Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 108

After an unknown period of time, there was gradually no sound on the cliff. Jun Hua’s heart fluttered with joy as he planned to take Ruan Ning to leap up to the top.

Who expected that as soon as he was going to move, the abdominal pain that had eased somewhat would suddenly intensify. Jun Hua was unprepared. His hand holding the tree branch involuntarily loosened. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to wake up, but his hand kept slipping from the vine and there was a bottomless abyss underneath.

“There seems to be a cave on the opposite side?” Ruan Ning’s position was lower than Jun Hua’s, and his eyes were good enough to see the opposite side of the cliff.

Jun Hua’s palms were sweaty and he could barely hold the vine. He glanced down, saw the cave Ruan Ning mentioned and suddenly had an idea. He swayed back gently, slammed his legs on the mountain wall and then leaped forward with all his strength.

The wind whistled past his ears, and Jun Hua obviously felt that his movements were a little out of control.

He hugged Ruan Ning tightly, used his last strength, and tried his best to fall forward.

A moment later, his feet hit solid ground and Jun Hua’s heart soared with relief; then he immediately lost consciousness.

Ruan Ning closed his eyes tightly in fright and hugged his waist hard the moment Jun Hua let go of the vine.

The two of them fell heavily on the rocks at the entrance of the cave. Ruan Ning had Jun Hua as a cushion, so it didn’t hurt very much. Not long after, Ruan Ning opened his eyes and saw Jun Hua, who had long lost consciousness, under his body. He was stunned, and it took him a while to regain his senses.

“Brother, wake up, Brother, wake up…” Ruan Ning didn’t know Jun Hua’s name, he just looked at his appearance and called him randomly.

Jun Hua remained motionless, without giving any response, his face white like paper.

Ruan Ning called several times in a row, but didn’t wake Jun Hua up. He couldn’t help but get scared and began to cry. He was already sick, and he was tossing and turning with Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua for most of the day. He was tired and scared, exhausted a long time ago.

After crying for a while, Ruan Ning lay down on Jun Hua’s body, wondering if he was asleep or unconscious.

Jun Hua couldn’t figure out how long he had been asleep, but he heard a familiar voice that kept calling his name in his ear. He was very sleepy and didn’t want to respond to that person, let alone get up, but that person was so persistent and made so much noise that he couldn’t sleep peacefully at all.

“Who are you? Do you know you are annoying?” Finally, Jun Hua couldn’t bear it anymore.

The person wasn’t angry, but said softly: “Little Monkey, don’t sleep, wake up quickly.”

Jun Hua was even more upset, muttering: “Who the hell are you? Only Brother Rong can call me Little Monkey. I have a name and a courtesy name, can’t you call me that?” Who was this person? His voice was so familiar, but Jun Hua just couldn’t remember.

Instead, the man said: “It’s weird to call yourself by your own name. It’s cuter to call you Little Monkey.”

Yourself?! Jun Hua was taken aback and finally understood what the familiar voice was.

It was his own voice, but he rarely spoke in that tone.

“Where is this? Why can you talk to me?” On the wedding day, the Jun Hua of his previous life had appeared, but disappeared after going to visit the parents. For this reason, Jun Hua was sad for several days; but today they were able to have a direct conversation.

“Jun Hua” paused, as if hesitating, and said softly: “I don’t know where this is, maybe it’s in your dream. Little Monkey, you have been unconscious for too long, and the baby will be in danger if you don’t wake up. I had no other choice but to keep calling you.”

“Baby? What baby?” Jun Hua frowned in confusion, wondering what was going on, and asked rhetorically: “Can’t you manipulate my body?” He was so sleepy, he really wanted to sleep again, and he almost had no strength to speak.

“Jun Hua” got anxious and raised his voice, “No, I have already tried, I can’t control your body.” When he saw that Jun Hua was about to close his eyes and fall asleep again, he repeated, “Little Monkey, you really can’t sleep, the baby is already in danger.”

Hearing the word “baby” again, Jun Hua blinked and suddenly reacted: “You mean I have Brother Rong’s baby?” Strange, didn’t Daddy say that there would be a lot of discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy? How come he didn’t feel any of it?

“Jun Hua” nodded. Although he could no longer control Jun Hua’s body, just like before, he could see, hear and feel what Jun Hua saw, heard and felt. He had long had suspicions about being pregnant.

It was just that they had no way to communicate. Seeing that Jun Hua refused to stay in Dongshan Town but wanted to go to Jing’an City with Wei Chongrong, “Jun Hua” was terribly worried. What should he do if something went wrong on such a dangerous mission? Unfortunately, he had no way to say anything.

After a short period of excitement, Jun Hua became a little frustrated again: “Why did the baby come at this time without saying hello in advance?” If he had known about the baby, he wouldn’t have done these risky things; but he just didn’t know.

“Jun Hua” shook his head and said helplessly: “It already said hello many times, but you just didn’t pay attention to it.”

Although there was no morning sickness, the most obvious reaction, increased appetite and drowsiness were also signs. Besides, in the days before leaving Yujing, they didn’t take any precautions at all. Why didn’t Little Monkey think in this direction? 

Seeing that Jun Hua still looked dazed and puzzled, he urged again: “Little Monkey, stop dawdling.”

Jun Hua shivered all over and suddenly woke up. He opened his eyes and found himself still lying on the rocks at the entrance of the cave. Ruan Ning was lying on top of him, his whole body was hot and he was breathing heavily. As soon as Jun Hua was about to sit up, he felt a crushing pain in his lower abdomen, so he froze and didn’t dare to move anymore.

After sitting quietly for a while, Jun Hua gently stretched out his hand and touched his aching abdomen. The expression on his face was surprised and scared.

Let’s not talk about the fatigue of the previous few days. Today he sneaked in and out of the Nanyue Palace. He rode a horse, jumped off a cliff and fought. His belly was hurting; would the child be okay? He didn’t have any medical skills and there was no one to help.

Jun Hua barely dared to move; he tremblingly took out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve and poured out the pills inside.

When he was leaving Yujing, Jun Qing prepared a complete set of things for him, even birth control pills and foetus protection pills, saying that he would need them sooner or later. However, there were too many bottles and cans. When Jun Hua followed Wei Chongrong to Jing’an City, he only grabbed part of them to take along.

Jun Hua searched over and over again, and finally found a pink pill that initially might have been added accidentally but now was exactly what he needed. He let out a long sigh, quickly swallowed the pill dry, found an anti-fever pill and forcibly fed it to Ruan Ning.

Without water and still being unconscious, Ruan Ning couldn’t swallow the huge pill at all. Jun Hua had no choice but to let him hold the pill in his mouth and use his qi to activate the effect of the medicine. After the pain in his belly subsided, he carried Ruan Ning into the cave and climbed up the mountain to find water.

There was no moon in the night sky, only a few dim stars, and it was so dark around that you couldn’t see your own fingers.

Jun Hua was in a bad state, dizzy, with his belly aching and his arms and legs feeling weak, but he dared not stop, so he could only search for water in the dark.

Fortunately, he wasn’t too unlucky and it didn’t take long for him to hear the sound of running water. Jun Hua followed the sound, found a stream, filled the water sac and caught two fish easily, before cautiously returning to the cave on the cliff the same way.

In the past, such a trivial task would have been easy for Jun Hua, but today, it made him sweat all over. Back in the cave, Jun Hua first gave Ruan Ning some water, asking him to swallow the pill, and then started to make a fire to roast the fish.

From yesterday to the present, he had not eaten for a day and a night, and he was really hungry.

Jun Hua was a very wild child when he was little. Yizhou was mountainous, and when he had free time, he would go up the mountain to hunt some game and roast pheasants, hares or river fish. For him, it could be described as a regular meal. Naturally, his craftsmanship should not be underestimated; it was definitely a pass(1).

But today, the fish had not been cooked yet when the smell that wafted out from it was too much for Jun Hua to bear.

He endured and endured, and finally couldn’t help but leave the roasting fish, run to the entrance of the cave and vomit.

His stomach was churning. Jun Hua clutched his chest and vomited heartbreakingly. But he hadn’t eaten for a day; apart from bile and gastric juice, he couldn’t vomit anything. He just kept retching, his face tearful and embarrassed, but the feeling of nausea didn’t go away for a long time.

When it finally subsided, Jun Hua smelled the smell of the roasting fish. He was hungry, he was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t help retching again.

After he couldn’t vomit anymore, Jun Hua sat weakly on the ground. He put his hand on his flat lower abdomen with a complicated expression.

Was this the legendary morning sickness? It was really hard to bear. When Daddy was pregnant with his younger brother, he started vomiting almost from the time he got pregnant and continued to vomit until Ji Hui was born. Would he be the same? Thinking of this, Jun Hua frowned involuntarily.

Jun Hua sat stupidly at the entrance of the cave, not even wanting to move a finger. The roasting fish in the cave had been burnt to charcoal but he didn’t care. Anyway, he felt sick when he smelled the roasted fish,  it was unlikely he could eat it. It was more comfortable to sit here, in the fresh air.

After a long time, Ruan Ning’s frightened voice came from the cave: “Mommy, you can’t bully my mommy, ah…”

Jun Hua recovered, hurriedly got up from the ground, returned to the cave, hugged Ruan Ning who was struggling wildly and comforted: “Little Ning’er, don’t be afraid, we have escaped, Little Ning’er, it’s fine, I will protect you, don’t be afraid…”

Ruan Ning slowly opened his eyes and saw that the person holding him was Jun Hua, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

Jun Hua touched his forehead and found that his body temperature had dropped a little bit, and was secretly grateful.

Ruan Ning smelled the roasted fish and asked in a small voice, “Brother, is there anything to eat? I’m hungry…”

Jun Hua then remembered that Ruan Ning hadn’t eaten for a day either. He looked back at the campfire and saw that the fish was all black. He apologised: “Little Ning’er, I’m sorry, I accidentally burned the fish. If you are hungry, you’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Ruan Ning nodded and said softly: “It’s okay, Brother must have not eaten anything either, we can eat together.”

In the night, Wei Chongrong carried Ruan Meng up to Muyun Mountain, but the way he walked wasn’t in the same direction as them.

  1. That’s what Jun Hua thinks, anyway 🙂

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