Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 140

The evolution of bamboo was influenced by Lu Lingxi’s spirit, and the direction of evolution was Strength +20%. As soon as the evolution was completed, Yan Yue cut a section of the bamboo and sent it to Wang Chaoliang who was far away in Kunnan, so that he could do a mechanical test. Three days later, Wang Chaoliang appeared at the door of Tiny Garden in a dishevelled state, much to Lu Lingxi’s surprise.

“Uncle Wang, you’re back!”

The clothes of Wang Chaoliang who appeared in front of Lu Lingxi were slightly wrinkled, as if he remained in the same pose for a long time. His hair was also a bit messy and his face was visibly tired, but his eyes were amazingly bright. When he saw Lu Lingxi, he took a step forward excitedly and said quickly, “Xiao Xi, is the bamboo that Yan Yue sent me a new species that you discovered?”

From time to time, Lu Lingxi would discover and cultivate some new varieties of plants, and both Wang Chaoliang and Xue Yongtong were accustomed to his behaviour and secretly surprised by his amazing talent. Therefore, after receiving the bamboo sent by Yan Yue, Wang Chaoliang vaguely realised something. Instead of doing the test in front of his colleagues, he borrowed the laboratory after his colleagues got off work. After a series of tests, although he was psychologically prepared in advance, Wang Chaoliang was shocked by the test results. Out of his responsibility to Lu Lingxi, Wang Chaoliang bought a ticket to the nearest plane and rushed back to Fengcheng.

Lu Lingxi nodded softly under the excited eyes of Wang Chaoliang.

After the evolution of moso bamboo, its genes would definitely change, which was equivalent to a new plant variety. In view of the fact that the moso bamboos transplanted by Xue Yongtong were healthy five-year old bamboos, Lu Lingxi couldn’t say that he raised them by himself, he could only “discover” them unintentionally.

As soon as he nodded, a big stone fell from Wang Chaoliang’s heart. He released his grip on Lu Lingxi’s arm and said with great excitement, “Xiao Xi, your discovery is definitely a big one! The economic and environmental value is immeasurable.” When Wang Chaoliang said that, he thought of something, “Xiao Xi, I want to introduce a friend to you, he specialises in bamboo research. If he knew about your discovery he would be overjoyed.”

The friend Wang Chaoliang was talking about was called Zheng Xinhe, a researcher at the Kunnan Botanical Garden and the deputy director of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation in China. He was an expert specialising in the study of bamboo. Two years ago, China deciphered the genome code of moso bamboo and published the results in “Nature & Genetics”. The deciphering work was led and organised by Zheng Xinhe.

Because Wang Chaoliang had a good relationship with Zheng Xinhe, he paid attention to his research from time to time. He knew that Zheng Xinhe was now working to promote bamboo as an environmentally friendly material, and even hoped that bamboo could change the current industrial structure of China and become a new type of industrial resource.

Zheng Xinhe had once told Wang Chaoliang that bamboo was simply natural plant steel, and that if the right bamboo could be found, together with the current mature technology, bamboo could completely replace the existence of steel. And in Wang Chaoliang’s opinion, this bamboo found by Lu Lingxi was the most suitable bamboo that Zheng Xinhe mentioned, bar none.

After spending half an hour introducing his friend, Wang Chaoliang seriously said to Lu Lingxi: “Xiao Xi, you have to realise that this newly discovered bamboo of yours has the potential to change the future structure of industry. If you just promote it as an ordinary plant, then it’s a pity. This friend of mine, Zheng Xinhe, I trust his character wholeheartedly. Only by taking the lead in the development and promotion can he truly maximise the value of this bamboo.”

“Can’t you, Uncle Wang?”

Lu Lingxi had no doubts about Wang Chaoliang’s words, he just preferred to cooperate with him.

Wang Chaoliang hesitated for a few seconds, shook his head with a bitter smile and said frankly, “I can’t. I’m not a bamboo researcher, and my knowledge and resources in this area are not as good as Zheng Xinhe’s.”

He wasn’t being modest, but telling the truth. That said, it wasn’t that Wang Chaoliang was unmoved; since he could see the value of bamboo, he knew how much of an impact this would have if it succeeded. If he took the lead, he could foresee great glory in the future, perhaps even the highest glory he could ever achieve in his life. But he couldn’t. As he himself had said, his knowledge and resources about bamboo were not as good as Zheng Xinhe’s, and since Xiao Xi and Yan Yue trusted him, he had to be responsible for them.

Wang Chaoliang had said this, and Lu Lingxi knew that the other party was doing it for his own good. He thought about it and said, “I’ll discuss it with Big Brother Yan.”

“Okay, I’ve taken a week’s leave, Xiao Xi, you can look for me anytime.”

Wang Chaoliang gave Lu Lingxi the mechanical test report that Yan Yue had asked him to do, and after a few more words he went back to Grandma Wang’s house. Lu Lingxi quickly gave Yan Yue a call and spoke in detail about Wang Chaoliang’s return.

“I know, I’ll come back soon. By the way, what does Xiao Xi want to eat for lunch? I’ll bring it to you from the small restaurant.”

Ever since Wang Shuxiu had intentionally or unintentionally hinted that Lu Lingxi had lost weight again recently, Lu Lingxi’s lunch had been taken care of by the small restaurant. Either Yan Yue went there to pick it up, or Yi Hang took the time to deliver it to Tiny Garden. Lu Lingxi felt that it was too much trouble and once mentioned that he could just eat something by himself. The next day Wang Shuxiu personally cooked the food and brought it to the shop for Lu Lingxi. Lu Lingxi couldn’t do anything about Wang Shuxiu, so he could only promise to wait for the lunch prepared for him by the small restaurant every day at noon.

“Glutinous rice ribs, right, Dahei wants to eat ribs.” Lu Lingxi said obediently.

Yan Yue said softly, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Yue packed up and prepared to go to the small restaurant. Ye Kang very consciously pulled An Jie and followed behind Yan Yue. Yan Yue said kindly, “Preparing to dine out again?”

Ye Kang wasn’t at all embarrassed to be poked fun by Yan Yue; instead he said bluntly, “You know how crowded the restaurant is, who knows how long it will take to queue. You can’t just care about Xiao Xi and ignore your brothers, right?”

Yan Yue chuckled at this and gestured for the two to hurry to the car. Erha rushed to the car before everyone else and jumped in, hogging the co-pilot seat.

Ye Kang: “……”

Erha didn’t know that he was disliked by his own master and was looking through the window in excitement. After following Ye Kang once in a night car race, Erha had fallen in love with this new activity and had identified the co-pilot seat as his own, jumping there very consciously whenever he saw a car.

Ye Kang looked at Erha speechlessly while Yan Yue was amused by his expression. Finally, Ye Kang followed Erha into the car. Half an hour later, Yan Yue dropped Ye Kang and An Jie upstairs at the small restaurant and left, carrying the two large insulation boxes prepared by Yi Hang.

Wang Chaoliang was at Tiny Garden again. He came this time to deliver chicken legs to Dahei. Grandma Wang had braised a pot of chicken legs today and was about to deliver some to Dahei. When she caught such a coolie as Wang Chaoliang, she simply sent him out.

Wang Chaoliang looked at Dahei and said with a smile, “I’m taking advantage of Dahei again. If it weren’t for Dahei, I wouldn’t be able to eat chicken legs for lunch today.”

Lu Lingxi was embarrassed to receive the chicken legs from Grandma Wang. Last time he asked Elder Zhang for a recipe for health care, but he had forgotten it in the morning when Wang Chaoliang left in such a hurry. Now he gave it to Wang Chaoliang.

“This is the recipe given by Grandpa Zhang, it works very well.” Lu Lingxi carefully introduced it to Wang Chaoliang.

Wang Chaoliang himself didn’t really believe in these things, but it was Xiao Xi’s good intention, so he happily took it. “I’ll ask your Grandma Wang to make it and drink it accordingly.”

Lu Lingxi nodded and instructed Wang Chaoliang to make sure to talk to Grandma Wang. He also made a point, bringing up Elder Su as an example. After he told Elder Su about this recipe, Elder Su drank it for a few days and called Lu Lingxi, saying that it worked and that he felt warm qi in his body after drinking it, which was very comfortable.

Lu Lingxi said it seriously, and Wang Chaoliang also nodded.

Yan Yue came over and saw this scene. “Xiao Xi, Mr. Wang.”

“Big Brother Yan.” Lu Lingxi curved his eyes at Yan Yue.

Wang Chaoliang also greeted “Mr. Yan” politely. Although he knew Yan Yue well, he wasn’t as close to him as he was to Xiao Xi; it was difficult to get close to Yan Yue as a person. Wang Chaoliang sometimes wondered how Xiao Xi could know someone like Yan Yue. He didn’t mean that Yan Yue was bad, but he was quite different from them, a kind of elite. However, Wang Chaoliang thought it was a good thing that he met Yan Yue, because what he said to Xiao Xi might not be understood by Xiao Xi, and it was Yan Yue who really made the decision. With this in mind, Wang Chaoliang was in no hurry to go home but was going to find time to talk to Yan Yue.

Yan Yue saw his intention, opened the insulation box and placed it in front of Lu Lingxi, “Xiao Xi, you eat first, I’ll come over later.”

Lu Lingxi watched as Yan Yue and Wang Chaoliang walked to the door of Tiny Garden, chatting in low voices. He couldn’t eat by himself, so he simply put the insulation box away and waited for Yan Yue to come back to eat together.

Yan Yue turned his head to look at Lu Lingxi; his heart softened and his attention returned to Wang Chaoliang. He interrupted when he heard Wang Chaoliang mention Zheng Xinhe’s name, “Zheng Xinhe is a member of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation?”

Wang Chaoliang nodded.

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation was an independent, non-profit, intergovernmental international organisation. Their aim was to promote the welfare of bamboo and rattan producers and users on the premise that bamboo and rattan resources were sustainable. In recent years this organisation had played a unique role in environmental and ecological conservation, poverty alleviation and trade promotion through pioneering new applications of bamboo and rattan. If Zheng Xinhe, the man whom Wang Chaoliang spoke of, was the deputy director of this organisation, then the resources at his disposal were indeed innumerable.

Yan Yue had already basically approved of cooperating with Zheng Xinhe in his heart; what he couldn’t have imagined was that Wang Chaoliang had actually conceded the promotion of this matter to another person.

“You don’t regret it?”

Wang Chaoliang smiled and shook his head, “You trust me, I have to be responsible for you.”

His tone was calm; as Yan Yue listened, the corners of his mouth curled up and a flash of appreciation appeared in his eyes extremely quickly.

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