Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 133

In the evening when Yan Yue came to pick up Lu Lingxi, he kept thinking about Ye Kang’s words. “The Lu family is now like a balloon that is leaking everywhere. They don’t need outsiders to do anything, they will fall down by themselves.”

Yan Yue understood what he meant. When Lu Lingxi was alive, the relationship of the Lu family was deformed but maintained a delicate balance. When Lu Lingxi died, the balance was shattered and all the ugliness hidden under the bright surface was exposed. Li Caiying’s bias, Lu Guangjing’s indifference and Lu Wei’an’s selfishness were all on display in front of people. No matter what they did now, no matter what they explained, the first thing people thought of when they saw them was the dead Lu Lingxi. This was the reason why Lu Wei’an struggled in social situations and was ostracised in the Lu family. In order to change this situation, Lu Wei’an even went as far as to take the first step by marrying Yin Ya.

Although the matter couldn’t be separated from Yan Yue’s calculations, the selfishness that Lu Wei’an showed through this matter still made Yan Yue feel distressed for Lu Lingxi. He didn’t know what Lu Lingxi would think when he heard this, but he had tried to avoid mentioning the news of the Lu family in Zhongjing in front of Lu Lingxi. If he could, Yan Yue hoped to completely isolate the Lu family from Lu Lingxi’s life, never to have any more involvement.

“Big Brother Yan.” Yan Yue saw Lu Lingxi waving to him through the car window.

Yan Yue returned to his senses and curled his lips into a faint smile. In front of Tiny Garden, a husky the size of half a human height was rubbing against Lu Lingxi’s leg and wagging its tail. The dog was from the pet shop across the street. Perhaps because Dahei was away for the past few days, the cats and dogs Dong Zhi had over there would run to Tiny Garden whenever they could. This husky ran the most diligently and even ate a lot of the bones that Grandma Wang had prepared for Dahei.

It was clear that Lu Lingxi also liked the husky very much. He was accustomed to Dahei’s sensible behaviour and calmness; the dogs that appeared around him in the past were also regulated by Dahei. It was rare to meet a dog who would lie on the ground with its belly facing the sky and rush to Lu Lingxi to roll around and be coquettish just to chew on one more bone.

When Yan Yue parked the car and opened the door, Lu Lingxi greeted him. The husky habitually tried to follow but looked up at Yan Yue’s expression and shrank back with its tail between its legs. Dong Zhi laughed when he saw it, calling the husky while teasing Yan Yue, “The husky’s owner said the dog was crazy and didn’t know how to read people’s eyes. I should have filmed the scene just now and shown it to the owner.”

Yan Yue chuckled and shook Xiaohei in his hand, “It’s probably Xiaohei it’s afraid of.”

Dong Zhi also laughed when he saw Xiaohei who was biting Yan Yue’s cuff. He glanced at the time and knew that Yan Yue had come to pick up Lu Lingxi and take him home, so he didn’t stay much longer at Tiny Garden and after a few words dragged the reluctant husky back.

Once Dong Zhi left, Yan Yue stopped restraining himself, went over and intimately rubbed Lu Lingxi’s hair, “Pack up and let’s go home.”

As he spoke, Xiaohei slithered from Yan Yue’s hand and climbed to Lu Lingxi’s shoulder, biting Lu Lingxi’s sweater and sliding into his clothes. Lu Lingxi raised his hand and touched Xiaohei, feeling that Dahei wasn’t there and even Xiaohei felt a lot less energetic. He remembered one thing, “Big Brother Yan, are you busy tomorrow? Brother Fang says we can go see Dahei and take Dahei back by the way. ”

“Is he done over there?” Yan Yue asked.

Lu Lingxi thought of something funny and nodded, “The training of the stray dogs is almost done. Originally, Brother Fang said that he wanted Dahei to stay for a few more days, but Dahei and Xiaohui fought badly. Xiaohui suffered a loss, turned around and bullied Brother Fang. Brother Fang says he can’t bear it anymore.”

Yan Yue imagined the scene Lu Lingxi described and couldn’t help but laugh too.

The two of them packed up and went home before six o’clock, and Yan Yue made a point of dropping Lu Lingxi off at the doorstep. He used to avoid suspicion and didn’t come over much when Wang Shuxiu was at home, but now that his status was different, he went to the door openly.

Xiao Feng was the one who opened the door, and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Yan Yue. In the morning, when Yan Yue had picked up Lu Lingxi, Xiaohua had been dumbfounded for a long time. Now that Yan Yue had sent Lu Lingxi back, Xiaohua would probably be squirming again.

“Want to come in?” Xiao Feng asked casually.

Yan Yue smiled and shook his head. There were some things that couldn’t be rushed and needed to be done step by step. He waved his hand at Lu Lingxi, who gave him a reluctant look and obediently entered the house.

In the living room, Wang Shuxiu was listening to the movement at the door with her ears pricked up, and when she saw Lu Lingxi enter, she immediately turned her head in the direction of the TV, expressionless and silent. Lu Lingxi curved his eyes, knowing that Wang Shuxiu always had a hard mouth and a soft heart, and ingratiatingly leaned over, “Mom, I’m home.”

Wang Shuxiu wanted to remain expressionless, but she couldn’t help but soften her attitude when she saw Lu Lingxi’s smiling face. She reached out to poke Lu Lingxi’s forehead with her finger and said, “Are you hungry? The meal is almost ready, just wait for your father to fry a dish.” 

Lu Lingxi nodded cooperatively even though he wasn’t very hungry. As soon as he nodded, Wang Shuxiu’s attention was immediately distracted as she thought that she hadn’t been to the small restaurant these days after the New Year and she didn’t know if Yan Yue had gone to the small restaurant at noon to bring Lu Lingxi his meal. The little bastard doesn’t eat out every day, does he? She grabbed Lu Lingxi and felt that Lu Lingxi had lost weight again in the past few days. She was so distressed that she immediately put the blame on Yan Yue, thinking that Yan Yue had not taken good care of Lu Lingxi.

“There is a cake in the fridge that your uncle brought over, you should eat some first.”

“Uncle and Aunt came over today?”

Wang Shuxiu let out a sigh and said, “After the 15th your uncle is going back to the northwest. He came over to see your dad for something.”

She said it simply, but in fact Xiao Hong came over to find Xiao Feng to discuss the selling of the coal mine in his hometown in the northwest. It was expected that Xiao Feng would have to go back with him. Xiao Feng had originally hoped that Xiao Hong would come to Fengcheng to join him. Anyway, Xiao Hong wasn’t short of money. If he was willing to work together in the vegetable greenhouse, it would be the best. If not, if he wanted to take a break or do something else, it was fine, too. Xiao Feng had said this several times, but Xiao Hong had never been able to make up his mind. This time, once the news of Wang Shuxiu’s pregnancy came out, Xiao Hong didn’t think much but Zhou Xiaoman was the first to express her desire to stay in Fengcheng. She was also the child’s aunt, and Wang Shuxiu would definitely not be able to bring up the child alone, so she could stay and help out.

Zhou Xiaoman’s wishes had always been the direction of Xiao Hong’s actions, and since his wife wanted to stay here, Xiao Hong officially put settling in Fengcheng on his agenda.

Wang Shuxiu remembered something else and asked Lu Lingxi, “The old Chinese medicine doctor who looked at me last time, Xiao Xi, you are familiar with him, right?”

Lu Lingxi nodded.

Wang Shuxiu hesitated for a moment, then pulled Lu Lingxi and said, “Xiao Xi, can you look for that old Chinese medicine doctor and ask him to take a look at your aunt as well?”

Speaking of which, Zhou Xiaoman and Xiao Hong had seen a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine doctors all over the world over the years. No matter how the doctors checked, they always said that their bodies were fine, but their fate hadn’t arrived. Both of them almost lost hope after listening to it all these years. This time Wang Shuxiu was pregnant, and Zhou Xiaoman was even happier than Wang Shuxiu herself. Every time she came over, she carried a bunch of things in a big bag. Now Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu’s room was full of clothes and toys prepared by Zhou Xiaoman for the unborn child. Wang Shuxiu calculated that there was no need to buy clothes until the child was two years old.

Even though Zhou Xiaoman didn’t say anything, Wang Shuxiu could see the envy and sorrow in her eyes. She couldn’t help much with this kind of thing, so she thought she’d find the old Chinese medicine doctor who had helped her last time. The old Chinese medicine doctor who checked her pulse last time was a retired director of the Fengcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. His seniority was so high that ordinary people couldn’t find connections even if they looked for them.

When she finished speaking, Lu Lingxi felt that there should be no problem. In the morning, Elder Zhang also asked how Wang Shuxiu’s health was and whether he should check her pulse sometime. He felt that Elder Zhang was so enthusiastic that he would definitely not refuse to take a look at his aunt. Besides, he had a secret weapon, the pot of mutated camellia he kept in his plant nursery, so he could use it to “tempt” Elder Zhang, who would definitely like it.

As Lu Lingxi said, he called Elder Zhang, who thought that Lu Lingxi was going to Kunnan, so he picked up the phone excitedly and asked Lu Lingxi if he had decided to go to the Kunnan Flower Show with him.

Lu Lingxi was a bit embarrassed; he hadn’t decided about the Kunnan Flower Show yet.

When he heard that Lu Lingxi wanted to ask him to check the pulse of his family member, Elder Zhang agreed. The two of them arranged to meet at Tiny Garden. Elder Zhang liked the environment of Tiny Garden and had free time, so he would come there.

Wang Shuxiu was quite happy when he hung up the phone. She first spoke to Zhou Xiaoman and then asked Lu Lingxi what the Kunnan Flower Show was all about.

As soon as Lu Lingxi said something, Wang Shuxiu immediately clapped her hands, “Go, you must go. This is a good opportunity. You can go out and see some places. By the way, stay there for a few more days and stroll around Kunnan. I heard that the scenery there is good, and it’s time for the little bastard to relax after a hard year.”

“But Mom is pregnant…” Lu Lingxi hesitated, “I want to be by Mom’s side.”

Wang Shuxiu glared at him, “There’s your dad, what’s the use for you to stay with me?”

Xiao Feng finished cooking and was bringing the dishes out when he heard the words and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wang Shuxiu smiled as she told him about the Kunnan Flower Show, and Xiao Feng laughed as he listened.

“Xiao Xi, go ahead, go out and have a good time. You don’t need to worry with me at home.”

Both of them supported Lu Lingxi to go to the Kunnan Flower Show, so Lu Lingxi thought about it and didn’t argue. Xiao Feng heard that the flower show was in early May. Then he and Xiao Hong needed to finish the business in the northwest in April, so that Lu Lingxi and he both wouldn’t be away, leaving Xiaohua alone at home. Especially in the northwest, there was also a certain Lu Yishui, and the selling of the coal mine also needed to be accompanied with solving Lu Yishui’s problem. If Xiao Feng was not worried about it in normal times, now that Xiaohua was pregnant, he should be cautious and not let Lu Yishui have the opportunity to make trouble with Xiaohua.

Looking at Wang Shuxiu and Lu Lingxi, Xiao Feng felt that he still had to talk to Yan Yue about this matter.

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