Good Luck in the Year of the Pig Chapter 32

You are his father in the first place.

The words were on the tip of his tongue but Lu Ying swallowed them. He used to think it was very simple, a very simple sentence. He didn’t know when it became difficult to say it out loud.

As the old saying goes, three feet of ice can’t melt in a single day. He felt that his heart had always been warm, but perhaps somewhere, at some point, it had not melted yet.

“You go to bed early, I’ll see you next time.” Qin Zhuopu didn’t wait for an answer, gently touched Lu Ying’s hair and turned to step into the night.

Lu Ying sighed and quickly closed the door to go back inside.

Lu Zaizai hadn’t fallen asleep yet, so when he saw his father, he said, “Is Uncle gone?”


“Why didn’t Dad see Uncle off?”

“He will go on his own.”

“But Uncle will be afraid to go alone, it’s so dark outside.”

“He’s not a child.” Lu Ying was in a complicated mood: “Why do you like Uncle so much?”

Lu Zaizai’s eyes darted around and he thought for a while, “Because Uncle is nice.”

“Godfather is also very nice to you.”

“That’s why I like Godfather too.”

“Then who do you like more?”

“I like both of them!”

Lu Ying coughed lightly and asked in a low voice, “Do you think you would be happy if Uncle became your father?”

Lu Zaizai exclaimed “ah”, his face full of curiosity, “Why should Uncle be my father?”

“If, in future, you have one more father?” Lu Ying asked with his heart beating hard.

Lu Zaizai was confused: “But everyone only has one father.”

“…okay.” Lu Ying was tired: “So what if, if he was your mother, would you like it?”

“Mother?” Lu Zaizai’s eyes twisted into mosquito coils: “My mother will not be so… so…” Can’t find the adjective!

“What’s wrong with him being your mother?” Why are you so disagreeable? Lu Ying was speechless.

Lu Zaizai sighed exaggeratedly, “How can Uncle be a mother with such a flat chest! You’re such a confused dad!”


Lu Ying clutched his chest and shivered: “You’d better go to sleep!”

Swipe your card and take the subway.

There weren’t many passengers taking the subway at this time, so Qin Zhuopu was able to settle into an empty seat. It took sixty-five minutes to get from here to the airport and there was no need to worry about traffic jams, so it could be described as very convenient. He had already gotten used to it after taking it twice, and he would get used to it even more in the future, Qin Zhuopu thought, smiling slightly as he turned on his phone and unconsciously clicked on the photos he had taken tonight.

There weren’t many photos, but each one was related to the birthday boy Zaizai, and his chubby, smiling face was a real treat. Qin Zhuopu opened his WeChat and couldn’t resist posting a Moments.

Lu Ying washed up and climbed into the bed. He used to check his phone before going to sleep. Although he didn’t post many Moments himself, he liked to see others’ Moments. Especially kindergarten teachers, parents and so on, Lu Ying would politely like all the Moments they posted. And then there were some friends who liked to post food, he liked to like them even more! (*^▽^*)

Recently Brother Yang recommended him several big guys in the baking circle to add to his WeChat and exchange groups, and since then the Moments he could see had become fragrant and exciting.

But he didn’t expect to see the Moments posted by Qin Zhuopu before he went to bed.

The frequency of this person’s Moments was comparable to his, and coupled with the ‘boring content that only old people are interested in’, there was really nothing to look forward to -_-||

Lu Ying subconsciously clicked on Qin Zhuopu’s sea avatar quickly.

The image that caught his eye made him freeze and immediately jump out of his blanket.

Qin Zhuopu:

Happy birthday, baby!


11 minutes ago

Only a few words and the picture was… Lu Zaizai with a blurry face! -_-||

The birthday cake in the form of Lego blocks was beautifully photographed and the six lit candles were also very clear. But the face of the birthday boy who sat in front of the cake and made a wish with his hands clasped together was blurred. Only his white teeth were faintly visible in a happy smile.

Of course, there was also the chubby physique that could not be hidden even though it was blurred.

Lu Ying held his forehead, grumbled and gritted his teeth, but for the sake of his son, he had to give a like! He usually didn’t bother to like other ‘old man’s interests’ things Qin Zhuopu posted.

After the like, Lu Ying still couldn’t help but leave a message. 

Perfect Dad: Why did you make my son look like this? You have the nerve to post such an ugly picture.

He had embarked on the long road of a ‘photographer’ since the day Lu Zaizai was born, and after all these years, he was not a rookie, so he could definitely beat Qin Zhuopu’s level by hundreds of points. The only fate of the blurry photos like this was to be deleted. Lu Ying unceremoniously despised the other party.

The other party replied in seconds. 

Don’t be angry.

I’ve taken several photos that are quite good, and this one is blurred so as not to reveal the face.

Without Lu Ying’s consent, how could he post a clear photo of Zaizai; but he was very happy today and wanted to share it.

It took only a few minutes for the Moments to be sent, and there were already likes. At this moment of joy, Qin Zhuopu finally understood why his friends loved to show off their children so much… They started to show off from birth, and later, although less often, they would still post from time to time, behaving like boring and silly fathers. While he usually gave them likes, his heart was… unruffled.

Now he seemed to be a little enlightened.

In addition to the countless likes, there were many messages of well wishes from familiar faces, almost universally ‘Happy birthday to the little one!’ If these blessings could work, he hoped that Lu Zaizai would receive them.

Lu Ying understood Qin Zhuopu’s intention and had to praise him for his carefulness, but he would not say it out loud. Who told this guy to suddenly change his style and actually post this kind of very personal message!

Qin Zhuopu was in a good mood today.

He knew.

Perfect Dad: I’m not going to bother with you, I’m going to sleep.

Qin Zhuopu: Go to sleep, good night.

Lu Ying put the phone away, hesitated for a while, then picked it up and sent another message: Let me know when you get home.

Definitely, don’t worry.

Lu Ying finally fell asleep, no longer concerned.

The next day at six o’clock Lu Ying got up, took his mobile phone and flipped through it, subconsciously tapping on the message sent by Qin Zhuopu.

I’m home.

More than three o’clock in the morning…

Lu Ying listened to the sound of rain outside in a daze, feeling a little sullen.

He returned a message: If you miss Zaizai, call me anytime, no need to go back and forth.

He had thought that Qin Zhuopu would be resting and would not reply too soon.

He didn’t expect his phone to ring immediately, and the caller was none other than Qin Zhuopu.

Lu Ying picked up, only to hear a familiar voice speaking in a low tone: “Lu Ying, I miss you.”

“……” If you miss, then you miss! He didn’t have a magic method to make people not to miss. Tsk, you’re so energetic this morning, so it’s no big deal for you to stay up late.

Since he didn’t hear the response, Qin Zhuopu, who was far away in Guanlan City, couldn’t help smiling. He couldn’t see the person he missed at the moment, but he could imagine what Lu Ying looked like. Even if he didn’t speak, Qin Zhuopu would never forget his appearance.

“I’m going to a meeting, Lu Ying, you’ll go to work too.”

“…bye.” Lu Ying hung up the phone after saying a single word.

Qin Zhuopu smiled helplessly and headed to the company in high spirits.

Qin Zhuopu’s simple Moments had attracted the attention of many people. A lot of them were curious as to whose child’s photo Qin Zhuopu had posted. They hadn’t seen Qin Zhuopu care about anyone’s children before.

“Then whose child is it? You’re so excited, something doesn’t feel right, Lao Qin.” Fat Gao had always been the most gossipy and straightforward in his attitude, asking questions when he wanted to know something.

Qin Zhuopu said bluntly, “The child is Lu Ying’s.”

“…crap!” Fat Gao was blown away: “Biological?”

“Of course.”

“…do you want to recognise him?”

“As long as he nods.”

Fat Gao raised his thumb speechlessly, brother, go for it!

The capital.

Mrs. Qin looked at the picture on the screen and fell into silence.

The maid brought the old-fashioned glasses and handed them to the old lady beside her. Mrs. Qin’s tablet was snatched away by the old lady.

The old lady stared carefully at the screen and couldn’t help but frown deeply, “This is the child, huh?”

Mrs. Qin nodded, “En.” Lu Ying’s child, and later on, would also be Zhuopu’s child, whether she wanted it or not. She knew that Zhuopu was serious.

The old lady leaned closer to the screen and looked again and again, frowning, “Is there something wrong with these glasses of mine, why does it seem that the child looks all blurry?”

“……” Mrs. Qin was helpless, “Mom, it’s because the level of photography is bad. It’s blurred, of course you can’t see it.”

“Oh my, how can Zhuopu be so clumsy? Can’t he take a clear picture so I can have a good look?” The old lady threw down the tablet in disappointment.

“Mom, Zhuopu did it on purpose. You can’t expose photos of children indiscriminately, there are many bad people in society nowadays.” Mrs. Qin was reluctant but she still had to explain.

“That’s also true. Then you hurry up and call Zhuopu and ask him to send you a picture of his face. I want to take a good look at him.”

“Mom…” Mrs. Qin was annoyed, “What’s the use of you looking at him?” It’s not like he’s your own. She had recently taken medicine and her mood had calmed down a lot. It was out of her control who her son was in love with, so she didn’t need to think about it. It was just that it had gotten to this point and it was impossible for her to accept it with tolerance. At best, she would avoid them in the future and wouldn’t bother to see them.

The old lady scolded, “I’ll just see what it’s all about. There’s nothing I can do if he’s not my own, some things can’t be forced, especially children.” She couldn’t be too serious, she was old and sometimes she had to believe in fate. She felt that her grandson was young and healthy, and the fact that he couldn’t get a child five or six times could only mean that it was not meant to be. But he didn’t care about blood relations and insisted on recognising his lover’s child, so it was also fate.

Unable to resist her old mother, Mrs. Qin sent a message asking Qin Zhuopu to send a photo. She also added, ‘It was your grandma who wanted to see it.’ It wasn’t her who wanted to see it.

Qin Zhuopu didn’t dawdle and directly sent two clear birthday photos of Lu Zaizai.

The old lady once again put on her old-fashioned glasses, nimbly held up the tablet and observed carefully. After a long time, she grinned in excitement.

“What a good-looking boy! He looks so much like Zhuopu’s son, I like him!”

The corners of Mrs. Qin’s mouth twisted, her heart sinking.

How nice it would be if he was really Zhuopu’s son.



Reporter: Mr. Qin, many people say that you are particularly down-to-earth and close to common people. Did you know that?

Mr. Qin: I don’t know.

Reporter: It is rumoured on the internet that when you were courting your lover, you took the subway back and forth.

Mr. Qin: Yes.

Reporter: Oh, he must have been very touched at the time, right? Did he return the favour?

Mr. Qin: Yes, he helped me recharge my subway card.

Reporter: (⊙o⊙)…

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  1. I really appreciate how the elder Mrs. Qin (not Qin Zhuopu’s mother but his grandmother) is so accepting and down-to-earth. She wants her grandson to be happy.

    Too bad the younger Mrs. Qin (Qin Zhuopu’s mother) wasn’t able to have this mindset. I’m glad she’s taking her medications properly. Maybe her condition will stabilize in the future.

    1. Qin Zhuopu’s grandparents are the best! 🙂 🙂
      Ah, Qin Zhuopu’s family is a bit complicated 🙂 It took me a while to figure it out 🙂
      So, he has Mom (Mrs. Qin), and his dad is dead. His mom has Mom (Grandma), and Grandma has other children and many grandchildren. Grandpa Qin is Qin Zhuopu’s father’s father. He doesn’t have other children but his dead son, so Qin Zhuopu is his only grandchild.
      It’s still a long and hard way ahead for Mrs. Qin, things will get both better and worse for her 🙂

  2. The old lady leaned closer to the screen and looked again and again, frowning, “Is there something wrong with these glasses of mine, why does it seem that the child looks all blurry?”

    I snorted at this because my father legit had once thought his phone had problem when he saw we (me and my siblings) send blurry vacation picture with question asking “where~~~??”. We intentionally blurred it to make guessing harder 😅. My mom told this later when we were back and had a good laugh.

    Oooo I just realised it. Grandpa Qin is Zhuopu’s paternal grandparent while “Grandma” isn’t Grandma Qin but Zhuopu’s maternal grandparent. No wonder grandma is so lenient and beloved by Zhuopu. But Grandpa Qin in comparison become more respectable that with his thin descendants and still accepting fate. Applause.

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