Break-up Chapter 45

Tang Yi tilted his head when he said this. His expression was flat as if he was saying that tonight’s meal was not tasty, but when Gu Yanting understood, he sat up straight in shock, “Huh? The contract?”

He had been here when the contract was signed, and had even put in a lot of effort, so it was completely unexpected for something to go wrong.

Tang Yi didn’t elaborate, but fished out a few copies of the contract terms from the pile of documents under the side table. As Gu Yanting took them suspiciously and began to look through them, Tang Yi picked up the book he had just put down again and turned a page.

It was a little strange; Gu Yanting had been in Huayuan’s delegation at the time, and Tang Yi could even see that Gu Yanting had a somewhat special position in the group, but from the time the incident with the contract happened until now, Tang Yi had never thought about whether Gu Yanting participated in setting up this trap. He had taken quite a few documents home to deal with them some time ago, and although none of them were particularly confidential, he would keep an eye on them if an outsider came in. When Zhou Hao wanted to talk to him, the reason Tang Yi looked back at the living room was to see if the documents were still there.

He was relieved to realise that Gu Yanting had put them away, but he didn’t think about the fact that Huayuan, where Gu Yanting was working, was the direct trigger for this incident.

Gu Yanting flipped through the pages for a few minutes and when he finally put them back, he said, “Something is strange.”

Tang Yi smiled and looked at him when he heard these words.

Gu Yanting frowned and said, “I haven’t been in Huayuan for long, only a year and a half to be exact, but from any aspect, it makes very little sense for Huayuan to do this, what kind of plan, ah…”

Gu Yanting frowned and thought for a while without finding a clue. Tang Yi didn’t think about getting any news or suggestions from him; he just didn’t want to hide anything when he said it. Now the affairs between Huayuan and ER were no longer a secret, and looking at Gu Yanting’s stance, it was obvious he wouldn’t leave for a while, so Tang Yi might as well let him know sooner.

Tang Yi watched him with a contemplative look; half an hour later he couldn’t help but say, “It’s just to let you know, I didn’t expect you to think about it.”

He and Ning Zeyu hadn’t figured out why Huayuan had done it, and it wasn’t something that Gu Yanting could see through with a glance at the contract.

Gu Yanting didn’t say anything, but continued to rub his chin and look at the papers.

He was sitting cross-legged on the sofa. At this moment, his upper body leaned forward slightly and his eyes narrowed a little; he looked more like someone investigating a case than a white-collar worker thinking about something.

Tang Yi was stunned for a moment and didn’t speak again. Much later he heard Gu Yanting slowly speak, as if sorting out something, “If everything is executed in accordance with the contract, the final party to lose is you. But Huayuan doesn’t gain more benefits except for compensation, and the premise of this is that you can pay the compensation.”

“…However, Huayuan’s need does exist, and it seems that a tender was considered before this, only to be changed later.”

Tang Yi froze for a moment.

“If the contract cannot be executed smoothly…” Gu Yanting paused, then looked back at Tang Yi in surprise, “According to your character, even if your company goes down, you will never let Huayuan have a good time, right?” 

“What’s my character?” Tang Yi glanced at him but still nodded, “Well, if the net is broken, the fish will also die.”

Gu Yanting smiled and moved a little more towards him. Tang Yi frowned and was just about to move away when he heard Gu Yanting say in a muffled voice, “Hey, I feel a little dizzy.”

The dizzy man covered his head and swayed, finally leaning sideways on Tang Yi’s shoulder, his arm also swaying and resting on Tang Yi’s stomach. Gu Yanting’s face was red and his whole body looked like he had little strength. Tang Yi stared at him for a while but finally couldn’t bear it and withdrew his hand that was going to push him away. He was silent for half a second and sighed, “If you want to be dizzy, go lie on the bed, don’t stay here.”

Gu Yanting’s head moved, either nodding or shaking “no”. His fine hair swept against Tang Yi’s neck, tickling and somewhat soft.

After rubbing against him, Gu Yanting added, “I really don’t know anything about this Dao, I just have a hunch.” He paused for a moment and said, “If neither you nor Huayuan benefit tremendously, then the beneficiary should be a third party.”

Tang Yi froze for a moment; he hadn’t mentioned the Zhou family’s involvement, and Gu Yanting had managed to think of it so quickly? Tang Yi lowered his head somewhat incredulously. He saw Gu Yanting’s dark head. The latter’s words didn’t stop, yet the content caused Tang Yi’s heart to beat violently.

“This project isn’t that big, so if the third party isn’t after the project itself, is it possible that it’s after some company? For example, you guys, or Huayuan? The result of the fight is a lose-lose situation for us, with us hurting each other, but what the fisherman wants is not necessarily the bird, or the clam…”(1)

Tang Yi: “……”

Counting up from the time the contract matter happened to now, it was only just a week. During this time, Tang Yi and Ning Zeyu had to be busy not only seeking a solution but also guarding against the Zhou family and Huayuan’s backstabbing. They thought they had acted quickly and had seen everything through, but they were completely off the mark.

Only then did Tang Yi remember Zhou Hao’s words, “Your experience determines that your vision is too limited.”

ER was not necessarily a victim… possibly, it was just a pawn.

Zhou Dongchuan was a typical unscrupulous speculator. He had repeatedly played with the law. He neither required sincerity in doing things, nor did he care if his face was lost. All he asked for was to obtain the maximum output with the minimum input.  Tang Yi’s position in his own company this time around naturally put his focus on being acquired. As far as he checked Zhou Dongchuan’s acquisition records, almost half of them were achieved due to various accidents or scandals in the companies before their acquisition.

However, on second thought, why would a company as small as theirs need Zhou Dongchuan to fight so vigorously?

However, Huayuan Group was different. If Zhou Dongchuan’s target was Huayuan Group, then ER was just a pawn in the struggle, and even if it was acquired in the future, it would only be a bonus. In this way, it was truly a case of killing two birds with one stone.

The key to whether or not this pawn could follow their plan was the character and behaviour of the decision maker, and Tang Yi fit the bill.

Tang Yi thought about it and unconsciously felt a layer of sweat on his body. Although the matter had not been confirmed, however, no matter which way you looked at it, this explanation made more sense.

Tang Yi let out a long sigh. Only at this moment did he realise how ridiculous his earlier complacency had been. The business world was like a battlefield; those who didn’t have a plan for the whole picture were not good enough to seek a domain, and he was blinded by one domain, his eyes always focused on local interests.

At this moment, he felt, surprisingly, a little vaguely excited.

At some moment Gu Yanting unnoticeably leaned towards him completely and put his arms around Tang Yi’s waist. But maybe he really didn’t have much strength anymore. While Tang Yi was deep in thought, Gu Yanting didn’t move.

After Tang Yi returned to his senses and pushed him, Gu Yanting gave a humming sound through his nose.

“If you want to sleep, go to bed and sleep.” Tang Yi patted his arm, glanced at him without holding back, and stretched out his hand to check Gu Yanting’s body temperature. Immediately the ease he’d just felt flew away. Tang Yi almost jumped up from the sofa and shouted, “Why are you burning like this!”

He got up so violently that Gu Yanting didn’t react for a moment and fell face first onto the sofa.

Tang Yi looked at him and gritted his teeth, quickly took his wallet and a card from the bedroom and put them in his pockets and put a coat on Gu Yanting while pulling him, “Let’s go to the hospital!”

“Ah! No need! Won’t go!” Gu Yanting grabbed Tang Yi’s arm, his lips moving, “I’m fine, I just caught a cold.”

“Bullshit! When I left this morning, your fever had clearly gone down!” Tang Yi’s face sank, and when he saw Gu Yanting not move, he reached out to hug him.

“Ah, it’s gone down.” Gu Yanting nestled back again and said somewhat weakly, “But… I took a cold shower again this afternoon…”

Tang Yi: “!!!”

“Desperate measure… ah, whatever,” Gu Yanting’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, his eyes dodging, “who knew… didn’t use it, was going to trick you to let me stay…”

  1. From the proverb “If a snipe and a seashell fight, the fisherman profits”

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