Good Luck in the Year of the Pig Chapter 15

Mrs. Qin was stunned.

“Find yourself someone? Who do you want to be with? You…” Mrs. Qin suddenly understood her son’s real intention. Even the brilliant prospective boyfriend Yu Yourong didn’t manage to get her son’s attention. Besides that one, who else can be there to make her son come here all the way and yell about finding himself someone?

What an injustice! It’s simply… unreasonable!

Mrs. Qin was so angry that her chest hurt, and she didn’t say a word for a long time.

Qin Zhuopu calmly admired the street view flashing past the car window. He was in a pretty good mood.

When they were about to arrive at the hotel, Mrs. Qin spoke again, “Since you’re here, I’ll take you to see Dr. Hu tomorrow. He is a real expert.” She didn’t want to talk more about her son finding himself a partner, but she couldn’t give up on producing an heir.

Qin Zhuopu held his forehead. It was better to go see the so-called real expert. He didn’t believe the guy could deceive him when they met. Don’t blame him for being unkind when he reveals the true nature of the fraudster! 

“What kind of disease can this expert cure? Infertility?” Qin Zhuopu himself couldn’t help but chuckle when he said this. It was really funny. He really couldn’t have imagined that one day he would be closely associated with infertility. Obviously he was a gay man who liked men. Fortunately his old friends didn’t know about this, otherwise he would have been laughed to death and lost his old face hopelessly.

Mrs. Qin was even more annoyed when she heard it, so she slapped him hard: “What nonsense! Why are you talking about infertility? Dr. Hu is a true master of mysterious medicine. Treating diseases is one thing, reading people’s fate is another. Let him look at your marriage, your career, your future fortune, the fortune of the Qin family.”

“So where is the expert? I’ll bring a few more people with me tomorrow.” He needed to bring bodyguards, preferably three or four, so that when he exposed the fraudster, everything would be worry-free.

“Qixia Town.” Mrs. Qin whispered the name of the place.


Seeing her son’s face remain unchanged, Mrs. Qin breathed a sigh of relief.

Qin Zhuopu looked out of the window. Qixia Town, hehe, was really a treasure trove of outstanding people.

“Zaizai’s Dad, your Zaizai is always listless at school these days, not motivated to do anything. You should talk to your child and find out what’s going on.”

At the end of the day in the kindergarten, the teacher quietly reported the child’s situation to Lu Ying. Lu Ying was a little panicked when he heard it and nodded in response. When he got the boy on the moped, he handed his son a guokui bigger than Zaizai’s head. The fat boy quickly took it and stuffed it into his mouth. Lu Ying breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t need to talk to Zaizai. He knew what his son’s problem was. It was purely because he was a bit hungry.

“Dad bought a lot of ingredients today, so you can eat all you want.”

“Great! I’m dying to get home for dinner!”

“Have you been hungry at school the last few days?”

“…En, I eat at home and come to the kindergarten and eat a lot more, but I’m so hungry again after playing for a while. But the teacher says I’m so fat that I can’t eat anymore.” Lu Zaizai muttered. The guokui in his mouth suddenly didn’t taste good when he thought of everyone saying it was a bad thing to be fat.

It was normal for the teacher to say that, as Zaizai did look fatter than an average child, and for the sake of their health the kids had to learn to control themselves. But outsiders didn’t know the situation of Lu Ying and his son. Anyway, Lu Ying could only satisfy his son’s needs in private.

When he returned home and found a palm-sized wooden box, Lu Ying opened it expectantly and was disappointed: “Only one pill is left…” Tomorrow, he had to hurry to buy pills from Dr. Hu and consult with him about the shortening interval between the effects of the pills. He didn’t know if he had enough savings.

Lu Zaizai raised his head: “Dad, am I going to take the pill? I want to take it! Every time I take the pill, I can eat less. The teacher says that fat people are easy to get sick.”

Putting the pill into his son’s mouth, Lu Ying gently reassured him, “Don’t care if people say you’re fat. Think about it, do you run the fastest at school?”

“Yes!” Lu Zaizai said with a confident face.

“Are you the strongest?”


“Do you jump the highest?”


“Are you the best looking?”


“Are you the smartest?” Lu Ying laughed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lu Zaizai held his head high, his face full of pride and his little mouth curled up, “I’m the smartest baby! No, the big brother!”

Lu Ying gestured at the unassuming looking but powerful muscles on his arms and shook his fist, “When you grow up, you’ll be as strong as Dad. It is a normal experience to be fat as a child.”

“En en! My teachers and classmates all say my dad looks the best!”


“I want to be a good-looking and strong man like Dad when I grow up!”

“Of course you will!”

“I’m going to grow up to be as serious and hard-working as Dad and make money.”

“En en en, great!”

“I’m going to buy Dad a big apartment with a fridge and air conditioner and a TV when I grow up!”

“Yes, yes.” Lu Ying applauded.

“And I’m going to buy Godfather a big villa with a yard so that he can raise little babies in the yard!”

…o(╥﹏╥)o, why should a godfather be treated better than his own father? This is resolutely unacceptable!

“And I have to earn money to send Dad to kindergarten.”

Thank you, forget it.

“And I have to earn money to marry Li Sitian when I grow up!”


That’s enough from you, stop stop stop!

“How about this suit?”

In the presidential suite of the Intercontinental Hotel in Caifeng, Qin Zhuopu stood in front of the full-length mirror, straightening the collar and fiddling with the buttons for a while, not quite satisfied.

The assistant was standing two metres away with a blank expression, nodding honestly: “Mr. Qin is tall, broad-shouldered and long-legged, so he looks handsome in everything.” He didn’t know what was wrong with Mr. Qin today; he was up early in the morning and busy changing his clothes. Weren’t they all the same suits, except for the different colours? What kind of difference was he looking for? The assistant hadn’t been following Mr. Qin for a long time and couldn’t figure out his boss’s thinking at all. Boo boo, was the boss… going on a date? Or a blind date? The last time there was an important meeting, he didn’t see Mr. Qin spend half a day thinking about clothes. Anyway, any suit was fine.

The assistant, who had no trust in his own aesthetics, suggested, “Mr. Qin, why don’t you let Madam help you choose the right clothes?”

Qin Zhuopu grunted, “Her vision is more mature. What about this suit, does it have a younger look?” In the blink of an eye he had changed into another casual outfit.

The assistant nodded honestly, “This one looks younger than the previous ones.” He didn’t expect to see the time when… the mature Mr. Qin actually wanted to learn how to look younger.

Qin Zuopu curled his lips in satisfaction at the assistant’s words and pushed some of his hair away from his forehead: “Do I look younger like this?”


The wind is too strong, I can’t hear anything.


“I’m full.” In the hotel restaurant, Qin Zhuopu put down his cutlery.

Mrs. Qin drank half a glass of milk and wiped her mouth, “Let’s go. Let’s rush to “Shen” first, so we can reach Dr. Hu’s clinic before noon.”

“What else is there to do at “Shen”?” Qin Zhuopu asked. His outfit today was very different from his usual and he somewhat felt a little more relaxed when walking down the street. Despite the cool and dull weather, it didn’t stop the sun from shining brightly in his heart.

Mrs. Qin was oblivious to her son’s change and said with a solemn face, “I have commissioned Elder Shen to cook a whole chicken feast for me. I will bring the whole chicken feast to visit Dr. Hu later.”

“Elder Shen himself is cooking a whole chicken feast? That Dr. Hu is worth all this effort?”

Mrs. Qin disapproved, “Keep your mouth shut when you come there. Even if you don’t trust in your heart, don’t say anything.”

“I can keep my mouth shut but I’m afraid that the more hopeful you are, the more disappointed you’ll be.”

Mrs. Qin sighed, “I know you young people don’t believe in these mysterious people and things. But what happened to the Wang family is clearly there. Your Grandpa and I believe in it, and those uncles and aunts we had dinner with yesterday are among the most important people in Caifeng City. Ask them, who hasn’t received favours from Dr. Hu? Dr. Hu is a celebrity in Caifeng City. The ancestors of the Shen family for three generations recorded the legendary deeds of Dr. Hu’s family. The whole chicken feast was made possible thanks to the advice of Elder Shen, who told me that his ancestor, the imperial chef, tried to save his seriously ill wife, but even the imperial doctor was at his wit’s end. When he heard about the medical expert from the Hu family in Qixia Mountain, he went there with his wife on his back to seek medical help. But how could such an expert agree to help him so easily? When the expert heard that he was an imperial chef, he allowed him to cook a whole chicken feast as a consultation fee, and his wife was indeed cured afterwards.”

“……” Qin Zhuopu listened, feeling more and more that he was going to meet a charlatan, but kept silent.

“Elder Shen’s second son fell ill twenty years ago and went to Qixia Mountain to seek medical help by making a whole chicken feast according to the method left behind by his ancestors. As a result, he really got help. The first few times I went to see Dr. Hu, he didn’t want to talk to me, and he didn’t budge even when I promised 100 million for the consultation. I’ll be relieved if I get him to look at you today.”

Only then did Qin Zhuopu’s face finally change: “You’re offering 100 million for a consultation?” If it wasn’t his own mother, he would have opened his mouth and cursed!

Mrs. Qin straightened her back and snorted coldly, “What, you think your mother is stupid and spending money frivolously?”

Qin Zhuopu smiled kindly, “If you spend 100 million on a facelift and wrinkle removal, I will not say anything.”

“Are you asking for a beating, you brat!” Mrs. Qin was so angry that she wanted to punch him: “Your mother is not afraid of getting old! I’m just afraid that you’ll die alone without children! Not to mention a hundred million, if it can give you a child, I’ll be willing to pay ten times more!”

“Why do you bother?” Qin Zhuopu sneered: “A hundred million can adopt a bunch of children and as long as you have money, you don’t need to worry about filial piety. If you want a child, I can give you what you want, it doesn’t matter if it’s biological or not!”

“Those won’t be the Qin family’s children! Don’t forget your father’s last wish, he wanted the Qin family bloodline to thrive.”

“Oh, it thrives. He died all of a sudden, leaving me with a mess of the Qin family’s affairs. Why didn’t he give me more younger brothers and sisters when he was alive?” Qin Zhuopu’s face was full of sarcasm.

Mrs. Qin felt doubly hurt: “You know very well that Mom didn’t mean that. Mom doesn’t want to force you. Mom really… doesn’t want to give up. You are still young, there is still hope, right? You can blame me for being selfish.”

“This topic should stop here.” Qin Zhuopu spread his hands, ending the conversation. He really thought his mother was crazy. It didn’t matter whether he had children or not. His mother knew it better than him but she was still obsessively pursuing the matter of the so-called heir of the Qin family, not so much because she was fixated on the continuation of the bloodline, but because she was obsessed with her dead husband’s last wish. She wanted to fulfil all her late husband’s dreams and regrets. As their only child, Qin Zhuopu was doing his best to cooperate with his mother, but there was a thread in his heart stretched so taut that it might suddenly snap one moment, and a family war would be imminent. His father was a good father, a good husband and a good son, praised by everyone when he was alive. But his father had his flaws, carrying the traditional straight man’s ideology in his bones. On his deathbed, he was still exhorting his son to start a family and continue the bloodline of the Qin family.

His mother pinned all her hopes on him, but who could he turn to in his suffocation? He originally thought that in vitro fertilisation would be the biggest concession he could make, but he didn’t expect God to play with him endlessly!

The mother and son went to “Shen” to pick up the whole chicken feast, a total of ten exquisite dishes served in classical ornate wooden food boxes. The mere smell of them made the bodyguards in charge of serving the dishes drool helplessly.

After thanking Elder Shen, Mrs. Qin directly rushed to Qiushan Street of Qixia Town.



Mr. Qin: I heard you were sweeping the streets after the breakup.

Lu Ying: Yes.

Mr. Qin: It’s better to be raised by me.

Lu Ying: No, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.

Mr. Qin: I’m not afraid that you can eat me poor.

Not long after…

Lu Ying: Look, it’s only been a few months and you’re getting weak in the knees. Your mother will call me a vixen again.

Lu Ying: Why don’t you say anything? Huh, what are you doing?

Mr. Qin: Lifting iron!

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