Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 116

Wei Chongrong always felt that Tuantuan and Yuanyuan were very good at picking days; even for their birthday, they had to pick a lively one.

It is said that twins are prone to premature birth. Since the beginning of the eighth month, Wei Chongrong started getting nervous, especially at night. When he slept, he was particularly alert,  fearing that the two children in his family would suddenly jump out and catch him off guard.

Jun Hua was amused by Wei Chongrong’s antics but was thinking in his heart that if the children could really come out as easily as Wei Chongrong thought, he would thank God.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Jun Hua had never given birth, but when he was taking Suyun Pill, Jun Qing told him plainly that those reactions to taking the medicine were nothing compared to the difficulty of giving birth later on.

Thinking of this, Jun Hua’s mood became very complicated. He was looking forward to the children being born soon, but also a little afraid of their arrival. It was really contradictory, and he couldn’t tell which emotion had the upper hand.

The imperial doctor estimated that it would happen in the beginning of the eighth month but seeing that the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching and Jun Hua still showed no signs of getting into labour, Wei Chongrong was anxious. What happened to these two naughty children who refused to come out? He never said anything to bully them, right?

Wei Zhao was also quite worried, and the pulse originally checked every three days changed to being checked every day. However, Dr. Lu, who specialised in obstetrics, said that it was normal to be a few days early or a few days late. If there was no response by the end of the month, it was not too late to take the medicine.

Jun Hua was in good health. Although he had suffered a bit on the southern border in the early stages of pregnancy, he was rescued in time and the babies didn’t get harmed. After returning to Yujing, he used a lot of good foetal medicine to raise his two children. They were fat and strong, and his belly was heavy.

It would be a lie to say that Jun Hua didn’t want to be relieved as soon as possible, but he didn’t have the determination to take the initiative to induce labour or anything, so he could only wait and see, as Dr. Lu said, and then use the medicine if it didn’t work.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jun Hua woke up in the morning and felt that his belly seemed to be about to fall down, and he couldn’t stand at all without supporting himself.

When Wei Chongrong saw him swaying, he hurriedly reached out to hold him and asked, “Little Monkey, is there any movement?”

Jun Hua touched his belly and shook his head after a long time, “I don’t think so, I don’t feel any pain.”

Wei Chongrong sighed, helplessly squatted down and said to Jun Hua’s round belly: “Tuantuan, Yuanyuan, take it easy, come out when it’s time and move quickly. Your father hasn’t slept well for several nights…”

Jun Hua pursed his lips and smiled silently. The gender of the two children had not been completely determined; they only knew that one was a boy and the other was uncertain, but whether it was a dragon and phoenix or boy twins, their names would be given by Wei Zhao, and even Wei Chongrong couldn’t interfere, let alone him. So some time ago, they discussed it and gave the children nicknames first. The elder one would be called Tuantuan, and the younger one would be called Yuanyuan. It was simple and clear, and the meaning was also very good, and the names could be used for a boy or for a girl.

Suddenly, Jun Hua seemed to have thought of something. He hurriedly interrupted Wei Chongrong’s words and waved his hand: “Brother Rong, don’t say that. There is a family banquet tonight. I want to have a good talk with Father and Daddy. Don’t call Tuantuan and Yuanyuan out yet.”

Wei Chongrong stood up and frowned, confused: “Didn’t Father Emperor issued a decree a long time ago? Wang Changning and Hou Zhaoyang can enter the palace at any time. Why do you have to wait for the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet to have a good talk with them?”

According to usual practice, when the Crown Prince’s Consort or Lord Consort was eight months pregnant, her or his mother could enter the palace to take care of them. However, Wei Zhao’s relationship with Jun Qing was extraordinary. Wei Zhao had long given Jun Qing permission to enter the palace to accompany Jun Hua at any time, that was why Wei Chongrong asked.

“So what if there is a special decree? Daddy doesn’t like to go to the palace!” Jun Hua said helplessly. Before Wei Chongrong came back, Jun Qing would occasionally go to the palace to visit, but after Wei Chongrong returned to Yujing, he wouldn’t come at all. Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival was a family banquet, otherwise he wouldn’t come either.

Only then did Wei Chongrong remember that, except for his visit to Wang Changning’s residence not long ago, he hadn’t seen Jun Qing for a while.

Jun Hua held his belly with one hand and waved his other hand in front of Wei Chongrong: “Brother Rong, what are you thinking about? Let’s go out for a walk.” He had nourished the babies too well. Dr. Lu was afraid that it wouldn’t be easy to give birth, so he strictly regulated Jun Hua’s daily activities and never allowed the slightest slack.

Wei Chongrong came back to his senses, took Jun Hua’s hand and accompanied him to the imperial garden for a walk.

The deposition of the previous emperor had happened just a short while ago, and Wei Zhao wasn’t a person who liked the hustle and bustle, so the Mid-Autumn Festival family banquet was really just a family banquet.

Jun Feili claimed to be sick and didn’t come, and Wei Mao went to attend to his sickness, which was expected. Instead, Xie Xiang came with her four children, and the three young girls were all very well behaved. Wei Zhun expressed a keen interest in Jun Hua’s belly, which made everyone laugh.

Of Wei Zhao’s three elder brothers, only Wang Lu Wei Xiao was still alive, and there were also three younger brothers, but Wei Hao went to Yizhou to take over Wei Chongrong’s job and wasn’t in Yujing. As for Wang Dai Wei Shi, he accompanied the deposed emperor Wei Lan(1), so Wei Yang was the only one at the banquet.

When he was a child, Wei Chongrong would still get a bit upset when he saw Wei Yang, but now when he saw him, he felt nothing. This Wei Yang and the one who killed him really had nothing in common. After Wei Yang got a fief next year, the two of them were probably not likely to meet again.

Originally, Jun Hua didn’t know about the previous life and had some contact with Wei Yang, but when he found out later, he always felt strange when he saw Wei Yang, although he himself admitted that this quiet young man and the brooding and suspicious emperor really didn’t look like the same person.

Emperor Xingzu had many daughters, but the only one who was close to Wei Zhao was Princess Yuankang. After Wei Zhun lost the possibility of succeeding to the throne, Princess Yuankang put her hopes on her younger brother. In any case, she couldn’t watch her enemies go free.

In addition to members of the imperial family, the banquet was attended by Wang Yong’an, Wang Changning and Hou Wu’an. However, these few people had a deep relationship with the imperial family. Wang Yong’an was Princess Yuankang’s son-in-law, and Wang Changning was the emperor’s in-law. As for Hou Wu’an, his daughter was the emperor’s adopted daughter.

Even though it was a family banquet, the Crown Prince and his Lord Consort had to attend it wearing formal attire. Wei Chongrong saw that Jun Hua’s face didn’t look very good, so he said with concern: “Huaixi, if you aren’t feeling well, don’t go. I will let your father, daddy and Little Tiger come to see you.”

During the morning’s stroll in the garden, Wei Chongrong noticed that Jun Hua was obviously more strained than usual, and his whole body was in discomfort. He had even taken a long nap in the afternoon, but his spirits weren’t much better when he woke up. Wei Zhao would never say a word if he didn’t attend the family banquet.

Unexpectedly Jun Hua waved his hand and asked someone to help him change into his robe: “I’ve been sleeping all afternoon. I’m sluggish from sleeping. It’s more comfortable to walk around, and it’s too boring to stay alone. It’s better to go out and have some fun with you guys for a while.”

It was not a big deal in the end. As long as Jun Hua himself was happy, Wei Chongrong would never force him, so he took his hand and the two slowly went to the Zhengyi Hall.

Not long after arriving at the Zhengyi Hall, Jun Hua regretted it a little bit, because when Princess Yuankang saw him, she had endless things to say. Even though Jun Qing and Ji Xin were by his side, he didn’t have a chance to say a few words to them. 

There were no female elders in Wang Changning’s residence. Facing the enthusiastic Princess Yuankang, Jun Hua was a little overwhelmed. He tried to ask Wei Chongrong for help, but found that he was called away by Emperor Xingzu’s male concubine Yan Li, who was likely asking something about Wei Hao(2).

Fortunately, the family banquet began soon, everyone returned to their places, and Jun Hua was able to return to Wei Chongrong’s side.

The hall was filled with singing and dancing, and Wei Chongrong lowered his voice and asked, “How are you? Can you still hold on?”

Jun Hua rubbed his forehead and smiled softly: “Actually, it’s just that… Eldest Aunt is very enthusiastic.”

Hearing Jun Hua say that, Wei Chongrong asked nervously, “Is it…” The words that were about to follow stuck in his throat.

Jun Hua frowned a little and whispered: “It’s fine, just the kids fighting.”

“Really?” Wei Chongrong was suspicious and quietly stretched out his hand to touch Jun Hua’s belly.

Sure enough, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan were making trouble, and Wei Chongrong soothed them for a long time before their movements became lighter.

Wei Chongrong sighed and said in distress: “These two baby monkeys, they never stop. If they are like this now, I don’t know how naughty they will be in the future.” He couldn’t be cruel to children but education was a big problem.

Jun Hua curled his lips indifferently: “It’s just a couple more days, let them be. Wait for them to be born, I’ll see how you teach them.” Before he finished his words, there was a rolling movement in his abdomen. Jun Hua’s expression suddenly froze, and Wei Chongrong was also taken aback.

This kick was so powerful that Jun Hua almost choked. When he recovered, he lowered his head and scolded: “The further it goes, the more vigorous you get, don’t you? Try another kick?” Whether they understood the threat or something, Tuantuan and Yuanyuan didn’t move again.

Jun Hua breathed a sigh of relief with a little proud smile on his face. Wanting to fight him, they were a bit too young for that.

Seeing Jun Hua’s childish expression, Wei Chongrong squeezed his hand and calmed down.

Unexpectedly, Jun Hua immediately squeezed his hand hard in reply and said in a trembling voice: “Brother Rong, something seems to be wrong…”

“Huh?” Wei Chongrong jerked up his head and looked straight at him, “What’s wrong?” 

“It’s Tuantuan and Yuanyuan…” Jun Hua held Wei Chongrong’s hand even tighter, “They’re probably going to…”

So, under the surprised gazes of everyone, His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince suddenly stood up and picked up his Lord Consort who was about to give birth, and without saying a word to anyone, went straight out of the hall.

Wei Zhao understood in an instant, and while raising his voice to summon the imperial doctor, he got up and led Sun Ye to Yongfu Palace. Ji Xin and Jun Qing followed him.

All those present were well-informed and wise and got up to bid farewell to Wei Xiao, who was left by Wei Zhao to take care of the guests temporarily, with the intention of waiting for the results before entering the palace to congratulate. The Crown Prince’s Lord Consort was pregnant with twins, and there was no telling what the emperor would do about it.

Only Huo Qingyang, under the banner of looking after his daughter, consciously stayed behind.

  1. That’s a delicate way to say that Wei Shi was Wei Lan’s accomplice (or maybe more) and they were locked up somewhere together
  2. Isn’t it cute that Yan Li (Wei Su’s male concubine, Wei Hao’s dad) is considered a family and is invited to the family banquet? 🙂 He’s probably really on good terms with Wei Zhao.

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  1. I know everything turned out mostly well but it sucks that Huo Qingyang can’t stay with Wei Zhao in an open and honest way. It’s not like they did anything immoral after all; they were both unmarried and willing. Feifei should enjoy all the advantages of being a Princess.

    1. Hehe, she will!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s in the flash-forward chapter 🙂
      Rules, what rules? Wei Zhao will never allowed his children to be bullied 🙂
      He and Huo Qingyang will also live together after Wei Zhao is done with being the emperor 🙂

  2. i always thought that yan li is some kind of a spy or wei zhao’s subordinate. when we first see him in the story, chongrong said that he amazed by how capable wei zhao is. they just came back to yujing not for long, but his dad already has a person beside the emperor, to suppress another concubine, wei yang’s mom, i forgot her name 😂
    and since wei hao is a good family member, i think it’s logical to invite his dad to the banquet, even if it’s only under the banner of his son who is far away and can’t attend the banquet.

    aaahhh… author… please i need a book about qingyang and wei zhao 😭
    i remember chongrong said general huo was beefy or rough-looking in the past life. i hope he is a handsome middle-age man in this life, because wei zhao is still alive and he has to maintain his looks for the prince, right🤣

    1. I think they had mutually beneficial relationship but also some kind of affinity. Anyway, I was glad to see Yan Li on the banquet 🙂
      I’m sure Huo Qingyang looks pretty good 🙂 He’s probably big and strong but that’s a good thing, he can be always ready to protect Wei Zhao 🙂 🙂

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