Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 110

Jiang Che froze for a moment, then took the letter from Xie Xiu’s hand and read it carefully, a light smile of understanding appearing on his face. He handed the letter back to Xie Xiu and said warmly: “Ah Xiu, help me reply to Wang Qin and tell him that I will visit tomorrow.”

Xie Xiu took the letter and didn’t immediately leave, but hesitated: “But the doctor said that you should stay in bed to recuperate…” After many years, she no longer cared about Jiang Che and Wei Zhao’s past, but Jiang Che’s physical condition made her very uneasy. 

Jiang Che waved his hand and said with a chuckle: “I’ve been bored at home for so many days. I’m just going out for a walk, it’s not a problem.”

Xie Xiu had no intention of arguing with Jiang Che, and with a slight nod she was about to reply to Wei Zhao’s letter. Unexpectedly Jiang Che stopped her again and told her: “Ah Xiu, remember to send someone to help Yao’er take leave from the school. I will take him to visit Wang Qin tomorrow.”

Xie Xiang was taken aback when she heard these words and nodded gently after a moment. Jiang Yao was the only son of her and Jiang Che. He just turned nine years old this year. Because there were no emperor’s sons or grandsons of the appropriate age in the palace, Jiang Yao didn’t enter the palace school to study, but attended a famous school in Yujing.

Wei Zhao had to make an appointment to see Jiang Che, so that it didn’t feel abrupt. But if he wanted to see Jun Qing, he didn’t have such scruples. After sending an invitation to Wang Yong’an residence, he went to Wang Changning’s residence without warning anyone in advance.

Ji Xin went to the Western Camp, Ji Hui was studying at school, and there was only Jun Qing as the master of Wang Changning’s residence at home.

Wei Zhao entered the house unceremoniously and directly sent all the servants out before talking to Jun Qing in the study.

“I just received an urgent letter from Rong’er, and he told me two very bad news.” Wei Zhao was straight to the point.

Jun Qing silently raised his eyebrows and said, “What’s the news?” Could it be that what Wei Zhao specifically came to tell him was related to Hua’er?

Wei Zhao frowned slightly, and first glanced at Jun Qing. Seeing that his expression was calm, he said softly: “Zhuxia occupied Jing’an City, the capital of Nanyue. Rong’er and Hua’er sneaked into Jing’an to investigate and rescued Kou’er’s two sons by the way, but…”

“But what?” Seeing that Wei Zhao started speaking and then stopped, Jun Qing had a premonition.

Wei Zhao paused for a while and murmured: “On the way back, Rong’er and Hua’er were separated…”

Jun Qing could no longer maintain his calmness; he stood up and raised his voice: “Hua’er fell into Zhuxia’s hands?”

Wei Zhao shook his head and continued: “Rong’er said in the letter that he had no news of Hua’er, but according to the spies in Nanyue and Zhuxia, they didn’t get the news of Hua’er’s capture.” Jun Hua’s identity was very useful, and Tuduo wouldn’t fail to exploit it.

Jun Qing’s fists clenched and unclenched again and again, and he stared at Wei Zhao for a long time without speaking.

Wei Zhao calmly met his eyes but didn’t say a word. Not long after, Jun Qing sat down again and said quietly: “What is the other bad news?” Wei Zhao said that there were two bad news, and the other one might be worse.

Sure enough, Wei Zhao’s eyes darkened, and he said in a deep voice: “Kou’er told Rong’er that Tuduo and His Majesty had colluded a long time ago.”


Wei Lan?!

Jun Qing was completely stunned and didn’t know what to say. After a long time, he asked in an incredulous, dazed tone: “When did it start? Was it the Crown Prince’s assassination, or was it Wang Xiang’s imprisonment?” Jun Qing suddenly felt a chill run down his back.

“Maybe even earlier. Tuduo was able to kill his brothers and ascend the throne by relying on His Majesty’s help, and the imprisonment of Wang Xiang and the assassination of the Crown Prince were merely Tuduo returning the favour.” Wei Zhao was also shocked by Wei Lan’s lack of the bottom line. The ancestors of the Wei family throughout the ages, no matter how unbearable their means of ascending the throne were, after sitting in the position of the supreme ruler, would definitely think of the well-being of the country and the people. Only Wei Lan was unique to the point of driving people crazy. If those words weren’t written by Wei Chongrong, Wei Zhao would have never believed them.

Jun Qing calmly analysed Wei Zhao’s words and got straight to the point: “The price His Majesty agreed to pay is more than that, I’m afraid.” Zhuxia was just a small country and a foreign country; it was not too difficult for Wei Lan to help Tuduo ascend the throne. But the assassination of Wei Xuan, as long as one step went wrong, would be a disaster for Zhuxia. If Wei Lan couldn’t give Tuduo enough benefits, Tuduo would never help him do such a thing.

“More than that indeed.” Wei Zhao hooked his lips and sneered, “That Majesty of ours is planning to give all six counties of Yizhou to Tuduo.” Wei Zhao couldn’t help laughing. Had Wei Lan thought about how he was going to meet Emperor Xingzu and his father, the previous emperor, in the future?

Since the founding of the country, although Emperor Taizu had left the bequest to recover all the lost land, the successive emperors of the Wei family were more like Wei Ming and few of them had gained new territory like Wei Su. But there was no one who had ceded land for his own selfish interests.

Hearing this, Jun Qing was completely speechless; his eyes were dark, and there was a flash of coldness in them.

If someone who had followed Jun Lin had been here, he would have said that at this moment Jun Qing really looked like Hou Zhaoyang Huan.

Jun Qing snorted coldly and asked, “What are you going to do?” Their sons were risking their lives in Yizhou, and behind their backs, Wei Lan sold the entire Yizhou. Jun Qing didn’t believe that Wei Zhao could bear it; if that were the case, he wouldn’t be the Wei Zhao he knew.

“What else can I do? Isn’t Wang Qihuai the best example?” Imperial Consort Kang Yi wasn’t the Empress Dowager but he could depose Wang Qihuai. Not to mention the legacy of the late emperor, Wei Lan’s faults were more than Wang Qihuai’s.

Jun Qing was silent for a long time before saying, “If you plan to do that, it’s fine, Ah Xin and I have no objection.”

Although Jun Qing’s attitude was already expected by Wei Zhao, he still asked softly: “Is it because of Hua’er?” No matter how much leverage he had in hand, no one could say what would happen in something like the deposition of the emperor until the final step.

“You are half right.” Jun Qing said calmly: “The other half is for my younger brother.” 

Wei Zhao was stunned, and after returning to his senses, he complained in a low voice: “Didn’t we agree that I was the elder brother? Did Father lie to me?”

As if he hadn’t heard Wei Zhao’s words, Jun Qing continued, “I don’t have a real job, so I can’t help you much by staying in the capital. It should be enough to have Ah Xin. I plan to go to Yizhou.” Jun Hua’s whereabouts were unknown, and this was what worried him the most.

“Heaven helps the worthy, Hua’er will be safe.” In the current situation, the lack of concrete news about Jun Hua might be considered good news; as long as he wasn’t in Tuduo’s hands, there was still enough room for rescue.

In the afternoon of the next day, Jiang Che and his son visited Wang Qin’s residence.

When Jiang Yao saw Wei Zhao, he respectfully said, “Greetings to His Imperial Highness Wang Qin.”

Looking at the young and handsome face that resembled Jiang Che when he was a boy, Wei Zhao was lost in thought for a moment, then raised his hand and said, “Exempt from courtesy.” Except for the eyes that look like Xie Xiu’s, Jiang Yao’s appearance was really a replica of Jiang Che.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Jiang Yao straightened unhurriedly, his demeanour exceptionally steady.

Although Jiang Che’s bringing his son here was somewhat unexpected to Wei Zhao, it didn’t affect what he wanted to discuss. The title of Wang Yong’an was hereditary, and Jiang Yao would be ten next year and would get the title of Wang Yong’an’s Shizi. Knowing more about things would not harm him.

When they entered the study and sat down, Wei Zhao didn’t say much and just gave Jiang Che the letter from Wei Chongrong.

Jiang Yao sat peacefully by his father’s side, his posture upright, his eyes clear.

Wei Zhao smiled approvingly and said softly, “Ah Yao, it’s fine, you can read that letter too.”

Jiang Yao thanked him, got up, walked behind Jiang Che and read the letter with him.

There were too many things that had happened. Although Wei Chongrong’s letter was written as succinctly as possible, it was still three pages long.

Jiang Che read very quickly, Jiang Yao couldn’t keep up with his speed and could barely understand anything.

Suddenly, seeing the letter paper in Jiang Che’s hand fall to the ground and his face turning blue as he clutched his chest with his hand, Jiang Yao said urgently, “Father!” The imperial doctor had previously given instructions for his father to be calm and not to be angry, but the contents of Wang Qin’s Shizi’s letter… 

Wei Zhao obviously also noticed Jiang Che’s abnormality. He rushed to him from his seat, asking, “Ah Yao, where is the medicine, where do you keep it?” Jiang Che had a heart disease that was getting more serious as he got older. He shouldn’t have told him about these things in such a hurry.

Reminded by Wei Zhao’s words, Jiang Yao regained his senses and quickly fished out the medicine bottle from Jiang Che’s sleeve. Wei Zhao poured a cup of hot water, asking Jiang Yao to help Jiang Che take the medicine, and intended to send someone to summon the imperial doctor, but was stopped by Jiang Che.

“Your Highness, don’t panic, I am fine.” After taking the medicine, Jiang Che’s complexion improved slightly.

Wei Zhao stopped and said suspiciously: “Fine, really?” In the early years, Jiang Che’s condition had been kept secret from him, but after his last bout of illness alarmed Wang Lu’s Lord Consort, Wei Zhao knew everything and was worried.

Jiang Che waved his hand gently and said in a low voice, “It’s just a moment of anger, it’s really no big deal.”

Jiang Yao was a little at a loss, first looking at his father, then at Wei Zhao, but saying nothing.

Wei Zhao looked at Jiang Che worriedly, also a little lost, not mentioning the reason why he had asked him to meet today.

Jiang Che patted Jiang Yao on the back of his hand and said softly, “Yao’er, go back and sit down. Don’t be rude in front of Wang Qin.”

Jiang Yao nodded in response, picked up the letter that fell on the ground, and sat back obediently.

Seeing that Jiang Che was indeed fine and aware of the state of affairs, Wei Zhao pursed his lips and returned to his seat.

Seeing that Wei Zhao was hesitating to speak, Jiang Che asked directly: “Your Highness has made an appointment to see me, do you already have a plan how to deal with it?” Without mentioning anything else, the assassination of Wei Xuan and ceding Yizhou alone would be enough to pull Wei Lan down from his supreme throne, as long as the evidence was conclusive.

But the country couldn’t be without a monarch for a day, and after Wei Lan, someone still had to sit on that seat.

“In addition to the current emperor, Brother Emperor still had Wang Xiang.” Wei Xuan’s posthumous son, Wei Zhun, was born frail. If it weren’t for Sun Ye’s superb medical skills and various precious medicine materials in the palace, it would be hard to say whether he could survive, so Wei Zhao could only consider Wei Mao. 

Unexpectedly, Jiang Che frowned when he heard this, with a look of disapproval in his eyes.

Wei Zhao was puzzled at first, and then guessed: “Even though the Crown Prince didn’t succeed to the throne, compared to Wang Xiang…” In terms of affinity, Wang Yong’an’s family was definitely closer to Wei Zhun than to Wei Mao. But even Wei Ming had to give up on Wei Zhun because of his health, and Wei Zhao had to do the same.

However, he saw Jiang Che shake his head slightly and turn around to instruct, “Yao’er, go out first and stay outside in the courtyard.”

Without waiting for Wei Zhao to react, Jiang Yao bade his farewell respectfully and retreated to a place where he couldn’t hear their conversation.

Jiang Che made sure that only the two of them were left, cupped his fist and said, “Did Your Highness forget the lesson of Kang Yi?” 

Xu Xi’s courage in deposing Wang Qihuai, the grandson of the previous emperor, was unquestionable, but he failed to put his own son on the throne and let Wang Qihuai’s younger brother Wei Xi succeed to the throne instead, which doomed him and the entire Xu family to future tragedies.

Despite the fact that Emperor Xianzong didn’t get along with his birth mother, Empress Xiaosimin, and despite the fact that he had been raised by Kang Yi, the first thing he did after ascending to the throne was to give death to his deposed brother, Wang Qihuai, and then to mourn him according to the imperial rites.

Afterwards, Emperor Xianzong stopped in Jinzhong Palace and put Imperial Consort Xu, who was born in the family of Gong Wu, under house arrest, and appointed the noble official Xie Yi to raise his eldest son Wei Yun. Then Wang Qihuai’s father-in-law, Wang Yong’an, impeached Kang Yi, saying that he didn’t have the status of the Empress Dowager but deposed the emperor.

Emperor Xianzong was obviously very happy to see this situation. After the group of courtiers seconded Wang Yong’an’s memorial, he exempted Xu Xi from capital punishment on the grounds of filial piety and kept him imprisoned until his death. Gong Wu was also stripped of his title. Two years later, Imperial Consort Xu died of illness.

Wei Zhao shuddered, his face showing a complicated, unspeakable expression. He had thought of Wang Qihuai but had not thought of what happened to Xu Xi.

Jiang Che continued: “As long as His Imperial Highness does the act of deposing the emperor, no matter who the new emperor is, he will definitely be uneasy when he looks at His Imperial Highness.” A prince with real power and a heavy army, who could depose the emperor… no matter who the emperor was, he wouldn’t dare to keep Wei Zhao.

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  1. “Wei Zhao was stunned, and after returning to his senses, he complained in a low voice: “Didn’t we agree that I was the elder brother? Did Father lie to me?”
    Reading this little part was an emotional roller-coaster… First surprise, then joy, then sadness. These poor guys, they are brothers and they know it but can never acknowledge each other as anything else but friends and in-laws. Jun Lin and Jun Qing really deserved better than to be the “secret sidepiece” and the “secret bastard”.

    1. They actually know it for many years, and they seem to be pretty cool with that, they were like brothers anyway.
      While I shudder at the thought of splitting twins, back then it was probably considered nothing special.
      Curiously, emotionally Wei Zhao feels that Jun Qing is doing better – like he can openly pay respects to his father, Jun Lin, while Wei Zhao can only do it secretly.

      1. Wait!? What? Wei Zhao & Jun qing is twins? I thought they were half-brothers. 😱

    1. Wei Lan would have certainly killed Wei Mao if he could but Wei Mao was in confinement in his residence, and it meant that he couldn’t get out but also he was guarded tightly enough that Wei Lan couldn’t do anything. Still, Wei Mao’s life is ruined, there is only a little light for him in the sequel.

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