Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 44

When Xie Ke woke up from his coma, the system breathed a sigh of relief and told him in detail what had happened in the past few days. But after the system had rambled such a long paragraph, Xie Ke once again focused on the wrong point. 

“He called the shadow guard? That summoning by Zhiyu saved me,” Xie Ke, lying on the bed, couldn’t help but chuckle after listening to it, “The grace of saving a life is given in return.”

“…I beg you to wake up a little,” the system was speechless, “Save you? He wanted you to get out of there, okay? During the Qianyuan Battle, I was very worried. This is a rebooted world. No one can tell what will happen. If you really die here, maybe the actor will also die. It’s not a problem that can be solved by changing the shell. The Lord God is very angry, can you stop thinking about Fu Zhiyu?!”

“No,” Xie Ke said. He now thought of Fu Zhiyu, and his heart was full of pink bubbles of happiness. “The Lord God can’t interfere with me now. Nothing can interfere with me and Zhiyu being together.”

The system was stuck for a moment, unable to find what to say: “Okay, anyway, you have survived now, you can do by yourself, I don’t care about you anymore.”

As a result, as soon as Xie Ke’s condition improved a little bit, he immediately ran to Wang Zhao’s residence.

Fu Zhiyu listened to him talk but didn’t say anything back, just glanced at him coldly. Xie Ke was stared at and although he didn’t understand what this gaze meant, he just felt that all the thoughts in his mind had disappeared, and there was only Fu Zhiyu left.

“Go back, we have nothing to say to each other, and I don’t want to hear any apologies,” Fu Zhiyu said. “I don’t want to remember the past with you, nor do I want to listen to your psychological goings-on. Anyone can say beautiful things. I’ll just call a storyteller in and he can make up such things for three days and three nights without any difficulty.”

Xie Ke didn’t dare to make him angry. After he reluctantly left, Fu Zhiyu sat in place for a while with his head down, thinking about something. At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly appeared in his mind. 

“Zhiyu, Zhiyu,” the voice of the Lord God sounded a bit sneaky, “Can you hear me?”

Fu Zhiyu was startled and stood up from the couch.

“Lord God?”

All in all, he hadn’t heard this voice for more than a year and a half.

“It’s me,” the Lord God said in a small voice, “Zhiyu, is the world okay?”

“It depends on how you define it,” Fu Zhiyu thought for a while. “Compared with the original plot, it is naturally falling apart, but in terms of overall stability, it should be good. The war has just ended and the time has been compressed. The people have suffered less. From this point of view, the world is fine.”

The Lord God breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good. What about you? How are you doing?”

Fu Zhiyu thought about his life for a while, only to feel that there was nothing to be picky about except for the dead-stubborn Xie Ke.

Seeing that he was silent, the Lord God began to wonder: “Has Xie Ke been sticking to you?”

Fu Zhiyu stretched out his hand and rubbed his brow, asking, “Can you take him away? He is really annoying.”

“Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed now,” the Lord God said. “I took the risk to come here again because I received a special fluctuation from this world. I think it should be Xie Ke who did something again, or he himself is a fluctuation. Only after I came here did I find out that he was injured.”

“Then don’t worry,” Fu Zhiyu said, “He is very selfish and cherishes his life, and he won’t just die like this.”

The Lord God sighed and said, “Zhiyu, maybe you really have to change your fixed thinking about Xie Ke. He is really here for you. I didn’t have time to tell you this last time. In order to reboot the world, he relinquished everything he had saved. The degree of his obsession is unimaginable. Now that he almost died, it is naturally impossible for him to let go easily.”

Fu Zhiyu was a little puzzled when he heard this. He originally thought Xie Ke had just spent some time invading the system. It turned out that there was something behind it.

The Lord God explained to him, more like spitting bitterly: “The actors are also organised. I mentioned this to you. They are getting more and more difficult to manage. Xie Ke is the soul of the largest organisation.

Rebooting a world is not that simple. It can’t be done by just one actor. It took him a long time to unite several organisations to achieve his goal. Others are not philanthropists. There was no reason for them to help him casually. He exchanged a lot of things. And he didn’t know how it would turn out once he was gone. All the matters of the organisation were temporarily handed over to others, and the entire actor world thought he was crazy.”

“Really going to die for an indigenous data? No wonder others are laughing at him,” Fu Zhiyu raised the corner of his mouth in a smile, “He is really… a capricious psychopath.”

Every time he met Xie Ke in this life, Fu Zhiyu’s perception of him was refreshed. He had felt several times that his vocabulary was insufficient and he couldn’t describe Xie Ke’s behaviour that went against human logic.

“But you have also mutated, so it should be okay to deal with him?” The Lord God continued, “I turned off the functions of his system, and now he should…”

“Wait,” Fu Zhiyu couldn’t help interrupting him, “You turned off his system functions? No, he can still use props. I am sure that he must have used props, and his system is still there.”

The Lord God was taken aback, and then explained to him: “The system and the actor are bound. It is impossible to separate them without extreme circumstances. I can’t control the props and physical improvements that have been redeemed with points. I’m talking about the basic functions of the system.”

“Including… blocking pain?”

“Of course.” The Lord God added, “You don’t have to worry about props. You are an abnormal data, or a super-bug that even I can’t delete. Unlike other people, his props basically won’t work for you.”

Fu Zhiyu had known this for a long time, but he was somewhat relieved when it was confirmed by the Lord God.

He thought for a while, and then suddenly asked a question: “If Xie Ke dies in this particular free world, will the actor die too? Or is it possible for him to find another body to come back?”

“He will be greatly affected, and may disappear all together,” the Lord God said. “I’m not sure, but if Xie Ke’s body dies, I should be able to control him. He won’t be able to come back.”

After hearing this sentence, Fu Zhiyu tapped his fingers, his mind spinning; he was about to ask something again, when the Lord God’s voice suddenly disappeared, as if the channel for communication had been closed.

At this moment, Steward Zhou knocked on the door and came in, first saluting Fu Zhiyu and then saying, “Your Highness, the palace has rewarded you with another gift, it is in the courtyard. Do you want to go and have a look?”

The victory over barbarians was a great one, and the Xie family was promoted again. Emperor Qingyuan seemed to have finally relaxed. A series of rewards was given, and even Wang Zhao’s residence that had nothing to do with it was rewarded.

“Let’s put it all in the treasury,” Fu Zhiyu, who had just recovered from the conversation with the Lord God, sighed and said, “I won’t go to look at it. During this time, everyone in the residence has also worked hard. Give every person a gift of five taels of silver. As for Steward Zhou, you…”

Fu Zhiyu thought for a while. He was wearing a jade pendant on his waist today, prepared by the maid, one of the items taken out of the treasury. Judging by its colour, it was worth a few hundred taels of silver. Seeing that there was no imperial mark on it, Fu Zhiyu took it off and gave it to the steward.

Steward Zhou was naturally happy. He had served people for many years, but he hadn’t met such a good-tempered master. Wang Zhao never harrassed his subordinates and didn’t ask too much as far as food, clothing, housing and travel were concerned. He also often rewarded people. That was why Steward Zhou had to be grateful and serve carefully.

After receiving the jade pendant, he thanked the master first, and then said, “The boxes and objects that were sent are fine, but this time the palace also sent… a few people.”

Fu Zhiyu finally glanced up at him, wondering: “How many people? There are already fifty or sixty servants and handymen in the residence to take care of me and Mingdao. Why do we need more people?”

Steward Zhou wiped his sweat and said, “It’s not servants, it’s concubines. I heard the eunuch who delivered the goods said that it was His Highness Crown Prince who spoke to the emperor, saying that Wang Zhao had lived outside the palace for so long and there was no one around to take care of him. It was inevitable that he would be lonely. And Wang Zhao was eighteen years old, already an adult, it was even late to give him someone just now.

The emperor felt that it made sense. The matter of choosing a consort had to be discussed in the long run, but concubines could be prepared first, so the emperor sent a few people.”

Fu Zhiyu frowned and said, “How many are there?”

“Six, all beautiful,” Steward Zhou said. “They are standing outside. Does Master want to see them?”

This was a reward from the emperor, and it couldn’t be sent away casually. Fu Zhiyu originally wanted them to live in a more remote part of the residence and take care of themselves, but just as he was about to give an order, he thought of something and changed his mind.

“I’ll see them now,” he said, “call them all inside.”

As soon as Steward Zhou got the order, he brought the people in.

There was indeed something to look at. Fu Zhiyu just said “them” but to be more precise, there were four women and two men among the six people. After they came in, they all knelt down and saluted Fu Zhiyu, saying their names one by one according to Steward Zhou’s order.

They seemed to be a little scared, and their voices were very low, so Fu Zhiyu didn’t hear much clearly.

The existence of male concubines in this dynasty wasn’t strange, and it had nothing to do with open-mindedness. Powerful people would do anything for fun, and male concubines were nothing special as long as this kind of relationship was hidden in the back of the house.

They were indeed very beautiful, and the emperor had some vision in choosing these ones. Fu Zhiyu observed them with interest, remembering the past.

Back then, it was his choice not to touch anyone else for the sake of Xie Ke. And after becoming the emperor, he approved memorials almost every day until the night, devoting himself to political affairs. He really didn’t have free time. Now that he was free, it was okay to try something that he had never tried in his previous life.

He didn’t plan to marry a consort. He would run away when the time came, so he didn’t want to waste the time of an innocent woman. Fortunately, Jilin had no tradition of getting married early. The Crown Prince and the Third Prince were much older than him, and they had not married a formal wife yet. The Crown Prince’s formal wife was a matter of interest and had to be carefully selected by many parties. Fu Zhiyu was younger than them, so naturally there was an excuse to put it off.

It was true, but he felt that he didn’t need to be tied to Xie Ke’s crooked tree for another lifetime, right?

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