Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 162

Xiao Hong was the only one Xiao Feng told the news of Lu Yishui’s return for the time being.

Xiao Hong cursed as soon as he heard it: “That bastard Zhou Laosan.”

Zhou Laosan was the one who took over the northwest coal mine and promised to keep a good eye on Lu Yishui and never let him come back to disgust people.

Xiao Feng said soothingly, “Zhou Laosan can’t be blamed for this. It’s clear that Lu Yishui could come back because the Lu family found him and Zhou Laosan could do nothing about it. It was also a matter of time; the Lu family was anxious to make Xiao Xi acknowledge his ancestors. Xiaohua didn’t relent, so they could only put the idea in Lu Yishui’s mind.” To be honest, whether or not Lu Yishui came back was actually of little consequence. Xiaohua was happy with Xiao Feng, and Xiao Xi had Yan Yue to protect him. Lu Yishui couldn’t do anything even if he came back, it was just disgusting. There was only one thing Xiao Feng couldn’t figure out: why was the Lu family so eager to find Xiao Xi? Could it really be like what Xiaohua said, that the child who had leukaemia back then had a health problem again?

“What are you going to do?” Xiao Hong also understood that Lu Yishui could do nothing but bring some trouble.

“Let’s wait for Yan Yue to come back and ask him what he is going to do,” Xiao Feng said. Solving Lu Yishui was not a problem, the problem was that Lu Yishui’s identity was sensitive and he had to take into account Xiao Xi’s feelings. Now that Xiao Xi had lost his memory and couldn’t remember anything but it would be bad if he remembered something one day and disagreed with their actions.

Xiao Hong knew what Xiao Feng meant, so he didn’t say anything else. After the two brothers finished discussing the matter, Xiao Feng thought he would tell Xiaohua about it when he got home. When they returned from the hospital, they saw Lu Yishui waiting at the door of Building 3, dressed like a dandy.

“Lu Yishui?” Wang Shuxiu got out of the car with her seven-month belly, looked at the familiar figure in front of her and said in an odd tone.

“Xiaohua!” When Lu Yishui heard Wang Shuxiu’s voice, he immediately turned around with his head held high, eager to show off his new self. But when he got a good look at Wang Shuxiu, the smug expression on his face instantly froze and turned into lividness, “Wang Xiaohua, you’ve actually cheated on me!”

Before he finished speaking, Xiao Feng followed out of the car and stood next to Wang Shuxiu, half-supporting her and looking at Lu Yishui with a smirk. “…Brother Feng.” Lu Yishui, even if he was stupid, realised what was going on and choked back all the words that came to his lips, replacing them with a phrase in a jittery voice. “Brother Feng.”

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Hong parked his car and walked over. Lu Yishui recognised Xiao Hong at a glance. The memories of the mine flashed through his mind, his legs went weak and he said with a self-deprecating smile, “Nothing, nothing.”

“Lu Yishui, what are you doing here? We are divorced.” Wang Shuxiu’s tone was cold.

Lu Yishui remembered what the Lu family had ordered and the lure of money momentarily overtook his fear of the Xiao brothers. He said ingratiatingly, “Xiaohua, I came back because I have something good for you. I’m rich now, forget about the past when you followed me to suffer, I…” Meeting Xiao Feng’s gaze, Lu Yishui immediately changed his words, “No, you and Brother Feng are good together, I… I don’t mean anything else, I just want Xiao Xi to have a good life too. Do you think Xiao Xi has a future in Fengcheng, and how much money can he make by opening a little shitty flower shop? Let me tell you that I found my dad. He is not dead, he is a rich man, he has money. If Xiao Xi follows me, he’ll be my dad’s grandson. What else to worry about, Xiaohua, don’t you think?”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Wang Shuxiu, who snorted, “What rich man, isn’t it just the Lu family in Zhongjing? I’m telling you, I don’t care about it.”

“Xiaohua, you can’t be like this, you’re living a good life with Brother Feng, you can’t leave our son alone.” Lu Yishui said anxiously.

“Bah.” Even though Wang Shuxiu was pregnant, her temper had not softened at all, so she took her bag and smashed it against Lu Yishui’s head. “Do you care about your son? Are you fucking in charge of your son? You are making Xiao Xi jump into the fire pit. Do you know why the Lu family wants to take Xiao Xi back? They have a child with leukaemia in their family, and they’re after Xiao Xi. Lu Yishui, you old son of a bitch…”

Wang Shuxiu’s beat him happily, but Xiao Feng was afraid for her and rushed forward to hug her, coaxing, “Xiaohua, take it easy, you still have a baby in your belly.”

Lu Yishui was dizzy from being hit, and when he reacted and was going to habitually curse back, he met Xiao Feng’s gaze and was instantly discouraged. “Xiaohua, this can’t be possible, right?”

“Fuck off. Who cares if it’s possible or not, I say he won’t acknowledge them.”


Lu Yishui still tried to explain. Xiao Feng had already let go of Wang Shuxiu and asked him lightly, “Xiaohua told you to leave, didn’t you hear her?”

“I’ll leave, Brother Feng, I’ll go right away.” Lu Yishui saw that Xiao Feng’s expression was not right, so he dared not stay any longer and turned around to run.

“Bah, you bastard, you don’t look like a prince even when you’re wearing a dragon robe.” Xiao Hong scolded with contempt. Xiao Feng told him at the hospital that Lu Yishui had gone to look for Lu Lingxi, and he thought that Lu Yishui was probably coming to look for Wang Shuxiu as well. The result was that after only a few words, Lu Yishui, that soft egg, ran away. He didn’t even look like a fucking man, not worth a hair on his sister-in-law’s head.

Xiao Hong had just finished cursing when he heard Wang Shuxiu ask, “When did that old bastard Lu Yishui come back?”

Xiao Feng supported Wang Shuxiu and said, “It’s just the past day or two, I guess the Lu family has just found him.”

“No, let’s hurry up and warn Xiao Xi! What if the old bastard goes to Xiao Xi to make trouble?”

Xiao Feng was helpless, “He has already gone to Xiao Xi and was scared away by Dahei.”

When Wang Shuxiu heard that Lu Yishui had already looked for Lu Lingxi, she became even more furious and said hatefully, “Xiao Xi should have just let Dahei bite the old bastard.”

“Fine, fine, tomorrow let Xiao Xi take Xiao Baiwan with him. If Lu Yishui comes again, Dahei and Xiao Baiwan will each take a bite each.”

“That’s more like it!”

Xiao Feng, having coaxed Wang Shuxiu, called to ask when Yan Yue would be back. Xiaohua’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, so they had to get rid of Lu Yishui as soon as possible, or else he might pop up again sometime. When he received Xiao Feng’s call, Yan Yue already knew from Lu Lingxi that Lu Yishui was back. “I’m going to pick up Xiao Xi from Tiny Garden first, I’ll be back later.”

“What are your plans for Lu Yishui?” Xiao Feng asked on the phone.

Yan Yue sneered, “This is simple, just make him not have any wish to come and cause trouble.”

Xiao Feng guessed what Yan Yue had in mind, “I’ll find someone?”

“No need, this time let’s take Lu Yishui to play a big game.” Yan Yue said indifferently. It was just too easy to deal with Lu Yishui, a few random chess and card parlours would hook Lu Yishui’s soul. However, considering Lu Hengchuan’s character, Lu Yishui must have had people by his side. It was just the right time to pit Lu Hengchuan in the process.

“Yan Yue, do you know why the Lu family wants to recognise Xiao Xi and take him back?” Xiao Feng asked.

He was not sure, but Yan Yue understood that the Lu family valued Lu Lingxi’s business potential. Although Lu Hengchuan had no intention of transforming, he was determined to expand the Lu family’s business empire, and the value shown by Lu Lingxi was exactly what the Lu family needed.

Under this premise, Lu Hengchuan was determined to have Lu Lingxi back to the family. Considering Wang Shuxiu’s opposition, Lu Hengchuan naturally thought of Lu Yishui. Although the investigation showed that Lu Lingxi seemed to have lost his memory and didn’t remember the existence of Lu Yishui, the psychologist analysed that Lu Lingxi might not necessarily not remember, but had simply buried this memory deep in his heart. Bloodline attraction is a very peculiar thing. In the past, Wang Shuxiu tried to divorce Lu Yishui many times, but all these attempts were thwarted by Lu Lingxi, which proved that Lu Lingxi had deep feelings for Lu Yishui. If one approached Lu Lingxi through Lu Yishui, it would be much better than the Lu family directly stepping in.

Due to various considerations, Lu Hengchuan didn’t come to Lu Lingxi directly, but sent someone to find Lu Yishui to bring him back to Fengcheng. Unfortunately, Lu Hengchuan didn’t know that the soul inside Lu Lingxi’s body had been changed. Not to mention one Lu Yishui, even if ten Lu Yishuis came over, it would be useless.

Yan Yue hung up the phone after speaking to Xiao Feng, and then called An Jie, instructing him to find the contact person of the Aogang Casino in Fengcheng. As the casinos in Hong Kong had become more and more reliant on mainland customers over the years, the casino managers had arranged contacts in all major cities in the mainland, specifically to find “fat sheep” and lure them into a trap. In the past, Lu Yishui was just a small fry nowhere near this level, but now Lu Yishui was at least the illegitimate son of the Lu family, so his status was sufficient, and it depended on his luck how much he would lose. Lu Hengchuan dared to use Lu Yishui to disgust them, now let him have a taste of being disgusted himself.

An Jie’s actions were very efficient, and he helped both sides make a connection that evening. Lu Yishui only felt that his new friend and he had similar personalities and hobbies and were very lucky to meet each other. When his new friend inadvertently mentioned gambling for tens of millions at the Aogang Casino, Lu Yishui’s face turned red with excitement. This was something he hadn’t even dared to think about before, but now he was rich, he was Lu Hengchuan’s son, and he could afford to gamble like this. What’s tens of millions of dollars? When the old man Lu dies, his inheritance will be worth hundreds of millions.

At first, Lu Yishui remembered what Lu Hengchuan had ordered him to do and besides, he still had Lu Hengchuan’s two assistants following him. But after his new friend got rid of the assistants and took him to an underground casino in Fengcheng to play and win a hundred thousand, Lu Yishui couldn’t remember anything else, all he could think about was gambling! Gambling! Gambling!

For several days in a row, Lu Yishui disappeared, and Lu Lingxi was so busy that he couldn’t remember him at all. Although Tiger had taken good care of the shop during his absence, many of his regular customers recognised Lu Lingxi alone and waited for him to return. These days, Lu Lingxi was very busy. After sending another regular customer away, Lu Lingxi made a quick phone call to Yan Yue.

Yan Yue went to Elder Min’s friend to sign a contract today. This was the first order that Zhugang had signed, an order from the Ministry of Energy. Lu Lingxi looked at the time and thought that Yan Yue should also be finished, so he wanted to ask Yan Yue if his day had gone well.

“Xiao Xi.” Yan Yue’s voice was smiling; he was in a good mood from the sound of it.

Lu Lingxi was in a good mood too, “Big Brother Yan, are you finished?”

“En, I’ve just signed the contract, I’m going back now, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

Lu Lingxi thought about it, “Let’s go eat beef noodles, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten them.”

“Okay, wait for me to get back.”

Yan Yue hung up the phone and was about to drive when his phone rang once again. The caller was Grandpa. Yan Yue paused and accepted the call. He had been waiting for this call for a long time.

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