Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 77

Jun Hua was immersed in the picture his brain was supplying and didn’t hear what Wei Chongrong said. However, he nodded unconsciously and said repeatedly: “Okay, Brother Rong, I will get up, I will get up right away.”

Seeing that Jun Hua didn’t suspect anything, Wei Chongrong calmed down and secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he turned and went out. 

During breakfast, Guo’er heard that Jun Hua was going to the market and clamoured that he wanted to go too. Sanal saw that his son liked Jun Hua, so he simply entrusted Guo’er to him, adding that he himself could just relax for a day. 

Jun Hua was very happy, patted his chest and promised that he would take good care of Guo’er. 

Seeing this situation, Dongfang leaned to Wei Chongrong’s ear and whispered: “Master Shizi, Young Shizi is so cute, you will be blessed in the future.” After saying this, he winked at Wei Chongrong. 

Wei Chongrong glanced at him blankly and said in a low voice: “Little Dongzi, don’t talk nonsense. Do you think I’m too polite to you?” As he said that, he peeked at Jun Hua across the room. Fortunately, Jun Hua was talking to Guo’er with his head down and didn’t pay attention to them. 

Dongfang still didn’t give up, and said to Wei Chongrong using the voice transmission technique: “Master Shizi, it’s not that this subordinate is overstepping. I really think it’s a bit unkind for you to treat Young Shizi like this…”

Wei Chongrong was stunned; the expression on his face suddenly changed. After thinking about it for a while, he grabbed Dongfang’s arm, dragged him outside and asked in a low voice, “Where am I not kind, is it this obvious?”

“I haven’t finished eating yet!” Dongfang muttered, but seeing that Wei Chongrong’s expression was very serious and without the slightest hint of joking, he said solemnly: “Master Shizi, Young Shizi likes you, do you know that?”

Wei Chongrong nodded silently. Of course he knew, but he didn’t know how to respond. 

Dongfang pressed his hands to his chest with the words “I knew it would be like this” clearly written on his face, and said slowly: “Excuse me, Master Shizi, have you responded to Young Shizi? Or did you just leave him hanging?”

Wei Chongrong was dumbfounded, hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “I haven’t figured it out yet…”

Before he could finish speaking, Dongfang said, “I’d say, Master Shizi, what’s there to figure out? If you like Young Shizi, you should accept him. If you don’t like him,  you need to tell him directly. It is most unkind to drag someone around in confusion.”

“But, but…” Originally, Wei Chongrong still felt that there was nothing wrong with his approach. After being accused by Dongfang, he felt that the whole thing had changed. He hurriedly asked: “But I don’t know if my like of Huaixi is like his like of me.”

Dongfang was taken aback, showing an expression as if he had heard some Arabian Nights tale, and said after a long time: “Master Shizi, do you want to make things so complicated? Like is like, dislike is dislike, there is no need to subdivide them into different types!”

Seeing Wei Chongrong confused and completely out of touch with the situation, Dongfang sighed helplessly and asked, “Master Shizi, except for Young Shizi, has no one else said to you that they liked you?”

Wei Chongrong recalled and shook his head slightly. He found that he had never had a similar experience. 

Dongfang’s eyes changed in an instant and filled with sympathy. His family’s Shizi was so pitiful that he had to help him. 

Thinking of it, Dongfang quickly adjusted his expression and said in a low voice: “Master Shizi, I have something to say to you.”

“What are you talking about?” The change in Dongfang’s style was too sudden, and Wei Chongrong was a little unable to adapt. 

Dongfang coughed lightly, and continued gravely: “Master Shizi, I have liked you for a long time.”

Wei Chongrong was dumbfounded, and his body instinctively reacted before his brain, swinging a right hook at Dongfang. 

Fortunately, Dongfang was prepared and got out of the way in time. Wei Chongrong didn’t make any more shots and just stared at him unhappily. 

Dongfang spread out his hands and said with a somewhat smug expression: “Look, there is still a big difference between people who you like and don’t like.” No matter what Young Shizi said, it was impossible for Master Shizi to swing his fist at him. 

Wei Chongrong rolled his eyes angrily; damn Little Dongzi, what did it have to do with each other, really scared him to death. 

However, the words were rough but on point. He understood what Dongfang meant. If it was someone other than Jun Hua who confessed his love to him, although he would not be as unceremonious as he was with Dongfang, he wouldn’t drag his feet either. He would definitely make it clear to that person, not giving unnecessary hope. 

When facing Jun Hua, he would hesitate, he would worry, afraid that Jun Hua would be upset if he said no. If it was someone he didn’t like, who would care about the other person’s feelings when rejecting them? Wei Chongrong finally realised that he unknowingly hit the bullseye. 

After figuring out this, Wei Chongrong felt his mind suddenly open up. He raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Little Dongzi, you seem to be very experienced?” His personal guard was so knowledgeable about feelings, why didn’t he know about it before? 

Dongfang didn’t show the smug expression Wei Chongrong expected and said indifferently, “I haven’t eaten enough yet.” After saying that, he turned around and left Wei Chongrong behind, going back to the house. 

By now, Jun Hua and Guo’er had already discussed where they were going to play and what they were going to buy today, and were waiting for Wei Chongrong. 

Wei Chongrong picked up Guo’er and carried him on his shoulders, and said to Dongfang, who had almost buried his face in the bowl, “Little Dongzi, Huaixi and I will take Guo’er and leave first, so take your time and come to us when you’re done eating.”

Dongfang never raised his head, but he was thinking in his heart that Master Shizi definitely didn’t want him to disturb his date with Young Shizi, so he slowed down his speed of eating. Anyway, no one was in a hurry to see him. 

As Wei Chongrong said to Jun Hua, the market in Haila City was not very big, but most of the things sold there couldn’t be found in the Central Plains. When Jun Hua looked around, it looked novel, and there were many people in the market, coming and going, so it seemed very lively. 

Jun Hua stopped in front of a stall selling knives and picked up a dagger to play with it carefully. Wei Chongrong had already walked ahead carrying Guo’er, but when he saw that Jun Hua didn’t follow up, he came back and asked, “Huaixi, do you like it?”

Jun Hua pulled out the dagger, saw a sharp flash of light in front of him, and couldn’t help but praise: “Not bad!”

Guo’er bent down and yelled loudly: “Brother Hua, show me, I want to see it.”

Wei Chongrong stabilised Guo’er by his legs so that he would not fall down when he moved around. He was about to remind Jun Hua that this thing couldn’t be given to children when Jun Hua handed over the scabbard of the dagger. Guo’er happily took the scabbard and pulled the shiny beads on it. 

Jun Hua took the dagger and asked the vendor about the price: “May I ask how much is this?”

“As soon as I saw the young master, I knew that he was a person with keen eyes. So let’s be frank, fifty taels, no bargaining.” The vendor was smiling and had a very attentive attitude. Just looking at Jun Hua’s clothes, he understood that he had met a nobleman today. 

Jun Hua picked up the dagger and weighed it in his hand. He seemed to be very satisfied with the price, turned around and asked, “Brother Rong, have you brought any silver? I changed my clothes in the morning and  didn’t bring the purse. You can lend me some first, and I will pay you back when we come home.”

Wei Chongrong originally wanted to say that this dagger was a bit expensive at fifty taels and was about to make a counter-offer to the vendor. When he heard that Jun Hua asked him to borrow money, he hurriedly said, “Borrow what? Isn’t everything mine yours?” After saying that, he found a silver ingot and threw it directly to the vendor. 

Further on, there was an archery stall, where three arrows for ten coins could get you a prize if you were successful. 

Guo’er was very interested and repeatedly shouted that he wanted to go there: “Brother Hua, let’s go, help me shoot the eagle carved out of wood.”

Jun Hua naturally could not bear to disobey him, but only wondered, “Such a stall might make money in other places, but if it opened in Haila City, the owner would lose money, right?” The men and women who lived in the Wusu Steppes were all skilled in archery. 

Wei Chongrong didn’t say anything, but Guo’er covered his mouth and immediately exposed him, “Uncle said the same thing last time, but he shot three arrows, just like Daddy, and none of them hit the target.” When Guo’er said “Daddy”, he was referring to Sanal. 

When Jun Hua heard this, he looked incredulous. Sanal used to be a prince of Wusun, and his shooting skills should be good, but Jun Hua had never seen them, so never mind him for the time being. But Wei Chongrong’s shooting skills, he had known them since he was a child. How could it be possible to miss the target with three arrows? 

Full of intense curiosity and disbelief, Jun Hua quickened his pace, with Wei Chongrong following him closely, carrying Guo’er on his shoulders. 

The archery stall was doing a good business, surrounded by three rows of people. Jun Hua managed to squeeze in and almost burst out laughing when he saw the tiny bow that was a bit too small for Guo’er to use. No wonder both Wei Chongrong and Sanal missed the target. 

Despite the problem with the bow, there were still many challengers who were willing to try their skills. Jun Hua also queued. There were actually fifteen people waiting in front of him. He asked Wei Chongrong if he would also try. Wei Chongrong smiled and waved his hand. He didn’t want to miss the target again. 

The bow was too small, extremely inconvenient to hold. The challengers failed one after another, and the stall owner gave them home-made wooden dragonflies as a consolation prize. 

It was Jun Hua’s turn. He himself was just in a mood to play, but Guo’er didn’t think so and clapped his palms hard to cheer on him. 

With a whoosh, the first arrow was shot out, missing the target by three steps to the left. 

Jun Hua smiled, drew the bow and shot again. The second arrow also missed, this time to the right, but only by two paces. 

With the last arrow, Jun Hua vaguely found some feeling, but unfortunately, it was still a step off. As a result, Guo’er also got a wooden dragonfly, which was the third one he had collected. 

Little Guo’er was a bit upset and the corners of his eyes were drooping. Jun Hua was so distressed that he tried every possible means to coax him, but unfortunately, his Little Tiger was so well-behaved and obedient that his skills in coaxing children were seriously lacking, and he was ineffective for a long time. 

“Brother Rong, you can do it instead, I can’t handle it.” Finally, Jun Hua conceded defeat and handed over the heavy responsibility to Wei Chongrong. 

At the same time, he was thinking in his heart that he would never dislike Little Tiger again. What a relief it was to have a baby who was as obedient and sensible as Little Tiger was. It was true that a baby like Guo’er was lively and cute, but when he lost his temper, it was hard to coax him. 

While Jun Hua was pondering whether he should ask his daddy for advice on how to raise a Little Tiger-like baby, Wei Chongrong had already coaxed Guo’er into laughing and saying that he was going to watch the circus show, completely forgetting what he was angry about before. 

Jun Hua was stunned. He didn’t expect Wei Chongrong to have such an ability, it was really amazing. In this case, he didn’t need to be afraid of their little baby being naughty in the future anymore. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t coax it, there was also Brother Rong. Jun Hua unconsciously hooked the corners of his lips. 

“Huaixi, let’s go, Guo’er wants to see the circus show.” Wei Chongrong picked up Guo’er with one hand and held Jun Hua’s hand in the other. 

To the west of Haila City were the Wusu Steppes and to the east were the Arslan Mountains, both of which were rich in birds and beasts, so the circus show was also very exciting, full of rare and exotic animals that couldn’t be seen elsewhere. 

The three of them arrived at the circus venue just in time to see a tiger tamer commanding the tiger to jump through a hoop of fire. The audience let out cries of amazement from time to time and Little Guo’er couldn’t take his eyes off it, unblinking.

The sight of the tiger rekindled Wei Chongrong’s interest in white tigers, so he leaned to Jun Hua’s ear and said, “In winter, I’m going to go to the Buxian Mountains, catch a baby white tiger and start raising it from a young age.”

“Really?” Jun Hua was instantly interested, “Can you take me along?” He loved furry animals the most, and had raised many kittens and puppies, but little tigers… hey, he had never raised one before, it must be interesting!

“If you are completely well, I will take you there.” Jun Hua started taking Suyun Pill in the twelfth month last year, and it would be thirteen months by the end of this year. During this period, his physical condition was not at its best, and Wei Chongrong couldn’t bear to put him in danger. 

Jun Hua calculated the time and was a little discouraged. He clearly couldn’t keep up. Wei Chongrong was deliberately teasing him; it was too much. 

Realising that what he said backfired, Wei Chongrong hurriedly remedied the situation, “Huaixi, I was going to catch the little white tiger and give it to you. If you don’t want it, I won’t go.” He didn’t believe that Jun Hua could bear to resist; the white tiger in Shanglin Park in his previous life was Jun Hua’s favourite. 

“Yes yes yes, of course I want it.” Sure enough, Jun Hua couldn’t hold back. ”But Brother Rong, you must be careful.”

Wei Chongrong said firmly, “Don’t worry about it, I will definitely succeed.”

The show was spectacular and the people applauded but Wei Chongrong and Jun Hua were distracted throughout the process. Only Guo’er watched with relish and didn’t care what they were talking about. 

After a while, Guo’er tugged at Jun Hua’s sleeve and whispered, “Brother Hua, I’m hungry.”

Jun Hua came back to his senses and asked him with a smile: “What does Guo’er want to eat? We will go right away.”

Guo’er turned his head and looked at the unfinished performance on the stage, his little face looking a little tangled: “I still want to see the monkey fishing for the moon…”

Wei Chongrong understood what he meant instantly, and said with a smile: “What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

Guo’er tilted his head and thought for a while: “I want to eat roasted donkey meat, the one at the east street entrance.”

“Okay, I’ll go right away.”Wei Chongrong said and handed Guo’er to Jun Hua, instructing in a low voice, “Huaixi, there are many people here, you must keep an eye on Guo’er, I’ll be back soon.”

Jun Hua nodded and grabbed Guo’er’s hand tightly, indicating that he would keep an eye on him.

The roasted donkey meat that Guo’er wanted to eat was a bit far from the location of the circus, and there were many people on the street. It took nearly a quarter of a shichen for Wei Chongrong to get there and come back. After all, he couldn’t use qinggong on the street. 

Carrying a bag of steaming donkey meat, Wei Chongrong hurriedly walked back. Before he could return to his original spot, he saw the panicked Jun Hua, and at his side, there was no sign of Guo’er. 

“Brother Rong, what should I do? Guo’er is gone…” When Jun Hua saw Wei Chongrong, it was like seeing a saviour. 

Wei Chongrong was shocked when he heard the news. Lu Ming was the governor of Youzhou. His son was gone. This matter could be big or small, and they couldn’t solve it by themselves. He calmed down, focused and asked in a deep voice: “Huaixi, don’t worry, tell me quickly, how did Guo’er disappear?”

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