Break-up Chapter 58

Weiwei used to stay out for half a day when he was taken away. If he left in the morning, he would be sent back by Secretary Zhao at noon. If he went out at noon, he would be back before dinner. At first, he was a little restrained and every time he went back, he would carefully observe the faces of Tang Yi and Gu Yanting. Tang Yi knew it was his inner sensitivity. When Zhou Hao had come to pick him up, Weiwei understood that he was superfluous to his mother, and probably to his father as well. Therefore, Tang Yi did not dare to ask him the real reason for running away from home.

This Christmas was a rare occasion when Weiwei spent two days with Zhou Hao and came back dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, carrying an oversized sack, eager to hand over presents to Tang Yi and Gu Yanting, proudly saying that they were from his dad.

Tang Yi was not there. What they had done in the past two days was a bit crazy, and they didn’t even spare the kitchen and the balcony. Gu Yanting got to know the taste and could be in estrus at any time, like a moving jar of aphrodisiac. Yesterday, he just pulled Tang Yi to the outskirts of the city and made the car shake. Tang Yi had a sore waist when he got up in the morning and finally slipped to the company while talking about Weiwei coming back soon.

Weiwei’s bag was filled with remote control toys for children, which he obviously liked. Gu Yanting came up to him in a very dignified manner and took an exaggerated look into the bag, “Yow, so many goodies!”

His voice was loud and his expression was exaggerated enough. Weiwei giggled happily. Then he took Gu Yanting’s hand like a treasure and whispered, “Uncle Gu, choose one, choose the one you like best!” 

Gu Yanting raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, pretending to be in difficulty and scratched his hair, “Can it be only one?” He reached out for a model aeroplane and touched a remote-controlled car, “They both are good.”

“Then, why don’t you choose two?” Weiwei was obviously very reluctant, but he still put up two fingers and carefully looked at Gu Yanting’s face.

Gu Yanting looked at it again, and then heard Weiwei say, “Three are fine…”

There were only four toys in total and Weiwei had three bigger ones taken away by Gu Yanting, in the end leaving only one and the smallest one. He was very reluctant, but he didn’t want to favour one man over the other and leave Tang Yi without a present, so he gritted his teeth and decided to leave the last one to Uncle Tang. Fortunately, Gu Yanting was generous this time, stopped him and said, “Don’t give it to your Uncle Tang, I’ll share one with him later.”

Weiwei was entangled in his heart for a long time, still a little worried, “Then what will you give to Uncle Tang?”

Gu Yanting was taken aback for a moment and replied without changing his face: “The big aeroplane.”(1)

Weiwei nodded, moved, naturally not knowing that Gu Yanting was never planning to let Tang Yi touch Zhou Hao’s things. Gu Yanting had not been broad-minded earlier but completely lacked the courage to ask about Shen Fan and Zhou Hao’s affairs. Tang Yi’s character was irritable when he was messed with, and Gu Yanting was afraid of being thrown out again in case he poked Tang Yi’s sore spot.

In the past two days, the lives of the two of them had been harmonious and sweet, and Gu Yanting naturally began to secretly become jealous again, making Zhou Hao, who had almost achieved his goal, the number one enemy; the state of alert was also raised to the highest level.

It was just that Tang Yi usually never mentioned Zhou Hao, and there were very few reports and interviews about Zhou Hao in magazines and newspapers. Gu Yanting took advantage of Tang Yi being at work and searched for a long time before he found a photo of Zhou Hao attending a charity party on the Internet. The photo was not very clear, obviously taken secretly, and the light was dim, so Gu Yanting could only see the man’s chin, hard but perfectly shaped.

Gu Yanting squinted hard at the blurred photo for a long time and couldn’t make out anything, so he could only talk to Weiwei before Tang Yi came back.

Weiwei had a very close relationship with him these days, and almost all his questions were answered. Even so, Gu Yanting was talking nonsense for a long time before he got back on track. While looking at Weiwei’s remote control car, he pretended to ask inadvertently, “You’ve been with your father for the past two days?”

Weiwei’s attention was almost entirely on the little silver-grey car in front of him, and he nodded without thinking.

“Oh, so where have you been playing?” Gu Yanting leaned forward and directed, “Right turn, right turn, coffee table leg!”

The little car avoided the coffee table leg without a hitch and spun around to run back. Weiwei slowly sighed in relief and thought for a moment before saying, “In the hotel, swimming during the day and sleeping at night.”

Previously, Tang Yi deliberately avoided questions about Zhou Hao, and Gu Yanting never thought of asking Weiwei what he would do when he saw his father. At this moment, Weiwei mentioned the hotel, and Gu Yanting’s eyes flashed suddenly as he remembered that many people went out to meet their little lovers under the pretext of watching children. He straightened his back hurriedly and leaned forward even more, “Then what? ”

“What?” Weiwei turned his face to take a look at him, and when the car ran to his feet and stopped, he blinked blankly, “What then?”

“Then, were there any beautiful big sisters, ah, or big brothers, ah?” Gu Yanting looked at him, “Your father’s friend or something, did you go together?” 

“No.” Weiwei’s mouth flattened and he shook his head firmly, “No one but Uncle Zhao was there.”

“……” Gu Yanting was taken aback, “Then why did you go to the hotel to stay?”

Zhou Hao had a house in T City and a family home in C City. Going to a hotel was purely superfluous. Gu Yanting didn’t know much about Zhou Hao, so he thought he took the opportunity to have a romantic relationship, but who knew it wasn’t so.

Weiwei lowered his eyes when he heard this, and it took a while before he said, “I don’t know.”

Until Tang Yi came back in the evening, Weiwei’s mood didn’t improve again. Gu Yanting had a hunch that it had something to do with the child’s troubles, but he didn’t know how to comfort him. Tang Yi also sensed that something was wrong, yet Weiwei was so obedient that he would just blink and listen carefully to everything he said to him.

In fact, after spending these days together, Weiwei’s fondness and dependence on Gu Yanting became even greater. Who knows if it was because of his blood ties or because Gu Yanting drove him to and from school every day and had fun with him like a big child, but after Tang Yi had coaxed him to talk for a while and Weiwei still didn’t look in high spirits, Tang Yi had to let Gu Yanting try again.

Finally, at bedtime, Weiwei opened his mouth, somewhat confused.

By then Gu Yanting had already dismissed the idea of asking about the topic of Zhou Hao and was vaguely regretting his actions during the day. Since Zhou Hao could agree to the child living with him and Tang Yi, he probably didn’t have deep feelings for Weiwei. The child was sensitive, and Gu Yanting had grown up carefree, with a loving father and loving mother, so naturally it was difficult for him to understand the feeling of being thrown around by his parents like Weiwei. But he knew very well that when he was five years old, he was still pissing on the mud(2) and in any case, he had never been so sensible as Weiwei.

He saw Weiwei climb onto the bed using a small stool and obediently get into the quilt, so he turned off the light and tucked the quilt for him, ready to walk away.

Weiwei grabbed his hand at the last second. Gu Yanting looked back at him in surprise and saw tears in the child’s eyes. Weiwei asked him in a low voice, “Uncle Gu, have I not been good today?”

The light from the living room leaked in obliquely from the doorway, illuminating Weiwei’s expression. Gu Yanting’s heart softened; he turned and squatted down, looked at Weiwei solemnly and said, “No, Weiwei is very good.”

Weiwei bit his lip.

Gu Yanting grabbed his little hand and squeezed it, smiling, “Weiwei is the best behaved. It’s Uncle’s fault today, from now on Uncle won’t ask random questions, okay?”

Weiwei didn’t say yes or no, he just clenched Gu Yanting’s hand, releasing it for a moment and then squeezing it tighter, as if he was hesitating about something. Gu Yanting stretched out his other hand to stroke his head, and was just about to coax him to sleep when he heard Weiwei suddenly say, “It’s not Dad.”

“En?” Gu Yanting was taken aback for a moment.

“It’s not Dad who doesn’t want me. It’s Grandpa and Grandma.” The child bit his lip hard, and after saying this, he suddenly blinked his eyes, then quickly wiped them with the back of his hand, and said in an aggrieved nasal voice, “Grandpa and Grandma don’t like me. I don’t want to live with them. Grandma often… scolds my mom and Grandpa hits her… and he hit me.”

He could barely suppress his sobbing when he said the second half of the sentence, sniffling and twitching. Gu Yanting’s heart ached and he was afraid that Weiwei would choke while lying down, so he hastily sat down on the edge of the bed to pick him up, gently patting his back and coaxing him for a while.

Weiwei rarely cried, and Tang Yi had only seen him crying two or three times. When his mother lost him, he would wait quietly in place, or nervously go to the service desk by himself. The first time he cried was when Zhou Hao came to pick him up, when he felt that his mother didn’t want him.

This time he sobbed very quietly but cried intermittently for a long time, as if he had been depressed for a long time. His little face was buried in Gu Yanting’s chest and his posture was much more intimate than when he was with Tang Yi. During this time, Tang Yi quietly brought in a cup of warm water and put it on the bedside table. Seeing this scene, he felt quite uncomfortable.

For a while, he felt that the little cutie he brought home defected too quickly; and for a while he wondered when he would be able to tell Gu Yanting about his dog blood origin; after all, Weiwei might be his nephew.

The two people in the room didn’t know this. After Weiwei sobbed and cried, he wiped his nose somewhat embarrassedly before telling Gu Yanting the whole story.

The Zhou family’s grandparents didn’t like him. When Weiwei was first brought back, the two old people were gentle for a while, but who knows why they gradually became impatient. The relationship between his grandfather and his grandmother was not good, so the atmosphere in the family was often tense, there were often fierce fights with chicken flying and dogs jumping. Zhou Hao’s attitude towards Weiwei had always been very stable, but he was someone who wasn’t home five days a week. The child was nervous and scared, staying there all the time.

This situation lasted for two years, until a while ago something happened to the fish tank at home, and all the goldfish inside went belly-up. All the blame was put on Weiwei.

There were no pets in Zhou’s house. Those goldfish were the only living things except for a few people. Weiwei liked to lie quietly next to the fish tank and watch them, until one day he found that the goldfish inside were all dead and nervously called the housekeeper.

The housekeeper’s face turned pale at the time, and he asked Weiwei directly if he killed them. The housekeeper’s voice was a bit loud, and Weiwei was scared stiff.

He later denied it, but he didn’t know why Grandma finally decided that he did it. Grandpa was furious over the goldfish, and beat and scolded Grandma, while Grandma picked up something and beat Weiwei, scolding him and calling him a bastard kid.

This kind of thing had happened several times before, and Weiwei, who was frightened by being beaten at first, later switched to being able to escape and avoid it. The only thing he was fortunate about was that when Grandma started, Grandpa would relent, and he didn’t suffer too much injury.

Until that last time when the one who beat him was his grandfather.

At that time, Weiwei watched his grandfather get furious; his bloodshot eyes seemed to be filled with the intention to kill. Weiwei ran away in fright and as he escaped from Zhou’s house, he heard his grandmother sneering, still mocking his mother.

Later, he climbed into a bus while people were not paying attention, and thanks to his good luck, this bus arrived at T City he was familiar with.

When Gu Yanting listened to Weiwei’s somewhat chaotic words and slowly summed up the general idea, the shock in his heart far exceeded his anger.

He never thought that there would be such a perverted old couple!

He comforted Weiwei quickly, and at the end he said: maybe your grandfather’s fish tank was too expensive. This old man was stingy and so distressed that he went crazy.

Weiwei had slowly calmed down, shook his head after hearing that and said, “It’s not expensive, that fish tank is not good.”

Gu Yanting was taken aback when he heard Weiwei say, “That fish tank is also quite small, but there is a beautiful stone seat with small fish and little sun painted on it.”

Gu Yanting smiled, “Little fish and little sun, what are they doing?”

“It’s just the little fish and the little sun. There are several little fish next to the sun, and they are all spitting bubbles.”

A very faint sense of familiarity put Gu Yanting into a daze, and a thought flashed through his mind quickly. He didn’t even have time to think about it and suddenly asked, “The little red fish… and the green sun?”

He paused and murmured, “Does the little fish all have three eyes?”

  1. Well, as everyone who read The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System knows, the aeroplane is a euphemism for… 🙂
  2. Seems to be pissing on the mud to get it wet to play with when there’s no water around. Yuck 🙂 

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