Break-up Chapter 53

Gu Yanting gave people the impression that he was nothing more than handsome, good-tempered, refreshing, and anal… Of course, in the past two years, another label of an elite guy was added. Lin Rui knew it very well and even thought that he knew Gu Yanting better than Tang Yi did. And he had never hated this fact as much as he did today.

While Gu Yanting really looked like he was solving a puzzle and answering a question, Lin Rui was extremely embarrassed by the subtext of this sentence.

He used to think that even if everyone around him laughed at him and looked down on him, Gu Yanting would not. When he started the freshman year, he didn’t expect to see Gu Yanting. In fact, when Gu Yanting came over to say hello very excitedly, Lin Rui couldn’t remember who he was for a long time. At that time, Gu Yanting was already very tall, and his brow and his eyes were full of the vigorous spirit of a young man, which was completely different from the cringing kid he’d used to be. After Lin Rui recognised him, he was naturally happy, and since then Gu Yanting had become an extra footman.

In fact, it was not an exaggeration to call Gu Yanting a footman. Lin Rui basically never went to get hot water in the university. The places where the provincial university supplied hot water were all next to the canteens. Although there were many canteens, the dormitories of their department were not close to any canteen. Gu Yanting basically covered all the work of providing hot water, buying food and receiving express delivery since the beginning of admission, happily and without complaints.

Lin Rui had many admirers since he was in high school, and he slept with many people before he was even in his second year of high school. Of course, those people were celebrities in the T City circle and were generous to him. Their means of pursuit were by something that Gu Yanting could never catch up with by bringing hot water and buying food. Lin Rui was courted by others, and it had almost become a matter of course for him to enjoy the generosity of others. He never thought about responding to Gu Yanting. One reason was that he felt it was unnecessary, and the other was that he really didn’t like Gu Yanting.

Later, as time went on, there were times when he was touched. He had dated too many people, and it was true that Gu Yanting was not much more and was much less. That was why Lin Rui took him home in the first place. What Lin Rui said was not a lie. He had slept with many people before, but he had never taken them home. The original decision was more or less charity and pity, but what Lin Rui never expected was that the reason why his triumph hadn’t happened turned out to be this!

Instead of cupping his feet and supporting his elbows as Lin Rui wished, Gu Yanting gave him such a lung-piercing remark.

Lin Rui felt as if a hornet’s nest exploded in his mind, buzzing for a long time before he could react. He took a deep breath several times, pinching his palms to make himself look calm, but he still gritted his teeth when he spoke again.

He didn’t even care about the group of students a few tables away, asking in disbelief, “Gu Yanting, are you saying I’m dirty? You think I’m dirty?”

“No, I didn’t mean that.” Gu Yanting glanced at him in surprise, and then explained sincerely, “I was just so worried back then, I didn’t mean anything else. You also know that this… is a high-risk group, and you were having too much nightlife at the time.”

What he said was so frank and simple that Lin Rui didn’t know how to reply even after he breathed deeply for a long time.

This was the truth.

When he heard earlier that after he and Tang Yi got together Gu Yanting gave Tang Yi an honest account of all the people he had dated, Lin Rui and the classmates who knew the situation couldn’t help laughing secretly, saying that Gu Yanting had a hole in his brain to say whatever he said without concealment. The person surnamed Tang was probably going to be mad.

He didn’t know if Tang Yi was furious back then, but he almost choked to death now.

Still in disbelief, he pressed on, almost without thinking, “What about those people you were dating? That didn’t worry you?”

“Also worried,” Gu Yanting said after taking a sip of coffee, frowning, “So I was quite resistant to tongue kisses, in case the skin in my mouth was broken…”

“…what about Tang Yi, didn’t you worry about Tang Yi? Or did you make him go for a physical examination? ”

“No, he is different from you.” Gu Yanting thought for a while, then continued, comforting Lin Rui, “Your mother will be fine. They all say that patients should maintain a good mood. You have to adjust your emotions first to take better care of your mother.”

Lin Rui: “……”

Lin Rui’s face turned colourful; he held back for a long time before saying, “Thank you.”

Gu Yanting nodded.

Lin Rui paused for a while, but finally said blankly, “I don’t have AIDS. Although I have dated many people, they are all high-quality gay men, and they all pay great attention.” He was still angry after speaking and couldn’t help but glance at Gu Yanting, saying meaningfully, “In fact, many of them still want to continue pursuing me, and it’s not that no one likes me anymore.”

Gu Yanting secretly took out his mobile phone and glanced at it while Lin Rui was talking. His eyes lit up when he heard the words, and he happily encouraged, “Go for it!”

The atmosphere of appealing to old feelings was ruined. When the two parted ways, Lin Rui was furious but had nowhere to vent his anger. Gu Yanting quickly settled the bill, and when the taxi came, he ungentlemanly got into it first, said goodbye and left.

Lin Rui had mixed feelings in his heart. He looked at the car that was leaving for a long time, finally freezing until he almost couldn’t feel his hands and feet. His eyes were complicated when he waved for a taxi. At one moment he felt that his own charm had diminished, but at another he could not help suspecting that Gu Yanting was playing hard to get.

Lin Rui seldom failed in his love affairs. He had good conditions himself, and he was also picky about people. But those with good conditions were rarely single, so he knew how to maintain relationships with these people under the name of friendship. Like the pseudo-problem of whether true friendship between men and women is possible, his relationships with married partners were also very delicate, a matter of just a glance and a word.

There were many “friends” with whom he played well, and he would often take an active interest in other people’s lives and even try to reconcile them when they were fighting with their wives or partners. However, the methods of persuasion often varied from person to person. For a straightforward and self-respecting person like Gu Yanting, when Lin Rui persuaded him not to quarrel with Tang Yi, the sentence “Tang Yi is such a good person, it must be your fault if there are problems” was obviously a thorn stabbed in his heart.

He saw the two break up as he wished, but the only thing he didn’t expect was that Gu Yanting would leave without a word and wouldn’t even contact him again. Today, Gu Yanting disrupted his plan with a single sentence. Lin Rui was quite reluctant, but for a while he didn’t know how to proceed.

Gu Yanting sneezed several times on the way back. Tang Yi hadn’t gotten off work when he arrived at the apartment, so he happily went to buy a bunch of hot pot ingredients. Later, after seeing that there was still enough time, he made another trip to the house.

The furnishings in the house hadn’t changed, there was a faint dust on the floor, and counting the days, housekeeping should be coming over tomorrow. Gu Yanting had been thinking of asking Tang Yi to move in, but he didn’t know how to mention it. Tang Yi’s attitude still kept him in a daze; one moment he thought everything was as it should be and the next moment he was unsure, afraid that everything would go wrong.

He walked around the house, touching this and that, and finally picked up the framed “wedding photo” and left.

As soon as Tang Yi came back, he was almost shocked by the sight of the photo. Gu Yanting had gotten two big red flowers from somewhere and tied them to the frame, placing it conspicuously on the shoe cabinet by the door. Fortunately, the photo was of two people; if it had been of a single person, the decoration method would have made people’s backs sweat.

Tang Yi stood still and watched for a while, before finally he couldn’t help calling Gu Yanting.

Gu Yanting was still playing dumb and went over to pick up his coat and bag with a smile, but Tang Yi frowned and avoided him.

He pointed to the photo frame and said blankly, “Put it away.”

“Put it away where?” Gu Yanting blocked the way with a smile, saying, “There’s basically no room for it on the small shelf above your bed with the lamp and the book on it. It would be suitable for our previous home, but I can’t see it here and I miss it every day.”

“Then you two get lost together.” Tang Yi was speechless, pushed him away and walked in, and was hugged by Gu Yanting.

He quickly kissed Tang Yi’s cheek, then coughed lightly and took the initiative to explain, “Well, I saw Lin Rui today.”

Tang Yi’s movements stopped.

Gu Yanting didn’t dare to look at his face and stammered, “I wanted to avoid him but I couldn’t.”

“Then what?”

“Then I was called out for coffee.” Gu Yanting felt that Tang Yi stretched out his hand to push him away, and he grabbed it harder, like a rascal, shouting in a hurry, “Hey hey hey! I didn’t say anything! I promise I didn’t make any mistakes! I’m honest!”

Tang Yi was expressionless, just pushing him, “Let me go.”

“Won’t let go!”

Tang Yi gave him a faint look.

Gu Yanting knew that Tang Yi was silent when he was really angry. When Tang Yi broke up with him, Gu Yanting didn’t see any signs. At this moment, seeing Tang Yi’s expression getting more and more uncertain, he couldn’t help but shout hastily, “Really, you have to believe me! Those guys told me he would be there only after I got there! I knew he’d be trouble as soon as he came. You haven’t set rules and regulations for me yet. How could I stay? But those guys wouldn’t let me go! I really didn’t do anything, I didn’t drink any wine, if you don’t believe me, smell it!”

After he finished speaking, he opened his mouth anxiously and breathed at Tang Yi, and was slapped away by Tang Yi who frowned.

Gu Yanting was sure that there was nothing he couldn’t say except for Lin Rui’s words, so he shouted, “He stopped me later and didn’t let me go. I invited him for a coffee, but it cost only 58. Really, the receipt is in my pocket. He also wanted me to take responsibility for accepting him, I didn’t even answer… ah! Crap!”

As soon as he was anxious, the words he thought he definitely must not say were blurted out by him inadvertently.

Gu Yanting was suddenly confused, his mouth opened, and it took him a long time to close it.

After a while, he heard Tang Yi say faintly, “You saw him at the party and wanted to avoid him, right? 

“Later, he offered to go to the coffee shop and you couldn’t refuse, right?

“In the end, after the two of you talked for half an afternoon, you didn’t do anything and hurriedly came back.”

Tang Yi patted him calmly, “I know, and I believe it. Can you let me go first so that I can put down my things and receive two emails?”

Gu Yanting blinked, and after regaining his senses, he digested it for a while, a little incredulous, “You, you just believe me like that?”

“Moral integrity!” Tang Yi glanced at him, “Fat Sod told me. Are you going to let go, or am I going to make you let go, ah?”

Gu Yanting waited until eating the hot pot before he understood. Fat Sod had already classified him and Lin Rui into the list of suspicious elements. When he saw Lin Rui’s actions after dinner, he secretly screamed it wasn’t good, fearing Gu Yanting would defect, so he followed the two of them to the coffee shop.

He was not deliberately stalking, and Gu Yanting didn’t see him because he was too careless. At this moment, eating the little hot pot, Gu Yanting couldn’t help but feel happy and even remember other efforts of Fat Sod. Unexpectedly, Fat Sod’s mindset was that if Gu Yanting and Lin Rui got back together, he would make saving Brother Tang his life’s work. 

Gu Yanting breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Tang Yi hadn’t given him any scowl after receiving the emails. After thinking about what Lin Rui said, it was not good to say half of it, so he took the initiative to confess from beginning to end.

Tang Yi didn’t care very much at first, but when he heard Gu Yanting’s answer that he was afraid of getting sick, he almost squirted out the meatball that had just been put to his mouth.

Although he didn’t like Lin Rui and could be even said to be disgusted with him, he had never imagined making the other party feel bad in this way.

On the contrary, Gu Yanting was completely oblivious to it.

“Yanting, I don’t want you to be out of touch with him until you die of old age,” Tang Yi paused, and said while fishing for spinach with his chopsticks. “Of course it’s best not to interact, but I want you to know what I reject.”

The heat of the hot pot was rising in the air, and the misty eyes of the two of them also seemed a lot softer. Tang Yi had already taken off his glasses; his beautiful eyes looked through the mist, and he frowned slightly, as if he was worried that Gu Yanting would not fully understand.

“I don’t want to judge Lin Rui as a person. Just talking about feelings, you got to know him first, and it’s okay for you to have a secret affection for him. He was kind to you, and it is natural that you want to repay him. But what I can’t tolerate is that your enthusiasm for him is a bit excessive, and he takes it for granted.”

“If Lin Rui had given any hints, or if you two had had a substantial affair, I might have been able to feel better. But you didn’t do anything, you just had to be the most special existence in each other’s hearts. This puts me in the most disgusting place. I even looked hypocritical when I broke up.”

Gu Yanting opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Tang Yi stopped him.

Tang Yi tilted his head and looked at him for a long time, and finally said slowly, “I am very happy that you can take the initiative to mention your meeting with him today. In fact, I planned to start afresh with you last night. But my grudges against Lin Rui can’t be removed overnight, even if you rejected him today. What’s the saying is, oh, it’s ‘even if there’s mutual respect in marriage, it’s hard to feel good about it’.”

Tang Yi spoke very slowly, leaving Gu Yanting ample time to consider each sentence. It was not the best time to say these words, and even at the present juncture, Tang Yi had thought of glossing over the problems to accompany Gu Yanting through the following difficult times first.

But he didn’t expect that Gu Yanting would need these things to be said out loud even more than him. He was acting like a frightened bird today. He didn’t dare believe Tang Yi when he said he believed him, and his eyes were full of grievances and fear.

Tang Yi watched Gu Yanting slowly lower his head, as if he didn’t know how to justify himself. He smiled, reached out across the table and grabbed his hand, saying slowly, “There are mistakes that can be corrected, and there are misunderstandings that can be explained. No matter what, I am willing to believe you now and give you a chance.”

“Actually…” Gu Yanting grabbed him too, paused and said, “I never knew… what I did wrong… and what misunderstandings.”

“It’s okay, I can tell you.” Tang Yi paused and said, “For example, the email you sent when we took our wedding photo.”

When he looked at Gu Yanting, he smiled slightly and said, “Don’t answer me now, let’s talk about it when you think about it. As long as you say something, I will believe you.”

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