Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 95

The shooting of wedding photos lasted from morning until nine o’clock in the evening. At the end of the day, Lu Lingxi felt that his face was stiff.

Because they were friends of the boss, the studio copied all the photos for them that night as a souvenir. Of course, the studio would have to retouch the final photos, so Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng would have to come over and pick out the photos.

In the evening when he returned home, Lu Lingxi consciously took a few changes of clothes and went next door, leaving space for Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng. Yan Yue had been waiting for him to come over since he heard the movement next door. As soon as they met, Yan Yue pushed Lu Lingxi onto the sofa and kissed him fiercely.

The fact that Xiao Feng had taken Lu Lingxi to have family photos stimulated Yan Yue. He wanted to go to Wang Shuxiu for a showdown so that he could stand by Lu Lingxi’s side openly and honestly. But when he thought about Lu Lingxi’s age, Yan Yue had to restrain this thought, just wishing that time could pass faster.

Yan Yue’s kisses were wild and passionate, and Lu Lingxi was so flushed and confused by his kisses that his body couldn’t help but tremble as he completely forgot the existence of Dahei and Xiaohei. When Yan Yue finally stopped, Lu Lingxi opened his eyes in disorientation and gasped for breath as he came back to his senses. When this look of his was seen by Yan Yue, Yan Yue felt his heart become a soft mess and couldn’t help but want to kiss him again. Yan Yue was just about to lower his head when Xiaohei suddenly peeked over from the backrest of the sofa on one side and squeezed in between the two of them, shifting left and right curiously to look at them.

Yan Yue: “……”

Lu Lingxi was stunned for a few seconds, then buried his head in Yan Yue’s chest and laughed in a muffled voice.

After laughing, Lu Lingxi nudged Yan Yue, “Big Brother Yan, I want to go take a shower.” After a day of changing clothes and putting on make-up, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

Yan Yue grabbed Xiaohei and threw him away, leaning down and kissing Lu Lingxi’s eyes, whispering, “Let’s wash together.”

Lu Lingxi didn’t say anything. Although he and Yan Yue had been “helping each other and seeing each other in all sincerity”, they had never taken a shower together. Yan Yue knew that the young man was thin-skinned and smiled as he kissed his eyes, taking his silence to be acquiescence.

Unlike the layout of Lu Lingxi’s house, Yan Yue had asked the workers to change the two bedrooms into one room when they renovated the house. Except for the master bedroom, the rest of the house was opened up as long as it wasn’t a load-bearing wall, and the entire second bedroom, living room and kitchen were connected together, making it very spacious. Even the bathroom was double the size of the previous one, so it was no problem at all for two men to get there.

Yan Yue put away the change of clothes that Lu Lingxi had brought, and saw Lu Lingxi standing there blushing, looking down at the floor. He laughed softly and coaxed, “Xiao Xi, look at me.” In front of Lu Lingxi, Yan Yue began to undress piece by piece. He took his clothes off slowly, as if deliberately letting Lu Lingxi see, undoing the buttons on his shirt one by one. As his fingers moved down, he first revealed his firm chest, followed by his muscular abdomen, the area covered by his shirt and the hidden mermaid line… Lu Lingxi only felt his face flush and his heart pound. His blood instantly surged and his body reacted honestly.


The corners of Yan Yue’s lips hooked, and a smile flashed in his eyes. He quickly stripped naked and stood in front of Lu Lingxi with raised eyebrows. “Xiao Xi, it’s your turn to take them off.” Yan Yue said with a smile in his voice, cupped Lu Lingxi’s chin and gave him a kiss.

Lu Lingxi smiled and blushed so brightly as if blood was dripping from his face. His gaze began to wander.

Yan Yue leaned over, his right hand sliding under the hem of Lu Lingxi’s shirt inside, tenderly fondling the smooth skin. “If Xiao Xi doesn’t take it off, I’ll just have to do it for you.”


The sound of water was coming from the bathroom. Dahei squatted in front of the TV with a serious look on his face, pressing the remote to tune in to “Animal World”. Xiaohei crawled from the corner towards Dahei, aggrieved, not understanding at all why Yan Yue had thrown him away earlier.


Xiaohei showed his tongue at Dahei.

Dahei ignored him. Xiaohei hesitantly turned around and tentatively flicked the tip of his tail to hook Dahei’s paw. Seeing that Dahei didn’t stop him, Xiaohei slowly moved forward and hooked Dahei’s front paw a little, gaining an inch and wrapping  around it. Dahei glanced calmly at Xiaohei hanging on his paw, with the same look in his eyes as he looked at the little kitten upstairs who was always teasing him. Xiaohei hissed ingratiatingly and climbed on top of Dahei’s paw, poking his little head and watching TV with Dahei.

The theme of this episode of “Animal World” was tropical rainforest. Xiaohei got excited watching the familiar scenes and kept on hissing non-stop. This was where he had come from.

“Animal World” was going on for a long time before Lu Lingxi and Yan Yue finished their shower. Dahei pressed the remote control to change the channel. The local TV station in Fengcheng was showing an old movie, “The Legend of White Snake”. When Dahei pressed this station, it happened to be showing White Snake moulting her skin. Xiaohei’s eyes lit up and the tip of his tail happily patted Dahei, reminding him not to change the channel.

When Lu Lingxi got dressed and walked out, he saw Dahei squatting in front of the TV watching “The Legend of White Snake”. He stopped in his tracks with some curiosity and glanced sideways, worrying whether Dahei would be able to understand it. After watching for a long time Lu Lingxi suddenly remembered something, “Where is Xiaohei?”


”Ssss,” Xiao Hei, wrapped around Dahei, leaned forward, showing himself.

Lu Lingxi: “……”

At night before going to bed, Lu Lingxi plugged the USB stick into the computer to show Yan Yue the photos taken today. In the photos, Wang Shuxiu and Xiao Feng were standing side by side, and together with Lu Lingxi and Dahei, they were a completely happy family.

Yan Yue looked at them, hugged Lu Lingxi from behind and nibbled on his ear, pointing to one of the photos and saying, “There’s still room for one more person in this position, I’ll ask An Jie to put me in tomorrow.”

Lu Lingxi giggled and turned his head to look at Yan Yue with shining eyes. Yan Yue looked calm, not embarrassed at all, and said, “There’s also Xiaohei, we’ll be all together in a family photo, the family of Xiao Xi.”


Lu Lingxi nodded seriously and took the initiative to lean over and kiss Yan Yue.

In the next few days there was nothing much going on at Tiny Garden. Yan Yue was busy instead and was away from Tiny Garden most of the time. But he would come back every night before the shop was closed to pick up Lu Lingxi and take him home.

Xiaohei was left with Lu Lingxi by Yan Yue. N.T.’s people were coming to Fengcheng and it wasn’t convenient for Yan Yue to take Xiaohei with him. Lu Lingxi wasn’t used to having Xiaohei wrapped around his wrist, and more often than not, he tucked Xiaohei into his coat pocket. Sometimes there were customers and Xiaohei wanted to climb out, and every time he  poked out his head, Lu Lingxi would push him back.

A few days in a row, Yan Yue left early and returned late, and Xiaohei was forced to adapt to the new environment of the pocket.

This afternoon, Lu Lingxi was alone in the shop when he suddenly received a call from Wang Shuxiu. Xiao Feng’s elder brother and sister-in-law who lived far away in the northwest had come over and everyone was having dinner together in the evening.

Xiao Feng’s elder brother was called Xiao Hong. He was only two years older than Xiao Feng. Unlike Xiao Feng, who had left his hometown to struggle in Fengcheng, Xiao Hong was guarding his home in the northwest and his career was flourishing. Over the years, Xiao Hong had been looking forward to Xiao Feng’s marriage. He urged Xiao Feng countless times but Xiao Feng didn’t take it to heart. Xiao Hong thought that he would never be able to see Xiao Feng getting married, but one day Xiao Feng actually took the initiative to say he wanted to get married. Xiao Hong was stunned for two full minutes after hearing the news. He grabbed Xiao Feng to ask him twenty times before he was sure that he had not misheard the news and that Xiao Feng was really getting married.

Xiao Hong was overjoyed.

Wang Shuxiu was only a few years younger than Xiao Feng, no problem, older people know how to appreciate care.

Wang Shuxiu had been married and divorced, no problem, having a failed marriage meant she knew more about how to face marriage properly.

Wang Shuxiu also had a son, even more no problem, a ready-made son is simply a bonus.

Xiao Hong had no problem at all with the kind of wife Xiao Feng chose. As long as Xiao Feng liked her, Xiao Hong would accept his sister-in-law. Since setting the date for coming to Fengcheng, Xiao Hong had begun extensive shopping preparations. The meeting gift for Wang Shuxiu and the gift for Lu Lingxi, one box on the left and one box on the right, so many that they almost didn’t fit in the car. As soon as he came to Fengcheng today, Xiao Hong called Xiao Feng to have dinner together in the evening and meet the family.

Xiao Feng agreed.

After hanging up Wang Shuxiu’s call, Lu Lingxi thought about it and sent a text message to Yan Yue. He explained that Xiao Feng’s elder brother was coming over and that they were going to have dinner together tonight, so Yan Yue didn’t have to pick him up.

Yan Yue’s text message came back quickly, “Okay.”

Lu Lingxi put his phone away and got busy, while on the other side Yan Yue held his phone and couldn’t help but feel sour again. When would he be able to have an official name and status like Xiao Feng?

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