Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 98

Chapters 96-98 – incest warning (Ah Ji x Ah Cheng)

After a long kiss, Shen Ji propped himself up a little and looked at Shen Cheng. Their noses were only centimetres apart and the situation was indescribably ambiguous.

Shen Cheng had been lost in Shen Ji’s kiss for a long time, but when he slowly returned to his senses, the first thing he saw was Shen Ji’s handsome face very close, and his heart immediately beat wildly. He was usually not very bright, but two kisses and he could see that Shen Ji’s feelings for him were different from what he thought.

“Big Brother…” Shen Cheng unconsciously murmured in a small voice.

He felt that he did not seem to hate this kind of Shen Ji, and even deep inside there was a secret longing, with a wave of lust rising up in his body. Shen Cheng jerked, suppressing the reverie in his heart. Shen Ji was his own brother, how could they do this?

Two contradictory thoughts struggled in his mind and body. Shen Cheng’s complexion changed and he squeezed out a sentence, “Big Brother, let go of me first.”

An unmistakable smile appeared in Shen Ji’s eyes. He had thought of various possible reactions Shen Cheng would have, but definitely had not imagined the one in front of him. Did Ah Cheng even realise what the key issue was now? Moreover, looking at the expression Ah Cheng had shown earlier, Shen Ji was actually intoxicated.

Shen Cheng keenly noticed the smirk in Shen Ji’s eyes and, slightly emboldened, muttered in a small voice, “Big Brother, my hands hurt, let me go quickly.” As for what the two of them should do after Shen Ji released him, Shen Cheng was not thinking about it for a while.

Shen Ji smiled and raised an eyebrow, “Your hands hurt? You might just as well remember this feeling.”

Shen Cheng’s face became aggrieved because of these words, but Shen Ji was unmoved, propping himself with one hand on the bed and letting the other hand explore along the hem of Shen Cheng’s clothes. Shen Cheng’s body immediately stiffened and he shrank desperately to the other side of the bed.

“Big, Big, Big Brother?”

Shen Cheng’s voice was trembling as Shen Ji’s palm touched Shen Cheng’s waist. The skin beneath his palm was smooth and delicate, yet contained the unique strength of a man. Shen Ji rubbed it with fascination, his eyes looking at Shen Cheng darkly, “You think you were right?”

“I, I…” After a long time, Shen Cheng finally bowed his head, “Big Brother, I was wrong.”

Shen Ji continued to question, “Wrong about what?”

With his previous experience of admitting his mistakes, Shen Cheng said very consciously, “I shouldn’t have run away without saying anything, making Big Brother worry.”

“Oh?” Shen Ji was very satisfied with Shen Cheng’s attitude, and while running his palm up Shen Cheng’s waist a little, he said slowly, “Shouldn’t you be punished for doing something wrong?”

Shen Cheng only felt that a fire was ignited in his body. Something seemed to be getting out of control. Compared to the minor issue of whether the handcuffs were removed or not, Shen Ji’s behaviour at this moment was the bigger issue. Hearing Shen Ji’s words, Shen Cheng immediately said, “Big Brother, I accept the punishment, you don’t need to uncuff me, just leave the handcuffs like this.”


“Really!” Shen Cheng nodded flatteringly with a look of obedience.

Shen Ji showed a smile of satisfaction, “Since we have agreed on this matter, now we can start doing something else.”

“Something else?”

Shen Cheng’s doubts soon found an answer in Shen Ji’s actions. When his shirt was unbuttoned to reveal his bare skin, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but panic. If he had been able to pretend that he was avoiding the previous kisses and touches, Shen Ji’s actions now were forcing him to face up to the truth before him. Shen Cheng couldn’t say what he felt. On the one hand, he vaguely longed for Shen Ji, this taboo pleasure calling for him, and on the other hand, he could not help but think that Shen Ji was his elder brother, how could they do this?

Shen Cheng wanted to struggle, but his body was confined by Shen Ji tightly. When his pants were removed and his entire body was exposed, Shen Cheng only felt a roar in his head and his entire body seemed to be burning.

“Big, Big Brother?” Shen Cheng let out a low cry of extreme shame.

Shen Ji’s gaze swept up and down Shen Cheng’s body as if he was a lord inspecting his territory, and Shen Cheng tried to shrink into a ball in embarrassment but was stopped by Shen Ji. Shen Cheng dared not look at him again and faked his death, closing his eyes to escape.

Shen Ji’s eyes became dark and deep as he leaned down and kissed Shen Cheng on the lips.

“Ah Cheng, stay with me.”

Shen Ji didn’t need Shen Cheng’s answer. After he said this, the kiss turned from the initial tenderness to intensity. During the kiss, Shen Ji picked up Shen Cheng and probed at his behind with his fingers. The tight, hidden place was soft and tender, and Shen Ji was very patient in his pre-exploration. He had been waiting for Shen Cheng for 24 years, and he had enough patience to get him slowly.

One finger, two fingers… Shen Ji’s movements were gentle and slow and Shen Cheng’s struggle was not obvious. While helping Shen Cheng expand, Shen Ji gently licked and kissed Shen Cheng’s lips, leaving them and nibbling them again, tempting Shen Cheng over and over again. Finally, when Shen Cheng groaned in impatience, Shen Ji deepened the kiss.

Shen Cheng’s opening had been expanded to three fingers. Although there was still some difference from Shen Ji’s size, for one thing, Shen Ji no longer wanted to hold back, and for another, he also wanted to give Shen Cheng a certain memory.

The moment he entered, Shen Ji clearly heard a low, muffled groan from Shen Cheng. Thinking that this was Shen Cheng’s first time, Shen Ji tried hard to suppress the urge to cheer in his heart and patiently soothed Shen Cheng in his arms.

“Ah Cheng, Ah Cheng!” Shen Ji held back from moving, calling Shen Cheng’s name in a low voice, as if he wanted to engrave this name into his body. Only when Shen Cheng’s body slightly relaxed did Shen Ji find the opportunity to wedge himself in whole.

Shen Cheng’s face went white and he only said after a long time, “Big Brother, this time… it really hurts.”

Shen Cheng’s voice was almost sobbing. From the time he was undressed, he had given up struggling and submitted to Shen Ji’s actions, but this really hurt too much. Shen Cheng tried to push Shen Ji away, forgetting that he was still handcuffed to the bed and could not get free at all.

Although Shen Ji’s heart ached for Shen Cheng, he had no intention of giving up midway, patiently kissing him again and again, and when Shen Cheng slowly let out a sigh of relief, Shen Ji hugged him and pushed in hard again.

“Agh!” Shen Cheng’s short sharp cry was quickly blocked by Shen Ji. The burning hot sensation was gradually turned into something else as Shen Ji pushed in and out vigorously. Shen Cheng slowly adapted to Shen Ji’s entry and even instinctively catered to Shen Ji’s movements.

Satisfied, Shen Ji hugged Shen Cheng caught in lust tightly. From now on Ah Cheng would be his alone, and no one could separate them.

Shen Cheng did not know when he fell asleep, and when he woke up again it was already the next day. The handcuffs on the bed had long since been removed and his body had obviously been cleaned. Shen Cheng moved lazily. The uncomfortable feeling was still there, but it was not as serious as he thought, and there was no major problem moving around or anything. He turned his head and looked around. Shen Ji was not next to him and seemed to be talking to someone on the phone in the living room. Yesterday’s memories quickly resurfaced and crowded frantically in Shen Cheng’s mind; moaning, begging, crying… Shen Cheng just felt his body burning and buried his face down into the blanket, embarrassed, not knowing how he should face Shen Ji later.

“Awake?” Shen Ji’s pleased voice sounded in his ears.

Shen Cheng played dead and refused to speak.

Shen Ji looked at Shen Cheng dotingly and smiled as he stepped forward and lifted the blanket, “How does your body feel?”

Shen Cheng was still pretending to be dead.

Shen Ji laughed lightly and reached out to touch his waist, rubbing it while coaxing and persuading, “I’m going to the office later, does Ah Cheng want to go with me?”

What was this? The carrot after the stick? Shen Cheng raised his head in annoyance and shot a resentful glance at Shen Ji, then continued to bury his head and refused to speak. The smile in Shen Ji’s eyes deepened, “From today onwards, I will arrange an assistant position for you in the company, so you can choose whether you want to stay at home or go to the company with me.”

Although he would still have to stay under Shen Ji’s nose when he went to the company, at least he could go outside. Shen Cheng’s heart was slightly moved. He was hesitating whether to accept Shen Ji’s arrangement when Shen Ji already said in a considerate tone, “If Ah Cheng doesn’t want to go, forget it.”

Shen Cheng was indignant. He knew that Shen Ji was saying this on purpose, but he didn’t dare to bet that if he continued, Shen Ji would not really give up the idea of taking him out. Reluctantly, he raised his head and scowled, “I’ll go!”

Shen Ji quickly leaned down and gave him a kiss, smiling and nodding, obviously in a good mood.

With this beginning, Shen Cheng was not as awkward as he was at first when facing Shen Ji. Shen Ji knew that it would take time for Shen Cheng to get used to the transformation of their relationship. The reason he chose to take Shen Cheng with him to the company was to prevent him from being locked up at home alone with his thoughts.

The trip to the company went smoothly and Shen Ji personally arranged for Shen Cheng to have an office next to his own.

“Ah Cheng, be good, I’m going to have a meeting. There’s food in the pantry, get whatever you want for yourself.”

Shen Cheng nodded. Shen Ji was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and laughed in a low voice, “Ah Cheng, behave yourself and don’t get any ideas about sneaking off, or I’ll be happy to administer a punishment here.”

Momentarily annoyed, Shen Cheng glared hard at Shen Ji, speechless with anger.

Without Shen Ji at his side, Shen Cheng was spending time quite freely on his own. Playing games and eating snacks was still a bit boring, but it was much better than being cooped up at home. Shen Cheng deliberately did not think about his current relationship with Shen Ji; he was a bit dazed. Before this, he had thought about living with Shen Ji forever, but he had never thought of this kind of relationship. Shen Cheng scratched his hair in distress. No woman, no sister-in-law, just as he had imagined before, only him and Shen Ji. Seriously, what was the difference between this and now? Could it be that Shen Cheng always liked Shen Ji subconsciously but he didn’t know it himself?

“Mr. Shen.” A pleasant female voice interrupted Shen Cheng’s cranky thoughts.

Shen Cheng raised his head in surprise, “Miss Chen?”

Chen Jie stood in the doorway of the office with a smile and apologised, “Excuse me, I’m looking for Mr. Shen. He seems to be in a meeting and Assistant Yu asked me to come here and wait for a while.”

When Shen Cheng looked at Chen Jie, he thought that what happened yesterday was all because of her and instinctively disliked her. But he knew that Chen Jie was Shen Ji’s big client, so it was not good to show his dislike. He had to nod perfunctorily, “Make yourself at home, Miss Chen.”

Chen Jie looked at Shen Cheng silently and sat opposite him with a smile. Shen Cheng played a game on his own. Chen Jie tried to start a conversation several times but was perfunctorily dismissed by Shen Cheng. After a few attempts, Chen Jie smiled at Shen Cheng in a friendly manner and went silent.

Shen Ji came out after the meeting and saw that the two were clearly separated, obviously in the same office but not talking to each other, regarding each other as invisible people.

“Ah Cheng, Miss Chen.”

“Mr. Shen.” Chen Jie stood up gracefully and nodded slightly at Shen Ji.

Unlike when facing Shen Cheng, facing Shen Ji, Chen Jie acted more elegantly. Shen Cheng sensitively perceived the difference and was instantly alert. Since Shen Ji said he wanted to be with him, what about Chen Jie? Shen Cheng’s hostility was noticed by Shen Ji who raised his eyebrows and smiled silently. He liked the way Shen Cheng was now defending his dominion, giving him an urge to overpower him. Suppressing the thought of wanting to stay with Shen Cheng, Shen Ji remembered that Chen Jie was still by his side.

Chen Jie’s visit had nothing to do with work. Out of her confidence in herself, she thought that Shen Ji had rejected the marriage proposal because there was some misunderstanding about it. She needed to join forces with him urgently and for that she did not mind bowing a little lower.

After listening to Chen Jie’s polite explanation, Shen Ji frowned and instead of declining it politely as he did last time, he simply refused, “I’m sorry, Miss Chen, I have someone I like. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t make myself clear last time, although revitalising the Shen family is important to me, in my heart, that person is more important.”

Shen Ji’s expression did not look like he was lying. Chen Jie was taken aback and then smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I’m the one who caused you trouble.”

Because of this embarrassment, Chen Jie didn’t stay much longer, hastily said goodbye and left. After Shen Ji sent her away, he turned around and saw Shen Cheng sitting in his office looking at him with a thoughtful expression.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Ji said gently.

Shen Cheng said in a low voice, “Big Brother, do you like me?”

Shen Ji nodded with a solemn expression.

Shen Cheng looked at him, “Then there will be no woman, no sister-in-law, just the two of us.”

“Of course.”

Shen Ji’s simple answer made Shen Cheng very satisfied, but soon he thought of another problem, “Then if we are together and Shen Xi and Cousin are together, won’t the Shen family be completely extinct eventually as Wang Changlin hoped?”

Shen Ji was taken aback slightly, not expecting Shen Cheng to worry about this issue. Smiling unconcernedly, Shen Ji said with conviction, “In my heart, Ah Cheng is more important than anything else.”

Shen Cheng’s heart thudded. He saw Shen Ji’s serious expression and nodded heavily, “In my heart, Big Brother is also the most important!”

“En!” Shen Ji gently took Shen Cheng into his arms, “I know!”

He was content not just to be the most important, but the only important, and thinking about the long future before them, Shen Ji smiled faintly.

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  1. (*>ω<)ω<*)ギュー❤ thank you so much for the extras it was sweet in a twisted way but sweet is sweet i guess they were meant to be ・:*:・(*/////∇///// *)・:*:・

    1. Exactly 🙂 Their whole life crashed, all their plans and hopes were ruined, but they have each other, and they understand each other the best 🤗🤗 Besides, Ah Cheng needs to be dominated, and Ah Ji likes to dominate, they are perfect for each other 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!! 🙂 I don’t think Shen Dehan and Shen Shang’s relationship with Han Rou can be considered incest, they are not blood related with her, after all. Anyway, Ah Ji x Ah Cheng is enough to justify the incest tag. It’s good the author put it into extras and it’s easy to ignore 🙂

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  5. “He was content not just to be the most important, but the only important,”
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