before pulling him a little and saying hesitantly, “I’m going back to the company today.”

Tang Yi looked back at him in surprise and nodded.

“I’ll go back and take a look at the contract this time,” Gu Yanting smiled at him, “Don’t worry too much, take care of your health these days.”

“You…” Tang Yi paused for a moment and said, “Don’t do anything illegal or disciplinary. This is a matter between two companies, I can solve it. Don’t lose your job over this.”

“Hey, that’s a good point.” Gu Yanting waved his hand and said, “Just go to work quickly.”

Tang Yi stopped, then nodded and turned around to open the door.

“Tang Yi,” Gu Yanting suddenly called out.

“En?” Tang Yi glanced back at him. 

He saw Gu Yanting smiling as he came up and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead, “Wait for me to come back.”

  1. Not sure how those bananas are called in English, they seem to be those short, fat ones – like this

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