Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 97

Chapters 96-98 – incest warning (Ah Ji x Ah Cheng)

Shen Ji promised to take Shen Cheng out, so naturally he would not go back on his word.

Waking up early in the morning, Shen Ji told his assistant to push off all his meetings for the day and free up some time for him. The assistant who received Shen Ji’s call was extremely puzzled. Yesterday, the contract had just been finalised. Shouldn’t the boss be dealing with the contact today while the iron was hot? What the hell was he up to? No matter how much he swore in his heart, the assistant had to resign himself to the fact that he had to cancel all the meetings he had scheduled yesterday. There was no major problem with the rest of the schedule, but there was an issue with the meeting with Chen Jie. During the phone call, Chen Jie asked in detail about the reasons for cancellation and even inquired about the activities She Ji would have instead. The assistant felt that Chen Jie’s questions were inexplicable, but as the other party was a major client of the company; he had to try to understand Chen Jie’s psychology and to accommodate the other party by answering to his best ability.

Only when the assistant hung up the phone did he let out a long sigh. Chen Jie didn’t sound like a client but like the boss’s wife checking his whereabouts. The assistant looked at the pile of cooperation documents and got busy.

Shen Ji didn’t know that Chen Jie would inquire about his whereabouts in such detail. He had consciously declined Chen Jie’s vaguely revealed intentions last night. Before Shen Group’s bankruptcy, he didn’t need marriage to increase his bargaining chips, and after the bankruptcy, he would not choose any ridiculous marriage either. He was Shen Ji, and he was capable of holding up the Shen family on his own, not selling himself out cheaply like some goods.

Moving quickly to wash up, Shen Ji returned to the bedroom. Shen Cheng was still sleeping, lying face down on the bed, pressing against the blanket under him. His long, slender limbs were stretched out. The corners of Shen Ji’s mouth curled up slightly; the blanket was exactly where he had been when he woke up. He had never known before that Shen Cheng’s sleeping position was so bad. For some time now, he had to carefully move Shen Cheng, who was pressing against him, every day when he woke up.

Shen Ji’s eyes slid down from Shen Cheng’s bare back all the way down to his upturned buttocks, and as some thought flashed through his mind, his body instinctively stepped forward and his hand slapped the place where his eyes had landed.

“Pop!” There was a crisp sound, and before Shen Ji could relish the supple feeling under his hand, Shen Cheng had already jumped up, frowning hard.

“Big Brother!”

Shen Ji laughed in a happy mood, “Hurry up and get dressed, I’ll take you out today.”

The misery and anger on Shen Cheng’s face disappeared immediately after the word “out”, replaced with a bright smile. With one hand rubbing the place where Shen Ji had just slapped and one arm wrapped around Shen Ji’s neck, Shen Cheng said ingratiatingly, “Big Brother, you’re really my good big brother.”

As he was talking, their bodies pressed together. Shen Ji stood fully clothed by the bed, while Shen Cheng was almost naked, half-kneeling on the bed, his entire upper body clinging to Shen Ji as he hugged Shen Ji tightly. Shen Ji felt the heat of Shen Cheng’s skin through his thin clothes and his eyes darkened. Perhaps the excitement of finally being able to go out was too much; Shen Cheng forgot his state of undress for a moment and was oblivious to Shen Ji’s reaction. Instead, he rubbed the place that was slapped by Shen Ji and complained, “Big Brother, why do you hit so hard, do you know how much it hurts?”

Listening to this kind of coquettish complaint, Shen Ji looked at Shen Cheng’s slightly frowned eyebrows, and his voice became hoarse, with a hint of danger, “Why, do you want me to rub it for you?”

Although there seemed to be nothing wrong with this sentence, Shen Cheng instinctively noticed something was unusual and quickly let go of Shen Ji, retreating to the other side of the bed and smiling, “No, Big Brother, I lied to you. It doesn’t hurt. It really doesn’t hurt at all. ”

Saying that, Shen Cheng quickly jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. Shen Ji looked at Shen Cheng’s back, his eyes becoming dark again.

Shen Ji said that he was taking Shen Cheng out, but in fact, he hadn’t really thought about where they were going. To Shen Cheng, it didn’t matter where he was going, what mattered was that he could finally step out. Not to be watched by the bodyguard walking a few laps in the park and avoiding strangers with caution, but to have real contact with the outside world and mingle with the lively crowd. Shen Cheng couldn’t remember the last time he was so excited, and to prevent Shen Ji from suddenly changing his mind, he was sticking to Shen Ji since he finished washing up, playing the role of an obedient and docile younger brother.

Shen Ji was obviously very satisfied with Shen Cheng’s performance and took the initiative to ask, “Where do you want to go?”

“Shutu, Yuanhui, any bar or KTV, anything will do.” The answer was clamouring in Shen Cheng’s mind, but he didn’t dare to really say it, knowing that Shen Ji would definitely not take him there, instead he might cancel the trip altogether.

“Anywhere, Big Brother, you make the decision,” Shen Cheng said meekly.

Shen Ji nodded in satisfaction. He was not willing to take Shen Cheng to a place that was too lively, but picked a shopping centre that had just opened recently. Since Shen Cheng wanted to go shopping, there were not too many people there and it had everything to eat, drink and play, which in Shen Ji’s eyes was enough for Shen Cheng to pass the day.

Although Shen Cheng did not like Shen Ji’s arrangement in his heart, he knew that the opportunity to go out didn’t come easy and he didn’t dare to show his dissatisfaction. The reason why Shen Ji kept such a close watch on Shen Cheng was to prevent him from contacting his old friends and relapsing. Quitting drugs for the second time would be even more difficult than the first. Now that Shen Ji was at Shen Cheng’s side, Shen Cheng naturally did not need a bodyguard. The two of them strolled up from the ground floor. If it was in the past, Shen Cheng would have found this kind of activity extremely boring, but after being locked up for three months, Shen Cheng was excited to see everything again, pulling Shen Ji to look left and right.

“Mr. Shen?” A pleasant female voice sounded behind him, a hint of surprise in it.

Shen Ji turned back in confusion; not far behind him Chen Jie smiled elegantly at him and walked over very naturally.

“Mr. Shen, it’s really you, I thought I was mistaken.” Chen Jie said with a smile, her eyes unobtrusively sweeping over Shen Cheng. She did not know Shen Cheng, but she might as well judge Shen Cheng’s identity from the similarity between his and Shen Ji’s appearance. Originally, she thought that Shen Ji had something important to do since he had cancelled today’s meeting, but she did not expect that Shen Ji would be leisurely accompanying Shen Cheng in shopping.

At Chen Jie’s appearance, a trace of dislike flashed through Shen Ji’s eyes extremely quickly, but his expression did not show the slightest hint of it, and he said blandly, “Miss Chen.”

Chen Jie nodded with a smile, looking at Shen Cheng with suspicion, “And who is this?”

“Shen Cheng, my brother.”

“Mr. Shen, nice to meet you.” Chen Jie smiled and took the initiative to make a gesture of goodwill.

Shen Cheng’s gaze fell on Chen Jie’s face and he nodded perfunctorily. He did not like Chen Jie’s smile. Perhaps Chen Jie’s smile was sincere towards Shen Ji, but her smile at him was full of assessment. Especially when he smelled Chen Jie’s perfume that was exactly the same as the one on Shen Jie’s clothes last night. He wouldn’t believe that the women Shen Ji met two days in a row all liked this perfume. It was clearly the same person. Thinking that it was eleven o’clock when Shen Ji arrived home last night, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

Seeing that Chen Jie still had no intention of leaving, Shen Cheng sneered in his heart and looked impatiently at Shen Ji, “Big Brother, you talk, I’ll go over there for a stroll.”

Shen Ji did not reply but glanced at Chen Jie who was standing there with a smile on her face, looking as if she could not understand Shen Ji’s meaning. Although he did not like Chen Jie, the two companies had just started cooperating with each other, so it was not good for him to tear his face off with Chen Jie.

As this thought flashed through his mind, Shen Ji nodded slightly at Shen Cheng, who quickly rushed into a nearby shop with a liberated look on his face. It was not until Shen Cheng’s figure disappeared inside the shop that Shen Ji’s eyes following him moved back to Chen Jie. Chen Jie assessed everything she saw and smiled, “Mr. Shen, you and your brother are so affectionate.”

Shen Ji smiled lightly in silence, his attitude neither intimate nor distant. Chen Jie’s mind raced, full of thoughts. She knew that she had been a bit hasty yesterday and had too abruptly revealed her desire to join hands with Shen Ji in marriage, but she just couldn’t wait. Her family was pressing for her to marry, and if she hadn’t used the excuse of exploring the northern market to hide in Zhongjing, who knows if her father would have suddenly arranged a marriage contract for her. The Chen family was able to get to its current size thanks to her mother’s dowry back then. Now that her mother passed away, her father wanted to marry her off so that he could leave the company to her half-brother, but it also was up to her to agree or not.

When she thought of this, the smile on Chen Jie’s face became even sweeter, “Mr. Shen, do you have any misunderstanding about me? Regarding the proposal last night, I think I can explain.”

Shen Ji did not expect Chen Jie to be so direct and was about to speak when a few children at his side jostled and pushed, bumping into Chen Jie.

“Ah!” Chen Jie exclaimed as she lunged towards Shen Jie, who was unable to back away and had to reach out and support her. Chen Jie looked up gratefully and smiled at Shen Ji. From a distance, it looked as if the two were hugging each other, with a very intimate demeanour.

This scene was seen by Shen Cheng, who had just come out of the shop. The children ran away quickly after bumping into someone, and naturally Shen Cheng did not see the cause, but only saw Shen Ji hugging Chen Jie, bowing his head and  saying something. Anger welled up in his heart. Shen Cheng glared at Shen Ji in annoyance; he didn’t see Shen Ji push the woman in his arms away, the two continued hugging each other.

For some reason, Shen Cheng found this scene an eyesore, and after giving Shen Ji a hateful glare, Shen Cheng turned his head in anger and left.

Shen Ji was unaware of what was happening behind him. At the moment he was suppressing the impatience in his heart and looked at Chen Jie in his arms, “Are you seriously hurt?”

Chen Jie shook her head, “Just twisted my ankle slightly, it will be fine after resting.”

Since Chen Jie said so, Shen Ji took a glance at the ten centimetre high heels on Chen Jie’s feet and had no choice but to keep supporting Chen Jie. After a few minutes Chen Jie straightened with Shen Ji’s help, looking at him apologetically.

“I’m really sorry about what happened before, I wonder if I can invite Mr. Shen and his brother to have dinner, simply to thank Mr. Shen for giving a helping hand just now.”

“No need, it’s just a little effort,” Shen Ji politely refused.

Disappointment appeared on Chen Jie’s face as she forced a smile, “Then I won’t bother Mr. Shen, I’m sure your brother must be waiting.”

Shen Ji nodded with a light expression, and Chen Jie watched as he left without hesitation. This time, she felt truly disappointed.

Shen Ji did not care what Chen Jie thought, he was in a hurry to find Shen Cheng. He and Chen Jie had not been delayed for long, and Shen Cheng should normally have come out of the previous shop, but Shen Ji had not seen him. Was he fascinated with something?

Shen Ji’s good mood did not last long and he soon came out of the shop with an anxious face. After searching through several nearby shops in quick succession, Shen Ji was already livid. Needless to say, he was already sure that Shen Cheng had taken the opportunity to run away. He had never thought that Shen Cheng would be so bold as to run away under his nose. Shen Ji’s face turned gloomy as he quickly got through to his bodyguards and told them to come over quickly.

Shen Cheng had no money on him and no mobile phone, so he couldn’t have gone far and couldn’t contact his former friends. He must have still been nearby. Shen Ji looked around with a cold face and walked quickly towards the service counter.

As Shen Ji searched for him, Shen Cheng was wandering aimlessly in the street. After leaving Shen Ji in a moment of anger, he soon realised that he had no money on him and could not walk too far. But he was reluctant to go back like this, and the thought of the way Shen Ji hugged that woman just now made him indescribably irritable.

He was already used to Shen Ji being by his side all the time. Since childhood, they had always been very close. Even after all that had happened some time ago, Shen Ji had never left him alone. During this period of time, the two of them had been together day and night, and Shen Cheng had even had the illusion that he and Shen Ji would live like this forever. Only now did he realise that perhaps there would be a woman by Shen Ji’s side in the near future, that he would have a sister-in-law and later a nephew, and that Shen Ji could not possibly control him for the rest of his life.

Shen Cheng kicked the trash can on the side of the road. If only there was no woman and no sister-in-law, he and Shen Ji could live on like this forever. This thought flashed through his mind extremely quickly, and Shen Cheng froze and snorted. How was this possible? The restlessness in his heart was not relieved, as if he had become more irritable because of this thought. Shen Cheng looked around the street in bewilderment, not knowing where to go for a moment.

“Shen Cheng!” Accompanied by the sound of violent braking, it seemed that someone was calling his name.

Shen Cheng looked over at the sound in confusion, his face full of surprise, “Zhang Qiu.”

“Shen Cheng, it’s really you!” Zhang Qiu smiled as he opened the car door and walked over, “Why are you here? We haven’t been able to find you all this time, I thought you left the country? It’s a rare encounter, how about having a drink together?”

Shen Cheng agreed to Zhang Qiu’s proposal without even thinking about it. He was now irritable and felt that something was bothering him, but he couldn’t think clearly, so maybe it would be better if he had a drink.

Zhang Qiu smiled and pulled Shen Cheng into the car. Although he and Shen Cheng had not played for long, they used to be very close to each other. For Zhang Qiu, friendship was just having fun, it didn’t matter if the Shen family was bankrupt or not. What’s more, although the Shen family was bankrupt, the Li family was still around, and Shen Ji was still around, so no one knew when Shen Ji would make the Shen family rise again.

The two of them went to Shutu habitually, and several familiar faces happened to be there, gathering in a lively manner. Shen Cheng hadn’t played outside for a long time, and because he had something on his mind, he thought he would be better off when he came here. But who knew that this lively atmosphere would annoy him even more.

Zhang Qiu keenly sensed that Shen Cheng seemed to be in a bad mood, so he naturally took out a cigarette and handed it over, “Here, if you have any worries, just smoke one and it will go away, you know.”

The words “you know” made Shen Cheng’s expression stiffen, his eyes staring straight at the cigarette Zhang Qiu handed over. He knew exactly what this cigarette represented, and he wanted to reject it decisively, but he couldn’t say the words.

Shen Cheng’s hand involuntarily reached out and then stopped in mid-air when it was about to touch the cigarette. He knew he should have refused it ruthlessly. He remembered all the pain he had suffered during the period of detoxification and definitely did not want to experience it again. He had always thought he had quit, and he didn’t think about taking drugs for two months. But now, when the drugs were in front of him, that unparalleled craving rose up from his heart once again. Shen Cheng only felt his whole body tingling, something gently itching inside him, making him unable to restrain himself from wanting to take the cigarette in front of him.

His body slowly straightened, his eyes fixed on the cigarette. Shen Cheng’s face became slightly distorted as his hand that had stopped in mid-air hesitantly reached out again. The moment he touched the cigarette, Shen Ji’s face suddenly appeared in his mind, and Shen Cheng snapped out of it with a jolt. As if his entire body was instantly drained of strength, Shen Cheng leaned back softly on the sofa and shook his head helplessly at Zhang Qiu.

He had promised Shen Ji that he would get clean.

The news that Shen Cheng and Zhang Qiu were at Shutu soon reached Shen Ji’s ears.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Ji felt his heart finally settle, free of the worry because of Shen Cheng’s disappearance. But he soon became furious again. Shen Cheng had actually gotten together with Zhang Qiu again, and when he thought of Zhang Qiu’s usual idea of having fun, Shen Ji’s face was livid.

The bodyguard quickly drove towards Shutu, not daring to delay in the slightest. Shen Ji’s face was so terrifying at this moment that the bodyguard was absolutely unwilling to bear this anger. When they arrived at Shutu, Shen Ji, cold-faced, barged into the private room where Shen Cheng was.

Perhaps because he had something on his mind, Shen Cheng was not drunk and remained sober. When Shen Ji appeared, he was sitting next to Zhang Qiu with a glass of wine and saying something.

Shen Ji barging in startled everyone in the private room, and Shen Cheng turned his head in amazement and said hesitantly, “Big Brother!”

Shen Ji glanced around coldly, looking at the people sitting in small groups in the private room. The smell of wine, perfume, smoke and some other smells were mixed together. Shen Ji took a sniff and his expression changed dramatically. He walked up to Shen Cheng, pulled him up and said sharply, “Did you touch drugs?”

Shen Cheng’s heart jumped and he subconsciously looked at the pack of cigarettes that Zhang Qiu placed on the table. Shen Ji’s expression turned grim as his eyes swept over the pack. Before Shen Cheng had a chance to defend himself, Shen Ji turned to his bodyguard and said, “Tie him up and take him away.”

Shen Ji’s order was swift, and the bodyguard’s actions were even swifter. Without waiting for Shen Cheng to struggle, he directly grabbed Shen Cheng and dragged him out of the private room.

It was only a matter of moments from the time Shen Ji barged in to the time Shen Cheng was taken away. Zhang Qiu looked dumbfounded at the imposing Shen Ji and tried to give him a good-natured smile but froze under Shen Ji’s terrifying gaze.

Shen Ji felt that he had never been this angry before. Even when he first heard the news of Shen Cheng’s drug addiction, he seemed to have been less angry. When they arrived at home, Shen Cheng, who was with his bodyguard in the car, struggled and refused to get out, “Let go of me, Big Brother, you tell them to let go of me.”

Shen Ji suppressed his anger all the way home and completely exploded at the moment. Not even looking at Shen Cheng, he let the bodyguard drag Shen Cheng into the elevator and then into the apartment where the two lived.

“Let go of me, I’ll walk on my own!” Shen Cheng was still protesting angrily.

Shen Ji coldly motioned to his bodyguard to press Shen Cheng to the bed. Despite his struggles, with two sharp clicks, Shen Cheng was handcuffed to the head of the bed.

When Shen Cheng’s drug addiction was at its worst, Shen Ji always tied him to the bed. He had to tie him up tightly to prevent him from hurting himself. Later, as Shen Cheng became more and more able to control his actions, Shen Ji tied him up less and less often. But to prevent accidents, after the two moved to the apartment, Shen Ji still had all the necessary equipment, including handcuffs.

The bodyguard retreated at the first opportunity, gently closed the door and returned to his own apartment.

Shen Cheng looked at his two handcuffed hands in disbelief and shouted angrily at Shen Ji, “I didn’t take drugs, why are you handcuffing me! Did you hear that, I didn’t take drugs!”

Shen Ji looked at Shen Cheng with a gloomy face, deep suspicion in his eyes. Shen Cheng was furious and struggled desperately, “You asshole, Shen Ji, you bastard! I didn’t do drugs, I didn’t touch it, do you hear me, let me go, let me go!”

Shen Ji was indifferent to Shen Cheng’s yelling. On his way back he had already contacted the doctor who had previously detoxified Shen Cheng. He would know if Shen Cheng had touched the drugs or not once he was tested. In fact, because of Shen Cheng’s drug addiction, Shen Ji had read a lot of books on drug rehabilitation. The hardest thing about drug rehabilitation was not physical addiction but psychological addiction. There is a saying among drug addicts that once you have taken drugs you are an addict for life, because even if you are clean physically, you will not be able to resist the psychological dependence on drugs.

Although Shen Ji wanted to believe that Shen Cheng really didn’t touch drugs, he did not have confidence in him.

They stared at each other coldly. Shen Cheng glared viciously at Shen Ji, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. It was obvious that Shen Ji had left him alone first, and then kidnapped him in front of everyone without giving him any face. Now he was accused of taking drugs and handcuffed to the bed. Thinking of this, Shen Cheng struggled harder and harder, “Let me go, let me go!”

Shen Cheng was struggling so much that Shen Ji coldly rolled over onto the bed and pressed his legs against Shen Cheng’s legs, confining him in a death grip and looking at him from above.

Shen Cheng was still struggling, refusing to give up, trying hard to overturn Shen Ji on top of him, while gritting his teeth and shouting, “Shen Ji, you bastard, you pervert, I didn’t touch drugs, let go of me.”

Shen Ji didn’t say a word. He just looked at Shen Cheng coldly and restrained him tightly.

This attitude of Shen Ji made Shen Cheng inexplicably feel aggrieved. His eyes reddened a little as he stared at Shen Ji bitterly, “You’re not my big brother, you’re an asshole.”

Shen Ji’s originally ice-cold expression changed a little when he saw Shen Cheng’s eyes getting red. However, he didn’t get soft-hearted but more tyrannical. Shen Cheng’s expression at this moment was too easy to trigger the emotions that had been desperately suppressed till now. Shen Ji’s eyes became dark and dangerous, his gaze slowly moving from Shen Cheng’s handcuffed hands to his face.

Shen Cheng did not realise the danger. He stared at Shen Ji and the more he thought, the more aggrieved he felt, shouting hatefully, “Asshole, asshole, asshole, I didn’t take drugs.”

Under these screams, Shen Ji slowly reached out and brushed his fingers over Shen Cheng’s lips, rubbing them hard. Shen Cheng’s voice instantly disappeared and his eyes widened in shock.

His expression pleased Shen Ji. Shen Ji’s fingers moved from his lips to his chin, squeezing it lightly, and then he lowered his head for a kiss.

“Big, Big, Big Brother!”

Shen Cheng stammered, trying to say something, but Shen Ji’s lips blocked all the sounds. As Shen Ji’s tongue probed in, Shen Cheng’s entire body froze in place, passively accepting the sudden kiss. A tingling sensation rose up from the tip of his tongue, and Shen Cheng met Shen Ji’s movements in a muddled manner, allowing Shen Ji to plunder his mouth wantonly.

They didn’t know how much time passed before Shen Ji’s movements stopped and Shen Cheng looked at him with a bewildered expression. The corners of Shen Ji’s mouth slowly curled up. He gently reached out to wipe the silver threads of saliva in the corners of Shen Cheng’s mouth. The emotions that flowed from his eyes were completely incomprehensible to Shen Cheng.

The doorbell rang abruptly, and there was a faint sound of someone walking outside. Shen Cheng reacted with a jolt, his face instantly flushed red and he glared at Shen Ji but couldn’t say a word.

There was a faint smile in Shen Ji’s eyes, and he touched Shen Cheng’s face, “Ah Cheng, be good, the doctor is here.”

Perhaps he was frightened by Shen Ji’s kiss, but when the doctor came in to take the blood test, Shen Cheng was unusually obedient. The results of the test greatly surprised Shen Ji. The doctor said that Shen Cheng’s body was very clean, there was no drug residue.

When Shen Ji thought of Shen Cheng shouting that he was innocent, a smile flashed on his face. After sending the doctor away in a good mood, Shen Ji returned to the apartment and saw Shen Cheng looking at him provocatively, straining to raise his head, “I didn’t take drugs, you see? When will you let me go?”

The smile on Shen Ji’s face became more and more obvious, and he moved skillfully to press down on Shen Cheng’s body without the slightest intention of releasing him.

Shen Cheng instantly became anxious, not daring to call him an asshole again, and begged, “Big Brother, hurry up and let me go.”

Shen Ji lowered his head slightly, his eyes meeting Shen Cheng’s stare, and said in a hoarse voice, “Who told you I handcuffed you because of drugs?”

Shen Cheng blinked, his face unmistakably puzzled, and Shen Ji chuckled lightly, saying slowly, “This is your punishment for sneaking off at noon.”

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened in anger, and before the word “asshole” could be uttered, Shen Ji leaned down again and blocked his unsaid words.

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