Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 166

The tourism boom in Fengcheng continued, but after the initial days of excitement, the people of Fengcheng could already look at the events around them calmly. Take Wang Shuxiu as an example; she no longer listened to Dahei’s every bark, asking Lu Lingxi what it meant.

Lu Lingxi and Dahei let out a sigh of relief at the same time.

Yan Yue looked amused and discussed it with Lu Lingxi, “Does Xiao Xi want to go back to Zhongjing with me?”

Lu Lingxi thought about it for a while and nodded. Although he had grown up in Zhongjing, he was not familiar with it, so it would be good to go back and have a look.

After his recent experiences, Yan Yue now wanted to tie Lu Lingxi to his waist and take him along wherever he went. When he heard that Lu Lingxi was willing to go to Zhongjing, he reached out and took Lu Lingxi into his arms, kissed him on the ear and rested his chin on Lu Lingxi’s shoulder, saying, “Although the environment in Zhongjing is not as good as that in Fengcheng, some tourist attractions are still good, so we can go and have a look.”

“Can we go climb Hongye Mountain?” Lu Lingxi suddenly asked.

Yan Yue smiled, “Of course.”

Lu Lingxi grabbed Yan Yue’s hand and said, “I’ve never been anywhere in Zhongjing since I was a kid. The only time I could go on a trip was when the school arranged a spring trip for us in the third grade, and the destination at that time was Hongye Mountain. But on the first day of the spring trip I had an accident and missed the event. Then… I stayed home and never went out again.”

Now when it came to the past, Lu Lingxi no longer had any psychological barriers. He had made up his mind to say goodbye to the past once and for all, and wouldn’t have anything to do with the Lu family again. However, Lu Lingxi felt a bit weird. The Lu family had even sent Lu Yishui to make him acknowledge them, but he had only met Lu Yishui once and never seen him again, and there was no news from the Lu family either. It was so strange.

When he was quiet and didn’t say anything, Yan Yue reached out and covered his hand, softly saying, “Then let’s go and climb Hongye Mountain a few times.”

Lu Lingxi curved his eyes, “Climbing once is enough. By the way…” he looked at Yan Yue curiously, “Big Brother Yan, do you think it’s strange that it’s been almost a month and neither the Lu family nor Lu… Dad has reappeared? “

“Lu Yishui?” Yan Yue’s tone was subtly odd but Lu Lingxi didn’t notice it. Yan Yue’s arms tightened, “Probably the Lu family has something else tripping them up right now.”

A few days ago, the Lu family in Zhongjing

Lu Yishui stood in front of Lu Hengchuan, shrinking his neck and with his head drooping.

Lu Hengchuan looked at him fiercely, his face grim, feeling his breath stuck in his throat, suffocating him unbearably. In all these years, the Lu family had never been so humiliated. It was simply a disgrace. A month ago, Lu Yishui had patted his chest and promised that he could bring Lu Lingxi back to the Lu family. What happened? Instead, they received the news that Lu Yishui had secretly run away to Aogang Casino to gamble without his assistant’s knowledge and lost 100 million yuan and was detained there.

The Lu family originally didn’t want to take the blame for Lu Yishui, but they couldn’t resist the shamelessness of Lu Yishui, who pretended to be crazy and shouted everywhere that Lu Hengchuan was his father and had just recognised him back to the Lu family. Everyone in the entire Aogang Casino, including the guests, knew about it now. By word of mouth, the whole city of Zhongjing was watching the Lu family as a joke. Lu Hengchuan was furious, but he couldn’t help but swallow the bitter pill of Lu Yishui and pay back the money he owed.

Just thinking about it made Lu Hengchuan feel sick to his stomach. One hundred million happened to be all the cash that Lu Group could draw out right now. The Lu family had already been hurt by the involvement with Hopewell, and now it was even worse as there was no telling when the money chain would break. Lu Hengchuan didn’t believe that this was a coincidence at all. He suspected that someone was deliberately targeting the Lu family.

“How dare you come back!” Lu Hengchuan shouted angrily.

Lu Yishui smiled apologetically, “Dad, I… you…”

“Shut up!” Lu Hengchuan yelled, “You actually used the Lu family’s name to gamble, you! You…”

Lu Yishui argued in a small voice, “I was originally your son, it doesn’t count as borrowing the name of the Lu family, right? Besides, when Dad passes away one day, won’t I still have a share of the inheritance? It will be worth hundreds of millions. Think of it as spending it on me in advance now, and give me less when the time comes. I promise I won’t fight with my brothers.”

He said it shamelessly, and Lu Hengchuan’s face turned red with anger, “Get lost!” After one sentence, Lu Hengchuan clutched his heart and collapsed softly.

The news of Lu Hengchuan’s hospitalisation was suppressed carefully. The Lu family’s stock had fallen very hard due to the impact of Hopewell. Now the most important thing was to seek stability and not to have any more bad news break out. If the news of the hospitalisation of the Lu family’s patriarch, Elder Lu, was to break out at this juncture, investors’ confidence would be dented and the Lu family’s shares would suffer another round of plummeting. The Lu family had kept the news under wraps, and Lu Hengchuan even wanted to send Lu Yishui back to Fengcheng, so that he wouldn’t have to worry about him. However, Lu Yishui was afraid that if Lu Hengchuan suddenly died, he wouldn’t be able to come back in time to divide the inheritance, so he refused to leave and insisted on staying by Lu Hengchuan’s side to serve him.

Lu Hengchuan was disgusted by his own son and was afraid to let him go out and say anything, so he had to keep him by his side. He couldn’t care about Lu Lingxi’s affairs in Fengcheng anymore.

Of course, the news of Lu Hengchuan’s hospitalisation could be concealed from others, but not from the Ye family. The Ye family in turn told Yan Yue about it. Yan Yue didn’t expect Lu Yishui’s killing power to be so great, and was as relieved as he was surprised. The sins that Elder Lu had committed when he was young had to be repaid now when the time came.

These things Yan Yue didn’t intend to tell Lu Lingxi. He always remembered his wish when he first met Lu Lingxi, his hope to protect Lu Lingxi in his arms and never let him know the dark side behind the scenes. He especially didn’t want Lu Lingxi to know these rotten things about the Lu family.

After taking care of some matters in Fengcheng, Yan Yue took Lu Lingxi to Zhongjing. Of course, Dahei was definitely going to come along, accompanied by Ye Kang and Erha the demolition expert.

After getting used to the environment of Fengcheng, when they returned to Zhongjing, they felt a bit uncomfortable. Ye Kang joked, “It’s easy to go from frugality to luxury, but hard to go from luxury to frugality. Although it’s about the environment, that’s also true. I wonder if the change in Fengcheng is a special case, or can it be replicated throughout the country?”

Lu Lingxi was an expert on this issue, and he said with certainty, “It can be replicated all over the country.”

“Xiao Xi is so sure?” Ye Kang teased casually.

Lu Lingxi was startled, but Yan Yue had already clarified for him, “Fengcheng didn’t start out like this. First it was a few places in the city, and only later did it expand to the whole city.” He finished, rubbing Lu Lingxi’s hair, and Lu Lingxi obediently lowered his head and stopped talking.

Yan Yue was much more cautious than Lu Lingxi when it came to the panel and Lu Lingxi’s identity. Although Ye Kang was his trusted friend, Yan Yue had no intention of telling Ye Kang either.

Ye Kang didn’t hear anything suspicious and said with interest, “Then at the speed of Fengcheng’s expansion, it will take a few years until the changes reach Zhongjing, right?”

Behind Ye Kang’s back, Lu Lingxi secretly made a “four” gesture.

Yan Yue chuckled and reached out to pinch Lu Lingxi’s face. The two of them had actually discussed this issue. According to the expansion rate of Fengcheng’s soil purification, it would take four years to expand from Fengcheng to Zhongjing. But if several purification points were formed in Zhongjing and both sides expanded together, the time could be completely compressed to two years. Lu Lingxi still had four points of power of nature and he had agreed with Yan Yue that he would use all four points when he came to Zhongjing this time, to speed up the purification on the Zhongjing side. Of course, the ecological communities formed by evolved plants were more effective, but it would easily reveal Lu Lingxi’s identity. Until there was a suitable excuse, Yan Yue wouldn’t allow Lu Lingxi to do so.

They quickly settled down in the Yan family mansion. It was simple; Lu Lingxi was going to stay with Yan Yue and Ye Kang did not want to go back to the Ye family, so he said hello to the old man and stayed here, as there was a room for him to stay in anyway. The only two who needed to be worried about were Dahei and Erha. Dahei was fine, he had always been obedient and sensible, unlike Erha with his lively nature. Just a short time later Erha had already gnawed a table leg in the living room like a chicken leg.

The housekeeper looked depressed, and the stupid dog was still acting cute with him, covering his eyes with his paws and peeking at his reaction. He looked away speechlessly and Erha actually went around to his other side.

Housekeeper: “……”

Lu Lingxi was afraid that the housekeeper would get angry and secretly called Erha to his side. Erha pounced over with great enthusiasm, and when he was growled at by Dahei, he immediately flopped onto the floor with a wilted look. Lu Lingxi held back his laughter and took them both outside to the small garden.

Although it was his first time here, the structure of Yan family’s house was similar to that of the Lu family’s old mansion, and Lu Lingxi found his way to the garden after just thinking a little. Speaking of which, he didn’t like this kind of big house; one would always have a feeling of emptiness when living in it. Especially when he thought that Yan Yue had lived here alone since he was a child, without his family; that must have been even more lonely than he had been in the Lu family.

With all sorts of thoughts running through his mind, Lu Lingxi took the two dogs for a walk around the garden. By the time he returned to his original spot, Yan Yue was already standing there waiting for him.

“Do you like it here?”

Lu Lingxi paused and shook his head honestly.

“I don’t like it either.” Yan Yue took Lu Lingxi’s hand and walked around the small garden, saying as he walked, “My grandfather wished for the family to live together in harmony back then, but it turned out that his wish came true only for a year and then my parents’ relationship was declared broken. They had separate relationships outside but couldn’t move out because of my grandfather’s presence and were forced to live together. When my grandfather died, they couldn’t wait to move out and I was the only one who stayed. When I was young, I didn’t know any better and kept this house in the hope that my parents would come back. Later, I became sensible and when I went to school abroad, I didn’t like it more and more, and I didn’t like coming back.”

As Lu Lingxi listened, he gripped Yan Yue’s hand hard. Yan Yue smiled and kissed him on the forehead. “Actually the house is fine. Think of the Ye family, a large family would be quite happy living here together.”

Lu Lingxi thought for a moment, “We’re quite happy now too.”

Yan Yue was taken aback, and then laughed aloud.

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