Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 114

The Crown Prince?!

The Crown Prince of the Great Yan?!

Wei Chongrong was completely shocked by this unfamiliar identity, with the word “unbelievable” written all over his face.

He lived for two lifetimes, and most of the time he had no sense of belonging. Even when he was marching to war, it wasn’t with the idea of doing so for the sake of the Great Yan, but because someone wanted him to do so. In his previous life it was Wei Yang, and now it was Wei Zhao.

But now, suddenly, someone told him that the ten thousand li of the Great Yan’s mountains and rivers would belong to him sometime in the future.

There was no way he wouldn’t be shocked and dumbfounded.

Seeing Wei Chongrong looking at him blankly and not speaking for a long time, Wei Hao chuckled and said, “Rongrong, are you silly with joy?” 

Wei Chongrong came back to his senses and gave him a blank stare before asking, “Sixth Uncle, what is the situation in Yujing?” It was indeed unexpected that Wei Zhao had replaced Wei Lan without even informing him, instead of supporting Wei Mao or Wei Zhun to take the throne.

Wei Hao blinked but didn’t say anything, so Gu Chuan took over the conversation, “The breeze is gentle, the waves are quiet, everything is as usual.”

The emperor’s deposition was personally decreed by the Empress Dowager, and the reasons for it were clear. Jun Feili was Wei Lan’s biological parent. Even if someone suspected that the Empress Dowager was forced by Wei Zhao, the heads of the three departments and six ministries and the three hereditary wangs and five gongs collectively pretended to be deaf and dumb. There was no way someone else would jump out and say something they shouldn’t. You know, the military power in the hands of His Imperial Highness Wang Qin was not a decoration, not to mention that he had sufficient evidence. But even if he didn’t have sufficient evidence, who could tell him what to do? Who thought that his life was too long and didn’t want to live anymore?

Wei Chongrong breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he had something to say, he heard Wei Hao ask with a smile: “Rongrong, do you want to know how Little Monkey is doing?” Speaking of Jun Hua, Wei Hao had a little smile on his face, and his voice couldn’t help but soar.

Wei Chongrong’s eyes suddenly lit up. They hadn’t seen each other for half a year. How could he not want to know how Jun Hua was doing, especially since he was pregnant, but Wei Hao’s smile was obviously teasing. Wei Chongrong gritted his teeth and held back his curiosity, making Wei Hao exclaim in regret.

After completing the handover with Gu Chuan and Wei Hao, Wei Chongrong hurried back to Yujing.

A year ago, when he and Jun Hua were still newlyweds, they had to leave for Yizhou for the war on the southern border, which was really an unwarranted disaster.

As a result, Jun Hua had an accident while rescuing Wei Kou and fell into the hands of Tuya. Then Tuoba Xianhan took Yisha City; Wei Chongrong had just found out Jun Hua’s whereabouts but had no chance to see him before Jun Hua was taken back to the capital by Jun Qing.

If it was a normal situation, it would be just fine. As long as Jun Hua was safe, Wei Chongrong had nothing else to ask for, and he could always see him in the future. But Jun Hua wrote a letter to Wei Chongrong before leaving, saying that he was pregnant. How could Wei Chongrong calm down when he saw the letter?

With Jun Hua and the baby as motivation, Wei Chongrong defeated Tuduo very quickly, so that he could return to the capital as soon as possible. 

If it hadn’t been for Wei Zhao to send someone to greet him at the gate of the city, Wei Chongrong would have gone directly to Wang Qin’s residence. After being reminded, he remembered that he should go to the palace. Wei Zhao and Jun Hua had already moved there.

After entering the palace, Wei Chongrong was startled again. Wei Zhao was definitely living in Zichen Palace, there was no doubt about this, but where was Jun Hua? The ceremony of being appointed the Crown Prince had not yet taken place, they should not be eligible to live in the Eastern Palace, right?

Without waiting for Wei Chongrong to ask, the eunuch said respectfully, “Your Highness, the ceremony of the appointment has not yet taken place. His Majesty has asked you and Lord Consort to temporarily live in Yongfu Palace.” Yongfu Palace was Wei Zhao’s original residence in the imperial palace. Wei Chongrong had lived there for many years. He was very familiar with the place and was very satisfied with this arrangement. The most important thing was that Yongfu Palace was much closer to Zichen Palace than the spacious Eastern Palace.

After figuring out where he lived, Wei Chongrong didn’t intend to go directly to Yongfu Palace. He had to see Wei Zhao to pay his respects first.

Unexpectedly, when the eunuch saw that he was going to go to Zichen Palace, he hurriedly reminded Wei Chongrong: “His Majesty ordered that Your Highness didn’t need to see His Majesty for the time being.” Wei Chongrong was taken aback, then curled his lips in a smile. His father was really considerate and didn’t delay him when he was anxious to see his wife and child.

After habitually arriving at Yongfu Palace, Wei Chongrong went straight to the bedchamber, and countless palace servants bowed to him along the way. At the same time, they all tacitly kept their voices very low, not making a sound.

Wei Chongrong immediately understood that Jun Hua must be resting, so he subconsciously lightened his steps as well. Sure enough, after entering the bedchamber, Wei Chongrong saw a couch under the window and Jun Hua lying on it, with a thin quilt covering him.

Wei Chongrong waved his hand gently, sending away all the palace servants, and walked to the couch alone.

In the past, no matter how light Wei Chongrong’s movements were, with Jun Hua’s skills, it was almost impossible for him not to be discovered. But today, Jun Hua slept soundly and didn’t notice Wei Chongrong’s arrival at all even when Wei Chongrong actually sat down on the couch.

Wei Chongrong looked down, and Jun Hua’s round abdomen was clearly visible. Without thinking, he directly reached out and touched it through the thin quilt.

Just as he put his hand over it, Wei Chongrong felt a surge of rolling, and the movement wasn’t small. Obviously the little one wasn’t asleep and was stretching his arms and moving his legs. Wei Chongrong was in a good mood, nudging the baby in Jun Hua’s belly, greeting him and having fun.

Perhaps because he felt that someone was playing with him, the unborn baby moved even more happily, not only amusing Wei Chongrong, but also waking up Jun Hua.

“Don’t move…” Jun Hua said vaguely with his eyes closed, and his hands habitually reached to his abdomen, trying to calm down the two restless children. But he touched Wei Chongrong’s hand and suddenly woke up, stuttering, “Brother, Brother Rong!…”

Seeing his sleepy face and his eyes so heavy-lidded that he almost couldn’t open them, Wei Chongrong was apologetic and wrapped his arms around Jun Hua while comforting him: “Little Monkey, did I wake you up? If you’re really sleepy, go back to sleep, don’t mind me.” It was good that he had the baby to play with.

Jun Hua was disturbed by the babies moving and surprised to see Wei Chongrong, how could he still sleep? He nestled in Wei Chongrong’s arms and said coquettishly: “Brother Rong, I was waiting for you. But you didn’t come back, and I fell asleep. It was not intentional…” After getting pregnant, he became very lethargic. If he didn’t sleep for half a shichen every afternoon, he would be out of energy. Fortunately, there was nothing he needed to do in the palace, so he could nurture his babies in peace.

After Jun Hua finished speaking, he lowered his head, put his hand on his belly and said solemnly: “No more fooling around, do you hear me?” He didn’t know who the two children took after, but they were very energetic. They caused trouble during the day and at night. There was no peace at all and he was miserable.

Although Wei Chongrong was happy to tease the child, he was concerned when he saw Jun Hua’s pale face: “What? Is the baby making you uncomfortable?”

Jun Hua nodded and said, aggrieved, “No kidding, they toss and turn, and I can’t sleep well at all.”


Wei Chongrong was startled, and said after a long time: “Little Monkey, you mean… you are pregnant with twins?”

“That’s right.” Jun Hua raised his head and said without hesitation: “Brother Rong, didn’t I write to you?” 

“What?!” Wei Chongrong was taken aback again, and then said, “I didn’t receive that letter.” He just thought that Jun Hua’s belly was a bit ridiculously big. Both Jun Hua and Feifei were extremely heavy babies when born, but Jun Qing and Wei Zhao’s bellies weren’t so big when they were in the same term. Wei Chongrong was worried earlier that Jun Hua nurtured the baby too well and was afraid that it wouldn’t be easy to give birth. Now he heard that it was twins and was relieved.

“No wonder, that’s why I received your letter later but you didn’t even mention it,” Jun Hua murmured in a low voice, holding his waist and planning to get up and walk around. After lying in the same position for too long, his waist was very uncomfortable and he urgently needed to move.

Seeing this, Wei Chongrong hurriedly stretched out his hand and helped Jun Hua get up from the couch. Walking slowly to the window, Jun Hua stared at Wei Chongrong intently and said quietly: “Brother Rong, I heard people say that boy twins are not allowed in the palace. What should we do if we have two sons?”

Wei Chongrong’s eyes widened suddenly when he heard this. Were there such rules in the palace, why hadn’t he heard of them before? He remained calm and said with certainty: “Little Monkey, don’t worry, they are our sons. If anyone dares to say that they are unlucky, I will cut him down.”

Jun Hua was so amused by him that he chuckled: “There is no need to cut people as long as Brother Rong doesn’t drive one of the children out of the palace.” Jun Hua asked the old men in the palace. For the boy twins of the imperial family, the one who was abandoned was lucky if he was just taken away; there had been those who had been simply drowned.

“How is it possible? No one dares to lay a finger on my sons!” Wei Chongrong never even considered obeying such crappy rules.

Seeing Wei Chongrong’s resolute attitude, Jun Hua smiled contentedly. He knew it would be like this.

Later in the evening, Wei Chongrong went to Zichen Palace to pay his respects to Wei Zhao. After briefly talking about the situation on the southern border, he asked Wei Zhao what he planned for his twin sons. Wei Zhao smiled back without answering, and asked, “Rong’er, what do you think?”

Wei Chongrong said with a serious expression: “As a father, wouldn’t it be outrageous if I couldn’t even keep my own children?” What was wrong with twins, that was his ability. Whoever dared to say it was unlucky, he would make this person regret coming to this world.

Wei Zhao chuckled and said, “You have an idea, why bother to ask me?” He knew that his son didn’t care about the rules, but if his grandsons were twins, it was indeed a troublesome matter for the future Crown Prince.

“I need to know if Daddy and I have the same idea.” Even though Wei Zhao had ascended the throne, when there were no outsiders present, Wei Chongrong still preferred to call him “Daddy” instead of the formal “Father Emperor”. He was not used to this name yet.

Seeing Wei Chongrong’s certainty, Wei Zhao deliberately said, “If our ideas were inconsistent, what would you do?”

Wei Chongrong didn’t think about it and said firmly: “If it were a matter of the state, Daddy and I might disagree. When it comes to my children, how could Daddy deliberately go against me? My sons are your grandsons, you wouldn’t joke about their future.”

What were the rules? If you really followed the rules of the ancestors of the Wei family, he shouldn’t have had the surname Wei at all. Even if he had the surname, he was a bastard without the right to inherit. But in fact, he would soon be the Crown Prince of the Great Yan. Was his daddy the kind of person who treated rules as guiding principles? Just because the two children looked similar and someone was afraid of accidents in the future, they had to kill one to end the trouble? Obviously, it was not their style.

Knowing that Wei Chongrong did it on purpose, Wei Zhao couldn’t help laughing, and said with a smile: “Cousin said one of the babies in Hua’er’s abdomen is definitely a boy, and about the other he is not sure yet. Let’s wait and see if it’s a dragon and a phoenix. Even if it’s not, it won’t be a big deal.”

Wei Zhao was obviously prepared for everything, so Wei Chongrong stopped asking. He never expected that when Tuantuan and Yuanyuan were born three months later, in the face of two identical children, Wei Zhao’s treatment would be so simple and straightforward.

In the 3rd year of Baofeng, Wang Qin Wei Zhao deposed Wei Lan and replaced him. The following year was the 1st year of Zhenghe(1).

On the 13th day of the fifth month, Wei Zhao made his son Wei Chongrong the Crown Prince. On the 16the day of the eight month, Wei Zhao made his eldest grandson Wei Qian the Taisun.

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