Break-up Extra 3

As autumn went and winter came, the weather gradually turned colder again. Gu Yanting had insisted on buying a carpet since the previous year, but was stopped by Tang Yi. This year he didn’t give up.

“Wife, let’s spread a carpet at our home, too!”

“What’s the point of having it? It’s too troublesome.”

“It’s not troublesome, I’ll do it when the time comes and let you watch it.”

“No, it won’t look good at our home.”

“You can choose the style, right? My wife’s aesthetics are the best, great!”

“Won’t choose.”

“Tang Yi… Xiao Yiyi…”

“Shut up!“ Tang Yi finally couldn’t bear it and kicked him far away, “Gu Yanting, who did you learn from to be so coquettish?! Disgust me again and you can scram as far as you can!”

Gu Yanting didn’t give up, and when the two of them finished their bed exercise, he said with a serious expression, “Tang Yi, I have something to tell you.”

“En?” Tang Yi yawned, lazily propped up his eyelids and barely glanced at him.

“I want to buy a carpet.” Gu Yanting said with a stern face, “This time you have to agree if you agree, and you have to agree if you disagree.”

“Oh,” Tang Yi closed his eyes and turned around, “Then remember to learn from Oreo.”

“Learn what?” Gu Yanting was taken aback.

Tang Yi sneered, suddenly arched his back and made a wretched gesture. That obviously meant: if you buy it, if you have any needs in the future, just use the carpet to solve them.

Gu Yanting was so angry that his face was black and even his little brother softened.

But he didn’t want to give up, and he always mentioned it intentionally or unintentionally, waiting for Tang Yi to agree in case his brain farted one day.

Tang Yi was surprised by this, “Gu Yanting, how obsessed are you with carpets!”

When he said this, the two of them were sitting on the sofa watching a movie. Gu Yanting ordered two hot and sour noodles in order to match the snowy atmosphere outside. Tang Yi was so sweaty from eating them that his pores were opened and his tone softened.

Gu Yanting took a mouthful of noodles and hummed vaguely.

Tang Yi squinted at him in the dense heat, and saw that the latter swallowed slowly and then said with a little resentment, “A carpet is good, ah. Fat Sod has one at home! You can step on it barefoot at home in the middle of winter.”

“Tsk, didn’t Fat Sod get it for his daughter?” Tang Yi raised his brows disapprovingly. Fat Sod’s daughter had just learned to walk last year, and she struggled to get off the ground on her own. When she was on the grass, it was okay, but when she got home, Fat Sod’s wife mopped the floor and the little one was restless. 

Fat Sod’s house originally had a tile floor. When it was renovated, he didn’t care about these details. The decoration team picked out the beautiful and slippery tiles for them. Later, it was discovered that as long as there was a little water on the floor, people with a slight lack of balance would slip immediately. When Tang Yi and Gu Yanting visited them, Gu Yanting slipped and fell, which was filmed by Fat Sod and used as blackmail material and laughed at for half a year.

Now, seeing his own daughter jumping up and down like a monkey, Fat Sod ruthlessly found someone to lay a carpet, and for the sake of environmental protection, it was specially chosen to be a high-quality one. Gu Yanting came to visit and saw it once. After that, he talked to Tang Yi about it for a full year.

Tang Yi was not stingy; he just didn’t think it was necessary to spend that money. This was an old house. They didn’t decorate it at the beginning. The cement walls were painted white when they moved in. The TV cabinet was from the second-hand market. The living room was full of miscellaneous things. It was not enough to buy a carpet to make it look good. In addition, there was a dog at home and it would be even more troublesome when the dog hair was all over the carpet.

Gu Yanting was already about to give up this time, just muttering incoherently, “His family can buy it if they have children, but our family can’t buy it if we don’t have children. Tsk, are you discriminating against me for not being able to give you children!”

Tang Yi sprayed a mouthful of the soup. After a long time of fun, he nodded solemnly, “You can’t have a child even if you could.”

Gu Yanting was taken aback for a moment and didn’t react.

Tang Yi sighed and said, “You won’t let me fuck you. The tadpoles of the old Tang family can’t be planted.”


Gu Yanting nearly choked to death. He coughed for a long time with a flushed face, and gave Tang Yi a thumbs up, “You good! You’re playing… ahem… the level of rascality is real…”

He didn’t say the next half sentence, and the chilli stuck in his throat sent him directly to the bathroom.

The next day was Christmas. Tang Yi bought a lot of small gifts for Fat Sod’s girl and put them in a special large gift stocking.

They agreed with Fat Sod a week ago that they would spend the holiday together. Fat Sod’s wife was excited for two days, saying that she wanted to show off her cooking skills and let people try her new cuisine. As a result, Tang Yi caught a cold when he got up that morning.

Gu Yanting touched his forehead; it wasn’t really hot, but his face was frighteningly red.

“Is it going to be okay?” Gu Yanting was a little worried, stretched out his hand to gently touch Tang Yi’s face and said, “Why don’t we not go, I’ll go to the hospital with you first?”

Tang Yi shook his head, buried his face in the pillow and rubbed it, and said, “What hospital? I just slept restlessly and kicked off the quilt. I don’t have a fever or cough, I’ll just take some medicine.”

He wrinkled his nose, “I still want to sleep for a while, so you can go there with the gifts first.”

Gu Yanting wanted to say something else, but Tang Yi stretched his foot and kicked him through the blanket, “People have been preparing for half a day, don’t stand people up. Just make me breakfast and leave it there, I’ll warm it up myself when I get up.”

Gu Yanting could only go to cook. Before leaving, he was not at ease. He took out Tang Yi’s mobile phone and put it on the bedside, and then moved his number so that Tang Yi could dial it at any time. Then he turned and left.

Fat Sod’s home was very festive, but Gu Yanting was so concerned about Tang Yi that he forgot to step on the big carpet that he had always liked. He sat motionless and sent messages.

Fat Sod hugged his daughter and came over to pester him. The little girl struggled to get down and ran. After running two steps, she accidentally fell forward. Gu Yanting hurriedly put down the phone and went to help her, and saw the little girl giggling and getting up again.

Gu Yanting took a look, turned and asked Fat Sod, “It really doesn’t hurt to fall like this, does it?”

Fat Sod threw a chestnut in his mouth and let out an “ahh”, “No, it’s very thick.”

Gu Yanting nodded, his attention finally attracted, and asked him, “Is there a thicker one then? How about the kind with long hair?”

“I don’t know,” Fat Sod gave him a surprised look, “You haven’t given up yet?”

Gu Yanting looked enviously and sighed.

He left early after eating, and before leaving, Fat Sod persuaded him, “It’s very troublesome to lay it. You have to clean it up frequently. The floor tends to accumulate dust. Besides, the wooden floor of your house is also very good. If Sister-in-law doesn’t agree, you should hurry up and give up, haha.”

Gu Yanting looked back enviously again, thinking to himself: winter is almost over, and even if you don’t want to give up, you still have to give up.

On the way back, he sent a voice message to Tang Yi, saying that he would come back soon. When he was halfway through the drive, he remembered that he had nothing prepared for Christmas, so he turned around and bought a bottle of red wine and a bunch of snacks for the evening. It was half an hour later that he got home.

When Gu Yanting parked his car and turned to walk home, he saw a dark figure at the entrance of the building.

“Tang Yi? Why are you here?” Gu Yanting was taken aback and ran over in a few steps. When he grabbed Tang Yi’s hands, they were cold.

“Didn’t you just say you would be there soon,” Tang Yi sighed, “I went downstairs to pick you up.” After receiving the message, he put some clothes on and came down. After standing for more than forty minutes, the skin on his face was frozen red.

Gu Yanting opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. Tang Yi rarely went downstairs to pick him up before. Today, he was a little confused why Tang Yi went down. But his attention quickly shifted to other places.

The coat on Tang Yi’s body was given by Mom Gu, who said it was made of otter and rabbit fur. It was just that after Mom Gu bought it, she saw a video about boycotting fur. Tang Yi was holding a piece of real fur and watched the old lady crying her eyes out. When she came back to her senses, she was really upset and said she wouldn’t wear anything and would give it away.

Tang Yi’s bearing by itself was outstanding. When he tried the coat on, Gu Yanting’s eyes crossed and even Dad Gu nodded again and again, saying that he looked good. At this moment, Tang Yi was wearing it for some reason; Gu Yanting’s gaze fell on his face, and the words “face like a jade” came to his mind with a little flourish.

He grabbed Tang Yi’s hands and rubbed them. After a while, he became distracted. After checking that there was no one around, he couldn’t help but lean to Tang Yi’s ear and whisper, “You look so good in this. I’m charmed.”

Tang Yi glanced at him with a smile and gave a low hum.

Gu Yanting felt very good hearing this voice that sounded like a cat’s purr. He stretched out his hand through the gap between the concealed buckles of the coat. Tang Yi’s body stiffened for a moment but then he took the initiative to press closer to him.

Gu Yanting was surprised at first, and after the feeling of the smooth, warm skin under his fingers reached his mind, he opened his mouth and stammered stupidly, “Crap! You… you you!”

His mind was still digesting this seemingly outrageous fact, but his body reacted quickly. Gu Yanting picked Tang Yi up nervously without saying a word. Before Tang Yi could react to what was going on, Gu Yanting rushed up to the fourth floor like a whirlwind. Then he opened the door very violently and pushed him in.

Tang Yi was completely naked!

He was wrapped up in a big, loose fur coat and went downstairs to pick him up without wearing anything! What the hell! The fur had only three concealed buckles, and the hooks were hooked from the inside, so it would easily come loose if he moved a little!

Gu Yanting slammed the door shut, breathing a little unevenly. Tension, shock, stimulation and sudden arousal left his brain blank.

The light in the afternoon was very soft. Tang Yi stretched out his hand and waved in front of his eyes, smiling like a little fox who got his way, then leaned forward with a smile and kissed the corner of Gu Yanting’s mouth, asking as he kissed, “Why, silly?”

Gu Yanting stared straight at him. When Tang Yi was about to speak, the world swayed around him, and then his body was suddenly raised. Gu Yanting pressed him against the wall and kissed him silently.

Gu Yanting pressed him tightly, pinching Tang Yi’s chin with one hand somewhat roughly, turning his face to one side and nibbling his exposed neck and chin. The other hand slipped directly inside the coat and moved all the way between Tang Yi’s legs, where it rubbed and kneaded heavily.

The area on the inner sides of his thighs was one of the most sensitive places for Tang Yi. When the two were at the peak of their arousal, Gu Yanting’s kiss there was too much for Tang Yi to bear. Not to mention that he deliberately rubbed it with his slightly callused thumb at this moment.

Tang Yi endured it, and finally gasped, “Don’t do it here…”

“No,” Gu Yanting breathed heavily in his ear, “I can’t stand it anymore.”

“The living room…” Tang Yi gritted his teeth and said with a flushed face, “On the carpet…”

The living room had been covered with a thick wool carpet, but it was not covered fully and the entrance and dining room were empty. But even so, there was a large open space in the living room, enough for two people to toss and turn.

Tang Yi knew exactly what Gu Yanting had in mind from the start, and he suspected that even Fat Sod knew but pretended not to understand. After all, a guy like Gu Yanting, who didn’t have children or the elderly at home, repeatedly confirmed that the carpet was soft enough and wouldn’t hurt the knees. Even a fool would have suspected that his purpose was impure.

When Tang Yi secretly selected the carpet, he had a funny feeling that he was a fish choosing its own seasoning. At this moment Gu Yanting turned in surprise, and his face became even hotter.

Gu Yanting didn’t look at it for a long time. He gasped, bit Tang Yi’s earlobe and said in a deep voice, “Is it a gift?”

Tang Yi gritted his teeth and let out an almost inaudible “en”.

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