Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 145

Su Lang and Huo Weiping’s clinical trial on donglingcao was a success. Within two days they received news that Hopewell’s clinical trial on donglingcao had also made a breakthrough and Hopewell was preparing to apply for a patent.

“That’s not possible.”

Huo Weiping didn’t quite believe it. Zhang Jian had betrayed him by taking away a batch of research materials, but the research materials the other party took away were not complete. Moreover, their research at that time was based on the donglingcao No. 1, and its medicinal effects couldn’t be compared to the donglingcao No. 2 provided by Yan Yue later. Even if Zhang Jian was a genius, he would never be able to catch up with their research in such a short period of time. Huo Weiping was worried that Yan Yue would be unhappy with his progress when he found out the news and wanted to talk to Yan Yue.

Su Lang discouraged him from doing so, thinking that Yan Yue should know more about what was going on than they did.

“What do you mean?” Huo Weiping’s eyes were full of incomprehension.

Su Lang thought for a moment and explained, “Brother Huo, we are in the research business ourselves, and you have also said that it is impossible to make any progress based on Zhang Jian’s research. The news released by the other side may not be true.”

“You say Zhang Jian’s side is releasing false news, then what do they want?”

Su Lang shook his head; these were only his speculations. Huo Weiping didn’t know Yan Yue’s identity, but he knew about Yan Yue’s entanglement with Hopewell. How could it be such a coincidence that they had just made progress on their side and immediately progress was made on Hopewell’s side? He always felt that Yan Yue had something to do with it but he couldn’t tell Huo Weiping about it. “Anyway, just listen to me, Brother Huo, the Hopewell side has nothing to do with us.”

He said it with conviction, and Huo Weiping thought that Su Lang and Yan Yue had known each other before, so Su Lang should know more about Yan Yue’s way of doing things and slowly relaxed.

The two held back and no one went to Yan Yue, but Ye Kang, who also received the news, was curious about it. “You don’t seem to be worried at all?”

Yan Yue looked down at his computer and said casually, “What’s to worry about?”

Ye Kang stared at his expression with interest, “Let me guess, was it you who arranged the sudden release of the news that Hopewell was applying for a patent?”

The corner of Yan Yue’s mouth was slightly hooked as he said carelessly, “I only revealed a few words about Huo Weiping and Su Lang’s research progress to Yin Ya through someone. The rest is none of my business.”

With a slight nod from him, Ye Kang immediately understood. In Hopewell, Yin Ya and Yan Hai were now in a fierce battle. Yin Ya had pinned all of her hopes on the research of the donglingcao, hoping to consolidate her position in Hopewell through the launch of the new donglingcao medicine. If Su Lang’s research progresses were faster than Hopewell’s, or even went on the market earlier than Hopewell’s, all of Yin Ya’s hard work would be in vain. She had no choice but to announce their “success” and even apply for a patent to get the new drug approved and marketed first.

Ye Kang thought about this and had another question, “It’s not easy for Yin Ya to hide this from Uncle Yan.”

Yan Yue nodded and said, “If Father were at headquarters, Yin Ya naturally couldn’t conceal it, but I’m afraid Father is now abroad and the things are beyond his reach.”

“Uncle Yan has gone abroad?”

Yan Yue gave a hint, “Yan Hai leaked a business secret and stirred up a big mess, Father is now helping him to wipe his ass. He won’t have the energy to distract himself with home affairs for a short time.”

His tone was as calm as if he was talking about a small, insignificant matter, and Ye Kang smiled emphatically, having already guessed the cause and effect of this matter. “What do you plan to do next?”

Yan Yue smiled playfully, “It depends on how Yin Ya cooperates.”

As Yan Yue had predicted, Yin Ya was now desperate. She asked Zhang Jian to prepare the report for the new drug application before Yan Shihui returned to China. The new drug had to be marketed no matter what; it was a matter of whether or not she could get a firm foothold in Hopewell.

Zhang Jian was a bit hesitant, “Although the clinical trials of donglingcao are effective, the effect is not too obvious. It is better to wait.”

“Wait for what?” Yin Ya said discontentedly, “Don’t you know that Huo Weiping is already preparing to apply for a patent? Do you know how much we will lose if his side goes public ahead of us?”

Of course, Zhang Jian knew what it meant to go public a day earlier, but he didn’t have much confidence in his own research. When he was following Huo Weiping before, he was only Huo Weiping’s assistant, and although he felt he was no worse than Huo Weiping, he was still subconsciously a little unsure of himself when it came to Huo Weiping. “Miss Yin…”

“This matter is settled.” Yin Ya said simply, “You go and prepare the declaration materials, leave the rest to me. We are the only ones who know about the situation with the research. This must be done before Yan Shihui returns.”

She was resolute, and Zhang Jian agreed. Although the current research on donglingcao wasn’t as effective as he had envisioned, it had some effect on the disease-causing proteins of leukaemia, inducing their degradation and apoptosis. It was a slightly slower effect but it wasn’t against the doctor’s conscience. Zhang Jian convinced himself of this and let out a silent sigh.

He soon found out that Yin Ya had gotten in touch with Elder Lu through Lu Wei’an. Elder Lu was probably also optimistic about the donglingcao project and offered to help Yin Ya obtain the new drug certificate. In the meantime, Yin Ya applied to the board of directors for a sum of money to be used for the promotion of the new drug. Although Yan Shihui, who was overseas, knew about all this, he wasn’t aware of the details. He never thought that Yin Ya would be so bold as to deceive the board with a half-finished research.

Time soon reached the end of April, and tomorrow was the day when Lu LIngxi made an appointment with Elder Zhang to go to Kunnan. Lu Lingxi had talked to Tiger in advance, leaving Tiny Garden to Tiger during his absence. Tiger was confident about this, “Don’t worry, I know these things after dealing with the vegetable greenhouse for almost a year.”

Lu Lingxi curved his eyes; he wasn’t worried that Tiger didn’t know what to do but he was afraid that Tiger would find it boring to stay in the shop all day.

Tiger laughed, “This place is much livelier than the greenhouse, how can it be boring? Besides there is a computer.”

“Alright, Xiao Xi, don’t worry about it.” Xiao Feng smiled and said, “Once in a while you don’t have to think about home and the shop, have a good time hanging out, I’m here.”

“En.” Lu Lingxi nodded.

He began to pack his things, and Dahei quietly squatted beside him. Lu Lingxi stroked Dahei’s head and Dahei gave a low bark.

“Be good, I’ll be back soon.” Lu Lingxi said soothingly. The drive to Kunnan was a bit too far, so it could only be reached by plane. This made it a bit inconvenient to take Dahei with them. At first, Lu Lingxi was prepared to send Dahei to Kunnan by air, but after reading a few news articles about pet consignment accidents on the internet, he dismissed the idea. He would only be gone for a week at most and would be back soon, so he didn’t want to toss Dahei.

Dahei didn’t want to part with Lu Lingxi, licking his fingers fondly, his obsidian-like eyes looking at Lu Lingxi tenderly.

Lu Lingxi felt his heart softening and couldn’t let go of Dahei as he hugged him for a long time.

“Seven days, I’ll be back in seven days at most, okay?”

Dahei gave a low whimper and consented, aggrieved.

Lu Lingxi quickly packed up his things and ran next door with Dahei. Wang Shuxiu looked at his back. Thinking that Yan Yue was also going to Kunnan, she felt a little unhappy and couldn’t help but be a little worried when she talked to Xiao Feng in private.

“Do you think they will… live together?”

Xiao Feng sighed and didn’t know how to answer this question for a while, and then said after a long time: “Xiao Xi is already an adult, so don’t worry about some things as a mother. ”

Wang Shuxiu was unhappy, “How can I not worry about it! Two men together, you know…”

She didn’t say more, but the meaning was very clear. During this time Wang Shuxiu had nothing to do; she didn’t have to go to the small restaurant every day, stayed at home and read a lot of information about homosexuality. At first Wang Shuxiu didn’t agree with Lu Lingxi and Yan Yue being together, but seeing that there was no way to separate the two of them, she acquiesced and thought she could learn more about the two men being together. This understanding immediately made Wang Shuxiu realise a problem: Yan Yue and Lu Lingxi couldn’t be in a purely spiritual relationship. Just as men and women would desire each other physically, so would men and men.

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand it before; she just subconsciously avoided the issue, but now Wang Shuxiu couldn’t escape it. As long as she thought of Lu Lingxi living with Yan Yue almost all the time last winter, Wang Shuxiu couldn’t tell what she felt in her heart. After thinking about it, Wang Shuxiu stopped restricting Lu Lingxi from seeing Yan Yue, but sternly required Lu Lingxi to come home at nine o’clock in the evening. Fortunately, she observed that the little bastard didn’t seem to fully understand these things, so she breathed a sigh of relief.

It was just that this time they were out… Wang Shuxiu was getting worried again.

Xiao Feng couldn’t help Wang Shuxiu, so he listened to Wang Shuxiu tossing and turning all night and hardly slept much. As soon as dawn broke, Wang Shuxiu got up early to prepare breakfast for Lu Lingxi. Their plane is at nine o’clock in the morning, and they had to rush to the airport after breakfast.

As soon as there was movement outside, Lu Lingxi woke up too. This was Lu Lingxi’s first time going somewhere, so he couldn’t help but be a little excited and hadn’t slept well all night.


Lu Lingxi pushed open the door and greeted Wang Shuxiu with a smile, then turned around to go to wash up.

“Xiao Xi.”

Wang Shuxiu hesitantly called out to Lu Lingxi.

“Mom wants something?” Lu Lingxi turned to look at Wang Shuxiu.

Wang Shuxiu wanted to say something, but hesitated for a long time before waving her hand and letting Lu Lingxi go wash his face first. While Lu Lingxi was in the bathroom, Wang Shuxiu shoved a small booklet inside Lu Lingxi’s bag with a stern face. She had been thinking about it all night and felt that this was the only way to go.

After having breakfast, Yan Yue came to pick up Lu Lingxi. Wang Shuxiu glared at Yan Yue with displeasure, looking at him in a particularly unfriendly way. Lu Lingxi said goodbye to Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng, and hugged and kissed Dahei for a long time before following Yan Yue to the car.

It took about forty minutes to get to the airport from the community where they lived. Lu Lingxi was looking for his phone in his bag when he suddenly found a small booklet. “What’s this?” He looked blankly at the booklet in his hand, and when he saw the few words printed on the cover of the booklet, his face instantly turned red.

“What is it?” Yan Yue noticed that he was reacting wrongly and looked over.

The words “Safe Sex” caught his eyes and Yan Yue raised his eyebrows slightly, averting his gaze as if nothing had happened, but the smile in his eyes was getting deeper.

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