Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 147

“You’ve mistaken him for someone else.”

At the entrance of the small restaurant, Wang Shuxiu stood unhappily, with a very cold expression on her face.

Opposite her was Elder Lu, Lu Hengchuan. Lu Hengchuan wasn’t surprised with Wang Shuxiu’s attitude. He looked at Wang Shuxiu with a slightly critical look, and his tone was authoritative, “Whether you admit it or not, Lu Lingxi is still a child of the Lu family. Over the years, the Lu family owed the father and son. You have already divorced Yishui so let’s not talk about it, but Xiao Xi, I hope, can acknowledge his ancestors and the Lu family will compensate him for what he has suffered all these years.”

What Lu Hengchuan said was reasonable, but Wang Shuxiu almost laughed angrily. She rolled her eyes impatiently at Lu Hengchuan and sneered, “What’s the matter with you, old man, don’t you have any grandchildren in your family? Running to someone else’s house to grab a grandson, are you that unethical? What, your grandsons are incapable of filial piety, and now that our Xiao Xi has reached some success, you’re coming to claim your grandson? Why don’t you ask around? Am I, Wang Shuxiu, a person who sells her children? What kind of compensation can there be? Bah!”

She scolded him energetically and before Lu Hengchuan could say anything, the assistant behind Lu Hengchuan stepped forward and rebuked her coldly, “How do you talk, you…”

Lu Hengchuan raised his hand to interrupt the assistant’s words, looked deeply at Wang Shuxiu, and said in a low voice: “Do you know what it means for Lu Lingxi to acknowledge his ancestors? What the Lu family can give him is something that you can never give.”

Wang Shuxiu didn’t bother to argue with him and scolded him spitefully, “The Lu family, the Lu family, what is the Lu family, do you think everyone in the world cares about the Lu family? I’m telling you, you’ve got the wrong person, don’t you understand human language? Don’t think that I am a woman who is easy to bully? I won’t be bullied by you!”

As soon as she stood with her arms akimbo, Yi Hang, who had been watching the situation outside the small restaurant, immediately rushed out with the waiters and shielded Wang Shuxiu. “What’s the matter? What’s going on? Is this old man here to smash the venue (deliberately make trouble on someone else’s territory to ruin its reputation)? Several men bullying one lady, how shameless! Lao Si, call Brother Feng and tell him that someone has come to smash the venue.”

Yi Hang shot a long list of questions, and Bai Yuan, who was following behind, immediately gave an “eek” and turned to call Xiao Feng.

Lu Hengchuan glanced at Yi Hang sharply. Yi Hang felt a bit frightened in his heart, but his face didn’t change at all, and he stared back fiercely. It was noon now, there were a lot of people in the small restaurant, and people were already talking about what was going on. Lu Hengchuan frowned. After all, he was a dignified man and he really didn’t want to argue with Wang Shuxiu in broad daylight. He took a deep breath, endured Wang Shuxiu and Yi Hang’s insolence, and motioned to the assistant to leave first. Before getting in the car, Lu Hengchuan paused and turned to look at Wang Shuxiu, “I will come again. I hope you can think carefully about what is really good for Lu Lingxi.” 

“Just come, do you think we are afraid of you?!” Yi Hang exclaimed.

Lu Hengchuan snorted, not taking Yi Hang seriously at all. As soon as he left, Yi Hang immediately came up to Wang Shuxiu and said suspiciously, “Sister Hua, what’s going on, this old man knows Lao San?”

Wang Shuxiu didn’t say anything with a sullen face and kept watching Lu Hengchuan’s car drive away. Yi Hang still wanted to ask something else and Wang Shuxiu waved her hand angrily, “Who knows where this crazy man came from. By the way, don’t tell the little bastard about this matter yet, do you hear me?”

“Roger that.” Yi Hang obediently agreed.

Wang Shuxiu originally came to the small restaurant alone after sending Lu Lingxi away, but now she was not in the mood to take care of the restaurant. After casually explaining some things to Yi Hang, Wang Shuxiu called Xiao Feng and said she would go home first. Her business at the small restaurant was done and Xiao Feng didn’t need to rush over.

Without waiting for Xiao Feng to ask more questions, Wang Shuxiu hung up the phone. She walked back to the community by herself. On the way, she thought of what Lu Hengchuan said about acknowledging the ancestors and couldn’t help but scold, “Old bastard.” 

In the past few years, Lu Yishui was so poor that he lived like a piece of trash. Why didn’t he see the Lu family say that they wanted him to acknowledge his ancestors? Now that her Xiao Xi had achieved success, the old man was coming to say that he wanted to compensate. Was she that shallow? Don’t think she didn’t remember that the Lu family had the idea about the little bastard back then. Who knows if someone else has leukaemia now and the Lu family has remembered the little bastard. What a fucking unethical family!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Wang Shuxiu became, so she went home and drank half a glass of water in one gulp before she slowly got over it. She took a look at the time and was thinking of calling Lu Lingxi when Xiao Feng hurriedly returned from the greenhouse.


Wang Shuxiu put down her phone, “Didn’t I say it was all right, why are you back?”

Xiao Feng looked at her carefully for a few moments to make sure Wang Shuxiu was okay before asking with a sigh of relief, “What’s wrong? Bai Yuan said that someone had gone to the restaurant to smash the venue, who was so bold?”

Wang Shuxiu smiled, “With you around who dares to smash the venue? This matter is not what Xiao Yuan said. However, you can help me come up with an idea.”

She was going to tell him that Lu Hengchuan was looking for Xiao Xi. Wang Shuxiu didn’t want to hide this matter from Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was now Xiao Xi’s father and the family should be a family. She briefly told the story and Xiao Feng was a little surprised to hear it, “Xiao Xi’s grandfather came looking for him?”

“Bah!” Wang Shuxiu said discontentedly, “Xiao Xi’s grandfather died long ago.”

This was what Lu Yishui had told her when she met him. In fact Lu Yishui had lived for so long without knowing that he had a rich father. Originally Wang Shuxiu didn’t know either. Lu Yishui’s mother had kept this a secret and had told Lu Yishui since he was a child that his father was dead. Later, after Lu Lingxi was born, Lu Yishui’s mother suddenly wanted to take Lu Lingxi to Zhongjing, saying that she was going to save someone, but Wang Shuxiu prevented her from doing so, and only during the argument did she learn that Lu Yishui’s father wasn’t dead, but simply disowned Lu Yishui, and that Lu Yishui was an illegitimate child.

Wang Shuxiu and her mother-in-law’s relationship had turned very ugly because of this incident, but they were united in their goal and neither revealed this secret to Lu Yishui. When Xiao Xi returned later and Lu Yishui asked what happened, the two of them were vague about it. Wang Shuxiu didn’t say anything because she knew Lu Yishui’s nature; he was a scoundrel. If he had known that there was a rich father and this rich father’s family was waiting for Lu Lingxi to save someone, he really could have sold his son. As for why Lu Yishui’s mother didn’t say anything, Wang Shuxiu figured out that her mother-in-law had been strong all her life, so she was probably afraid that Lu Yishui would acknowledge his father and would look down upon her.

“What do you think is going on with the Lu family, why do they suddenly want Xiao Xi to acknowledge his ancestors after such a long time?” Wang Shuxiu was puzzled. She didn’t believe that Lu Hengchuan had found his conscience and realised that he had a grandson stranded outside and wanted to acknowledge him. If he wanted to acknowledge Lu Lingxi, he would have done it back then, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen the little bastard at that time. Even if Lu Hengchuan had no feelings for the little bastard, Lu Yishui was still his son but he hadn’t come to recognise him. It was clear that the old man had some calculations on his mind.

Wang Shuxiu had no good impression of the Lu family at all. She angrily brought up the incident when her mother-in-law wanted to take Lu Lingxi away and said with hatred: “Maybe someone in the Lu family has leukaemia again. The grandchildren at home can’t be tossed, so they come to toss the grandson outside.”

Although Xiao Feng felt that Xiaohua was speaking out of anger, he also felt that it wasn’t that simple for the Lu family to recognise Lu Lingxi. Just like what Xiaohua said, if they wanted to recognise him, they would have done so long ago, they wouldn’t have waited until now.

“Xiaohua, what do you want to do?”

Wang Shuxiu snorted, “Xiao Xi is my son, he has nothing to do with the Zhongjing Lu family. If they come again, we will call the police.” What she couldn’t decide was whether to tell Lu Lingxi about this. “Do you think I should tell Xiao Xi the truth or tell Xiao Xi that Lu Hengchuan is a liar?” Wang Shuxiu was now glad that Lu Lingxi wasn’t in Fengcheng and she still had time to make up her mind.

“Tell the truth.” Xiao Feng thought for a moment and said, “Xiao Xi has grown up, Xiaohua, you can’t still treat him like a child.”

“Then what if…” Wang Shuxiu was worried what if the little bastard was fooled by Lu Hengchuan and wanted to acknowledge his ancestors?

Xiao Feng knew what Wang Shuxiu was worried about and said with amusement, “Xiao Xi is not stupid. He won’t be fooled with the strange appearance of the Lu family. Besides, there is still Yan Yue, with him as the gatekeeper no one can fool Xiao Xi.”

Speaking of Yan Yue, a thought struck Wang Shuxiu’s mind.

On one side, Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng were discussing how to deal with Lu Hengchuan, while on the other side, Lu Hengchuan was in the car going over the information his people had found, thinking about how to get Wang Shuxiu to let go. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Lingxi and Wang Shuxiu were very close to each other, he wouldn’t have thought much of Wang Shuxiu.

“Chairman, we’ve arrived at the hotel.” The assistant interrupted Lu Hengchuan’s thoughts.

Lu Hengchuan let out a sigh and got out of the car slowly. Once he entered the hotel, what caught his eyes was the greenery in the middle of the lobby. Lu Hengchuan looked at the green plants and thought of Lu Yishui and Lu Lingxi, the father and son. It was not that he didn’t know about Lu Yishui being born, but he had many sons, so it didn’t matter if there was one more or one less. When Lu Yishui grew up, Lu Hengchuan took a look at his qualifications and didn’t bother with this son anymore. However, he didn’t expect that Lu Yishui, the mud that couldn’t hold the wall, would be able to give birth to a son who looked like a member of the Lu family and at a young age was doing a good job in business.

Lu Hengchuan had always practised the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. He gave his sons and grandsons the opportunity to showcase their abilities, but if they were not capable, they couldn’t blame him for being left out. Originally, he had no intention of acknowledging Lu Lingxi, but he carefully investigated Lu Lingxi’s cooperation with the Ye family and found that Elder Ye was actually serious. So, Lu Hengchuan had to think more about it.

If the so-called Zhugang was true, it would simply change the industrial structure of China and even the world. Faced with such a temptation, no one could remain unmoved. After careful consideration, Lu Hengchuan decided to allow Lu Lingxi to acknowledge his ancestors, as the Lu family was more suitable for cooperation with Lu Lingxi than the Ye family. If Zhugang was a fake and Elder Ye was confused, it didn’t matter. Lu Lingxi was quite talented in gardening and would not lose face for the Lu family.

Lu Hengchuan has been strong all his life, and he had always followed his own mind in doing things. He thought that as long as he proposed to let Lu Lingxi acknowledge his ancestors and return to the family, no matter who it was, he would be grateful, but he didn’t expect that Wang Shuxiu would jump out to express her opposition first.

This woman… Lu Hengchuan frowned in disgust; he didn’t forget how back then she had rushed to Zhongjing and made a fuss to get Lu Lingxi back.

It seemed that this matter had to be discussed in the long run.

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  1. 👏 Mom deserves a big applause not to be intimidated or before and be strong enough to protect her puppy and XX will not disappoint you and YY will be of great help to keep that family of vultures at bay

  2. This old man who doesn’t deserve to be a father or grandfather, it would be one thing to give more backing to kids or grandkids that show promise but he should at least treat them all with love and not just plain abandon them like that. No wonder the Lu fathers were crap with this old man as an example.

  3. I’m a little confused on the reasonings for this Lingxi’s kidnapping. The previous Lu Lingxi (LX 1) and the current Lu Lingxi (LX 2) were both the exact same age. So if the Lu family already had LX 1, why did they also need LX 2? Was it just so they could do more treatments for Wei’an than just LX 1 could handle? I mean the whole reason LX 1 was born was to be used as spare parts for Wei’an, so I just feel it doesn’t make much sense for them to need LX 2 as well. My head is spinning 🫠

    1. I think the initiator of the kidnapping was LX2’s grandmother from his father’s side. She wanted the Lu family to be grateful to her and was ready to sacrifice her grandchild for that. And the Lu family was ready to accept, why not, two donors are better than one 🙂 🙂

  4. I didn’t think the Lu family would jump out to disgust me like this. Honestly both Lu Ling xi’s tragic pasts started with being born in this disgusting family.

    My respect for mama bear has truly soared. I still feel sad that for 18yrs her son didn’t recognize her efforts but at least she & mc met & healed & are growing together.

    1. Yes, the original Lu Lingxi probably wouldn’t agree to her divorce to begin with, so the family would go down instead of up 🙁 🙁

  5. Some people claim to be loving family members and ask for respect as elders but actually are criminals, either due to neglecting their loved ones or actively abusing them. This elder of Lu Lingxi’s reminds me of my eldest aunt’s husband, who I’ve always refused to call uncle, because he abused my aunt (and children) while she was alive. Then when she got sick and he was tired of caring for her, he deliberately neglected her and refused to take her to the hospital, resulting in her death. But he never went to jail for any of his numerous crimes, which included theft, pedophilia, as well as many years of domestic violence (there’s probably more, but that’s all that I’m aware of). This kind of jerk was still treated respectfully by his children and grandchildren, just in order to be favored to get more inheritance later. Lu Hengchuan and all the other Lu family members are like little Eichmanns who see crimes being committed but think that ethics doesn’t apply to them. People who turn a blind eye to abuse and even tacitly allow it to develop should be punished, especially in cases where the abused victim dies.

      1. Mmhm, well it has something to do with the fact that my grandparents generation were poor immigrants, and when my mom’s family encountered a catastrophic house fire, many family members died prematurely, including 3 young uncles and my maternal grandparents. After that, my mom and aunts were very vulnerable and married at an early age. My mom married an educated and gentle man, but the rest of my aunts married abusers who were basically criminals. Even if they became successful, they couldn’t shake off their inner nature as violent abusers. I think that novels often have tropes about adopted children whose parents died and were later abused or something similar. My mom’s family history played out like that, so if you ever read a novel with that kind of trope, keep in mind that truth is stranger than fiction. There are many times when readers will complain and say, wow this abuse or something is an exaggeration….those readers are just naive. If you never experience abuse in your life it doesn’t mean that others don’t, sadly.

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